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Estelle Martinez

34 rue Boule Toulon (France)

Tlphone : +33.494.345.333
Email : estelle.martinez@free.com
Web site: estelle.martinez.com

Fire fighter paramedic since 10 years, with a solid experience in prehospital
emergency health care.

Nurse for 12 years in various hospitals, experienced in majors health services,
including mental health.

Emergency health care instructor for the largest companies, laboratories

Advanced Health Care Provider, Bordeaux University (france) (2014)
PHTLS provider (2011)
ACLS instructor (2012)
PALS provider (20013)
Nurse graduate (2002)
Fire fighter school (2000)
Graduated bachelor (1999)

Professionnal Exprience
Pre hospital Emergency nurse, Firefighters health medical service, France
Mobile Emergency Medical Service, France
Nurse, Emergency, Military hospital, HIA Ste Anne, Toulon, France
Nurse, Intensive Care Unit, Hospital La timone, Marseille, France
Nurse, Adult psychiatry
Nurse, child and teenagers psychiatry
Health care instructor, Sanofi Avantis laboratory
Health care instructor, Military health service
NAEMT PHTLS instructor
AHA ACLS Instructor

How i used social psychologys courses to improve my resume

First of all, you need to know that this resume is partially improved, to fit the goals of this

I first try to use the thin slice effect. To do that, i tryed to build consistent, solid cv, giving a strong
first impression. I choose a professionnal cv aspect, using a simple presentation. I used a picture of
me and my dog, because I think it may create a positive emotion, more positive anyway than a strict
picture of me. It allows to show differents sides of my personality, show the woman, suggesting more
of who I am, showing generosity, and genuine contact. (my dog confirms ?!)
Confirmation Bias :
As Dr Plous said, people tend to seek evidence that confirm their expectations, and less
weight to evidence that would disconfirm their expectations I think that inn my resume, the thin
slice effect that Ive used allow to activate the confirmation bias.
Lesson How to be persuasive ?
Central route : i try to give some importants, strong factors in my education et professionnal
experience. Facts, dates, naming the school and diplomas whom may rise the value of my resume,
forgetting those who are insignificant, and may interfere.
Peripheral route : i didnt choose an exotic, attractive model, prefering to choose a classic,
professionnal model. Nurses, firefighters, and health care providers are not perceived as wacky
peoples, and Dr Plouss course shows that peripheral route works best when receiver isnt to critical
or involved. I guess a potential recruiter recruiter will be rather critical, no?
secrets from science of persuasion
Scarcity can be use here, because in my country, nurse working in pre hospital domain an having a
good experience are uncommon. So i tryed to emphasize this particular point.
Authority : In the same way, I tried to emphasize the fact that I have a solid experience, and that
several major companies and laboratories choosed to work with me, justifying the fact Im a credible,
knowledgeable expert.
Consensus : Here again, many majors companies are already relying on my abilities.

Thnak you for reading me, Im sorry for my poor English, Im working hard on it.