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End term Project

Report on:
Consumer Behavior and Store Study of
Indore Central
Supervised by: Submitted by:
Pranay Dagaonar !ulayam Rajput

Sr# $o# Content Page $o#
1 Executive summary 2
2 Vision mission & values of PRIL 3
3 Retail sector in India 4
4 Introduction to PRIL 5
5 Centrals strate!y in retailin! "
# Part $% consumer &e'avior study 11
#(1 )et'odolo!y used in data collection 11
#(2 *am+le descri+tion 12
#(3 Conclusion re!ardin! feed&ac, 14
- Part .% *tore study 15
-(1 )erc'andisin! +olicy 15
-(2 Recruitment & trainin! of staff 15
-(3 Value added services 15
-(4 /eel0 am&iance & store layout 1#
-(5 )ar,etin! communication +olicy 1#
-(# $rea served & ty+e of customer tar!eted 1#
-(- Com+etitive analysis &et1een malls in Indore 1-
-(-(1 Com+etitive analysis on t'e &asis of 1al,2ins 1-
-(-(2 Com+etitive analysis on t'e &asis of sales +er day 13
-(-(3 Com+etitive analysis on t'e &asis of conversion rate 1"
-(-(4 Com+etitive analysis on t'e &asis of mar,et s'are 24
-(-(5 Com+etitive analysis on t'e &asis of distance from central 21
-(-(# Com+etitive analysis on t'e &asis of total constructed area 22
-(3 Conclusion & findin!s from com+etitive analysis 23
-(" Catc'ment analysis 23
-(14 )ana!ement of store am&iance 24
-(11 )ana!ement of mar,etin! activities 25
3 *567 analysis 2#
" *ix +illars of retail o+erations 2-
14 Controlla&le & uncontrolla&le varia&les of Indore central 33
11 Conclusion 34
12 )y learnin! 35
13 )y recommendations 3#
14 .i&lio!ra+'y 3-
15 8uestionnaire on Indore Central 33
%# E"ecutive Summary
Pantaloons Retail India &td# is one of t'e &i!!est diversifications of 'uture
(roup( 7'is re+ort on Pantaloons Retail India &td# )Indore Central* contains
t'e overall vie1 on /uture 9rou+0 t'eir mission and vision for future0 'o1 t'e
com+any 'as evolved0 1'o are t'e main sources and ins+iration &e'ind t'e 'u!e
success of t'e 9rou+ and t'e .oard of :irectors of t'e com+any( 7'e main
o&;ective of t'is re+ort is to study & analy<e t'e customers +erce+tion a&out t'is
mall & study t'e different as+ects re=uired in mana!in! a retail mall(
Pantaloon Retail >India? Limited0 1as incor+orated in 1"3- as @)en< 1ear Pvt(
Ltd( It is Indias leadin! retailer t'at o+erates multi+le retail formats in &ot' t'e
value and lifestyle se!ment of t'e Indian consumer mar,et( Aead=uartered in
)um&ai >.om&ay?0 t'e com+any o+erates over 12 million s=uare feet of retail
s+ace0 'as over 1444 stores across -1 cities in India and em+loys over 340444
+eo+le( It 'as 12 exclusive malls across India named as Central(
Pantaloon Retail 1as recently a1arded t'e International Retailer of t'e Bear 244-
&y t'e C*2&ased Dational Retail /ederation >DR/? and t'e Emer!in! )ar,et
Retailer of t'e Bear 244- at t'e 5orld Retail Con!ress 'eld in .arcelona(
Pantaloon Retail is t'e fla!s'i+ com+any of /uture 9rou+0 a &usiness !rou+
caterin! to t'e entire Indian consum+tion s+ace(
Central c'ain 1as launc'ed on )ay 2444 at .an!alore 1it' a t'eme Shop+ Eat ,
Celebrate( Indore central 1as launc'ed on )ay 244"( It 'as more t'an 344 &rands
availa&le 1it' a s+ra1lin! of 225444 s=( ft(E it is second lar!est mall amon!st t'e
central c'ain(
-# .ision+ !ission ,.alues
/uture !rou+ s'all deliver Everyt'in!0 Every1'ere0 Every time for every Indian
customer in t'e most +rofita&le manner(
5e s'are t'e vision and &elief t'at our customer and sta,e'older s'all &e served
only &y creatin! and executin! future scenarios in t'e consum+tion s+ace leadin!
to economic develo+ment(
5e 1ill &e trendsetters in evolvin! deliverin! formats0 creatin! retail realities0
ma,in! consum+tion afforda&le for all customer se!ments for classes and masses(
5e s'all infuse Indian &rand confidence and rene1ed am&ition(
5e s'all &e efficient cost conscious and committed in =uality 1'atever 1e do(
5e s'all ensure t'at our +ositive attitude0 sincerity0 'umility and united
determination s'all &e t'e drivin! force to ma,e us successful(
1. Indianess: confidence in ourselves(
2. &eadership: to &e a leader0 &ot' in t'ou!'t and &usiness(
3. Respect and humility: res+ect every individual and &e 'um&le in our
4. Introspection: leadin! to +ur+oseful t'in,in!(
5. /penness: to &e o+en and rece+tive to ne1 ideas0 ,no1led!e and
6. .alue and nurturing relationships: &uild lon! term relations'i+s(
7. Simplicity and positivity: *im+licity and +ositivity in our t'ou!'t0 &usiness
and action(
8. 0daptability: to &e flexi&le and ada+ta&le0 to meet c'allen!es(
9. 'lo1: to res+ect and understand t'e universal la1s of nature(
2# Retail sector in India
7'e retail industry in India is lar!ely unor!ani<ed & +redominantly consists of
small0 inde+endent0 o1ner2mana!ed s'o+s( Retailin! is ID:I$s lar!est industry in
terms of contri&ution to 9:P & constitutes 13F of 9:P( 7'ere are around 5
million retail outlets in India(
*'are of unor!ani<ed mar,et in India is Rs( 50330444 Crores(
*'are of or!ani<ed mar,et in India is Rs( 5444 Crores(
5e 'ave over 4444 ne1 modern outlets in last 3 years(
5e 'ave 6ver 504440444 s=( ft( of mall s+ace under develo+ment(
(ro1th of retail outlets in India )!illions*:
Bear Cr&an Rural 7otal
1"-3 4(53 1(-# 2(35
1"34 4(-5 2(42 2(--
1""4 4("4 2(42 3(3#
1""# 1(34 3(33 5(13
Composition of urban outlets:
Retail outlet Com+osition
9rocers 34(-F
9eneral store 4(4F
C'emist #(3F
/ood stores #(#F
9eneral stores 14(4F
7o&acco0 Pan stores 1-(4F
6t'ers 1-(45
Composition of rural outlets:
Retail outlet Com+osition
9rocers 55(#F
9eneral stores 13(5F
C'emist 3(3F
6t'ers 2-(#F
3# Introduction of PRI&
/uture 9rou+0 led &y its founder and 9rou+ CE60 )r( Gis'ore .iyani0 is one of
Indias leadin! &usiness 'ouses 1it' multi+le &usinesses s+annin! across t'e
consum+tion s+ace( 5'ile retail forms t'e core &usiness activity of /uture 9rou+0
!rou+ su&sidiaries are +resent in consumer finance0 ca+ital0 insurance0 leisure and
entertainment0 &rand develo+ment0 retail real estate develo+ment0 retail media and
Com+any 'as a retail +resence across various se!ments includin! food0 fas'ion and
foot1ear0 'ome solutions and consumer electronics0 &oo,s and music0 1ellness and
&eauty0 !eneral merc'andise0 telecom and I70 E2tailin!0 leisure and entertainment
and financial +roducts and services( Com+any o+erates multi+le retail formats
caterin! to a 1ide cross2section of t'e Indian society( In t'e Lifestyle retailin!
se!ment it 'as Pantaloons >de+artment store?0 Central >seamless malls?0 .lue *,y
>fas'ion accessories? and aLL >fas'ion a++arel for +lus si<e individuals?( 7'e
com+anys value retailin! ventures include .i! .a<aar >'y+ermar,et?0 /ood
.a<aar >su+ermar,et? and /as'ion *tation >+o+ular fas'ion?(
Led &y its fla!s'i+ enter+rise0 Pantaloon Retail0 t'e !rou+ o+erates over 12 million
s=uare feet of retail s+ace in -1 cities and to1ns and #5 rural locations across
India( Aead=uartered in )um&ai >.om&ay?0 Pantaloon Retail em+loys around
340444 +eo+le and is listed on t'e Indian stoc, exc'an!es( 7'e com+any follo1s a
multi2format retail strate!y t'at ca+tures almost t'e entire consum+tion &as,et of
Indian customers( In t'e lifestyle se!ment0 t'e !rou+ o+erates Pantaloons0 a fas'ion
retail c'ain and Central0 a c'ain of seamless malls( In t'e value se!ment0 its
mar=uee &rand0 .i! .a<aar is a 'y+ermar,et format t'at com&ines t'e loo,0 touc'
and feel of Indian &a<aars 1it' t'e c'oice and convenience of modern retail(
/uture 9rou+s ;oint venture +artners include0 C*2&ased stationery +roducts
retailer0 *ta+les and )iddle East2&ased $xiom Communications( 7'e !rou+s
fla!s'i+ com+any0 Pantaloon Retail 1as a1arded t'e International Retailer of t'e
Bear 244-0 &y t'e C*2&ased Dational Retail /ederation0 t'e lar!est retail trade
association and t'e HEmer!in! )ar,et Retailer of t'e Bear 244-I at t'e 5orld
Retail Con!ress in .arcelona(
/uture 9rou+ &elieves in develo+in! stron! insi!'ts on Indian consumers and
&uildin! &usinesses &ased on Indian ideas0 as es+oused in t'e !rou+s core value of
@Indianness( 7'e !rou+s cor+orate credo is0 @Re1rite rules0 Retain values(
Central c'ain is esta&lis'ed 1it' a t'eme of Seamless !all( *eamless mall is a
format 1'ic' is relatively ne1 in India( In t'is format0 various &rands o+erate t'eir
retail areas 1it'out any 1all &et1een t'em0 +rovidin! a seamless s'o++in!
ex+erience( 7'is ma,es it +ossi&le for s'o++ers to com+are &rands 1it' ease 1'ile
t'ey s'o+( 5e &elieve t'is also means t'at t'e store can reallocate s+ace more
easily &ased on merc'andiseJ&rand +erformance and customer feed&ac,( .esides
offerin! a++arels0 accessories and lifestyle +roducts t'ese malls are also e=ui++ed
1it' entertainment and leisure facilities( Central is an exam+le of a seamless mall(
Launc'ed in )ayK44 at .an!alore0 Central is a s'o1case0 seamless mall and t'e
first of its ,ind in India( 7'e t'ou!'t &e'ind t'is +ioneerin! conce+t 1as to !ive
customers an uno&structed and a +ure s'o++in! ex+erience and to ensure t'e &est
&rands in t'e Indian mar,et are made availa&le to t'e discernin! Indian customer(
Central offers everyt'in! for t'e ur&an ins+irational s'o++er to s'o+0 eat and
cele&rate( Located in t'e 'eart of t'e city0 Central &elieves its customers s'ould not
'ave to travel lon! distances to reac' usE instead 1e must &e +resent 1'ere
customers fre=uently visit(
Central 'ouses over 344 &rands across cate!ories0 suc' as a++arels0 foot1ear and
accessories for 1omen0 men0 c'ildren and infants0 a+art from a 1'ole ran!e of
)usic0 .oo,s0 Coffee *'o+s0 /ood Courts0 *u+er )ar,ets >/ood .a<aar?0 /ine
:inin! Restaurants0 Pu&s and :iscot'e=ues( 7'e mall also 'as a se+arate section
for services suc' as 7ravel0 /inance0 Investment0 Insurance0 ConcertJCinema 7ic,et
.oo,in!0 .ill Payments and ot'er miscellaneous services( In addition0 Central
'ouses Central *=uare0 a dedicated s+ace for +roduct launc'es0 im+rom+tu events0
darin! dis+lays0 excitin! s'o1s0 and art ex'i&itions( Central is an inte!ral +art of
t'e city and in t'e lon! run a City s'ould &ecome +art of CED7R$LL
'uture (roup line of business:
L6. D$)E *IME >*=( /t(? /6)$7 7BPE
/as'ion Pantaloon 25444 Life *tyle
Central 125444 Life *tyle
.i! .a<ar 54444 Value
/as'ion *tation 15444 Value
/ood /ood .a<ar 14444 Life style & Value
9)0 .oo,s &
.i! .a<ar & :e+ot 54444
1444 to #444
Lifestyle & Value
Aealt'0 .eauty &
*tar & *itara
>.eauty Products?
1444 to 2444 Value
*tar & *itara
2544 Value
Aealt' Villa!e 25444 Life style & Value
Communication 9en )
) Port
) .a<ar
544 to 1444
1544 to 2444
254 to 544
Subsidiary4 5ome Solution Retail )I* &td#
L6. D$)E *IME >*=( /t(? /6R)$7 7BPE
Electronic 9oods &
Consumer $++liances
Electronic .a<ar
3444 to #444
/urniture0 /ittin!s &
Collection 1
/urniture .a<ar
3444 to #444
Life *tyle
Aome Im+rovement Aome 7o1n 125444 Life *tyle & Value
Board of directors
Dame of :irector :esi!nation
)r( Gs'ore .iyani Executive Promoter :irector
)r( 9o+i,is'an .iyani Executive Promoter :irector
)r( Ra,es' .iyani Executive Promoter :irector
)r( *'ailes' Aari&'a,ti Inde+endent Don executive :irector
:r( :arlie Gos'y Inde+endent Don executive :irector
)r( *( :ores1amy Inde+endent Don executive :irector
)rs( $n;u Poddar Inde+endent Don executive :irector
)rs( .ala :es'+ande Dominee :irector
)r( Ved Pra,as' $rya Executive :irector
)r( $nil Aaris' :irector

0ffiliated companies
1( Aome *olutions Retail >India? Limited
2( /uture .rands Limited
3( /uture )edia >India? Limited
4( /uture *u++ly C'ain *olutions Limited
5( /uture $xiom 7elecom Limited
#( Pantaloon /ood Product >India? Limited
-( /uture Gno1led!e *ervices Limited
3( /uture Ca+ital Aoldin!s Limited
"( /uture 9eneral India Insurance Com+any Limited
14(/uture 9eneral India Life Insurance Com+any Limited
11(/uture&a<aar India Limited
12(*ta+les /uture 6ffice Products Private Limited
6# Central7s Strategy in retailing:
0pplying the Retailing concept in Relation to Central
Customer /rientation N central determine t'e attri&ute and needs of itKs
Coordinated Effort N central inte!rates all +lan and activities to maximi<e
efficiency( $ll t'e em+loyees ma,e t'eir &est service to customer(
.alue Driven N central offer !ood value to customers 1'et'er it to &e discounter
or u+ sale t'is means 'avin! t'e +rice a++ro+riate for t'e level of +roduct and
customer service(
(oal /rientation 2 central set !oals and t'en uses a strate!y to attain t'em(
7o relate t'e mar,etin! conce+t to retailin!0 1it' an em+'asis on t'e total retailin!
ex+erience0 customer service0 and relations'i+ retailin!0 t'e mar,etin! conce+t
>,no1n as retailin! conce+t 1'en a++lied to retail situations? s'ould &e understood
and used &y all t'e retailers(
7'e total retail ex+erience includes all t'e elements in retail offerin! t'at
encoura!e consumers durin! t'eir contact 1it' retailer( )any elements suc' as
num&er of sale +eo+le0 dis+lays +rice( 7'e &rands carried0 and inventory in 'and
are controlla&le &y a retailer0 ot'ers li,e t'e ade=uacy of on2street +ar,in!0 t'e
s+eed of on line s'o++in! and sale taxes are not( If some +art of t'e total retail
ex+erience is unsatisfactory0 consumers may not &uy a !iven !ood or service(
/rgani8ational structure of Indore Central
9# Part 0: Consumer Behavior Study
I 'ave divided t'e mall into four +arts%
1( /ood .a<aar% 7'is mainly included t'e !roceries & occasionally used +roducts
and 1as t'e &asement floor of t'e mall(
2( $++arels & accessories% 1ere on t'e !round0 first and t'e second floor of t'e
3( Aome7o1n% It included 'i!' involvement 'ome decor +roducts and 1as situated
on t'e t'ird floor(
4( /ood Mone% 7'is 1as t'e floor meant for entertainment & leisure time activities(
9#% !ethodology used in Data Collection:
7o o&serve t'e consumer &e'avior I used a researc' met'odolo!y of
Randomi<ation &y usin! a =uestionnaire( In t'is I too, a sam+le si<e of t'irty
+eo+le & intervie1ed t'em all( *ome of t'e main =uestions of t'e =uestionnaire
are as follo1s%
Is t'is your first visit to t'is mallO
Ao1 do you come to ,no1 a&out t'is mallO
Ao1 often do you visit t'is mallO
5it' 1'om do you li,e to visitO
5'ic' floor do you visit most of t'e timeO
$ccordin! to you 1'ic' floor 'as t'e &est merc'andise in t'is mallO
5'at do you s'o+ most of t'e time from t'is mallO
:o you find t'e merc'andise com+aratively !ood from ot'er malls in
If Do +lease s+ecify t'e storeJmall in 1'ic' you !et &etter merc'andise(
Ao1 1ill you !rade t'e ne1 conce+t of seamless mall >Do +artition &et1een
Ao1 1ill you rate t'e decorations inside t'e mallO
Ao1 you 1ill rate t'e ease in s'o++in! inside t'e mallO
Ao1 you 1ill rate t'e music & entertainment inside t'e mallO
Ao1 you 1ill rate t'e +ar,in! inside t'e mallO
Ao1 1ill you rate t'e food Mone inside t'e mallO
If !iven a c'ance to c'oose any ot'er mallJstore 1'ic' 1ould you c'oose
5'at do you li,e t'e most a&out t'is mallO
5'at do li,e t'e least a&out t'is mallO
Primary source% 7'e met'od of data collection 1as done &y t'e 1ay of surveyE
t'is is a +rocess 1'ere &y first 'and information is collected( 7'is met'od is
needed for meetin! t'e s+ecific o&;ective of researc' study( I 'ave collected
+rimary data in t'e form of filled structured =uestionnaire &y customers( In first
survey =uestionnaire I collect 1'ole data a&out customers feed&ac, a&out
inventory availa&le0 in second survey I collected all t'e data re!ardin! to
entertainment of customer 1'ile s'o++in!0 in t'ird survey I collected data
re!ardin! com+arative analysis(
Secondary source% 7'e secondary data 1as collected in t'e form of com+any
+rofile and +roduct +rofile from t'e 5e& *ite of P$D7$L66D*( *ome ot'er 5e&
*ites 1ere also referred( /or collectin! t'e re=uired data t'e C*$* of t'e mall
1ere also consulted( 7'e data 'as 'el+ed in ascertainin! t'e strate!ies and
a++roac'es of ma;or +layers in mar,et( 7'us t'e study involved collection0 analysis
and inter+retation of a lot of data relatin! to t'is sector( 7'e data is collected from
various sites0 &oo,s0 ;ournals0 etc(
9#- Sample Description %
$fter decidin! on t'e researc' a++roac' and instruments0 t'e mar,etin! researc'
must desi!n t'e sam+lin! +lan%
1( Sample si8e% 7'e tar!et for t'is t'e customers 1'o come for s'o++in! inside t'e
mall( *am+le si<e of t'e study is 34 customers 1'o come for s'o++in! inside t'e
-# Sample selection procedure: *ince it is t'e survey of customer0 to o&tain an
un&iased result t'e customers sam+le from t'e +o+ulation 1ere intervie1ed
randomly( *o t'e sam+lin! tec'ni=ue c'osen for t'e researc' is Random sam+le
tec'ni=ue( Every customer inside t'e mall 'ad an e=ual c'ance of &ein!
2( Sample unit% 7'e customer 1'o comes for s'o++in! inside t'e mall is t'e
sam+le unit(
3# Contact method: Personal a++roac' to eac' and every customer for all surveys
and intervie1s 1ere t'e Contact met'od used for o&tainin! a +ro+er and detailed
feed&ac,( $ face2to face Interaction too, +lace 1it' eac' sam+le re+resentative(
7'e data collected t'rou!' =uestionnaire 1as +ro+erly classified and ta&ulated in
t'e form of a re+ort( 7'ese re+orts formed t'e &asis for t'e com+arative analysis
and dra1in! inferences t'ere from( /rom t'e inferences dra1n certain conclusions
and recommendations 1ere made(
7'e main findin!s t'rou!' =uestionnaire for consumer &e'avior 1ere%
$&out -3F of t'e customers 1ere &et1een 24 to 44 years of a!e !rou+(
$&out 44F of sales 1ere from /ood .a<aar(
9ood rus' 1as seen on 5ednesday &a<aar 1'ic' mainly catered +eo+le of
54 years of a!e(
7'e 2
floor 'as t'e 'i!'est conversion after food &a<aar(
$&out #4F customers are from +rimary <one t'at is t'e area of 2 ,m radius
from Indore central ot'er 44F are from secondary & tertiary area(
De1 customers in mall are a&out 44F0 1'o visited t'e mall for first time(
)ore t'an 54F of +eo+le !et to ,no1 a&out Indore central from t'eir
friends0 relatives and ot'ers and not t'rou!' 'oardin!s0 ne1s+a+ers0 radio(
Consumer7s perception:
Peo+le &elieve t'at its a ne1 conce+t >*eamless )all? 1'ic' is attractive( 7'e
availa&ility of merc'andise & cosmetics +roducts is !ood &ut rates are
com+aratively 'i!' 1'en com+ared to ot'er stores( 7'e /ood &a<aar in Indore
Central is &etter t'an Reliance fres' & .i! .a<aar as t'ey found t'e =uality of
!oods to &e !ood( .etter am&iance made t'eir s'o++in! easy( 7'e delivery services
1ere also &etter as com+ared to ot'ers(
9#2 Conclusions regarding 'eedbac:
Indore Centrals needs to modify its +ar,in! facility it seems very difficult
for customers to +ar, t'eir ve'icles in mall(
7'ere s'ould &e a floor c'art on every floor dis+layin! &rands & t'eir
7'ey 'ave t'e &est store am&iance & collection of &rands com+arin! to
ot'er malls in Indore(
7'ey 'ave lar!est num&er of offers & customer initiative +lans(
7'ey 'ave &est customer attendin! services t'rou!' our C*$s(
7'ey need to mar,et our customer initiatives +lan &ecause 44F +eo+le are
not a1are t'e +lans & offers(
7'ey 'ave &est =uality of fruits & ve!eta&les at lo1est cost(
:# Part B: Store Study:
7'e store study is done on &asis of%
1( )erc'andisin! +olicy
2( Recruitment & trainin! of staff
3( Ael+ des,0 &illin! +rocess0 'ome delivery0 loyalty +ro!rams
4( /eel0 am&iance & store layout
5( )ar,etin! communication +olicy & +oint of sale dis+lay
#( $rea served & ty+e of customer tar!eted
-( Com+etitive analysis in sc'emes & offers
:#% !erchandising policy:
7'e merc'andi<in! +olicy follo1ed &y /ood .a<aar is lot for lot0 daily +urc'asin!
and &ul, +urc'asin!( 7'e +eris'a&le items are +urc'ased from local vendors on
daily &asis( In a++arels & accessories t'ey also follo1 a lot for lot +attern and
latest fas'ion merc'andisin!( In Aome to1n t'ey rely on seasonal & random
+urc'asin! of commodities( /ood & Entertainment Mone 'ave tie2C+s 1it' CC:0
.arista0 .re12&erry & Local vendors(
:#- Recruitment , ;raining of Staff:
7'e recruitment of Level 3 em+loyees are done t'rou!' direct 5al,2ins &
references( /or Level 2 & 1 em+loyees it is done t'rou!' .oard office( $nd out
sourcin! of Aos+itality & *ecurity staff 'as &een done to +rovide &est service to
customers( /or trainin! t'e +rocess used is of on t'e floor trainin! 1it' little
orientation( 7'ey also follo1 a culture of 1ee,end staff meetin!s and Coffee 1it'
)all )ana!er(
:#2 .alue added services:
7'ey +rovide a free 'ome delivery u+ to 14 G()( and t'ey are al1ays ready 1it' a
'el+ des, 1it' 5 em+loyees( 7'ey also +rovide a free !ift ra++in! service( $s t'ey
follo1 a ERP &ased &illin! +rocess it ma,es t'eir +rocess efficient li,e /ood
.a<aar & Aome to1n follo1s a centrali<ed &illin! and t'e !round0 1
& 2
follo1s a decentrali<ed &illin! +rocess( 7'ey also +rovide Loyalty +ro!rams for
+rivile!ed customer after certain amount of sale and a +ersonal C*$ 1ill &e 1it'
t'e customers durin! s'o++in!(
:#3 'eel+ 0mbiance , Store layout:
Indore Central +rovides a &est in class feel of comfort 1'ile s'o++in!( 7'e
am&ience and store layout are also very !ood(
$&out )all Layout% $s it is t'e first ty+e of seamless mall0 it follo1s a race trac,
layoutE so t'at t'e foot falls & visi&ility of merc'andise can &e maximi<ed on eac'
+arts of t'e mall(
:#6 !areting Communication Policy:
)ainly mar,etin! is done t'rou!' +rint ads0 television ads0 radio ads and
'oardin!s( 7'ey also do &elo1 t'e line advertisin! li,e !antries0 facades0 'and
&icycles0 'uman 'an!in!s( 7'e +romotional activities follo1ed &y t'em are Ladies
day out0 s+ot activities on 1ee,ends0 5ednesday &a<aar >7ar!etin! females?0 Gids
activities0 Carnivals and /estival events( 7'ey also s'oot messa!es to customers
from t'eir data&ase in order to inform t'em a&out t'eir ne1 offers( /or +romotions
t'ey 'ave also made t'eir lo!o +resence in different events and +arts of city(
:#9 0rea served , type of customer targeted:
/or t'is I did a catc'ment $nalysis in 1'ic' I found t'at t'e tar!eted customers are
mainly t'e yout' se!ment0 u++er middle class0 u++er class & elite class se!ment(
7'e income of tar!eted +eo+le is more t'an five lacs +er annum( 7'e a!e !rou+ is
mainly from 24 to 54 years of a!e 1'ic' mainly com+rises of nuclear families( 7'e
main tar!eted areas in Indore are from *out' 7u,o!an; to *a,et0 Ranisati !ate0
LI90 )I9 and Vi;ay2na!ar(
:#: Competitive analysis bet1een malls in Indore
:urin! my +ro;ect I did a com+arative study &et1een t'e malls +resent in Indore
city( 7'is 1as a +art of my +ro;ect( I 'ave done a com+arative study &y ta,in!
different as+ects of seven ma;or malls & stores +resent in Indore city( 7'e stores
1ere H7reasure Island0 Pantaloons0 )ax0 5estside0 9lo&us0 Pa,i<a & )ore me!a
:#:#% <al4ins )number of people coming per day*
Com+etitor 5al,2ins
7reasure Island 2#444
Pantaloons #544
)ax #444
5estside 3544
9lo&us 2344
Pa,i<a 1544
)ore me!a store -444
Central 12444

:#:#- Sales per day
*ales *ales >1ee,days? *ales >1ee,ends?
Pantaloons -44444 1444444
)ax #54444 344444
5estside 554444 -54444
)ore 344444 1144444
Central "44444 1344444
:#:#2Conversion rate
Conversion rate is t'e ratio or num&er of +eo+le comin! to t'e store and
+urc'asin! !oods( 7'is rate is calculated on t'e &asis of 1al,2ins(
Com+etitor Conversion rate
7reasure island 12F
Pantaloons 32F
)ax 42F
Central 23F

:#:#3 !aret share
)ar,et s'are of t'ese stores are &een calculated on t'e &asis of com&inin! all t'e
com+arative factors discussed a&ove( 7'is mar,et s'are is only for t'e Indore city(
Com+etitor )ar,et s'are
7reasure Island 3"
Pantaloons "("
)ax "(1
5estside 5(3
9lo&us 4(2
Pa,i<a 2(3
)ore me!a store 14(-
Central 24(2

:#:#6 Distance from Indore Central
7'is com+arison is done on t'e &asis of t'e distance eac' store is located from t'e
central( 7'is can &e useful in findin! 1ee, areas from 1'ere customers are not
comin! to central(
Com+etitor :istance in ,(m(
Pa,i<a 4(5
$!ar1al store 2
)ax 1(5
5estside 2(5
9lo&us 1(5
Reliance trend< 5
Promart 5
)ore me!a store 5
Pantaloons 1(5
.i!life 5

:#:#9 ;otal construction area )s=#ft#*
7'is com+arison is done on t'e &asis of construction area of a +articular store( 7'is
com+arison can &e 'el+ful in findin! out t'e inventory availa&le in t'e store(
Com+etitor Construction area in s=(ft( >a++rox?
$!ar1al store 25444
9lo&us 45444
)ax 25444
5estside 54444
Relince trend< -4444
Promart -4444
Pa,i<a 15444
Pantaloons 34444
)ore me!a store 54444
.i!life -5444
Indore Central 225444

-(3 Conclusion and some findings:
)ost of t'e +eo+le t'in, t'at t'e mall is ex+ensive for middle & lo1er class
+eo+le( $t t'e same time t'e customer are also una1are a&out t'e offers +resent
over t'ere( 7'e customers +erce+tion is of 'i!' rates( 7'e layout of food court is
also not +ro+erly structured( $nd Indore Central needs to im+rove more on its
advertisements +olicies(
:#> Catchment 0nalysis
Cnder t'is tas, of my +ro;ect I tried to find t'e ty+e of customers comin! to our
mall and t'en to find t'ere retention ratio( I divided 44 colonies and localities
comin! under 2,m radius of Indore Central on t'e &asis of t'eir +o+ulation0
sociodynamic0 demo!ra+'ic0 num&er of +erson in t'e 'ouse 'olds and t'eir +ayin!
I too, t'e data from t'e re!istration num&er of t'e four 1'eelers and t1o 1'eelers
comin! to our mall and t'en collected t'e o1ners information t'rou!' t'e data I
!ot from Post office0 .*DL office0 )unici+al Cor+oration of Indore and R76
I 'ad ta,en data of around 10440444 customers and came to t'ese conclusions(
7'ey 'ave #4F of yout' >under 25 years of a!e? as our customers(
7'ey 'ave a avera!e &ill si<e of Rs(1344(
7'ey 'ave most of t'eir customers comin! from areas li,e +alasiya0
*out' tu,o!an;0 Ra;1ada0 )(9( Road0 $nna+urna road & ra;endra na!ar(
7'e conversion rate com+rises 44F of +eo+le comin! from a&ove !iven
7'ey 'ave 14F of customers comin! from )A65 every 1ee,end(
55F of customers are come 1it' t'eir families 1'ic' are 'avin! 4 or
more num&er of +eo+le in t'eir 'ouse'old(

:#%? !anagement of store ambiance
Cnder t'is tas, I 1as ta,in! care of all t'e floors in t'e )all s+ecially t'eir visual
loo,( I 'ave to distri&ute mar,etin! !ifts to t'e customers( I 'ave to mana!e a
+ro+er visual loo, of all t'e +laces 1'ere our !ifts are &een dis+layed( I 'ave to
ta,e care of all t'e standees0 'oardin!s and &anners of different &rands dis+layed
inside t'e mall(
Every 1ee,end I 'ave to arran!e a :(P( >:is, Poc,ey? and a emcee to +lay music
do various announcements and to 'ave some s+ot events inside t'e mall 1'ic' can
entertain t'e customer(
Every 5ednesday t'ey 'ave a HLadies day outI 1'ic' means a female emcee
conducts various events s+ecially for ladies li,eQ6ne minute free s'o++in!0
Aousie0 5'o 1ill &e t'e 1innerO Etc( 6n s+ecial 1ee,ends 1e conduct :(P( 1ar
for yout's 1'ere t'ey can en;oy t'e 'ard metal music and can en;oy to t'eir &est(
7'ese ,inds of activities add a different value to customers s'o++in! ex+erience
1'ere an individual can en;oy 1'ile s'o++in!(
:(%% !anagement of mareting activities
Cnder t'is tas, of my +ro;ect I 1as ta,in! care of all t'e ty+e of mar,etin!
activities done inside t'e mall( 7'e &asic aim &e'ind t'is ,ind of activities 1as to
entertain t'e customer of to feel t'em 'a++y &y assistin! t'em( 7'ey 'ave different
,ind of activities for different ty+es of customers0 suc' as
&adies day out
7'is activity is done every 5ednesday only for ladies comin! to mall0 under t'is
activity t'ey a++oint a female emcee0 and s'e ta,es care of all t'e announcements
& telecallin! to &e done for ladies( *'e arran!es some ty+e of !ames suc' as Hone
minute free s'o++in!0 'ousie0 =uestion ans1er round and follo1ed &y distri&ution
of various !ifts to t'e 1inners(
Spot event activities
Cnder t'is ,ind of activities t'ey a++oint a male & female emcee 1'ic' let +lay
t'e customers +lay different ,ind of s+ot activities 1'ile t'ey s'o+ on different
floors( Customers en;oy different !ames and can 1in different +ri<es and s+ecial
discounts( 7'e &asic aim of t'ese ,inds of activities is to +us' t'e customer flo1 in
t'e dead <one of t'e floors 1'ic' are lac,in! in sales(
!areting activities on the entrance of the mall
7'ey conduct different ,ind of activities 1it' different &rands to +romote t'eir
+roduct( 7'ey c'ar!e fees to t'ese clients accordin! to t'e s+ace t'ey re=uired for a
+articular duration of time( *ome of t'e activities are done 1it' H.a;a; +ulsar 1350
)aruti *u<u,i ECC60 Rit<0 7V* &i,es0 Aero Aonda C.M extreme0 Pan Vilas +an
masala0 Do,ia E232250 Radio mirc'i(
'estival , 1eeends activities
Cnder t'is ,ind of activities t'ey arran!e different ,ind of activities & com+letion
re!ardin! +articular festival 1it' a +articular mall am&iance0 li,e C'ristmas
cele&ration0 'oli cele&ration0 1omens fest0 c'ildrens day0 food carnival and some
different activities every 1ee,end tar!etin! yout's & families(
@# S</; 0nalysis
Vast Retail Det1or,
.ase of +antaloons
Considera&le $sset .ase
34 years of 1or,in!
Centrali<ed +rocurement !rou+
Ex+erienced man+o1er in 6+erations &
De!ative 6+eratin! )ar!in
Limited Li=uidity Position
Lo1 Return on E=uity
Cnavaila&ility of s+ace
Ex+ansion Pro;ect
9ro1t' in retail sector
De1 $ssets $c=uisition
.ac,1ard Inte!ration
Intense :omestic Com+etition
Entry of retail !iants li,e 5al2mart
9overnment Re!ulations

># Si" Pillars of Retail /perations
$fter t'e successful com+letion of my +ro;ect in ID:6RE CED7R$L0 I can say
t'ere are # P$R$)E7RE* 6/ RE7$IL 6PER$7I6D*( 7'ese are t'e +arameters
1'ic' are to &e follo1ed and maintained &y every or!ani<ation(
1( *76CG
2( *7$//
3( CC*76)ER & CC*76)ER *ERVICE
4( *$LE*
#( )$RGE7ID9 & PR6)67I6D$L EVED7*
*toc, is very essential +art of o+eration( 5e s'ould ,no1 a&out t'e stoc, +resence
on t'e floor( 6n 1'ic' &rand 1e 'ave a full o+tion & cut o+tion (so 1e 'ave to
ma,e o+tion +lan of t'e floor every )onday(
5e ma,es stoc, re=uirement also of t'ose +roduct 1'ic' is fast movin! & on
demand items( $ mana!er s'ould also a1are a&out eac' and every &rand
re=uirement and 'e 'as to ma,e sure a&out t'e refillin! and re+lenis'ment of t'e
stoc,( 7'e stoc, 'as to &e refilled accordin!ly(
*ometimes some of t'e items are not movin! in &rands t'en 1e send it &ac, to t'e
vendors or sometimes 1e send it to .rand /actory(
Profit Maximization2 In Retail industry at t'e end of t'e day t'e one t'in! 1'ic'
matters is only one t'in! t'at is +rofit( In central for earnin! +rofit 1e daily
distri&uted t'e tar!ets for eac' and every &rands and t'ese &rands 'ave to +erform
&etter for t'e ac'ievement of t'e t'eir tar!ets ( 7'ey also !ot t'ere &rands tar!ets
on mont'ly0 =uarterly and yearly &ases( /or t'e ac'ievement t'ey do 'ard 1or, and
if t'ey succeed in ac'ievin! t'eir tar!ets t'en t'ey !et incentives accordin! to t'eir
In 6+erations *taff +lays a im+ortant role in ac'ievin! t'e tar!ets( *ales executives
are t'e +erson 1'o is directly interacted to t'e customer and t'ey ,no1 1'at t'e
customers actually 1ant( Customer cant meet to t'e )ana!ers directly(
*o its necessary t'at staff s'ould &e 1ell !roomed & interactive to t'e customer(
5e daily c'ec, t'e !roomin! of staff ;ust li,e 'air cut0 clean clot'es0 etc & t'eir
eye contact0 &ody lan!ua!e0 communication s,ill etc(
5e s'ould train t'e staff time to time li,e%
R Ao1 to communicate 1it' customersO
R Ao1 to increase t'e sellin!O
R Ao1 to ma,e t'e customer to +urc'ase moreO
Customer , Customer service:
Customer is most im+ortant t'in! in retail(
In retail0 t'is idea of focusin! on t'e &est current customers s'ould &e seen as an
on2!oin! o++ortunity( 7o &etter understand t'e rationale &e'ind t'is t'eory and to
face t'e c'allen!e0
5e need to &rea, do1n s'o++ers into five main ty+es%
R Loyal Customers% 7'ey re+resent no more t'an 24F of our customer &ase0 &ut
ma,e u+ more t'an 54F of our sales(
R Discount Customers% 7'ey s'o+ our stores fre=uently0 &ut ma,e t'eir decisions
&ased on t'e si<e of our mar,do1ns(
R Impulse Customers% 7'ey do not 'ave &uyin! a +articular item at t'e to+ of t'eir
H7o :oI list0 &ut come into t'e store on a 1'im( 7'ey 1ill +urc'ase 1'at seems
!ood at t'e time(
R Need-Based Customers% 7'ey 'ave a s+ecific intention to &uy a +articular ty+e of
R Wandering Customers: 7'ey 'ave no s+ecific need or desire in mind 1'en t'ey
come into t'e store( Rat'er0 t'ey 1ant a sense of ex+erience andJor community(
If 1e are serious a&out !ro1in! our &usiness0 1e need to focus our effort on t'e
loyal customers0 and merc'andise our store to levera!e t'e Im+ulse s'o++ers( 7'e
ot'er t'ree ty+es of customers do re+resent a se!ment of our &usiness0 &ut t'ey can
also cause us to misdirect our resources if 1e +ut too muc' em+'asis on t'em(
5e can deli!'t our customer if 1e !ive t'em &etter service(
In Centrals 1e !ive some follo1in! service to our customers%
R Discounts.
R Gift wrapping.
R Some time we do home delivery also.
R Exchange in days.
R !ree alterations.
Ao1 1ill you survive and !ro1 in +rofita&ility in todayKs very com+etitive
"onsider these facts.
%( Bour mar!ins are already stretc'ed(
-( BouKre stretc'in! your advertisin! dollars as far as t'eyKll !o(
2( Bou donKt 'ave t'e &rand or +roduct loyalty t'at you once 'ad(
#hen how will you compete$
ItKs sim+leL
BouKll com+ete &y maximi<in! your !reatest source of +roductivity 22 your people!
Loo, at t'ese realities(
%( /e1 com+anies &ud!et sufficient dollars to +rofessionally train t'eir sales and
customer contact +eo+le(
-( )ost retail sales+eo+le are +oorly trained in +rofessional sellin! s,ills(
2( )ost trainin! is +roduct trainin!(
3( 6ld2fas'ioned sales tec'ni=ues are outmoded and contri&ute to turnover and
+oor ;o& +erformance(
)odern day0 value2focused sellin! can usually increase a sales+ersonKs
effectiveness around 15F to 25F(
$s a )ana!er 1e 'ave to loo, u+ follo1in! t'in!0 so t'at 1e ,no1 a&out our
actual sellin! & ac'ievement of our tar!et%2
R Walk ins2 no( of customers is comin! in our mallO
R No. of bills2 'o1 many customers are +urc'asin! out of t'emO
R Aerage bill alue2 total saleJno( of &ill
R !loor contribution to"ards mall2 1'ic' floor is contri&utin! t'e mostO
R #pecific brands contribution to"ards mall2 1'ic' &rands are contri&utin! t'e
most in t'at +articular floorO
R #$. feet return of t%e brand2 Eac' &rand 'as to +rovide a s+ecific area in s=( feet(
Sales in month As=# feet area Bs= feet return in monthA no# of days#.isual
Visual )erc'andisin! is t'e art of dis+layin! merc'andise in a manner t'at is
a++ealin! to t'e eyes of t'e customer( It sets t'e context of t'e merc'andise in an
aest'etically +leasin! fas'ion0 +resentin! t'em in a 1ay t'at 1ould convert t'e
1indo1 s'o++ers into +ros+ects and ultimately &uyers of t'e +roduct(
$ creative and talented retailer can use t'is u+comin! art to &reat'e in ne1 life into
'is store +roducts(
Visual merc'andisin! is acted as a silent communicator to t'e customer( 7'e main
function of V()( is to a1are a&out 1'at merc'andise is availa&le in store(
Visual merc'andisin! includes 1indo1 dis+lays0 si!na!es0 interior dis+lays0
cosmetic +romotions and any ot'er s+ecial sales +romotions ta,in! +lace(
V() also 'el+s to customers as N
Educatin! t'e customers a&out t'e +roductJservice in an effective and
creative 1ay(
Esta&lis'in! a creative medium to +resent merc'andise in 3: environment0
t'ere &y ena&lin! lon! lastin! im+act and recall value(
*ettin! t'e com+any a+art in an exclusive +osition(
Esta&lis'in! lin,a!e &et1een fas'ion0 +roduct desi!n and mar,etin! &y
,ee+in! t'e +roduct in +rime focus(
Com&inin! t'e creative0 tec'nical and o+erational as+ects of a +roduct and
t'e &usiness(
:ra1in! t'e attention of t'e customer to ena&le 'im to ta,e +urc'ase
decision 1it'in s'ortest +ossi&le time0 and t'us au!mentin! t'e sellin!
!anaging Promotions+ Events+ 0lliances and partnership:
In order to ensure t'e success of an event or +romotion0 it is necessary t'at
t'e store 1'ere action is to ta,e +lace &e !eared for t'e same(
)ana!in! alliances and +artners'i+ 1it' local +artners is also an im+ortant
+art of store o+erations(
:is+lay of merc'andise and +oint of +urc'ase material 'as to &e mana!ed at
t'e store level(
$n inte!ral +art of mana!in! a su+er mar,et is an understandin! of fres'
+roduce and its stora!e needs and re+lacin! t'e +roduct 1'en needed(
Control of +eris'a&les and sanitations are t1o im+ortant as+ects of t'e
o+erations of t'e store(
!areting , promotional events
It can &e defined as strate!ic and tactical +lannin! +ro!ram and t'e attendant
execution exercises for a &rand usin! t'e full mix of communication.
>Short term* Consumer promotion can do:
1( Increase sales
2( .uild )ar,et s'are
3( 9enerate a1areness and trial of ne1 &rand
4( *timulate retrial
5( Encoura!e re+eat +urc'ases
#( 9enerate +urc'ase continuity
-( Provide alternate usa!e su!!estions(
3( *timulate trade2u+ to lar!er si<es
"( 7em+orary ad;ust +ricin!
14( :efense a!ainst com+etitive activity
11( Excite t'e sales force(
5o1 can you best represent your store , products to the buying publicC
7'e ans1er to t'is =uestion can &e%
'ront Signage:
R Is your si!n u+2to2date or is it old and dated2loo,in!O
R Is your si!n clearly visi&le and in !ood re+airE no 'oles0 crac,s or &urned out
R :oes your si!n tell customers 1'at ty+e of +roducts you sell at a !lanceO
R :o you 'ave ade=uate si!na!e for your &uildin! as it relates to street visi&ilityO
R :oes your si!na!e ma,e a stron! statement a&out your com+anyO
Interior Signage:
R Is your +roduct si!na!e uniform in desi!nO
R :oes your +roduct si!na!e descri&e t'e 'i!' +oints or features of t'e +roductO
R Is si!na!e u+ to dateO
R Is directional si!na!e easy to see and understand at a !lanceO
R :o you use si!na!e as +art of your visual merc'andisin!O
'loor Coverings:
R Is your floor clean and fres' loo,in!O
R Is your car+et clean0 lyin! 1ell0 and vacuumedO
R Is your entry clean and in !ood re+airO
R $re you usin! multi+le styles of floor coverin!s to direct traffic flo1 and
distin!uis' &et1een de+artmentsO
R $re all of your &ul&s o+eratin! and in !ood conditionO
R If usin! fluorescent &ul&s are all &ul&s t'e color tem+eratureO
R Is your a++liance area &ri!'t in contrast to t'e more su&dued electronics areaO
R $re you usin! 7rac, or s+otli!'ts to create focal +ointsO
R 9ood 1'ite li!'t 3544 to 4144G s'ould &e used to li!'t an a++liance section(
R Is your store cleanO $re floors 1axed and &uffed0 car+et s'am+ooed and
R Is your +roduct neat and tidyO
R $re your aisles free of clutter and &oxesO
R Is your ex+osed office area neat 1it' continuityO
%?# Controllable , Dncontrollable variables of Indore Central:

Controlla&le Varia&les Cncontrolla&le Varia&les
*tore location Consumer
)ana!in! &usiness Com+etition
)erc'andise mana!ement & +ricin! 7ec'nolo!y
Communicatin! 1it' t'e customers Economic condition
7rainin! of C*$s *easonality
%%# Conclusion
7'e o&;ective of t'is +ro;ect 1as to learn t'e or!ani<ational culture and to ,no1 till
1'at extent t'e +ractical ,no1led!e of cor+orate 1orld can &e relate to t'e
t'eoretical ,no1led!e(
I used my &est ,no1led!e & learned a lot0 t'is duration of 3 1ee,s 1as li,e an eye
o+ener for my carrier in retail sector0 I 1is' t'at 14 years do1n t'e line I could see
myself at a 'i!'er +osition in t'is or!ani<ation(
7'e o++ortunities over 'ere to learn are a&undant( 7'e +ro;ect in Indore Central
1as full of learnin! and ex+osure( It 1as a !reat ex+erience to 1or, 1it' /uture
%-# !y learning
9ood communication is t'e !reatest ,ey to success
Passion leads to excellence
.e +unctual & committed to your 1or,
:ont involve emotions in your 1or,
.e 'um&le to everyone
Res+ect eac' +erson at eac' level
.e a very !ood listener
6rders must &e !iven in a friendly tone
7eam 1or, is very im+ortant
$l1ays 'ave a +lan2. ready 1it' you
7a,e initiative
:o not set +re2notions a&out an individual
.e +atient & al1ays t'in, &efore reactin!
7a,e your o1n res+onsi&ilities
.e self2motivated
$l1ays 'ave a +ositive attitude
%2# !y Recommendations
1( 7'ou!' I found t'at most of t'e customers 1ere una1are a&out t'e offers &
sc'emes so t'ere s'ould &e a re!ular messa!e &oostin! re!ardin! t'e same(
2( Customers 'ave a +erce+tion of 'i!' rates in t'e mall0 so most of t'e
dan!lers s'ould dis+lay minimum rates of t'at +articular section(
3( )ost of t'e customers find it difficult to +ar, t'eir ve'icles so t'ere is a need
of modification in +ar,in! facility(
4( 7'ere is a need of structured food court in t'e mall(
5( )ost of t'e customer finds it difficult to searc' for a section or a +articular
&rand so t'ere s'ould &e H/loor ma+I on eac' floor on a maximum foot
+oint dis+layin! eac' &rand 1it' a direction availa&le on t'at floor(
#( 7'ere is a need of &elo1 t'e line advertisin!(
%3# Bibliography
%6# Questionnaire on Indore Central
1. Is this your frst visit to this mall?
Yes No
2. How o you !ome to "#ow a$out this mall?
%rie#s &elatives 'a(er as ).*. as
3. How o,te# o you visit this mall?
+#!e i# a wee" )wi!e i# a wee" +# wee"e#s
4. -ith whom o you li"e to visit this mall?
-ith %rie#s -ith &elatives -ith (art#ers
5. -hi!h .oor o you visit most o, the time?
%oo /a0aar 1rou# .oor 1
%loor 2
Home tow# I#o2
6. 3!!ori#4 to you whi!h .oor has the $est mer!ha#ise i# this mall?
%oo /a0aar 1rou# .oor 1
%loor 2
Home )ow#
7. -hat o you sho( most o, the time ,rom this mall?
1ro!eries 3((arels 3!!essories Home e!or
8. 5o you f# the mer!ha#ise !om(aratively 4oo ,rom other malls i#
Yes No
9. I, No (lease s(e!i,y the store6mall i# whi!h you 4et $etter
)I 1lo$us 721 8a#4al !ity 'romart
'a"i0a /i49li,e
1:. How will you 4rae the #ew !o#!e(t o, seamless mall ;No
(artitio# $etwee# $ra#s<.
3vera4e 1oo *ery 4oo
/est +utsta#i#4
Being 1 as Low & 5 as High
11.How will you rate the decorations i#sie the mall?
1 2 3 4 5
12.How you will rate the ease in shopping i#sie the mall?
1 2 3 4 5
13.How you will rate the music & entertainment i#sie the mall?
1 2 3 4 5
14.How you will rate the parking i#sie the mall?
1 2 3 4 5
15.How will you rate the food Zone i#sie the mall?
1 2 3 4 5
16. I, 4ive# a !ha#!e to !hoose a#y other mall6store whi!h woul you
!hoose frst?
)I 1lo$us 721 8a#4al !ity 'romart 'a"i0a
34awal store
17. -hat o you li"e the most a$out this mall?
18. -hat o li"e the least a$out this mall?
Name !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"ge !!!!!!!
"ddress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Contact No# !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!