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Product Certification of Heat Soaked Tempered Glass

Product Certification of Heat Soaked Tempered Glass

1. What is Product Certification ?
In the manufacturing sector, the ISO 9000 series quality management system (QMS) assured the product
consistently meeting prescried requirements! "o#e$er, it focuses mainly on the quality system ut not much on
the product itself! %rior to its acceptance, the product is still $ery often required for testing y the purchaser to
confirm its compliance #ith the rele$ant standard or specification! &he t#o acti$ities, manufacturer's QMS and
purchaser testing are not coordinated! In an effort to integrate them into one quality assurance (Q() system,
products certification #as de$eloped! It promulgates the QMS (similar to ISO 9000 Q( series model), the ISO
1)0*0 for inspection and ISO 1)0*+ for testing schemes into one coordinated effort! &he product is controlled at
source in a manufacturing plant starting from initial prototype testing, technical inspection of the manufacturing
process, auditing of the quality system, appro$al of the product and susequent sur$eillance audit testing of
products sampled from the factory and,or mar-et, etc! In order to enhance the crediility of the product
certification, manufacturers of the product $ery often ha$e to see- third party certification ody to perform the
independent certification audit! &his third party product certification scheme is featured #ith a certification mar-!
( recent e.ample #as that a product certification company named "ong /ong 0ertification Ser$ice 1imited #as
accredited y the "ong /ong (ccreditation Ser$ice for a tempered glass scheme su2ect to the heat soa-ed
process to 3S 45 161)971 8 *00+! ( scheme named %roduct 0onformity 0ertification Scheme for heat soa-ed
tempered glass is no# currently compiled y the 9acade :roup of the "ong /ong Institute of Steel 0onstruction!

Product Conformity Certification Scheme for Heat Soaked Tempered Glass
4stalished in some decades ago, product certification has already een the earliest quality assurance acti$ities
operated y many certification odies all o$er the #orld! It has e$ol$ed throughout the years to its present form!
&he International Standard for the product certification is the ISO,I40 :uide ;+8199;! &his is a top le$el and
generic international standard that the any certification ody has to follo#! (ny manufacturer or company may
apply to a third party certification ody to ha$e a product certified to the requirements of a recogni<ed standard
under the product certification scheme! &he product standard may e a 3ritish Standard, an International
Standard or any national standards!

Product Certification of Heat Soaked Tempered Glass

Although participation in the scheme is in most cases oluntary! oer the "orld many goernment departments!
regulators! pu#lic authorities and national agencies re$uire mandatory certifications of their products for
reasons of safety! health! enironmental protection! fraud preention and market fairness. The re$uirements
are often stipulated in their "orks and procurement contracts.
&o ensure the quality of the acti$ities of product certification odies meeting the international and domestic
technical requirements, the accreditation of certification odies y their national accreditation odies is often
&here are different types of product certification classification according to the international practice! In the ISO
pulication =0ertification and >elated (cti$ities 7 (ssessment and ?erification of 0onformity to Standards and
&echnical Specifications=, eight systems of the product certification are stipulated and they are as follo#s8

1 Type testing
&ype testing is a method under #hich a sample of the product is tested according to a prescried test method in
order to $erify the compliance of a model #ith a specification! It is the simplest and most limited form of
independent certification of a product oth from the point of $ie# of the manufacturer and the appro$al

% Type testing follo"ed #y su#se$uent sureillance through audit testing of samples purchased from the open
( system ased on type testing (see System 5o! 1) ut #ith some follo#7up action to chec- that susequent
production is in conformity! Open mar-et audit testing means a random audit testing of the type tested model
from distriutors@ or retailers@ stoc-!

& Type testing follo"ed #y su#se$uent sureillance through audit testing of factory samples
( system ased on type testing (see System 5o! 1) ut #ith some follo#7up action to chec- that susequent
production is in conformity! (udit testing of factory samples in$ol$es a regular chec- of samples of the type tested
models selected from the
manufacturer@s production efore dispatch!
Product Certification of Heat Soaked Tempered Glass

' Type testing follo"ed #y su#se$uent sureillance through audit testing of samples from #oth open market
and the factory
( system ased on type testing (see System 5o! 1) ut #ith some follo#7up action to chec- that susequent
production is in conformity! (udit testing oth of factory samples and open mar-et samples

( Type testing and assessment of factory $uality control and its acceptance follo"ed #y sureillance that takes
into account the audit of factory $uality control and the testing of samples from the factory and the open
( system ased on type testing (System 5o! 1), #ith assessment and appro$al of the manufacturer@s quality
control arrangements follo#ed y regular sur$eillance through inspection of factory quality control and audit
testing of samples from oth the open mar-et and the factory!

) *actory $uality control assessment and its acceptance only
Sometimes -no#n as the appro$ed firm or appro$ed manufacturing method of certification! ( system under
#hich the manufacturer@s capaility to produce a product in accordance #ith the required specification, including
the manufacturing methods, quality control organi<ations and type and routine testing facilities are assessed and
appro$ed, in respect
of a discrete technology!

+ ,atch testing
3atch testing is a system under #hich a atch of a product is sample tested and from #hich a $erdict on the
conformity #ith the specification is issued

- 1../ testing 100B testing is a system under #hich each and e$ery item certified is tested to the requirements
of the technical specification!

&he commonest product certification scheme for construction products is ased on the ISO 0ertification System +!
Some relati$ely lo# ris- products may e ased on System 1! &he product manufacturer is a#arded a license y a
product certification ody if the product complies #ith the standard and the factory has a proper quality control
system to ensure consistent and continuous compliance #ith the standard coupled #ith a series of scheduled
audit testing on products selected from the factory and,or the mar-et! ( licensee under this scheme is entitled to
Product Certification of Heat Soaked Tempered Glass

use the certification mar- of the certification ody on the product to denote compliance #ith the standard! (5ote8
a quality system certification mar- to ISO 9001 is not permitted to appear on the product!)
Chen this mar- of conformity is affi.ed on a product, the product certification ody shall ensure that the
traceaility of its mar- to the rele$ant product standards is a$ailale to the pulic! In the case #hen a certified
product complies #ith a part of the standard only, it should e clearly indicated! &hese mar-s may e registered
under &rade Mar- Ordinance and are the
property of the product certification ody! Dnauthorised use or misuse of the mar-s #ill e su2ect to legal action
in accordance #ith applicale la#s! In case of misuse of the mar-, certification ody shall ta-e appropriate
correcti$e actions #hich could include legal action!

%. Adantages of Product Certification
%roduct certification pro$ides the follo#ing ad$antages8
7 It is an independent assurance that the product is manufactured under an effecti$e system of testing, super$ision
and control
7 %urchasers of the product may not require to carry out further tests, as the products are already certified to e in
compliance #ith the standards
7 0ertified products pro$ide the user an assurance for safety and reliaility
7 0ertified products en2oy the enefits of protection against competition from sustandard products and
7 &he product certification mar- enhance the reputation of manufacturer and thus, e.tend its mar-eting capaility
7 Impro$ed efficiency in production and reduced #astage and re2ects!

&. Why Accreditation of Product Certification #ody is needed ?
Many products certification odies are commercial organi<ations and the quality of their certification acti$ities
ha$e to e assessed to comply #ith the ISO,I40 :uide ;+, the rele$ant product standard such as 3S 45 161)971 8
*00+ and local accreditation requirements in order to pro$ide confidence to the purchasers or users of the
certified products! It is #ith this tas- that an accreditation ody in a country is emerged! Many countries and
economies ha$e accreditation odies at national le$el to perform technical assessments to the product
certification ody! In most cases, accreditation odies are go$ernment departments!
(ccreditation means crediility! (ccreditation is a formal recognition of the competency of an organi<ation to
perform conformity assessment acti$ities! Dnder the International (ccreditation 9orum (I(9), a multilateral
Product Certification of Heat Soaked Tempered Glass

recognition agreement (M1() among $arious economies #as estalished! Signatories of the M1( are oliged to
promote the acceptance of
the conformity assessment results among all M1( memers! &he o2ecti$e of #hich is to facilitate cross order
trading and reduce technical arriers to trade (&3&), a mission of the (sian %acific 4conomic 0ooperation ((%40)
and Corld &rade Organi<ation (C&O)!

4.amples of some of the national accreditation odies are as follo#s and many of #hich are go$ernment odies8
(5SI E (merican 5ational Standards Institute
D/(S E Dnited /ingdom (ccreditation Ser$ice
05(3 E 0hina 5ational (ccreditation 3oard for 0ertifiers
F(3 E Fapan (ccreditation 3oard
S00 E Standard 0ouncil of 0anada
F(S7(5G E Foint (ccreditation System of (ustralia H 5e# Gealand
S(0 E Singapore (ccreditation 0ouncil
ISM E Iepartment of Standards, Malaysia
5(0 E 5ational (ccreditation 0ouncil of &hailand

J ( chart ao$e sho#ing the proposed Multilateral >ecognition (greement (M1() for product certification
schemes among (ccreditation 3odies of different economies under the International (ccreditation 9orum (I(9)!
Product Certification of Heat Soaked Tempered Glass

( M1( for laoratory testing and caliration has een operating gloally under International 1aoratory
(ccreditation 0ooperation (I1(0) for more than a decade! ( ne# gloal M1( for product certification has een
launched in *006 y I(9! &he I(9 M1( (for product) signatories as at March *00+ are (ustralia, (ustria, 3elgium,
0anada, 0hina, 0<ech, Ienmar-, 9inland, 9rance, :ermany, Ireland, Italy, Me.ico, 5etherlands, 5e# Gealand,
5or#ay, %oland, >omania, (lo$a-ia, South (frica, Spain, S#eden, S#it<erland and Dnited /ingdom! (*6 memer
states) (5SI of DS( and F(3 of Fapan are no# under application to the M1( signatory! "/(S is a I(9 M1( QMS
signatory on accredited ISO 9001 certification since *006 ut not yet a M1( signatory on accredited product
certification! "/(S intends to see- entry into the I(9 M1( signatory a fe# years later after the accreditation
scheme on product certification is sufficiently mature!
Chen a particular product certified y a certification ody accredited y "/(S, the "/0(S mar- is permitted to
affi. on the product along side #ith the product certification ody mar-!
&he t#o mar-s together ha$e to e housed in a rectangular o. as sho#n elo#!

&he comined use of the certification and accreditation mar-s affi.ed on the product certificate #ill no dout
further enhance the crediility and confidence to the purchasers and users of the product!

'. Compulsory 0egistration1Certification of Products #y 2omestic 3a"
(part from $oluntary certification systems of products mentioned ao$e, there are t#o countries in the #orld,
namely, Mainland 0hina and Fapan, -no#n to the "/(S that operated compulsory certification of products under
their la#s! &hese apply mainly to high ris- products such as motorcyclists' protecti$e helmets, fire doors, seat
elts, electrical appliance and #iring accessories, etc! &hese t#o schemes are called the 0hina 0ompulsory
0ertification (0hina's 000 mar-) and Fapan Industrial Standard (Fapan's FIS mar-)! &he former is directly
administered y the :eneral (dministration of the Quality Super$ision, Inspection and Quarantine under the State
0ouncil of the %eople's >epulic of 0hina :o$ernment and the
latter y the Ministry of Industry and &echnology of the Fapanese :o$ernment!

000 Safety Mar- 000 9ire %roduct Mar- 000 4M0 mar- FIS Mar-

Product Certification of Heat Soaked Tempered Glass

(. 4uropean practices 5 Construction Products 2irectie 6CP27 and C4 marking
&he 0onstruction %roducts Iirecti$e aims to rea- do#n technical arriers to trade in construction products
et#een Memer States in the 4uropean 0ommunity! &o achie$e this, the 0%I pro$ides for the follo#ing 6 main
7 ( system of harmoni<ed technical standards, e!g! cement to 45 19)718*000, aggregate to 45 1*;*08*00* and
concrete to 45*0;718*000
7 (n agreed system of attestation of conformity for each product family, ; systems of attestation are stipulated as
follo#s (e!g! 0%I required cement to system 1K and aggregate to system *K) (Systems 1K to A must e certified y
a third party certification ody appro$ed y the respecti$e go$ernments ut System 6 can e a self declaration y
the manufacturer of the product)8
7 System 1K %roduct conformity certification #ith audit testing
7 System 1 %roduct conformity certification #ithout audit testing
7 System *K 9actory production control certification #ith cont sur$eillance
7 System * 9actory production control certification #ithout sur$eillance
7 System A Initial type testing
7 System 6 Manufacturer's tas- only
7 ( frame#or- of notified odies, e!g! accredited product certification odies in each Memer States appro$ed y
their go$ernments and notified to the 4uropean 0ommission are called 5otified 3ody (or (ppro$ed 3ody)!
7 &he 04 mar-ing of products, a typical e.ample for cement to 45 19)718*000 is sho#n as follo#s8

Product Certification of Heat Soaked Tempered Glass

). 8erie" of Hong 9ong Accreditation Serice
"ong /ong (ccreditation Ser$ice ("/(S) #as originated as an accreditation scheme named "O/1(S in 19L+ under
the then Industry Iepartment! Since then, it has undergone sustantial de$elopments and is no# a go$ernment
accreditation ody pro$iding $arious accreditation schemes #ithin the Inno$ation and &echnology 0ommission
(I&0), 0ommerce Industry and &echnology 3ureau (0I&3) of the "ong /ong S(> :o$ernment! 0urrently, "/(S
offers the follo#ing schemes8
7 "ong /ong 1aoratory (ccreditation Scheme 6H893AS7 J "ong /ong Inspection 3ody (ccreditation Scheme
7 "ong /ong 0ertification 3ody (ccreditation Scheme 6H9CAS7 &he accreditation mar-s for the three schemes are
as follo#s8

"O/1(S pro$ides accreditation of laoratories on $arious categories #hich include construction materials,
chemical, toys, electrical products, food, en$ironmental and recently medical laoratories! &he accreditation
standard is ISO,I40 1)0*+! "/I(S pro$ides accreditation of inspection odies for construction products, #elding
and indoor air quality inspection! &he accreditation standard is ISO,I40 1)0*0! "/0(S pro$ides accreditation of
certification odies for quality management scheme (QMS) to ISO 9001 and en$ironmental management system
(4MS) to ISO 16001! In (ugust *00A, "/(S has launched a ne# accreditation programme under "/0(S scheme on
construction products certification!
&he construction product certification programme co$ers product certification of general construction materials,
uilding, high#ay, #ater#or-s and firefighting products, etc!
:eneral construction material products E ready mi. concrete, cement, aggregate, %9(, admi.ture, grout, repair
mortar, ituminous materials, steel reinforcement, structural steel, #elding material, glass and aluminum, etc!
3uilding products E door, gate, #indo#, cladding, gla<ing, facing stone, tile, ric-, loc-, partition and dry #all,
paint, false ceiling, fire shutter, passi$e fire protection product, drainage and pluming pipe and duct, precast
concrete and steel piles, etc!
"igh#ay products E railing, fencing, manhole co$er, drainage and se#erage pipes, ridge earing, $ehicular
parapet, faricated mo$ement 2oint, street lighting, any street furniture, etc!
Product Certification of Heat Soaked Tempered Glass

Cater#or-s and firefighting products E #ater tap, #ater meter, #ater pipe and fitting, stopcoc-, storage cistern,
$al$e, hydrant, hose reel, sprin-ler, drencher etc!
( "/0(S Supplementary 0riteria 5o! * on the (ccreditation of 0onstruction %roducts 0ertification is a$ailale in
the "/(S #e ###!info!go$!h-,itc,h-as!

1.. Conclusion
&he #orld has entered into an era of rapid transformation of information and technology! Cith the gloali<ation
of trade and -no#ledge and gi$en 0hina's accession to the C&O, a multilaterally recogni<ed accreditation scheme
on product certification #ould no dout help enhance "ong /ong's aility to -eep areast #ith its trading partners
and facilitate cross
order trading! &his #ill also impro$e the quality of our products used domestically and to strengthen our
competiti$eness in the gloal mar-et! (ccreditation of fire product certification #ill no dout help impro$e the
quality of these products to meet the standard requirements!

11. 0eferences
1! ISO,I40 :uide ;+ M:eneral requirements for odies operating product certification systemsN, 199;!
*! ISO,I40 1)0*0 M:eneral criteria for the operation of $arious types of odies performing inspectionN 199L
A! ISO,I40 1)0*+ M :eneral requirements for the competence of testing and caliration laoratoriesN, 1999
6! ISO 9001 Quality management system E requirements *000

( typical heat soa-ed o$en complied #ith 3S 45 161)9718*00+ requirements