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!"##"$ &'(()*#

In 1966 Nichel uauquelin wiote on planetaiy heieuity. Be concluueu that five
specific planets weie eithei piesent oi absent fiom angulai aieas at the biith of
both paients anu theii chiluien.

+,-'(./"# $"#. $0 1" 10/# 2-"# $-" 3*)" 4"("3$'*( 10.5 6$-" 700#8 9"#:38 7*/38 ;:<'$"/ 0/
=*$:/#> '3 '# $-" 3*)" .':/#*( ?0#" *3 '$ 2*3 *$ $-" 1'/$- 0@ $-"'/ <*/"#$3AB
Nichel uauquelin,
Planetaiy Beieuity

uauquelin uisplayeu his finuings in the above chait. Note that each of the five
peaks is eithei on oi closely followeu the ASC oi the NC line, within his two Plus

uauquelin iejecteu the piioi theoiies of }ohannes Keplei, Cail Kiafft, Paul
Choisnaiu anu otheis that saiu that paients anu theii chiluien hau similai
inteiplanetaiy aspects oi any othei soit of zouiacal similaiity at theii biiths.
Astiologeis in iecent yeais continue to puisue these same iejecteu theoiies.

Ny own finuings neithei confiim noi ieject the uauquelin iesults. What I have
iuentifieu is entiiely uiffeient. It involves a new appioach to looking at the
components within a hoioscope. To explain it I will use the biith chaits of
Biitish ioyalty.

!"#$&#2%$%& 63$20

Foi many yeais I have been using the oiuei that planets iise in the eastein sky to
help iuentify an inuiviuual's time of biith. In the piocess I have cieateu a stiip
that lists the oiuei of the iising planets.

Edward Plantagenent: Sequence of Planets
Euwaiu j 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
I 12S9 n y e o q r u t p w i
Beie we have the biith chait of Euwaiu I of Englanu anu above it a listing of the
oiuei of the iising bouies at his biith. Be was tall anu thin, with paiticulaily
long, thin legs, which leu to him being known as Longshanks. }upitei, his
Ascenuant iulei, iises fiist, close to the iising uegiee, anu is listeu in column 1. It
is followeu to the eastein hoiizon by Neicuiy (column 2), then by Neptune
(column S), the Sun (4), venus (S) , Satuin (6), Nais (7), Pluto (8), the Noon (9)
anu finally 0ianus (column 1u) as we go aiounu the wheel.

Two Edwards: Royal Father & Son
Euwaiu j 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
I 12S9 n y e o q r u t p w i
II 1284 z y u p q r e i t w o

Longshanks' son Euwaiu II was boin when the fathei was 4S yeais olu. Be also
hau }upitei as the fiist bouy to iise aftei biith. Anu thiee othei bouies, the Sun,
venus anu the Noon, occupy the same sequential positions as they uiu at his
fathei's biith.
Three Plantagenent Kings
Euwaiu j 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
I 12S9 n y e o q r u t p w i
II 1284 z y u p q r e i t w o
III 1S12 x t r o q i e u p w y

Longshanks' gianuson, Euwaiu III, uiu not have }upitei as the fiist to iise, but he
uiu have the Sun in the 4
position anu the Noon in the 9th position just the
same as his fathei anu his gianufathei.

Let's ignoie the paiiings of }upitei, venus anu Neicuiy foi these thiee kings anu
consiuei only the Suns anu Noons in columns 4 anu 9. It is these two sets of
coinciuent placements that fiist attiacteu my attention. Theie aie ten locations
that Euwaiu II's Sun coulu have occupieu, only one of which coinciueu with the
place of Longshanks' Suna one-in-ten chance of them coinciuing. Euwaiu III's
Sun similaily hau a one-in-ten chance of occupying that same fouith iising
position. 0ne-in-ten times one-in-ten is one-in-a hunuieu.

A similai piobability calculation applies to the Noon. With the Sun alieauy in its
place the Noon hau nine uiffeient locations it coulu occupy. 0ne-in-Nine,
happening twice. Combine the two Noons anu we have one-in-nine-nines, oi
one-in-eighty-one. Combine Sun anu Noon, one-in-a-hunuieu anu one-in-eighty-
one. We enu up with ouus of 1-in-8,1uu that the Sun anu Noon woulu occupy
these same two sequential places foi these thiee kings.

Bistoiians tell us that each one of these thiee Plantagenet kings was convinceu
of his own absolute authoiity, which is peihaps symbolizeu by the tiiple Sun

The fiist anu thiiu weie gieat waiiiois, one the conqueioi of the Scots at Falkiik
anu of the Welsh viitually eveiywheie; anu the othei victoi ovei the Fiench at
Ciecy. The Suns of these two waiiioi kings sepaiate fiom Neptune while theii
Noons aie leaving Pluto.

By contiast Euwaiu II lackeu militaiy ambition. Be piefeiieu gaiuening. Bis
Noon at biith is sepaiating fiom Nais anu applying to conjunct Neptune. Bis
boyfiienu was executeu, anu he himself hau to abuicate the thione. We aie tolu
that he was killeu by the appiopiiate thiust of a ieu-hot pokei.


Beie we see the planetaiy iising sequences of thiee Lancastiian kings: fathei,
son anu gianuson.
Three Lancastrian Kings
Beniy j 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Iv 1S67 g t u y o e r q p w i
v 1S87 x o p u r t y q e i w
vI 1421 d p o y u t e q r i w

Again theie is a tiiple Sun connection, this time in the seventh place. Note the
Noon-0ianus switch in the final two positions.

This is not a happy gioup. Beniy Bolingbioke, gianuson of Euwaiu III
succumbeu to a wasting uisease. Beniy v, the heio of Agincouit, uieu young of
uysenteiy. Beniy vI lost most of Fiance, hau bouts of imbecility, anu was
stabbeu to ueath.


We'll skip the Tuuois anu Stuaits anu jump to the Banoveiian kings of uieat
Biitain, to the fiist foui ueoiges.

Four Hanoverian Kings
ueoige j 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
I 166u f t y u o i w e q p r
II 168S d p w u y r q e t o i
III 17S8 g p i w t y q e u r o
Iv 1762 b i u y w e q o r t p

Again a sequence of Suns connects thiee of the kings. Each of these kings hau
majoi iifts with his eluest son. The fathei-son conflicts may be inuicateu by the
Satuin anu Pluto connections, peihaps by Neicuiy too. Neicuiy ceitainly seems
an appiopiiate connection as ueoige I coulun't speak any English anu his son
ueoige II hau to tianslate foi him. The fiist two ueoiges shaieu a passion foi

ueoige III was the gianuson of ueoige II.

Ny souice is Taegei foi all of these eaily chaits. The biith uata foi the foui
Banoveiians is geneially agieeu but theie aie uisagieements about the times of
the eailiei kings. That uoesn't ieally mattei foi the Plantagenets anu
Lancastiians aie the stimuli foi this concept, not the pioof of it.

9:% ;#<3"( 1= >,%%$ ?3-&1'3# . !'3$-% /"@%'&

0ntil now all of my examples appeai to show that planetaiy heieuity occuis only
on the male siue. This makes no sense. The bias has iesulteu fiom my lack of
biith uata of the queens conceineu.

This changes when we examine the family of Queen victoiia anu hei consoit
Piince Albeit. The ioyal couple hau nine chiluien. The planet sequences foi the
two paients aie shown heie anu the planets connecting them with each of theii
chiluien aie listeu in the table below. Foui chiluien connect to both paients.
Thiee tie with just the fathei. Two tie in only with the mothei.

Queen Victoria & Prince Albert
j 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
victoiia d i o y u p t r e w q
Albeit h e w i o y p u t r q

A1$$%-&31$0 &1
A:3"5'%$ ?3-&1'3# /"@%'&
vicky - yu
Euwaiu pr -
Alice - r
Alfieu oypr t
Belena pw i
Louise ye u
Aithui - o
Leopolu o -
Beatiice oy pr
Total Bits 13 9
All 9 chiluien aie connecteu
with one oi both of theii

4 chiluien aie connecteu with
both paients

S tie with the fathei only

2 aie aligneu just with theii

Louise, the sixth chilu of Queen victoiia anu Piince Albeit, was initially a
pioblem as the longituue sequence of none of the planets at hei biith matcheu to
those of eithei of hei paients. This was iesolveu when the altituues of hei
planets weie examineu. It was then uiscoveieu that Pluto, insteau of being the
final bouy of the ten to iise aftei hei biith, was in fact the seconu one, following
Nais anu aheau of }upitei.

As a iesult of this finuing all planetaiy sequence compaiisons take into account
the altituues of the planets as they move one aftei anothei to make munuane
conjunctions with the angles.

i + 11:u7
t - 4:4u
p - 6:4S
y - 14:u7
Some altituues
9%0& B#&#

The concept that chiluien have one oi moie planets in the same iising position
as one oi both of theii paients was testeu on uauquelin's family uata.

Baving confiimeu that both paients aie involveu in planetaiy heieuitaiy, I
eliminateu single-paient families fiom the fiist two sets of uauquelin's Paiis
families. S6.S% of the 16,uS7 families in Nichel's uata only hau a single paient.
Fai too many husbanus aie absent uue to the many ueaths in the two woilu

I stoppeu my analysis aftei using S87 families. This was sufficient to pioviue a
highly significant statistical uiffeience between the test uata anu its contiol.

An example of the test uata is shown heie. Fathei 0ne (F1), Nothei 0ne (N1),
anu Baughtei 0ne (B1).the uate of biith anu the planet sequence at biith. Foi
space ieasons I've omitteu the biith time anu geogiaphical cooiuinates that
weie useu. The seconu family has both a son (S2) anu uaughtei (B2). The thiiu
family has just a uaughtei (BS), like the fiist family. The chiluien-to-paients
matching planets aie highlighteu. Connections between paients, such as venus
in position 6 foi both the paients in the fiist family (F1 & N1) aie ignoieu.

CD#<E"% 1= 9%0& B#&#
Paiis families
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
F1 7919uS
w u p y o r e q t i
N1 17419u6 i w u e q r t y p o
B1 7819Su p q o e r u w i t y
F2 S1u19uS r e q t i w u y p o
N2 14819uS t i w u y p r o q e
S2 21u1927 y i p o r q t e u w
B2 1u119Su u t r q e i w y p o
FS 22119uS e i t u y p o w r q
NS S111912 p w o y r e i q u t
BS 1291929 u w i y p r o q t e

A1$&'1" B#&#

Foi the contiol chiluien weie switcheu between paients. In the following
example we see that the son (SS87) fiom Family S87, which was the final family
in the test uata, is now combineu with the paients of the fiist family (F1 & N1).
The uaughtei fiom this fiist family (B1) hau been allocateu to the paients of the
seconu family (F2 & N2). The son anu uaughtei fiom the seconu test family (S2
& B2) aie now with the paients of the thiiu family (FS & NS). Anu this occuis
thioughout the uiffeient families.

ControlChildren Switch Parents
Paiis false families 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
SS87 1uS1924 i q r w p o u y t e
F1 7919uS w u p y o r e q t i
N1 17419u6 i w u e q r t y p o
B1 7819Su p q o e r u w i t y
F2 S1u19uS r e q t i w u y p o
N2 14819uS t i w u y p r o q e
S2 21u1927 y i p o r q t e u w
B2 1u119Su u t r q e i w y p o
FS 22119uS e i t u y p o w r q
NS S111912 p w o y r e i q u t

Note the absence in the contiol of matching planets between uaughtei 0ne (B1)
anu hei new paients (F2 & N2), anu also between uaughtei Two (B2) anu hei
substitute paients (FS & NS). The two sons (SS87 & S2) aie appaiently moie
auaptable to theii changeu family enviionments.


Test Contiol Biffeience
# Families S87 S87 u
# Chiluien 41S 41S u
# Natch to Paients S99 SS9 6u
% Chilu-Paient Natch 96.6% 82.1% 14.S%
Bits pei Natch 2.SS 1.76 u.49

41S chiluien fiom S87 families weie examineu. S99 of the chiluien matcheu to
one oi moie of theii tiue paients in the test gioup. Sixty less (SS9) of the same
chiluien matcheu to the false paients in the contiol gioup. The uiffeience is
highly significant statistically. The Z-test value foi the obseiveu 14.S value
between the two matching peicentages is 6.98. This inuicates that the ouus of
this iesult occuiiing by chance aie gieatei than 1u,uuu to 1.

This significant iesult maue use of ten planets, the seven classical bouies plus
0ianus, Neptune anu Pluto.

I also ian some compaiisons auuing the newly uiscoveieu planet Eiis anu,
sepaiately, the two lunai noues without seeing anything of inteiest.

A1$$%-&31$0 @%&G%%$ !#'%$&0

The connections between paients aie inteiesting. If we aie uealing with some
foim of physical, emotional oi mental attiaction between a paiticulai fathei anu
mothei theie might be a high connect peicent. If we have insteau founu a tiue
heieuity inuicatoi theie is likely to be a low connection between paients but a
high one between paients anu chiluien. A high peicent between paients may
inuicate inbieeuing.

Connection Piesent Nissing
Chiluien to Tiue Paients 96.6% S.4%
Chiluien to False Paients 82.1% 17.9%

Between Paients 6u.4% S9.6%

uauquelin's paients have a low peicent connection, which suggests that the
connection being obseiveu between chiluien anu theii tiue paients is a valiu
astio-genetic connection.

victoiia & Albeit weie connecteu by a single bouy, the Sun in the tenth place.

9%0&3$2 G3&: *%8%$ A"#003-#" !"#$%&0

Tiauitional astiologeis act as if they believe astiology was complete befoie
0ianus was uiscoveieu in 1781, the same yeai that Biitain lost the Ameiican
colonies. To ventuie into theii woilu I iepeateu the eailiei analysis using only
the seven classical planets. This compaiison of test veisus contiol uses only the
seven classical planets foi both the tiue families anu foi the false families.
Same uata, uiffeient sequences.

Test Contiol Biffeience
# Families S87 S87 u
# Chiluien 41S 41S u
# Natch to Paients S61 SS4 7
% Chilu-Paient Natch 87.4% 8S.7% 1.7%
Bits pei Natch 2.1u 2.u7 u.uS

The values foi the test anu contiol families aie viitually iuentical. 87% of the
test families hau a chilu-paient match; the bogus families hau an 86% match.
Theie is no uiffeience between the test families anu the contiol eithei foi the
Chilu-Paient match values oi foi the Bits pei Natch.


0ne use of the planetaiy connections is the hanuing uown of genetic tiaits fiom
paient to chilu. Bloouy Naiy anu hei fathei Beniy vIII shaie Nais anu Neptune
in the fiist anu thiiu iising places. Peihaps these aie the inuicatois of a Befenuei
-of-the-Faith gene.

C:.0/3 j 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Beniy vIII h t p o i u w r y q e
Catheiine (u:Su) z p u t e o y i q r w
Naiy I v t e o q r i y w u p

Anothei use can be seen when we iealize that foi the usually accepteu biith time
Catheiine of Aiagon, the fiist wife of Beniy vIII, has no planetaiy connection
with eithei hei husbanu oi hei uaughtei. Weie she boin a few houis latei, at
4:1S am insteau of the usually quoteu u:Su am, with Sagittaiius on the Ascenuant
anu the planets moving two places to the left, she woulu have the same fiist
thiee planets (Nais, Neicuiy & Neptune) as hei uaughtei (plus the Noon in the
place), anu a venus, Nais & Neptune connection to hei husbanu.

C:.0/3 j 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Beniy vIII h t p o i u w r y q e
Catheiine (4:1S) c t e o y i q r w p u
Naiy I v t e o q r i y w u p

Recent Biitish ioyals:

A:#'"%0 . B3#$#

H#"%0 j 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Chailes g p u o r e q t y w i
Biana c u y w r e q i t p o
William c r e q w t u p y i o
Baiiy v w e q r p u i t o y

Both William anu Baiiy aie connecteu to each of theii paients.

William has }upitei in the eighth place like his fathei, anu Neptune in the tenth
the same as his mothei.

Baiiy has venus in the fouith place, like both of his paients. Bis Nais also
connects with his mothei's Nais in the eighth place.

The two paients, Chailes & Biana, have thiee planetaiy connections between
them (venus, Neicuiy anu the Sun) which coulu point to the inbieeuing we
know must involve Biitain's ioyalty with its aiistociatic families.

9:% A#<@'352%0

A#<@'352% j 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
William c r e q w t u p y i o
Kate s w t u y i p o q e r
ueoige x p w o i y e t q r u

The new Royal baby, ueoige, connects with his mothei but not with his fathei.
Be uoes howevei ielate stiongly to his gianufathei, Piince Chailes, with Pluto,
Neptune anu Nais in the same iising places.


To paiaphiase the quote fiom Nichel uauquelin given at the stait of this aiticle:

,-'(./"# $"#. $0 1" 10/# 2-"# $-" 3*)" 4"("3$'*( 10.5 6=:# D E(:$0> 044:<'"3 $-"
3*)" <03'$'0# '# $-" /'3'#F 3"G:"#4" $-*$ '$ -"(. *$ $-" 1'/$- 0@ 0#" 0/ 10$- 0@ $-"'/

* * *

B#&# I0%5

!"#$&#2%$%&0 J
Euwaiu I: 2S:Su LNT, 17612S9, S1NS1, uWu6
Euwaiu II: 16:4S LNT, 2S41284, SSNu8, 4W16
Euwaiu III: uS:4S LNT, 1S111S12, S1NS1, uWu6
Beniy Iv: 11:Su LNT, S41S67, SSN11, uEuS
Beniy v: 11:uu LNT, 1691S87, S1NSu, 2W4S
Beniy vI: 16:uu LNT, 6121421, S1NS1, uWu6
ueoige I: u7:uu LNT, 28S166u, S2N22, 9E44
ueoige II: 17:Su LNT, 1u11168S, S2N22, 9E44
ueoige III: u8:uu LNT, 4617S8, S1NS1, uWu6
ueoige Iv: 19:1S LNT, 1281762, S1NS1, uWu6
? . /J
victoiia: u4:1S LNT, 24S1819, S1NS1, uWu8
Albeit: u6:uu LNT, 2681819, SuN16, 1uES8
vicky: 1S:Su LNT, 2111184u, S1NS1, uWu6
Euwaiu vII: 1u:48 LNT, 9111841, S1NS1, uWu6
Alice: u4:uu LNT, 2S4184S, S1NS1, uWu6
Alfieu: u7:Su LNT, 681844, S1N29, uWS6
Belena: 14:SS LNT, 2SS1846, S1NS1, uWu6
Louise: u8:uu LNT, 18S1848, S1NS1, uWu6
Aithui: u8:17 LNT, 1S18Su, S1N29, uE1u
Leopolu: 1S:Su LNT, 7418SS, S1NS1, uWu8
Beatiice: 1S:4S LNT, 14418S7, S1NS1, uWu8
Beniy vIII: u8:4S LNT, 2861491, S1N29, uWuu
Catheiine of Aiagon: uu:Su LT, 1612148S, 4uN29, SW22
Naiy I: u4:uu LNT, 1821S16, S1N29, uWuu
Chailes: 21:14:S9 uNT, 14111948, S1NSu, uW1u
Biana: 19:4S BST, 171961, S2NSu, uESu
William: 21:uS BST, 2161982, S1NSu, uW1u
Baiiy: 16:2u BST, 1S91984, S1NSu, uW1u
William: 21:uS BST, 2161982, S1NSu, uW1u
Kate: 12:uu uNT, 911982, S1N28, 1Wuu
ueoige: 16:24 BST, 2272u1S, S1NSu, uW1u
K#,+,%"3$ ;#<3"( B#&#J
Aichives uauquelin, Beieuitaiy Expeiiment, volumes I anu II on Centie 0niveisitaie ue
Recheiche en Astiologie (C.0.R.A)