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West Visayas State University

College of Nursing
La Paz, Iloilo City

Script for the capping

and candle lighting ceremony
June 27, 2008
8:00 am

After the students have been capped, they proceed to the

risers on stage. After the last student, Dr. Posecion, Ms.
Gubatanga, Ms. Beñas, Ms. Celisio, Ms. Deypalubos, Ms.
Marfil, Ms. Plantinos, Ms. Sorongon, Ms.Suarez return to their

(Lights OFF on stage and front half of hall for effects…)

(Dr. Subong, Dr. Posecion and all four Level 2 advisers

prepare for the Candle lighting Ceremony.)


University President

“It is better to light one candle than to stumble in the

dark. It is far better that you light just one candle, all you
need is a tiny spark.”

( Dr. Subong lights the big candle beside the rostrum.)

“ I now light this candle to represent the opportunities

and challenges our University has made available to the
students of the College of Nursing and all other students
in the West Visayas State University Academic
Community. And even as the glow flickers in the
darkness, we are reminded that each of us has a light to
carry for the advancement of knowledge through
specialized training, service and research.”
“By your light and the light of other professional nurses
with whom you will be interacting with, evil will be
exposed, goodness will be stimulated, healing and
growth will result.”

“ Come! Light your candles and take the light you

receive back to your classrooms, the hospital setting,
your home, the community, and let it shine for all to

( Dr. Posecion lights her candle from the candle lighted by Dr.



“ I light this candle to symbolize our faith in God.

Through the College of Nursing, we will endeavor to
inculcate in the minds of our students the truth, that
only through this abiding trust in the Lord Jesus Christ
will we be enabled to vanquish apathy, ignorance and
fear. Through this same faith, we will guide them to
assume the fundamental responsibilities of the nurse: to
promote health, to prevent illness, to restore health, to
alleviate suffering, and to promote the spiritual
environment of the patient..”

(Dr. Posecion proceeds to the Center Stage. Ms. Obellos and

Ms. Cercado, advisers of 2-A and 2-C, lights from the first


Advisers of 2-A and 2-C

“We light this candle to symbolize our intentions to

make our students become fully aware that ‘the nurse’s
primary responsibility is those who require nursing

(Ms. Obellos and Ms. Cercado proceeds to the center stage

and stands at the left side of Dr. Posecion.)
(Ms. Porras and Ms. Martinez, advisers of 2-B and 2-D, lights
from the first candle.)


Advisers of 2-B and 2-D

“We light this candle to symbolize our belief that the

nurses carry personal responsibility for nursing practice
and for maintaining competence by continual learning;
that the nurse maintains the highest standard of nursing
care possible within the reality of a specific situation.”

(Ms. Obellos, Ms. Porras, Ms. Cercado, and Ms. Martinez

proceed to the center of the stage to give light to the
students standing at the center of the stage.)

(Students then light candles at 3-second count in relay

fashion from center moving to sides.)


University President

“ Even as your light pierce the darkness of night, may the

spirit of sensitiveness and awareness of the needs of others
permeate your lives and your community. And may the winds
of time never dim the flame that has been lit in your hearts