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Cp associates is a consulting and business services group that provides many of the design, managerial
and engineering services that support modern society.
We work with government agencies, local authorities, government-regulated industries and the private-
micro, small, medium enterprises to provide safe, reliable cost-effective solutions and we help
developers and corporate clients to combine their objectives with those of the society around them.
Cps name is synonymous with great relationships with clients, suppliers and staff. Were building a
business thats in tune with the society it serves, finding new ways to deliver public services and
infrastructure efficiently and profitably through partnerships between the public- and private-
ind out more about other sectors we work in and the services we offer.
Selection of product and location
Marketing and financial consultant
Packing material selection and sourcing
Raw material selection and sourcing
plant and machinery
product development and selection of packing
Management development
Selection of machinery and technology
mport and e!port management
mprovement in manufacturing process
mprovement in "uality
#iversification consultancy
$R consultancy
Management systems implementation
CP associates for New Entrepreneurs :
!roject consultancy services like guidance for project"product"technology selection, assistance in technology
transfer arrangements, technology assistance at various stages of implementation of projects, arrangements of
technology training, project report presentation etc..
CP associates for Existing Industries :
C ! associates helps the e#isting industrial units for $iversification, %odernisation, $evelopmental projects,
&evival of sick units.
CP associates for Industrial Promotional Agencies :
'nformation counselling on tecnologies, (rganise )$!s" *eminars" Workshops" Camps, projects for utilising local
resources or customi+ed projects, 'ndustrial surveys and studies.
The year was 2010. A few leading professionals came together to share their expertise, their
combined experience of over 10 years and a vision. This was the genesis of Cp Associates.
Right from its inception, cp refsed to wal! the well"trod path. #xploring new avenes and see!ing
new challenges, cp $anagement Consltants, created a niche for itself, generally ntoched by
others in the same arena.
The reslt is an organi%ation ni&ely &ali'ed to ta!e p any assrances services, whatever yor
indstry. (ver the last decade we have been speciali%ing in )ystems * (perations Adit and
$anagement Consltancy. (r team consists of #ngineers and +nformation systems, which enables
s to deliver to and beyond the expectations of or clients and propel them to achieve their
organi%ational goals and ob,ectives.
Client Understanding
-e have been o.ering tailored soltions to meet the distinct needs of or clients throgh or well
docmented methodology which are in line with the international best practices
Relationship Management
cp prides itself on its long term relationship. -e are prod of the fact that we have many satis'ed
cstomers who will always trn to cp whenever they need a specialist soltion in bsiness process.
cp has the capability to undertake assignments ranging from reviewing an organi+ations financial planning
structure and processes through to providing on-site interim financial e#pertise on a day to day basis.
Elements of Financial management
,he elements of financial management in which we are able to provide specialist support for e#isting and new
organi+ations include-
inancial forecasting and planning
.usiness planning - constructing plans and
critically reviewing e#isting plans
inancial due diligence
,reasury management
inancial controls and systems development
$evelopment of business cases
$rafting and agreeing financial regulations
How we elp o!" clients
Evaluate Business Plan
&eview of business plan presented to a &egional $evelopment /gency in support of an application for several million
pounds worth of grant aid. We were able to provide advice to the /gency, and the applicant, to ensure that the grant
was protected.
Business Case Development
$evelopment of business cases for the 01* using our proprietary financial modelling tools. ,his work has included
working with ,rusts and reviewing their e#isting business cases where they were putting forward plans to raise funds for
major capital projects through to developing business cases for major strategic changes in the 1ealth
Business Plan Development
Development of a Business Plan for a start-up organisation to enable them to raise funds.
!roject !lanning
With some thoughtful planning you can ensure your projects success before it begins. rom establishing
scope and viability, to budget, schedule and team re2uirements, to process implementation and ongoing
evaluation, *pire can help tailor a plan for your specific project needs. ,his includes gauging risk and
developing mitigation strategies that will help you save time and money. rom concept to closeout, well help
you develop a plan you can build on.
cps team of e#perts can assist you with the conceptual planning and development of your program
management systems including financials, contracts and schedules cps conceptual planning and project
development services include-
Const"!ction #lanning Se"$ices
*trategic !roject !lanning
easibility *tudies
!roject $ue $iligence
ront )nd !lanning
*trategic /sset %anagement
*ustainability Consulting
Whether you are an owner, program manager, contractor, architect or construction manager, *pires
consultants are e2uipped to supplement your team3s e#pertise and insight to ensure your project3s success.
Construction Management
,o ensure the best outcome for your project, you need people who know what theyre doing4every step of
the way. (ur e#perienced construction professionals provide effective leadership, sharp attention to detail
and a valued partnership you can count on throughout the life of your project.

cp provides comprehensive construction management consulting services. (ur construction management
consultants possess the engineering and construction e#perience to provide real-world, cost-effective
solutions to the everyday challenges that owners, contractors, engineers, and architects face throughout the
construction process. rom the initial concept to project closeout, we assist our clients in facilitating and
coordinating the construction process to mitigate comple# problems.
cp develops construction management teams based on each client3s specific needs and project
re2uirements by providing effective project leadership in the following service areas-
Const"!ction Management Cons!lting Se"$ices
Contract &eview and 0egotiations
Change (rder /nalysis
Construction $esign &eviews
*taff /ugmentation
.id !hase %anagement
Cost )stimating 5 )valuations
Construction C!% *cheduling
!roductivity /nalysis
6alue )ngineering
)arned 6alue %anagement
$ispute /voidance 5 &esolution
!roject Control *ystems
'nspection and 7uality /ssurance
Construction 5 !roject ,raining
Cp associates other prime initiative lies in the developmental assistance provided
to all e#isting industries inclusive of micro,small,medium and large scale
industries. With a global economic development in cps vision, its team guides the
client through each and every modules of success and financial augmentation.
,his is an arena where cp find its lone presence and hence differentiates from
others. 8erala is being looked upon as a region where business !rospects are left
stranded. .ut c! looks at the entire scenario with a different !erspective.
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