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EAB050N Bachelor of Aviation / Bachelor of Business

EAC050N Bachelor of Aviation / Bachelor of Commerce

Business/Commerce Units
Students undertake these subjects as part of any International Business
of the BBus/BCom suite of majors: Foundations of International Business (HBI110N)
Australian Global Business Perspectives
Accounting for Managers (HBC110N) (HBI241N)
Microeconomics (HBE110N) Transnational Marketing (HBM223N)
Introduction to Business Law (HBL111N) Global Logistics Management (HBM224N)
Accounting for Managers (HBC110N) International Finance (HBE335N)
International Business Law (HBL331N)
Fundamentals of Marketing (HBM110N)
Students then select a major in one of the International Human Resource Management
following areas: (HBH323N)
International Investment & Economic Development
Finance (HBI342N)
Introduction to Business Information Systems Additional Commerce unit *
Financial Planning and Investment (HBC242N)
Finance (HBC224N) Management
Advanced Finance (HBC343N)
Banking and Financial Markets (HBE228N) Introduction to Business Information Systems
Financial Institutions and Monetary Policy (HIT1401)
(HBE333N) Macroeconomics (HBE220N)
International Finance (HBE335N) Fundamentals of Marketing (HBM110N)
Finance Law (HBL333N) Organisational Behaviour (HBH220N)
Macroeconomics (HBE220N) Organising & Organisation (HBH222N)
Additional Commerce unit * Leadership and Organisation Dynamics
Company Law (HBL221N)
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Decision Making (Non-Accounting
Stream) (HBC222N)
Introduction to Entrepreneurship (HBN110N) Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility
Fundamentals of Marketing (HBM110N) (HBN304N)
Introduction to Venture Development (HBN210N) Additional Commerce Unit *
New Venture Finance (HBN211N)
Managing the Growing Organisation (HBN212N)
Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation Marketing
Advanced Venture Development (HBN301N) Fundamentals of Marketing (HBM110N)
Corporate Venturing (HBN302N) Buyer Behaviour (HBM220N)
Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility Marketing Research (HBM221N)
(HBN304N) Marketing Law (HBL222N)
Foresight Theory and Practice (HBN303N) Marketing Decision Analysis (HBM226N)
Marketing Planning (HBM350N)
Selling and Sales Management (HBM351N)
Human Resource Management Integrated Marketing Communication (HBM352N)
Strategic Marketing (HBM353N)
Fundamentals of Marketing (HBM110N) Additional Commerce unit *
Introduction to Entrepreneurship (HBN110N)
Organisational Behaviour (HBH220N)
Organising & Organisation (HBH222N) * The Additional Commerce unit is selected from
Human Resource Management (HBH225N) the BCom suite, as long as the student meets the
Human Resource Development (HBH226N) pre-requisites and it is deemed appropriate to the
Leadership and Organisation Dynamics students program.
International Human Resource Management
(HBH323N) Compiled by Christian TAGLE
Managing Workplace Relations (HBH324N)
Strategic Human Resource Management and More information:
Entrepreneurship (HBH325N)