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For Immediate Release

Media Contact:
Jackie Mayblum
Precision CAD/CAM Systems, Inc.
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2007 ESPRIT Fundamentals training manual now available from
Precision CAD/CAM Systems, Inc.
imonium, Maryland ! December "#, "$$% ! Precision CAD/CAM Systems
Inc. (PCS, Inc.# today announced t-at its 2007 ESPRIT Fundamentals trainin.
manual is no, a/ailable 0or 1urc-ase 0rom t-e 1ublis-er and ,ill soon be a/ailable on
Ama2on.com. 3-e manual is 1riced at 4!!(.($.
3-e 2007 ESPRIT Fundamentals trainin. manual combines detailed
descri1tions o0 most commands ,it-in 5SPRI3 alon. ,it- ste1'by'ste1 instructions
and sa/ed 0iles6all o0 ,-ic- make it easy to use 5SPRI3 to 1ro.ram a C7C mac-ine.
3-e manual 1ro/ides e/en no/ice 5SPRI3 CAM users ,it- t-e ability to reac- a -i.-
le/el o0 1ro0iciency ,it- t-e so0t,are.
President and C58 o0 Precision CAD/CAM Systems, Inc., Mic-ael 9u..ins,
stated t-is ne,est release in t-e series o0 5SPRI3 CAM 3rainin. Manuals is :t-e
e;ui/alent o0 a detailed blue 1rint e<1lainin. e/eryt-in. you e/er needed to kno,
about 5SPRI3 %""& CAM=. 3-e manual is a/ailable direct 0rom PCS, Inc., any reseller
o0 5SPRI3, and Ama2on.com.
&or additional information, contact:
Jackie Mayblum
Precision CAD/CAM Systems, Inc.
(!"# $%&'((((
(!"# $%&'))%
2007 ESPRIT Fundamentals trainin. manual no, a/ailable 0rom Precision CAD/CAM Systems, Inc.
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About Precision CAD/CAM Systems, Inc.
PCS, Inc. -as been ser/in. t-e mac-inin. industry 0or o/er %" years. 3-ey
s1eciali2e in CAD and CAM ser/ices, ,orkin. alon. side customers to desi.n and
build t-eir ideas 0rom scratc-. 3-ey o00er desi.n as ,ell as )D 1rintin. and C7C
millin. ca1abilities and -a/e trained mac-inists and desi.ners in -ouse to ser/e
e/ery customer>s needs.
About DP ec'nology
DP 3ec-nolo.y is a com1uter'aided manu0acturin. (CAM# so0t,are market
leader ,it- a mission to 1ro/ide C7C 1ro.rammers ,it- t-e most 1o,er0ul CAM
so0t,are e/er. DP 3ec-nolo.y>s 0la.s-i1 1roduct, 5SPRI3, ca1tures t-e com1any>s
/ision o0 tec-nolo.y>s 1otential and its 1assion 0or e<cellence.
DP 3ec-nolo.y maintains its ,orld,ide -ead;uarters in Camarillo, Cali0ornia and
1roduct de/elo1ment teams in Cali0ornia and Florence, Italy. Sales and su11ort
o1erations are located in 5uro1e, Asia, and 7ort- and Sout- America. For additional
in0ormation about DP 3ec-nolo.y and 5SPRI3, call ?!'@"$')@@'A""", send an email to
es1rit+d1tec-nolo.y.com, or /isit t-e com1any ,eb site at ,,,.d1tec-nolo.y.com.