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Pedro Fraga Ga rea

Date of birth: 01/07/1981

Nationality: Spanish
Email adress: pfgarea.cv@gmail.com
Currente adress: Av. A.Rossello nº2 4DER
07002 Palma Mallorca
Mobile telephone:00(34)685584096
Marital status: Married
Driving licen se: Class B
Languages: English, Spanish, Galician
Current Location:Palma Mallorca


I am a highly motivated individual who strives to achieve in all I do, and I enjoy looking for new
challenges. I m both committed and loyal to my place of work. I am also very adaptable and enjoy
working in different environments learning different skills. I am a hard-worker, a responsible,
opened-minded, a relaxed and sociable person who likes to work in a friendly atmosphere. Some
of my hobbies are: music, cinema, literature, travelling and passion for gastronomy.


I am looking for a Chef, Sous Chef or Head Chef position on a vessel, preferably Motor Yacht;
permanent or seasonal position.


Blue Water Crew, Palma Mallorca (May 2009)

-S T CW 9 5

EHIB, Palma Mallorca (2008)

-Postgraduate degree in haute cuisine (700h)

IES Foz, Lugo (Galicia) (2000-2002)

-Cooking school (2000h)

Escloa Alcari, Palma de Mallorca (2006-07)

-Packing vacuum (20h);
-Introduction to vegetarian cooking (20h);
-Tapas (15h);
-Desserts for restaurant (12h);
-Decorating dishes (20h);

Foshfood (by Marc Fosh), Palma de Mallorca (2008)

-Knife skills (2h);
-Cooking foie (2h);

-M/Y Vogue, Elegance 82, 25m, Portals Nous, Mallorca (june-october ´08)
M/Y Vogue was an extremely busy charter yacht catering for very ‘high end clients’ as well as the
owners of the yacht. I was responsible for preparing Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. It was necessary
for me to adapt my menu plans to the differing needs and cultural palates of individual clients.
Although mostly Mediterranean cuisine, I incorporated influences from France, Germany, Britain
into my menu along with references to the east, orient and the south pacific to give my food a
touch of the exotic.
As well as preparing three or four course meals for formal dining, I created a great variety
canapés and finger food when catering for large parties or informal meals and snacks.
Having now completed my first season working as a chef on a motor yacht, I have accustomed
myself to the challenges peculiar to cooking at sea. Provisioning, improvisation due to the often
inconsistent demands of a client and balancing soufflés at anchor are just some of the many
challenges on which I thrive.
I have also developed the seamanship skills required on a yacht with a small crew. I am
competent with lines, fending and anchoring along with the safety procedures and precautions
relevant to any vessel at sea or in port.
Refere nce s a nd picture s a vailab le at pf garea. cv-bl og sp ot.co m

-Catering Garmendia and Restaurante Eboca (´07-´09)

Working for the prestigious chef Julio Garmendia, both catering (for private functions) and
working within the restaurant. Last time (from 25th April to 10th may) replacing the head chef during
his holidays.

-Hotel Portixol, Palma Mallorca (March -December ´07)

ENTREMETIER: Supporting Patissier. Modern International food a la carte, weekly menu and
special events. Starters, desserts and handmade bread and ice-cream.

-Puro Beach, Palma Mallorca (May ´06-March ´07)

ENTREMETIER from May to October.
ROTISSEUR: from October to March
Fusion food: Combination of dishes from Asia, Caribbean, Australia and Mediterranean. Service
a la carte and special events. References available.

-Restaurante Romaní, Palma de Mallorca (October ´05-May ´06)

HEAD CHEF: Little restaurant with Mediterranean food a la carte and menu of the day.

-Hotel Port Adriano 5*, Calviá, Mallorca (May-October ´05)

STATION CHEF: Mediterranean food. Chef in charge of snack restaurant and staff meals. Extra
hous in events and BBQ.

-East Neuk Hotel, Crail, Scotland (July ´04-March ´05)

CHEF: Small hotel on the coast of Scotland. Breakfast, weekly menu, events and a la carte.

-Restaurante Sa Nansa, Fornells, Menorca (2001-2003)

Summer season restaurant. Mediterranean food and snack. Extremely busy. First season as an
Assistan, then as a CHEF.


Computer: basic programs for PC and MAC.

Cooking instructor: volunteer in Red Cross Palma Mallorca (2008)
Writing a blog: pfgarea-comidas.blogspot.com