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In The Fight Against
Ebola, Liberias Health
Ministry Proposes
Chief Administrator,
Dispenser contaminated
with deadly virus
VOL 8 NO.647
These are indicative rates based on results of daily surveys of
the foreign exchange market in Monrovia and its environs. The
rates are collected from the Forex Bureaux and the commercials
banks. The rates are not set by the Central Bank of Liberia.
Research, Policy and Planning Department,
Central Bank Liberia,
Monrovia, Liberia
WEDNESDAY, JULY23, 2014 L$85.00/US$1 L$86.00/US$1
L$82.00/US$1 L$83.00/US$1
L$83.00/US$1 L$82.00/US$1
EBOLA pg.5
Without exceptions, all schools are ordered closed pending further directive from the Ministry of Education. All
markets at border areas including Foya, Bo Waterside, and Ganta are hereby ordered closed until further notice.
As previously directed, video clubs and entertainment centers must have improved sanitation including facilities
for the washing of hands prior to entering and exiting as well as to restrict opening hours, and the number of
individuals permitted to enter those facilities President Sirleaf
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EBOLA News Extra

Investment Commission Chair announces
lucrative deal for Liberia
Justice Ministry Orders
Buses, Taxi Cabs

Page 2 |
Thursday, July 31, 2014
Lagos -
arely 24 hours before his death, Patrick Sawyer had
a rather strange - and in the words of medical and
diplomatic sources here, Indiscipline encounter
with nurses and health workers at First Consultants
Hospital in Obalende, one of the most crowded parts of Lagos,
a population of some 21 million inhabitants, FrontPageAfrica
has learned.
Looking to get to the bottom of Sawyers strange ailment on
the Asky Airline fight which Sawyer transferred on in Togo,
hospital offcials say, he was tested for both malaria and HIV
AIDS. However when both tests came back negative, he was
then asked whether he had made contact with any person with
the Ebola Virus, to which Sawyer denied.
Sawyers sister, Princess had died of the deadly virus on
Monday, July 7, 2014 at the Catholic Hospital in Monrovia.
On Friday, July 25, 2014, 18 days later, Sawyer died in Lagos.
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that the
average incubation period for suspected cases or someone
who has made contact with an Ebola patient is eight to ten
days from exposure to onset of symptoms. The range is from
two to 21 days. That's why we recommend that contacts
of an infected person go on a fever watch for 21 days, says
Stephan Monroe, deputy director of CDC's National Center
for Emerging Zoonotic and Infectious Diseases, at a briefng
Since the frst report surfaced in March, there have been more
than 1,201 cases reported and unfortunately 672 deaths in
Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the CDC says. This is the
largest Ebola outbreak in history and the frst in West Africa.
Its a rapidly changing situation and we expect there will be
more cases in these countries in the coming weeks and months.
The response to this outbreak will be more of a marathon than
a sprint.
Back in Lagos, authorities at the First Consultants Hospital in
Obalende decided that despite Sawyers denial, they would
test him for Ebola, due to the fact that he had just arrived from
Liberia, where there has been an outbreak of the disease with
more than 100 deaths.
The hospital issued a statement this week stating that Sawyer
was quarantined immediately after he was discovered to have
been infected with the deadly virus. In addition, a barrier
nursing was implemented around Sawyer and the Lagos
State Ministry of Health was immediately notifed. Hospital
authorities also requested the Federal Ministry of Health for
additional laboratory test based on its suspicion of Ebola.
FrontPageAfrica has now learned that upon being told he had
Ebola, Mr. Sawyer went into a rage, denying and objecting to
the opinion of the medical experts. He was so adamant and
diffcult that he took the tubes from his body and took off his
pants and urinated on the health workers, forcing them to fee.
The hospital would later report that it resisted immense pressure
to let out Sawyer from its hospital against the insistence from
some higher-ups and conference organizers that he had a key
role to play at the ECOWAS convention in Calabar, the Cross
River State capital.
In fact, FrontPageAfrica has been informed that offcials in
Monrovia were in negotiations with ECOWAS to have Sawyer
fown back to Liberia.
A text message in possession of FrontPageAfrica from the
ECOWAS Ambassador in Liberia, responding to a senior GoL
offcial reads: Your Excellency, the disease control department
of the Federal Ministry of Health just contacted me through the
hospital now, insisting that Mr. Sawyer be evacuated for now.
Pls advise urgently.
First Consultants said that it then went further to reach senior
offcials in the Offce of the Secretary of Health of the USA
who assisted it with contacts at the Centre for Disease Control
and W.H.O Regional Laboratory Centre in Senegal.
According to the hospital, the initial results from LUTH
laboratory showed a signal of possible Ebola virus, but
required confrmation.
The First Consultants statement noted that it was able to
obtain confrmation of Ebola virus disease, (Zaire strain) after
working with the state, federal and international agencies.
Sawyer was pronounced dead at 6:50 AM Nigeria time, on
July 25 and all agencies were properly notifed.
Once the case was offcially confrmed, the hospital was
temporarily shut down and in-house patients immediately
evacuated. Sawyers body was subsequently cremated
under W.H.O guidelines and witnessed by all appropriate
agencies, according to the hospital statement. In keeping
with W.H.O guidelines, the hospital is shut down briefy as
full decontamination exercise is currently in progress. The
re-opening of the hospital will also be in accordance with its
guidelines, the hospital said.
In the aftermath of Sawyers death, both federal and state
authorities in Lagos have instituted measures to curb the
spread of the disease and quarantining all those who came in
contact with Sawyer.
In total, Sawyer reportedly came in direct contact with 59
persons, 44 of whom were at the hospital he was taken to
when he fell ill, according to the Lagos State government. The
Lagos state government clarifed in a statement Monday that
Ms. Obi-Nnadozie, Nigerias Ambassador to Liberia was not
among the 15 people at the airport who had had direct contact
with Mr. Sawyer before his death as was initially believed.
However, it has been reported that Sawyer came in contact
with three ECOWAS offcials a driver, a liaison offcer and a
protocol offcer. Also in the list are two nursing staff and fve
airport handlers.
Dr. Jide Idris, the Lagos State Health Commissioner, told a
news conference this week that 20 per cent of those that
came in contact with the deceased had been physically
screened. The private hospital (First Consultants medical
Centre) was demobilized and primary source of infection
eliminated. The patient has been cremated and the ash will
be transferred to the Liberian government whenever the need
arises. Decontamination process in all affected areas has
commenced, Dr. Idris said.
In the aftermath of Sawyers death, diplomatic, ECOWAS and
medical authorities here are baffed over Sawyers deception
especially armed with new information that his sister, Princess
had died of the deadly virus and his denial.
Finance Ministry sources in Monrovia are in quiet murmur
over what they feel was a letdown by Sawyer for not being
forthcoming with his peers he worked with.
The ministry has since been temporarily shutdown and those
who came in contact with Sawyer are on a 21-day forced
incubation monitoring process. "All senior offcials coming in
direct or indirect contact with Mr. Sawyer have been placed
on the prescribed 21 days of observatory surveillance," the
ministry said in a statement this week.
FrontPageAfrica has now learnt that Sawyer exhibited similar
indiscipline behavior during his sisters stay at the Catholic
Hospital in Monrovia where she was taken because he noticed
she was bleeding profusely and was later found to be a victim
of Ebola.
Sawyer was seen with blood on his clothing after his sisters
death and had earlier demanded that she be placed in a private
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf cited indiscipline and
disrespect as a key reason why Sawyer contracted the Ebola
virus. She said his failure to heed to medical advice put the
lives of other residents across the nations border at risk.
A disease which now claimed more than a hundred Liberians
has now force the Sirleaf-lead government to shut down
borders, schools and a host of other measures to ensure that
the disease does not get out of hand, including a US$5 million
initial contribution to begin the immediate implementation of
this plan. Our immediate strategy is to contain the spread,
care for the afficted with the goal of No New Cases, Sirleaf
told the nation in an address Wednesday.
FrontPageAfrica has learned that the Ministry of Health is
requesting US$20 million to combat the disease.
In addition, the President has mandated that all non-essential
staff, to be determined by the Minister or Head of Agency, are
to be placed on a 30-day compulsory leave and Friday, August
1, is declared a non-working day and is to be used for the
disinfection and chlorination of all public facilities.
All borders that are to remain opened are to be directly
supervised and controlled by the Bureau of Immigration
and Naturalization whose duties it shall be, working with
the assigned health authorities, to ensure strict adherence to
announced preventive measures including preliminary testing
for fever. Without exceptions, all schools are ordered closed
pending further directive from the Ministry of Education. All
markets at border areas including Foya, Bo Waterside, and
Ganta are hereby ordered closed until further notice.
But despite the measures put in place by Liberia, the effect of
Sawyers indiscipline is already taken a toll. ASKY, the Pan-
African airline ASKY on which Sawyer few, has suspended
all fights to and from Monrovia and Sierra Leone as has other
regional carriers, Arik Air and Gambia Bird dealing a huge
blow to commercial aviation.
Back in Monrovia, Samaritan Purse, the U.S. missionary group
helping to treat Ebola patients is scaling down, announcing
Wednesday, plans to evacuate nonessential personnel given
the fve-month-old outbreak is worsening as the fate of two
Americans infected with the Ebola hang in the balance on hope
and prayers.
For Sawyer, questions are lingering over his behavior both at
the Catholic Hospital in Monrovia and the First Consultants
in Lagos and what led him to behave the way he did. More
importantly diplomatic observers here are puzzled over his
demise: The timing and behavior. A few persons who spoke to
Sawyer, including FrontPageAfrica reported that he sounded
fne hours before his death. It is unclear what pushed him to
the wall and why?
As for the other eight members of the delegation that few
to Lagos, along with Sawyer, diplomatic sources in Lagos
confrmed to FrontPageAfrica Wednesday that they were
all checked and told to report to the Ministry of Health in
Monrovia upon their arrival. It is unclear how close they were
to Sawyer or whether authorities in Monrovia have begun
monitoring them as the clock ticks on the recommended 21-
day incubation period.
Rodney D. Sieh, rodney.sieh@frontpageafricaonline.com
Thursday, July 31, 2014 Page 3
Brenda Brewer Moore, moore.brenda@gmail.com, Contributing Writer
fnd myself being worked up each day almost into a
frenzy panic, scouring the various online news outlets
for news and updates on the Ebola virus plaguing our
Each day you wake up, you hear of more people infected,
more deaths. These days, it is no longer unnamed faceless
victims in the most rural parts of the country but people we
know, orwe know people who know people who are victims.
The disease has entered our social circles and is now staring
us rudely, daringly in the face.
The church and religious fanatics have their own theory
that this is acombination of this being a plague upon us
Liberians for the vile sins we commit and the deep dark
levels we have degenerated into and that God is dealing with
us and that this is just another sign of the world coming to an
end. The End Days.
There is a growing deep distrust of the government which
probably stems from decades of failure of past governments
and leaders and this is probably why when the alarm was
raised earlier this year of the Ebola virus, people generally
didnt believe it was true or felt it was too distantly removed
from our comfort zones to be alarmed. Many saw it as
another government attempt to milk a situation for more
money to steal (or to say it nicely: misappropriate), solicit
more donor funds, etc.
When the Ministry of Health said it needed over 2 million
dollars to combat the spreading of the virus, there was
laughter, jeers and incredulity with many saying aah, we
told your these government people just looking for way to
eat money. I bet 2 million probably seems a drop in the
bucket now, eh?
The minister of health, Dr. Walter Gwenigale held a press
conference where he give advice to the public on how to deal
with the virus and ways of avoiding the illness, including
avoiding contact with the bodies of people who died of
Ebola, no touching, shaking hands and no sex for 30 days.
Aha! We had something to cling to. Something to help us
escape the nasty reality of this virus.
Newspapers went wild with headlines of Gwenigale says no
sex for 30 days. Jokes roamed the various social mediaswith
many joking, Ebola says we shouldnt eat something oh.
As part of an awareness campaign, a song was made. I
think Julie Endee made the song and I didnt get to listen to
the song till few weeks ago with the message of no eating
dried bush meat, shaking hands, symptoms of the illness, no
hugging and no sex. I understand that whenever the song
was played at parties and nightclubs, there would be a loud
hail from the crowd with many of the dancers pulling their
dance partners closer and saying suggestively, no eating
something oh!.
With the recent deaths of some health professionals, of
course, again the rumor mills are thriving with speculations
that they may have been eating something to be passing
the disease left and right among themselves. I even heard
someone say dont mind these doctors, whole day they
chasing these nurses and patients, da eating something will
kill them.
Ebola has become a stark reality. The death rates are running
high and coming closer and closer to our comfort zones.
We are no longer laughing and its almost hard to hear the
Ebola jokes anymore. The reality is here. Staring us grimly
in the face each day. We can either accept that this illness is
indeed here and collectively fght and kick it out of Liberia,
or we can deny the reality, stick our heads in the sand like
ostriches, leaving the rest of our bodies exposed and open
to attack.
I was in a vehicle recently with two young men and we
passed a very pretty girl standing by the side of the road
looking for taxi (or a ride) and one commented damn, all
the fne fne girls coming pass by us these days oh, Ebola
spoiling people show.
The other said my man, no giving lift these days oh, no
hustling, Ebola intown. You aint hear, no eating something.
This is not just government business but everyones
business. Wash your hands. Do not shake hands, hug, dont
eat bats, cook your food well, dont eat plums that are bitten
by bats, etc.
And yeah, maybe even, no eating something if that what it
takes to kick Ebola out.
right thing in her speech to the nation Wednesday on
the grave Ebola outbreak sweeping across the nation.
are a bit late but welcoming.
IT IS NOW IMPORTANT that Liberians roll up their
sleeves, end the blame-game and rally around the
government to ensure that this ugly, incurable virus is
booted out of Liberia forever and never to return.
LIBERIANS HAVE BEEN pressing the administration
for answers since the frst case surfaced in Foya, Lofa
County in March.
IT DID NOT HELP matters that health authorities
were slow to act and in constant denial about the
outbreak, even ill-advising the president that making
any public statement in the early stages would give the
spread of the deadly outbreak unnecessary attention.
THE INACTION on the part of health authorities has
been alarming and costly. At least 181 Liberians have
lost their lives in a six-month period that has been
wreaking havoc in a nation still emerging from war
and still struggling to complete its transition from war
to peace.
IT TOOK THE DEATHS of some high-profle medical
practitioners and government workers, including Dr.
Samuel Brisbane, Chief Doctor at the John F. Kennedy
Medical Center, several healthcare workers and a host
of innocent Liberians to fnally get the governments
SIRLEAF ADMITTED much on Tuesday in a meeting
with stakeholders when she acknowledged that the
country was gradually losing the war against Ebola.
TODAY, MAJOR regional carriers like ASKY,
ARIK and Gambia Bird have suspended service and
although the U.S. has said it has not reached a point
to evacuate its citizens, key humanitarian groups like
Samaritan Purse which has been at the forefront in the
war against the deadly outbreak are packing up and
scaling down.
TODAY, SIX counties including Montserrado, Lofa,
Bong, Bomi, Nimba and Margibi have seen cases of
the virus.
THIS IS WHY THE DECISION by the president to
announce the closure of schools Wednesday among
a series of stringent measures which also include
compulsory 30-day leave for some government
employees, must be welcomed as the administration
steps up on measures to curb the spread of the virus.
SAID SIRLEAF: Without exceptions, all schools
are ordered closed pending further directive from the
Ministry of Education. All markets at border areas
including Foya, Bo Waterside, and Ganta are hereby
ordered closed until further notice. As previously
directed, video clubs and entertainment centers must
have improved sanitation including facilities for the
washing of hands prior to entering and exiting as well as
to restrict opening hours, and the number of individuals
permitted to enter those facilities.
THE PRESIDENT directed that all non-essential staff,
to be determined by the Minister or Head of Agency, be
placed on a 30-day compulsory leave and also declared
Friday, August 1, a non-working day to be used for the
disinfection and chlorination of all public facilities.
SIRLEAF ALSO ordered that all borders that are
to remain opened are to be directly supervised
and controlled by the Bureau of Immigration and
Naturalization whose duties it shall be, working with the
assigned health authorities, to ensure strict adherence to
announced preventive measures including preliminary
testing for fever.
WE JOIN President Sirleaf and the government and
welcome these latest move to help curb the deadly
outbreak and keep it from wreaking any further havoc
on Liberias shores.
LIBERIA IS ALL we have and we must all work to
ensure that this deadly and ugly virus is eradicated,
eliminated and forced out of Liberia. What the President
and the government has started is long overdue but one
totally necessary to win the war against Ebola and restore
sanity to a nation lingering in a state of uncertainty.
Now Let us All Join the Fight to
Kick Ebola out of Liberia
Page 4 |
Thursday, July 31, 2014
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The Reader's Page
I think its about time Liberians in the Legislature, the Council
of Churches, and civil society groups with honor and desire to
save the country, meet the President and ask her to resign. The
woman can no longer run the country effectively. How long can
the population keep forgiving incompetence and mismanagement?
Urey admonished the President to take action few months ago
when the disease had not penetrated our inner city. Her bone-
headed spokesman called Urey a scratch card dealer. Where is that
buffoon now?
The Finance Ministry knowingly allowed Patrick Sawyer to travel
to Nigeria when Mittal Steal, where Patrick also did consulting
work, told him to stay away until further notice when they learned
that his sister had died from the virus. We have people who are
running the country on no particular governance principles. If the
people in this case say or do nothing, the country will perish right
before our eyes. Patrick's close association with the leadership inner
circle at Finance before and after his sister died, may have exposed
the leadership to the virus. The Ministry's leadership close contact
with Robert Sirleaf and other Ministers and the President during
regular course of government business may have also exposed the
leadership of the country to Ebola. This is scary as I write this. God
please save us!
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and her corrupt offcials should remain in
Monrovia and put things in place to address the issue of this serious
epidemic that has the propensity to kill many people. Vice President
Joseph Nyumah Boakai should represent Liberia in Washington
DC. ..... Good job, Rodney D. Sieh...
Rodney, it seems that objectivity is your natural attribute so any
attempt at romanticism or manipulating facts will lead you to self-
distortion. Indeed, this article is well written with great analysis
but that little paragraph in which you implied that the ordinary
Liberians are to blamed for the Ebola disaster contradicts the rest
of the article. To blame Liberians for the spread of the disease is
like blaming the victims. This government has the responsibility to
protect the lives of the Liberian people as that is the essence of the
social contract between governors and governs.
The Ebola emanated from Guinea to a border town in Lofa and
this regime with absolutely no strategic focus did not perceive it
to be a threat and so it took no actions to mitigate the spread of
the disease. Although there is debate about whether or not travel
restriction can effectively stop the spread of Ebola, there is no
doubt that we wouldnt have been in the situation that we face
today if the government had quarantined the border town that
recorded the frst case and close the affected borders. Taking these
types of tough measures in the early stage of the outbreak would
have been, to the general public, an indication of the seriousness
of the dinger post by the disease. It is therefore an axiomatic fact
that the president is squarely responsible for the current disaster.
Therefore the President has failed big time and she must resign to
give way for a new people centered government to be inaugurated.
The president announced earlier that the situation was under
control based upon what health minister Gwenigale reported to
her. was it possible to deny what the health authorities gave her?
I think the level of information being spread as way of containing
and eradicating the virus is in the right direction. i urge the health
ministry to sanitize all ministries, schools churches and mosques for
now; besides, the health ministry should begin the distribution of
sterilized medical gloves to all citizens just as they have been doing
with the free distribution of condoms to people. the distribution
of gloves should commence at all entry-points to liberia including
land borders, airports(RIA AND SPRIGGS PAYNE) to include all
checkpoints leading to Monrovia. Quaye, I see your point but there
is no correlation between Ebola and Resignation of the president,
lets avoid the political circus and join the campaign to spread
the news of saving ourselves and country from this menace. We
will overcome, when we all join the anti-Ebola campaign. i think
the executive should call on the legislature to cancel its annual
agricultural break and divert all per diems to containment of the
virus. lets use our diplomatic connections to ask the Ugandan
authorities who overcame this virus to advise our health ministry.
The Editor,
bola's first victims died in March this year. 5
months and after more than 140 deaths and
thousands possibly infected, our president
now on July 26 has declared Ebola a "national
Had it not been for the deaths of Patrick Sawyer, Dr. Samuel
Brisbane and now the contraction of the dusease by the
two Americans, it probably would not have aroused in our
president that Ebola does not discrimanate or distinguish
between poor and rich, educated and illiterate, and black
and white. Its deadly punch will kill whoever stands in its
path. And the message is loud and clear.
Is Ebola bringing with it the wake call our corrupt
government needs to pay attention and invest heavily in
a long neglected and broken healthcare system that is
meant to cater to the poor because our president and the
corrupt officials have never seen the door or the inside of a
government-funded health clinic or hospital? Let the record
show where and when President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and
her senior officials last had their blood pressure checked
or surgery done at Redemption Hospital in New Kru Town,
Phebe Hospital in Bong County, or even at the nation's
number one hospital, the John F. Kennedy Medical Center
in Monrovia?
When Ebola first hit Liberia in March, because JFK had
been neglected, the first body tissues of its victims were
sent to laboratories in Paris, France. And while waiting for
the lab results that would later confirmed the presence of
Ebola, a Liberian Senator and other officials were shouting,
"No Ebola in Liberia, Liberia is Ebola Free, were some
newspaper headlines. And during this time as the first
victims were dying, our president who is now the most
traveled head of state in the world, took off for Kuwait and
Europe before even the announcement was made that she
left the country. I guess she and others thought this was
a disease for the poor only, but it is now knocking on the
doors of every Liberian.
The fact that Monrovia is so congested (1.5 million
residents) and even before Ebola, the capital was a health
time bomb waiting to explode with no functioning sewer
system, no safe drinking water, no electricity, and a rainy
season that flooded homes with feces and contaminated
water, all the necesary ingredients were in place for Ebola
or any killer disease to flourish. And this is what at we are
now witnessing in Liberia with no vision and badly needed
national action plan. The worst is yet to come I am afraid,
but I pray not.
That begs the questions about money for natonal
healthcare. We ask FPA and other media to investigate
and publish the yearly budgets for the Ministry of Health
and Social Welfare since Ellen became president. But
one indisputable fact that made the news in the wake of
this Ebola scare is that JFK Hospital workers said tbey
are owed back pay and July 26 bonuses. But our president
was heard saying government will now reach out to the
families of those healthcare workers killed by Ebola. But
what about those now on the frontline who are asking for
back pay?
One thing we know is that there are some Liberians in
public service who are taking home Wall Street like
salaries for a poor country like Liberia; salaries ranging
from US$5000.00 to US$20, 000.00 or more, while
teachers and healthcare workers can barely put food on
the table and send their kids to school. President Sirleaf
flew to the U.S. two months ago in Florida to attend her
grandson graduation from high school, a trip paid for with
our tax dollars and money that could have gone to fighting
Also, it is worth mentioning that the tiny Ministry of State
for Presidential Affairs that falls under Ellen was allocated
a whopping US$33 million in the last fiscal budget. How
many people work there? Then, there was/is U$3 million
allocated in there for Presidential Travels, plus US$2
million for Presidential Office Use, plus a salary of US$72,
000.00 a year, and much more.
So now death hangs over a nation, five months in the
making and a president is just waking up from slumber
and apathy. We will stay long inside well-well as we say
in Liberia. We ain't see nothing yet, and say your prayers.
Ma Ellen, please ask Uncle Sam with its vast skilled
professional manpower from the NIH and CDC. Please,
no shame business because the US knows we have the
money but corruption is our enemy. Release the Maritime
millions$ stashed away in ponzi public relations scams to
help our people.
Jerry Wehtee Wion,
Journalist and Political Commentator,
Washington, DC, USA
Thursday, July 31, 2014 Page 5
Monrovia -
he national crisis
declared a state
of emergency, the
deadly Ebola virus
which has made Liberia to be
blacklisted for travel resulting
to at least three major African
airlines cancelling fights
to the country is now being
tackled head on with the
announcement of stringent
measures by President Ellen
Johnson Sirleaf in battling the
When the frst case of the
virus was reported in Foya,
Lofa County, the response
by the Government was slow
followed by persistent denials
by Liberians about the actual
existence of the virus in the
county but within less than
six months 181 Liberians
have now died from the virus
resulting in renewed efforts to
combat the disease.
The fght intensifed after the
virus was transported from the
soil of Liberia to Africa most
populous nation, Nigeria when
Patrick Sawyer a consultant at
the Ministry of Finance was
confrmed positive with the
virus while on offcial duty.
Sawyers death was followed
by the death of a veteran
Liberian Doctor, the Chief
Medical Offcer of the referral
John F. Kennedy Medical
center, Dr. Samuel Brisbane
and the increase in cases of
suspected Ebola patients with
medical facilities turning away
On Tuesday, it was confrmed
during a meeting with President
Sirleaf by major stakeholders
in the health sector that the
country was gradually losing
the war against Ebola as
evident by the frank nature in
which Liberias Chief Medical
Offcer, Dr. Bernice Dahn and
others briefed the President
on the status of the ongoing
efforts to battle the virus.
On Wednesday, President
Sirleaf took the big decisions
which had been lacking in the
fght against a virus which is
now spreading with fast speed
in atleast six counties including
Montserrado, Lofa, Bong,
Bomi, Nimba and Margibi now
reporting cases of the virus.
With confrmed, probable and
suspected cases now reaching
an alarming 360; President
Sirleaf has announced several
stringent measures including
the closure of all schools,
compulsory 30 leave for
some government employees,
amongst other measures to
curb the spread of the virus.
Without exceptions, all
schools are ordered closed
pending further directive from
the Ministry of Education.
All markets at border areas
including Foya, Bo Waterside,
and Ganta are hereby ordered
closed until further notice.
As previously directed, video
clubs and entertainment
centers must have improved
sanitation including facilities
for the washing of hands
prior to entering and exiting
as well as to restrict opening
hours, and the number of
individuals permitted to enter
those facilities said President
Sirleaf in a special message.
The president directed that
all non-essential staff, to be
determined by the Minister
or Head of Agency, be placed
on a 30-day compulsory leave
and also declared Friday,
August 1, a non-working day
to be used for the disinfection
and chlorination of all public
The Liberian leader also
ordered that all borders that
are to remain opened are to
be directly supervised and
controlled by the Bureau of
Immigration and Naturalization
whose duties it shall be,
working with the assigned
health authorities, to ensure
strict adherence to announced
preventive measures including
preliminary testing for fever.
In further measures, President
Sirleaf said All citizens
are seriously advised to
avoid public amusement
and entertainment centers.
Increase in prices of sanitation
commodities used in this fght
will be treated as an offense
against the people of Liberia.
The Ministry of Commerce
is directed to enforce this
order. All such commodities
including chlorine, soap,
sanitizers, fiers and buckets
are to be imported duty free.
She also announced that
several communities are being
considered to be quarantined
based upon recommendations
from the Ministry of Health
and Social Welfare and other
relevant authorities, ordering
that when these measures are
instituted, only health care
workers will be permitted to
move in and out of those areas
as food and other medical
support will be provided to
those communities and affected
Five Million initial contribution
The President announced the
launch of a National Action
Plan presented by the Ministry
of Health and Social Welfare
in partnership with the World
Health Organization with the
government of Liberia making
what she termed an initial
contribution of US$ 5 million.
Today, in continuation of our
efforts to combat the deadly
Ebola virus, I am pleased to
launch the National Action
Plan presented by the Ministry
of Health and Social Welfare
in partnership with the World
Health Organization. Given
the multi-dimensional efforts,
including local, regional and
international which we must
bring to this fght against this
scourge, the National Action
Plan as presented is by no
means exhaustive. However, it
establishes a useful framework
by which we can continue
our work, as well as seek
international support and
assistance, as we invite the
inclusions of other important
aspects to the plan, said
President Sirleaf.
In making the contribution,
the President said As such,
the Government of Liberia is
today contributing the amount
of US$5 million as our initial
contribution to begin the
immediate implementation of
this plan.
She warned Liberians that
the virus is real and they
should avoid denials about the
existence of the virus in the
My fellow Liberians, Ebola
is real. Ebola is contagious.
And Ebola kills. All of us
must all take extra measures
announced by the Ministry of
Health to keep ourselves safe.
The government will do its
part. But you must do yours.
Denying that the disease exists
is not doing your part to keep
yourself and your loved ones
safe. Hiding sick persons is
not doing your part to keep
yourself and your loved ones
safe. Ignoring the signs and not
reporting it to the health care
authorities are not the ways by
which we keep ourselves safe.
The presence of the deadly
virus in Liberia has led to
several repercussions with
three major African airlines
including Arik, Asky and
Gambia Bird all cancelling
fights to the country and
avoiding picking passengers
from here.
Ebola Fears Abroad
Liberians living abroad mainly
in the United States of America
are fearing that virus could
spread there since Liberians
travel to the country on a daily
In the US State of Minnesota
which has large population of
Liberians where victim Sawyer
was expected to visit his family
prior to his death from Ebola
there is fear that the virus could
reach there.
"It is killing people like crazy,"
said Prudence McCabe, a
Brooklyn Park resident of
Liberian heritage told the
Associated Press. "Everyone is
trying to call family members
... we are trying to send money
right away. ... All we can do is
pray and be helpful."
Sawyer Wife, His wife,
Decontee Sawyer, told The
Associated Press on Tuesday
that he had planned to come
home for two of his three
daughters' birthdays next
"He came close to coming
here," she said. "For us here
in the U.S. to think it's on that
side of the world ... Ebola can
come here. I don't want that to
Sakui Malakpa, a professor at
the University of Toledo who
was in Minnesota over the
weekend, said he has a ticket
to travel to Liberia on Aug. 12,
but is considering postponing
his trip.
"My children are especially
concerned," he said. "All of
us Liberians are very, very
worried about people, because
this stuff is so infectious and
it's very deadly. ... The last
thing we want is for people
here to be worried about us
going there."
Zubah Kpanaku, chairman of
the board for the Organization
of Liberians in Minnesota,
said his wife is currently in
Liberia, helping build a house
for her family. He said she
is a registered nurse, so she
knows how to protect herself,
but she still may try to come
back to Minnesota sooner than
Without exceptions, all schools are ordered closed pending further directive from the Ministry of Education. All
markets at border areas including Foya, Bo Waterside, and Ganta are hereby ordered closed until further notice.
As previously directed, video clubs and entertainment centers must have improved sanitation including facilities
for the washing of hands prior to entering and exiting as well as to restrict opening hours, and the number of
individuals permitted to enter those facilities President Sirleaf
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Thursday, July 31, 2014
Danesius Marteh, danesius.marteh@frontpageafricaonline.com
ALPHA DAFFAE SENKPENI, daffae82@gmail.com
Buchan, Grand Bassa County-
rand Bassa County
electoral district
three (Buchanan
City) Representative
at the National Legislature felt
dejected when the party he
considers his political alma mater
- Liberty Party - opted to endorse
former Unity Party aspirant in
the 2013 Grand Bassas by-
election, Jonathan L. Kaipay,
so he is expected to contest the
special senatorial election for
the county as an independent
candidate much to the dismay of
the party he claims he belongs to.
Hon. Gabriel Buchanan Smith
said in June 2014 that despite
the political upheaval, he still
remains a member of the party but
was pondering whether he will
contest the pending Senatorial
election after carrying out a
political exploratory mission.
The National Elections
Commissions (NEC) provisional
list of Senatorial candidates
for Grand Bassa County shows
that Hon. Smith might compete
as an Independent candidate,
something some supporters of
LP and political commentators
say could distract supporters of
the party and at the same time
cause the party to lose some
Obviously, the Liberty Party
will now have to face two
strong political-weights in the
incumbent and one of their own
partisans. He has earlier accused
hierarchy of the party for
manipulating the endorsement of
the Mr. Kaipay.
I was the frst of Liberty
Partisans and a sitting
representative to have written
the party asking that I will like
to serve on the party, to represent
the party in the forth coming
election but with no respect
to my person there was no
communication sent to me that
I was rejected or denied. They
did not allow me the opportunity
of knowing when the primary
will be held which will allow
me to partake in the primary
because they know that Gabriel
Smith enjoys the overwhelming
support of Liberty Partisans and
so they decided to arrange an
endorsement ceremony without
my knowledge, they did not
invite me! Hon. Smith told
FrontPageAfrica in late June this
He was criticized by some
stalwarts of the LP with his
fellow lawmaker, Jeh Byron
Browne terming his decision to
reject the partys option and go
solo as a political suicide.
Despite the circumstances,
Smith insists he is a member of
the party and will always uphold
the values and ideologies of the
I still remain an addend
supporter of the Liberty Party;
I still remain an eminent son of
Liberty Party, the true Liberty
Partisans the grass rooters, they
know that Gabriel Smith is their
brother, hes one of their kind,
said Smith.
Some observers say Smiths
comment is paradoxical and
his consistent adamant posture
against the party is going too
far. But considering the upset
that he caused the party in 2011
general elections after he lost
the primary and went on to win
against the partys choice in
Electoral District Three; some
say he could again cause a stir
amongst partisans of LP ahead of
the election.
On the contrary, optimists
of LP including the Grand
Bassa chapters Propagandist,
Karluminus Mitchell Kangar,
says the party had only try
convincing Mr. Smith to abandon
his quest because it is determine
to beat the incumbent with high
numbers, but they are confdent
that Mr. Smiths breakaway will
do no harm to their winning
Five candidates are expected
to contest in October this year
for Grand Bassas seat at the
Liberian Senate with incumbent
Senator, Gbehzongar Findley
determined to be re-elected
but Liberty Partys Jonathan
Kaipay has been rated as a
strong opponent and at the same
time youthful Cevicus Barsi-
Giah of the ANC is gaining
popularity, as CDCs Solomon
Murray, a former teacher and
advocate is confdent of pulling
a surprise, while Independent
Candidate, Representative
Gabriel Buchanan Smith looks
determined to cause an upset
mainly to his own Liberty Party.

Some of Smiths colleagues including Hon. Browne terms hid decision as a political suicide
onrovia - The
Liberia Petroleum
Refning Company
(LPRC) says it
will contribute US$75,000 to the
National Ebola Task Force set-
up by President Ellen Johnson-
Sirleaf on July 26.
Addressing a news conference
on July 28, LPRC managing
director T. Nelson Williams said
the decision was taken after an
extraordinary board meeting in
which the body agreed to take
positive and direct action aimed
at curbing the alarming increase
of cases of Ebola in Liberia.
We made specifc reference
to health workers who are
sacrifcing at the frontlines of
this battle and who desperately
need and deserve the full support
of us all. In buttressing the
efforts of the National Ebola
Task Force recently set-up by
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf,
the LPRC family is presenting
US$75,000 as part of its
corporate social responsibility
to be used for preventive gears
such as face masks, body suits,
latex gloves, foot and head wears
for our health workers at medical
facilities through the country,
Williams said.
Williams, fanked by board
chairman Dr. Herman Browne,
said LPRC calls upon all
businesses in the public and
private sectors, churches,
mosques, civil society
organizations, women, men
and youth groups, political
parties and all well-meaning
Liberians and foreign partners,
to join this fght, which is one of
national priority. We encourage
everyone to unite in this fght,
and caution all to take preventive
measures, providing awareness
and reporting all suspected cases
to the nearest medical facility.
This is the time for us to be our
brothers keepers.
Williams said the gold and black
family is proud to be associated
with this national emergency and
Tuesday began an internal and
external awareness.
Rephrasing a line in the national
anthem, Williams has declared
Ebola as a foe that Liberia must
meet with valor unpretending.
In our efforts to provide
additional awareness, the LPRC
public relation and medical teams
have been mandated to engage
in a massive public awareness
campaign beginning at the LPRC
headquarters and extending to
various communities on July 29.
The LPRC family offers
special prayers for the families,
relatives and friends of all who
have lost loved ones to the
Ebola epidemic, and pray that
the Almighty God comforts and
protects them during this time
of their bereavement, MD
Williams said.
May the mercy of God, through
his son Jesus Christ, heal this
land and provide total restoration
to our nation and people. Our
national anthem rallies us to
unite with hearts and hands our
countrys cause defending.
And to meet the foe (Ebola) with
valor unpretending. Liberians
must unite and fght Ebola now!
In union strong success is sure.
We cant fail, He added.
Finance Ministrys Patrick
Sawyer has been the latest and
high profle Liberian casualty.
Lagos First Consultants
Hospital, where Sawyer was
treated in Nigeria but later died,
has been temporarily shut down
for decontamination.
In Sierra Leone, Dr. Sheik Umar
Khan, who led the fght against
Ebola, has died of the disease
with government offcials hailing
the 39-year-old as a "national
The government disclosed
last week that he was being
treated for Ebola and had been
His death follows that of
prominent Liberian Doctor
Samuel Brisbane.
Liberias concentrated its
Independence Day on creating
more awareness around the virus
and greater emphasis is being
placed on hygiene in an effort to
contain it.
People have been wearing
protective gloves since Monday
but the pandemic has literally
shut down Monrovia with
the Ministries of Finance and
Commerce and Industries;
General Services Agency
and National Legislature
either forced to shut down or
maintaining a skeleton staff.
Reports are emerging that the
Ministry of Education may be
forced to postpone the opening of
schools (primary and secondary)
for the 2014/2015 calendar year
if the outbreak is not contained
by September.
Background from WHO
Ebola causes severe
hemorrhaging and has killed
about 60-percent of those who
were infected. It is spread by
direct contact with the blood and
body fuids of infected animals
or people.
Those at high risk of infection
are family members and others
in close contact with sick people
and those who have died, and
health workers without proper
protective equipment.
Ebola can devastate families and
communities, but the infection
can be controlled through the
use of recommended protective
measures in clinics and hospitals,
at community gatherings, or at
The outbreak has prompted a
major push to contain it by the
Ministries of Health, with support
from World Health Organization
(WHO) and partners.
Not only is it the largest Ebola
outbreak to date, but health
authorities are concerned
because the deadly disease is
being transmitted in communities
and in health-care settings, and it
has appeared in cities as well as
rural and border areas.
The World Health Organization
(WHO) said that 1,201 Ebola
cases had been reported in
Guinea, Liberia and Sierra
Of the 672 deaths, the highest
number was in Guinea with 319,
followed by Liberia with 249 and
Sierra Leone with 224, it said.

LPRC board chairman Dr. Herman Brown (left) and managing director T. Nelson Williams
Thursday, July 31, 2014 Page 7
Selma Lomax, selma.lomax@frontpageafricaonline.com
Gbenequelleh, Bong County-
wenty One women groups in District #2 in Bong County
Saturday endorsed the second term ambition of Senator
Jewel Howard-Taylor. They call it continuation of
good leadership.
The women groups gathered in thousands in Gbenequelleh town
Saturday, for a public lecture and sensitization rally on Women
Participation in Politics. They all said that Howard-Taylor is the
best senator in the history of the county, adding that women have
been given unprecedented prominence in her administration.
They comprise of Market Women Association, Artisans, women
professional bodies and all women leaders of the National Patriotic
Party (NPP) in the district.
Speaking on behalf of the Women groups, the head of the
Gbenequelleh Women, Marie Kerkulah, said the women across
the district gathered Saturday to throw weight behind the second
term ambition of the senator in recognition of her brilliant
Kerkulah said the women of the district and county have benefted
immensely from present administration through various schemes
which includes, midwifery centers, scholarships and welfare
package for the elderly in the district, which they said are
She added that through the health program of the senator, women
are now delivered of their mew babies successfully under the
qualitative health programs. Kerkulah assured the senator of the
continuous support of women groups before and after the October
2014 special election.
The senator, who served as frst lady of Liberia during the regime
of Charles Taylor, appreciated the women in the district for
throwing their weight behind her second term, saying that their
prayers and support has been very helpful in moving the district
She expressed gratitude to God for enabling her to carry out
various life touching programs. Howard-Taylor advised women
to take to ensure cleanliness of their body and environment as
well and general hygiene in order to stay healthy and be free from
diseases. Always create time to go for medical checkup so that
you can be able to detect and guard against ailments that may not
be noticed on time; especially cancer, she said.
For her part, a former legislative candidate in the 2011 election,
Esther Walker, said Howard-Taylor is the best senator who has
preserved the political right and privileges of women.
Madam Walker said: The women decided to endorse the second
term of you because of your wonderful performances which have
directly impacted women of the county and children. There has
never been a time that women had it this good in the county. Our
senator is a woman friendly one, she said.
Senator Taylor expressed appreciation for the recognition of her
administrations bold steps to take women in the county out of
poverty, hunger and unemployment.
She said women are critical in the society considering their role in
the socialization of the children, sustainability of the family and
most venerable to violence and maternal death.
Howard-Taylor said. Two categories of people are very important
in politics. These are women and young children. If they are with
you, you can continue and if they are not with you it is better to
reconsider your position.
The senator explained that one of the major pointers to her victory
during and after electioneering process was the support of the
women, and thanked them that they have recognized efforts of the
administration in placing Bong on a global map.
A major highlight played up when a psychologically challenge
woman Naepan Bedell, got lucky as the senator prevented security
guards from stopping the woman who literarily dragged herself
to where the senator was seated. She clinched her hands round
Howard-Taylors waist beaming in high expression of joy. She
did not go without some cash and other items.

Woos Women Support in Bong District 2
USAID, IBEX Trains Small and medium enterprises
Monrovia -
n the wake of environmental
problems facing Liberia
compounded by the outbreak
of the deadly Ebola virus
which is mainly spread from
animals to humans, Investing
for Business Expansion (IBEX)
and the United States Agency for
International Development on
Wednesday held a day training
for Environmental Strategies and
Food Safety Training for small and
medium enterprises (SMEs) in the
hospitality & Agriculture sectors,
including food processing.
Providing an overview of the
training, Mrs. Watchen Harris
Bruce, Chief of Party, USAID
Liberia-IBEX said the training
is intended to inform, educate
and increase the participants'
awareness of environmental
management practices, including
cleaner production, pollution
prevention, waste management,
food & occupational safety and
This training coincides with
current efforts to remove the health
threat posed by the deadly Ebola
virus in Liberia, the USAID
Liberia-IBEX chief of party said
According to Mrs. Bruce,
the training is to advance the
ability of SMEs to successfully
manage environmental risks by
implementing key mitigation
measures and as a result, SMEs
will be directly supported in
implementing best environmental
management practices.
She explained that IBEX is
working with SMEs to develop
environmental management plan
to enable these SMEs know
what they need to do to keep the
environment clean.
Food safety, the Chief of Party
noted is important as it helps to
prevent people from contracting
diseases that are easily transmitted
through food consumed.
The organization will pay site visit
to businesses to monitor how they
are managing the environment
and ensuring food safety in their
Tackling Loaning Problems
Besides environmental issues,
the IBEX head furthered that the
organization is also working with
businesses to build their skills in
sourcing funding from commercial
banks and other institutions.
Banks and other institutions in
Liberia she observed are involved
in collateral lending something
she noted sometimes leads to
borrowers that having the ability
to pay because collaterals are not
easily able to make borrowers to
Cash Flow lending, Mrs. Bruce
continued is one of the best
methods of lending as those who
borrow showing the ability by
means of cash fow from either
business or income generating
activities are more likely to repay
Many of the SMEs, she intoned
do not have the capacity to write
good business proposals that will
convince commercial banks and
other fnancing institutions to
lend and as such IBEX is working
with these SMEs to sharpen their
skills and also get good business
proposals that will help institutions
to lend to these SMEs.
Allison Williams, Chief of Party,
OLakes Program also said his
organization is working with rural
farmers to educate them on dealing
with animals which are the major
source of diseases that spread to
OLakes, Chief of Party Williams
disclosed is working with the
Makere University in Uganda,
East Africa to train Liberians
produce veterinarians to help those
trained come back home to assist
in dealing with animals.
Participants of the training were
drawn from organizations and
counties across Liberia including
Grand Gedeh, Nimba, Margibi and
other counties and at the end of the
training certifcates were awarded.
iberias premier
Accounting Firm Baker
Tilly Liberia Limited
remains true to its
professional commitment of not
only offering valuable services
in revamping the countrys
economy, but equally enhancing
national human resource capacity,
by providing career growth
opportunities for young Liberians
in the accounting industry.
Two staffers of Baker Tilly
Liberia are now proud recipients
of professional accounting
qualifcations, having recently
successfully completed the
qualifying examinations of two
international accountancy bodies.
Mr. L. Olandor Boyce I, an Assistant
Manager at Baker Tilly Liberia
became a U.S. Certifed Public
Accountant (CPA) in June 2014,
while Mr. Samora P. Z. Wolokolie,
a Senior Staff Auditor qualifed
as a Chartered Accountant, after
completing the examinations of the
Institute of Chartered Accountants
of Ghana in July 2014.
An elated L. Olandor Boyce,
effusively expressed gratitude to
the executive management of the
frm, Managing Partner, Theo.
Dekonty Joseph (CPA, CFE),
Senior Manager, Arthur Fumbah
(CA, MCITG) and Executive
Chairman, George Fonderson
(CPA, CA) for their moral and
fnancial support during his pursuit
of the CPA qualifcation. Going
through the qualifcation program
was not an easy task, he explained,
considering the concurrent work
portfolio and client commitments.
Mr. Boyce joined the frm in 2000
as an intern, and has now clocked
fourteen years of experience.
I clearly knew that the only way
to succeed and to excel in this
profession, after all these years of
service with the frm - from the
position of an Intern Student to
Assistant Manager - was for me to
qualify as a CPA, and I knew it was
not going to be an easy challenge.
He paid glowing tribute to the frms
partners, Theo Joseph and George
Fonderson, whom he considers as
key sources of inspiration for his
professional growth.
He recalled some of the
inspirational words of Mr. Theo
Dekonty Joseph saying: be
focused; you can pass; I believe in
your ability; Ive known you for
over twelve years and I know you
will not make me ashamed
To Mr. Fonderson he recalled the
encouraging sentiment Dont
worry about whats happening back
here at the offce, just focus on your
exams; we will be here for you
The young CPA L. Olandor
Boyce said there was no way he
could squander the signifcant
material and moral support of
the frm by failing to work very
hard in America to win the CPA
laurel. Boyce concluded saying:
I say this without any reservation
that Mr. Theo. Dekonty Joseph
is one individual in our country
from whom I have seen so much
interest in fully supporting another
individual to become a professional
like him. This venture was a costly
and time consuming one for the
frm and me, and today we have
made it to the fnish line.
According to Boyce other notable
persons that have contributed to
his accomplishment include his
wife Weemon and kids; father and
mother Mr. and Mrs. Wynston E.O
Boyce and his aunt in US that
hosted him during the course.
For his part, Mr. Samora P. Z.
Wolokolie expressed similar
sentiment, recalling his entrance
into the Baker Tilly Liberia family,
I have worked with the frm for 11
(eleven) years, intermittently, since
2001. From 2001 to 2005, and then
2009 to 2014. I started as an intern
student and have now risen to the
rank of Senior Staff Auditor. While
working with the frm all these
years, it was my dream to become
a CA/CPA, and I was aware that
it wouldnt be an easy challenge,
especially in the midst of the
inherent and tedious work pressure
that professional practice demands,
coupled with the intense studies
involved in achieving this goal.
Wolokolie equally thanked his
bosses for making his professional
dream come true. He also paid
tribute to, his wife Christine Reeves
Wolokolie and two kids, parents
Mr. and Mrs. George B K. Kparteh
and Dad Hon. Dusty Wolokolie
and friends colleagues within and
without Baker Tilly, Liberia and
lecturers in Ghana.
Many observers say Baker Tilly
Liberias building of human
capacity in the accounting industry
is a laudable step in the right
direction and will go a long way in
helping to revamp our challenged
economy. Perhaps equally
importantly, it is what is required to
ensure that Liberian professionals
continue to play increasingly more
signifcant roles in the future of the
industry in Liberia.
Founded in 1992, Baker Tilly Liberia
has committed itself to serving
the needs of private and public
sector organizations in Liberia
for over twenty years. The vision
of the frm is to attract, develop
and deploy local accounting and
management expertise in serving
the needs of its clients. The frm is
a leading resident frm in Liberia,
with an enviable list of national
and international clients, and an
extensive list of alumni who now
support Liberias development in
both the public and private sectors.
The frm has a staff complement of
over 50 people, and provides audit
and assurance services, as well as a
range of tax and advisory services.
The frm remains active in the
development of the accountancy
profession in Liberia. Its leaders
lecture at local universities and are
fully engaged in the activities of
the Liberian Institute of Certifed
Public Accountants (LICPA)
and the Liberian Institute of Tax
Practitioners (LITP).
Baker Tilly Liberia is an
independent member of the Baker
Tilly International Network,
a network of high quality,
independent accountancy and
business services frms, all of whom
are committed to providing the best
possible service to their clients, in
their own marketplaces, and across
the world, wherever the client
needs help. The network is one of
the worlds top ten accountancy
and business advisory networks,
represented by 161 member frms
operating out of 738 offces in 137
countries, worldwide.
Baker Tilly Liberia Produces Two more CPAs

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Thursday, July 31, 2014
Selma Lomax, selma.lomax@frontpageafricaonline.com
Mae Azango azama20062007@yahoo.com/0886545960
NEWS EXTRA Gbarnga, Bong County
ight complexioned
Patience Jones is a
vibrant young woman.
With a dazzling radiant
smile playing on her lips as she
interacts with people around
her, its not diffcult to see why
people are so easily attracted
to her. Only a closer look will
reveal her pains. She is confned
to the wheel chair, having lost
the use of her two legs.
Its obvious however that
Patience, being a lively person,
would ordinarily have put her
disability behind her if the
society would just give a little
thought to her plight.
Like every physically challenged
person in Liberia, she has to, on
a daily basis; contend with the
frustration of living in a society
that has little or no consideration
for her needs. And that is a major
problem she is determined to
B. William M. Yarsiah, is the
Coordinator of the African
Youth with Disabilities Network
Liberia Chapter. He is one
out of thousands of Liberians
with one form of disability or
the other who has to rely on his
wit, ingenuity and sometimes
physical struggle to carry out
some daily activities often
taken for granted by able bodied
individuals in the society.
He is part of a fve-day workshop
in Gbarnga on National
Leadership Training and
Convention sponsored by the
Open Society Initiative for West
Africa (OSIWA). Entering the
venue at the start of the workshop
Monday was a struggle for
him and other members of the
association. In fact, the plethora
of complaints began from there.
Facilitators after facilitators
disclosed that the most
physically challenged people
in Liberia have been deprived
entry into public buildings like
banks, media houses, schools
and all other buildings due to the
way the structures are built with
little or no consideration for the
physically challenged and these
are just a tip of the numerous
forms of discrimination and
inhuman treatments that
physically challenged people in
the country have to face every
Our needs are not being catered
for in the country and both the
government and our lawmakers
do not want to be associated with
us, Yarsiah said. Majority of
us cannot use the roads without
needing help from people.
Even pedestrian bridges are not
suitable for us. We cant move
freely without guidance from
friends and family. It makes you
feel sad all the time.
Yarsiah also cited governments
high rise buildings in different
parts of the country built without
lifts and ramps to facilitate
the movement of the disabled
and declared: We are being
marginalized and humiliated
most times.
The Program Coordinator of
the organization, Abraham V.
Kanneh, agreed with him. For
instance, he said, the government
at all levels in the country, never
deem it necessary to attend
any event organized by the
association whenever they are
He therefore called on the
government to stop paying lip
service to the yearnings of the
disabled, especially at a time
when there is insecurity in
the country and anyone could
become disabled at any time.
He added: We have no jobs
and this is turning more people
to beggars. The Governments
insensitivity could actually
make such people turn to crime
if care is not taken. This is why
our organization is striving
to empower the handicapped
masses through creation of
Information Communication
Technology Centre for the
physically challenged but then,
our government is not giving the
expected support.
Continuing, he added: They
must come to the rescue of
the disabled as they are being
neglected in the country, he
lamented. Kanneh further
disclosed that there had been
reported cases of landlords
refusing to rent their properties
to disabled persons. He cited
an instance where a family
was ejected because a disabled
relation came to live with them.
He added: The psychological
trauma this disabled man went
through is better imagined. This
has led many disabled persons
to take refuge under bridges
without being thugs or criminals.
There should be a legislation
that ensures that all vehicles
imported for the purpose of
public transportation are made
accessible to the disabled
which will help them make a
great impact on the competitive
Continuing, he added: The
transportation system in Liberia
is inaccessible to us. The
public transport in Monrovia
for example, never stops
for commuters to board and
disembark. You have to be
able to run, jump and trample
on others if you have to go in,
except the NTA buses which
now sometimes waits for
handicapped persons on rare
occasions, depending on the
mood of the driver.
Kanneh however believes
that the marginalization of the
disabled in Liberia is due mainly
to ignorance and not out of
wickedness. According to him,
the public needs to know what
to do for their disabled brothers
and sisters so as not to jeopardize
their right to life.
More so, he added, disabled
people working in some
organizations today have been
found to be very effcient and
performing maximally in their
duties. This, he said, should make
both the people and government
to have a rethink about the plight
of the disabled.
Its also one of the many reasons
the government should start
implementing past legislations
made in favor of disabled persons
in the country, he reasoned.

Investment Commission Chairs announces lucrative deal for Liberia
Monrovia -
ational Investment
(NIC) Chairman
Mr. Michael S.
Wotorson says his commission
is in the process of fnalizing
arrangement with West Africa
Exploration (WAE), a mining
company in Guinea that wants
to build and operate a railroad
in Liberia to transport iron ore
over the Liberian border through
Yekepa in Nimba County and to
Freeport of Monrovia or the Port
of Buchanan.
The West Africa Exploration
(WAE), has received permission
from the Guinean and the
Liberian governments to operate
the railroad and why this is
important to Liberia, is that the
companies that will be mining
in Guinea, would need to export
their iron ore, and coming
through Liberia, they will need
to use that railway to use our
port. And what that means for
Liberia, is signifcant revenue,
this is why it is in our interest to
fnalize the agreement.
Speaking during a recent
chat with journalists at the
NIC Offces in Mamba Point,
Monrovia, Chairman Wotorson
said due to the long distance
from the mining site near the
Guinea Mountain to Conakry,
where the port of Guinea is, and
the cost associated, it would take
years to construct a railroad. He
disclosed that the iron ore mine
located near the guinea mountain
is closer to Liberia as it would be
less expensive to come through
On whether a mining site
will be established in Liberia,
Mr. Wotorson said West
Africa Explosion will not be
establishing a site in Liberia
but it will only be getting the
iron ore from point A which is
Guinea to point B which will be
through Liberias port.
Speaking about other areas like
Micro Finance and Liberalization
policy, Chairman Wotorson said
the NIC recently entered into an
agreement with a Liberian Micro
Finance Institution called Liberty
Finance and the company will
provide fnancial opportunities
to medium and small investors
within a maximum range of 5-6
thousand United States Dollars.
What I try to do at the National
Investment commission is to
place a great deal of focus on
our interactions with Liberian
Institutions and businesses,
not that I want to discriminate
against foreign businesses, but I
think it is extremely important
that we provide more space
to Liberian institutions, said
Chairman Wotorson.
He continued Because if you
invest fve to six thousand to help
medium and small businesses to
expand and stand stranger, you
are democratizing economic
growth even better, because you
are providing opportunities for
many people at a lower level.
Also speaking on Liberalization
policy, Chairman Wotorson
said though, the Ministry of
Commerce is responsible to
regulate who is doing business,
what kind of business, but
beyond that, the Investment
commission focuses on whether
that business is majority owned
by Liberians by 51 percent,
which is their threshold.
At the NIC, we have something
call our special investment
incentives, which is a basic idea
that when a business comes to us,
and before we even look at your
application, we require you to go
out and enter into a relationship
with a technical vocational
Educational institution, like
LOIC or MVTC and establish
an agreement with them, says
And ask that you hire a certain
quantifable number of their
graduates and you are going
to promote those graduates
in leadership and managerial
positions in a way that will be
monitored and quantifed. So
we actually tell you that within
a certain period of time that we
want to see X number of people
you took from LOIC placed in
these kind of positions, and we
dont let you agree verbally but
we allow you sign an agreement
with LOIC or MVTC and bring
that agreement to us.
He said the NIC also allows an
investor to make an agreement
related to how they are going
to procure the kinds of things
they need and we would want
to see that they enter into some
kind of relationship with a
Liberian business that is 51
percent majority owned by
Liberian, that they are going to
have a relationship to purchase
things from them, and bring that
agreement to NIC.
Lastly, we will require you to
sign an agreement with us that
says everything we require you
to do; you will agree to do it.
Once we have done all of those
things, we will now look at your
application and evaluate it and
determine whether or not you
are eligible and you receive a
special investment incentive.
Which again, will be duty
free privileges for fve years
and determine on where you
locate your business?, the NIC
Chairman said.

Thursday, July 31, 2014 Page 9
inance Minister
Amara Konneh said
the health ministry
has submitted an
action plan totaling US$ 20
Million to combat the deadly
Ebola virus.
Speaking on Hott FM on
Wednesday, Minister Konneh
said the government will do
all it can to source funding
for the fght against the deadly
virus which has claimed over
a hundred and twenty eight
persons including a high
ranking offcial at the Finance
Ministry headed by Konneh.
The ministry of health
submitted to the national
task force, which you know
the President chairs, an
operational budget of US$ 20
Million to fght this disease.
We are not going to go into
line items and discussions on
this, he said.
Im working with my
colleagues in the government-
yesterday, I met with
Governor Mills Jones; he met
with the legislature, the ways
and means committee. We
are going to do everything to
mobilize resources, if thats
what it will take to fght the
Minister Konneh said the
government realizes the
importance of stopping the
spread of the disease and as
such it has to bring forth all
the resources needed.
Of course, we are a
government and a national
emergency has been declared;
there is a threat to our national
existence. What good is it to
have money in the bank and
to have assets that you can
put up as collateral for a loan?
What good is it to have all
these relationships with the
rest of the world if you are not
alive? He said.
With President Ellen Johnson
Sirleaf announcing on
Wednesday in a nationwide
address that the government
has made an initial
contribution of US$5 Million
to combat the disease.
Kendall Kauffeldt of
Samaritans whos been in
Liberia for 10 years and
considers it home, at a meeting
of the task force on Tuesday
reiterated that there are limited
resources to adequately
contain the disease.
He said though members from
his organization handling
patients with the disease have
been trained by MSF to handle
Ebola, it's a "heavy load on
their shoulders and at this
point" and this crisis is "beyond
a disaster in my opinion." and
that we are still "dealing with
the tip of the iceburg at this
point." He said there is a need
for a strong international plea
for help as their centers in
Foya and Monrovia are both
full. The Samaritans Purse
ELWA center, which was
made for 18 persons now has
25. They turned people away
today because there's no room
in the center. He said in Foya
they receive daily threats and
expats have been held hostage,
and their vehicles destroyed.
Insecurity makes it almost
impossible, as does a lack of
resources and international
support, and not enough
trained staff to help tackle
the disease at the treatment
"We can no longer safely
operate," the centers, and at
this point they are putting their
staff at great risk," he said in
the meeting. He said some
health care workers are not
showing up to work because
they are scared adding, "our
involvement is costing our
lives." He said they can no
longer participate in the Case
Management Centers (CMC's)
and said: "we truly wish we
Medecins Sans Frontiers
Country Director Lindis
Hurum said that MSF would
not leave Liberia adding that
she told the government 5
weeks ago that Liberia needed
immediate attention. "We
are not without limits." She
said only Samaritans Purse
helped when they asked the
international community for
help. Hurum said MSF does
not have enough doctors,
nurses or sanitation specialists.
"Without that it is unsafe to
run a treatment center," she
"It's almost unthinkable
that we can say we can't do
anything in Liberia... I don't
know how we can help you...
this is beyond MSF, it's an
international issue. We can't
treat them, in a few weeks
"those 50 could be 300."
Commenting on the closure of
the Finance ministry and the
sending home of employees
on Monday, Minister Konneh
said the decision was right.
Our decision to close down
the ministry of fnance
and development planning
and sanitize it; to ask our
colleagues who came in
contact with the late Patrick
Sawyer to avail themselves to
the monitoring by the ministry
of health is the right decision,
he said.
Latest Ebola numbers
As of July 28, 2014 the health
ministry is reporting 15 new
deaths with eight out of
Lofa, four from Montserrado
and three from Nimba. Total
confrmed Ebola deaths
stands at 76, with Lofa
accounting for 38, Bong 4,
Margibi 2, Montserrado 30
and Nimba one. The ministry
is reporting that confrmed
probable and suspected cases
emanating from the deadly
virus now stands at 360 with
total confrmed, probable and
suspected deaths at 181 as
of July 28, 2014. Total cases
among health care workers is
now 47 cases and 28 deaths
both cumulative.
In Lofa County, the
Tellewoyan Hospital (Both
OPD & IPD) was closed due
to exposure by a case in the
holding room according to
the health ministry. Health
workers threatened to stop
working if risk beneft is not
given but a draft risk-beneft
budget was draft for WHO
Health Workers and Burial
Team also threatened boycott
if they are not paid by
Wednesday, July 30, 2014
and there are currently six
(6) bodies pending burial
as a health Worker from
Gbalakpalasu got infected.
There is also a high demand
for security, specifcally the
Police as there are threats
from unidentifed persons to
burn the hospital and disrupt
In Popolahun, the ministry
said the Superintendent and
some town offcials issued
apologies for the incident
leading to the destruction of
an ambulance.
They also guaranteed the
safety and security of SP, MSF
and WHO in the District and
County at large.
In Bomi County the ministry
stated that both probable
and negative cases are being
held in the same room with
no attention and the county
is requesting training for all
health workers.
In Nimba County there has
been two deaths among the
probable cases/contact within
the past 24 hours. The county
is said to be having regular
Ebola coordination meeting
with 21 Laboratory personnel
trained by National technical
There has also been Social
mobilization and behavior
change communication team
from UNICEF dispatched to
the county. County leadership
warned local journalists to
desist from broadcasting
misleading information about
The county is reporting
inadequate specimen
collection tube, lack of
operational fund, inadequate
supplies including PPEs, body
bags, spray cans, stationeries
and gloves, no vehicle for
burial and a holding center at
G.W. Harley Hospital is still
under construction.
There is still a high denial rate
of Ebola by quarters of the
population and an inadequate
number of motorbikes for
contact listing and tracing.
There is no fuel support for
Deputy Minister of Health Dr.
Bernice Dahn at Tuesdays
task force meeting said the
Ebola treatment center in
ELWA hospital in Monrovia
is overcrowded as there
are 25 Ebola patients at the
center which is created for
18 persons and it included
the two American doctors.
The center is the only Ebola
treatment facility in the
center in Monrovia and
the community is resisting
expansion of the unit.
Dr. Dahn said the Health
Ministry called the Defense
Ministry asking for support,
but they did not come. Local
staffers of the ministry are
afraid because the two expats
got sick, they may get the
virus. For that reason, some
did not come to work on
She told the meeting that the
government needs to recruit
staff to train in order to send
back to JFK hospital.
She said in Lofa County, the
staff from the Foya Ebola
Treatment center was attacked
and their vehicle destroyed
by community members
when they went to pick up an
Ebola patient adding that this
has led expat staff to feeling
unsecured. Dr. Dahn also
said the Samaritans Purse has
pulled out of the Foya site and
that in Montserrado County,
"the work is becoming
overwhelming." Bomi County
is said to also be experiencing
a serious outbreak. From
Dr. Dahns explanation the
President looked solemn and
said: "From what I gather, this
whole thing is on an uprise...
that's what's scary."
President Sirleaf mentioned
temperature checks and others
at the borders and the person
next to someone remarked:
"that should have been done
months ago."
The deputy health minister
also said more facilities
are needed and that health
workers who have gotten
the disease are getting it in
hospitals, not the treatment
Addressing the nation on
additional measures the
government is taking to battle
the deadly virus, President
Sirleaf on Wednesday said
the dreadful virus has over
tasked Liberias public health
facilities and capabilities.
This is unprecedented. The
World Health Organization
has upgraded the outbreak
to Grade 3 Emergency
the highest in its response
category, she said.
The nature of the virus and
its rapid spread throughout
Liberia, Guinea and Sierra
Leone, attacking, as it has,
the way of life of the people
of the Mano River Basin,
have posed national, regional
and international threats to
public health and safety of
the gravest proportions. She
gave an initial US$5Million
towards the fght as a GoL
initial contribution.
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Thursday, July 31, 2014
VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENTS: Deputy Project Manager and Finance Manager
Republic of Liberia
Liberia Airport Authority
James Spriggs Payne Airfield
Monrovia, Liberia
Organization: Liberia Airport Authority
Duty Station: Monrovia
Duration of Service: 1 year; probationary period of 3 months at
start of contract
Deadline: 20 August 2014
The Government of Liberia (GOL) has prioritized the rehabilitation
of the Roberts International Airport (RIA) runway, as part of its work
to ensure economic transformation. The GOL and its donor partners
have resolved that the project should be carried out on a fast-tracked
basis, with works completed by the end of the next dry season, in
summer 2015. It has further been agreed that the Liberia Airport
Authority (LAA) will play the lead role in the rehabilitation of the
runway through a semi-autonomous Project Implementation Unit
(PIU) that will report directly to the Board of LAA.
The European Investment Bank (EIB) has made grant fnancing
available for the set-up and operation of the PIU. The PIU is currently
being established and will have an offce within RIA, in Margibi
County. These vacancy advertisements are for two initial staff
positions of the PIU; additional positions may be advertised in due
course. Candidates flling the below posts will work together with the
PIU and the LAA management to bring the PIU to full functionality.
Candidates should be willing and prepared to work under pressure in
a fast-paced environment, with the seriousness and professionalism
required for this high visibility project.
Only candidates possessing the requisite experience are requested to
Deputy Project Manager: The Deputy Project Manager (DPM) will
be responsible for supporting the Project Manager (PM) to ensuring
the smooth running of the PIU and delivery of the RIA Runway
Rehabilitation Project, by Summer 2015. The role will involve
close liaison with and management of works by the Construction
Supervisor and Contractor, to ensure that the project is being delivered
to specifcations, and that the LAA and GoL receive timely advice
on risk management, where issues might arise. The DPM will work
closely to the PM deputising for him/her as required. The DPM will
be responsible for managing the Offce arrangements and will be
expected to have a good knowledge of the other operations of the
PIU, including fnance and procurement. The DPM should have a
Bachelors Degree in engineering, or a related profession and hold a
relevant and current project management qualifcations/certifcations,
such as Six Sigma, PRINCE2 Practitioner, or Project Management
Professional (PMP).
The role requires a minimum of 10 years of previous experience in
project management roles, including for large infrastructure projects.
Candidates should be familiar with international procurement processes
according to multi-lateral donors procedures. The role will require
proven skills in contract management and negotiation and budget
management. The DPM will need good communication skills. S/he
should be well versed in report writing and use of Microsoft Offce
applications such as Excel, Word, etc. as well as specifc programmes
for Project Reporting, such as Microsoft Project or Access.
Finance Manager: The Project Accountant will be responsible for
undertaking all day-to-day fnancial activities of the PIU within the
framework of prescribed processes, providing for timely availability
and accuracy of fnancial information, effective internal controls, cost
control, and effcient utilization of provided fnancial information
systems and productivity tools. The Finance Manager will work
closely with the PIUs PM and Procurement Offcer to ensure the local
needs of the PIU as well as the informational needs of the funding
agencies are met effciently and effectively. The Finance Manager
must have a minimum of a Bachelors degree in accountancy or
business administration (fnance). Prior experience serving in a similar
capacity in an internationally-fnanced project is required. S/he must
have experience in QuickBooks and other software applications, such
as MS Excel, Word, statistical packages and graphics packages. Three
to fve years progressively responsible related fnancial experience is
The LAA now invites eligible candidates to indicate their interest
in providing the above services. Qualifed candidates are requested
to submit their cover letters, indicating the post title for which they
are applying and their unique qualifcations for the position, along
with academic qualifcations and Curriculum Vitae (CV). CVs must
contain a cell phone number as well as an email address. Only short-
listed candidates will be contacted for interview. References will be
Interested and qualifed candidates may obtain further information
including detailed Terms of Reference at the address below during
offce hours (9:00 to 17:00 hours daily). Indications of interest must
be delivered to the address below by 22th August 2014. Electronic
submissions are acceptable.
All applications should be clearly marked with the relevant post
applied for and sent to:
Liberia Airport Authority (LAA)
James Spriggs Payne Airfeld
Monrovia, Liberia
West Africa
Attn: Mrs. Cecelia Sio
If applications are being submitted via email, please send them
to: robertsfeld1950@yahoo.com with the subject line Project
Implementation Unit plus the Title of the position for which you
are applying.
Thursday, July 31, 2014 Page 11
VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENTS: Procurement Offcer and Offce Manager
Republic of Liberia
Liberia Airport Authority
James Spriggs Payne Airfield
Monrovia, Liberia
Organization: Liberia Airport Authority
Duty Station: Monrovia
Duration of Service: 1 year; probationary period of 3 months at
start of contract
Deadline: 25 August 2014
The Government of Liberia (GOL) has prioritized the rehabilitation
of the Roberts International Airport (RIA) runway, as part of its work
to ensure economic transformation. The GOL and its donor partners
have resolved that the project should be carried out on a fast-tracked
basis, with works completed by the end of the next dry season, in
summer 2015. It has further been agreed that the Liberia Airport
Authority (LAA) will play the lead role in the rehabilitation of the
runway through a semi-autonomous Project Implementation Unit
(PIU) that will report directly to the Board of LAA.
The European Investment Bank (EIB) has made grant fnancing
available for the set-up and operation of the PIU. The PIU is currently
being established and will have an offce within RIA, in Margibi
County. These vacancy advertisements are for two initial staff
positions of the PIU; additional positions may be advertised in due
course. Candidates flling the below posts will work together with the
PIU and the LAA management to bring the PIU to full functionality.
Candidates should be willing and prepared to work under pressure in
a fast-paced environment, with the seriousness and professionalism
required for this high visibility project.
Only candidates possessing the requisite experience are requested to
Procurement Offcer: The Procurement Offcer will be responsible
for undertaking all day-to-day procurement activities of the PIU
within the framework of prescribed processes, providing for timely
availability and accuracy of all procurement and contracts information,
and ensuring effective internal controls. S/he will manage the goods
and works contracts which are undertaken as part of the RIA runway
rehabilitation, ensure that selection of contractors is carried out
professionally and in adherence with funding agency rules, and handle
all procurement procedures and processes effectively and transparently.
The Procurement Offcer must have a minimum of a Bachelors degree
in a relevant discipline, e.g. business law, engineering, administration,
economics etc. with a minimum fve years post-graduate experience in
procurement and contract management in the public sector. S/he must
have good knowledge of the institutional, technical, and commercial
aspects of procurement. Prior experience serving in a similar capacity
in an internationally-fnanced project is required, as is experience with
the procurement procedures and roles of at least one multilateral or
donor institution, as well as those of the Liberian Public Procurement
and Concessions Commission (PPCC). S/he should be well versed in
report writing and use of Microsoft Offce applications such as Excel,
Word, etc.
Offce Manager: The Offce Manager will be responsible for
overseeing and managing the day-to-day functionality of the offce.
This includes initially setting up and then ensuring that all internal
administrative processes are streamlined so that PIU service delivery
is optimum; ensuring that all PIU documentation and records are up-
to-date and properly structured and maintained; assisting the Project
Accountant and LAA HR departments as needed especially regarding
local staff payroll; assisting the PIU team with project reporting;
supporting PIU staff with travel arrangements and other logistical
needs; assisting the Project Manager and Director General for LAA
with public relations tasks; taking and maintaining proper minutes, and
developing agendas and other documentation for important meetings
as needed; and ensuring that the offce itself is equipped with necessary
assets and maintained for daily functionality. The Offce Manager
will also serve in a secretarial capacity for the PIU Project Manager.
The Offce Manager must have a minimum of a Bachelors degree in
business administration, economics, management, or a related feld.
Prior experience serving in a similar capacity in an internationally-
fnanced project is required. S/he must have a minimum three years
experience in administration, programs and/or grant management
for major projects/programs including document control, budgeting,
and offce/personnel management, as well as excellent written and
oral communication skills, and profciency in computer applications
including MS Offce.
The LAA now invites eligible candidates to indicate their interest
in providing the above services. Qualifed candidates are requested
to submit their cover letters, indicating the post title for which they
are applying and their unique qualifcations for the position, along
with academic qualifcations and Curriculum Vitae (CV). CVs must
contain a cell phone number as well as an email address. Only short-
listed candidates will be contacted for interview. References will be
Interested and qualifed candidates may obtain further information
including detailed Terms of Reference at the address below during
offce hours (9:00 to 17:00 hours daily). Indications of interest must
be delivered to the address below by 25th August 2014. Electronic
submissions are acceptable.
All applications should be clearly marked with the relevant post
applied for and sent to:
Liberia Airport Authority (LAA)
James Spriggs Payne Airfeld
Monrovia, Liberia
West Africa
Attn: Mrs. Cecelia Sio
If applications are being submitted via email, please send them
to: robertsfeld1950@yahoo.com with the subject line Project
Implementation Unit plus the Title of the position for which you
are applying.
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Thursday, July 31, 2014
John S. Morlu, II
jmorlue@yahoo.com, Contributing Writer
iberia is a health crisis.
The President of Liberia
is right to have declared
the fght against this
deadly disease as a national
emergency. More than 100 of our
fellow Liberians have died because
of the decease, another 100 plus
are suffering from the disease
and there is still yet an unknown
number that could be affected.
From Lofa County to Monsterrado,
Ebola is killing people including
medical doctors, nurses and
healthcare professionals, domestic
and foreign, who have put their
lives and the wellbeing of their
families on the line to fght the
Ebola pandemic. This is serious!
Many Liberians, in and outside
of Liberia, are neither medical
doctors nor health professionals.
Second guessing medical
professionals who are doing their
utmost best to contain the spread
and eventually eradicating Ebola
from Liberia is not helping. My
own conservations I have had with
the Minister of Health and medical
professionals working hard on the
Ebola issue including people at the
World Health Organization, and
the Center for Disease Control
indicate that the Government of
Liberia and the medical teams
are doing a good job under the
I do not believe that any single
Liberian has experience and
expertise on how to contain this
Ebola virus than the Liberian
Minister of Health, WHO, Center
for Disease Control, Samaritan
Purse, Mdecin San Frontires and
thousands of paid and volunteer
health professionals that are
working on this issue. For me,
being a non-health professional, I
am in no position to criticize the
efforts of the Government and the
many people who are putting their
lives on the line to save others who
are suffering from the Ebola virus.
This is life and death issue!!!
From the onset, there was
wherewithal or fnancial resources
to combat this menace. But
fortunately, the international
community including prominently
U.S., European Union, and the
Government of Nigeria etc. are
all providing fnancial supports
to end this virus in Liberia and
West Africa. From discussion
with health professionals on the
frontline in Liberia, it appears that
some of the challenges have been
those of our cultural practices
including how we deal with our
sick people, how we bury our dead
and how we handle sanitary issues.
These practices interfere with how
health professionals are dealing
with the issue.
I do not think the President, the
Minister of Health or any Liberian
Government offcial wants for any
Liberian to die from Ebola virus. I
am aware that those who lost their
loved ones have the right to weep
and vent out their frustration, the
fussing will not take us anywhere.
So lets move ahead to fght this
peril that threatens the lives of our
countrymen head-on.
Today, the Ebola issue in Liberia
has been on CNN and you can
imagine the number of phone calls
and emails we are all receiving
from our non-Liberian friends,
all showing concern about the
health condition of the people in
Liberia. The CNN hourly news on
Ebola Liberia comes in the wake
of reported two American doctors
who have fallen prey to the virus
while risking their lives to save
The New York Times reported
how people in rural Liberia are so
upset that to the extent that they
are attacking medical workers.
The New York Times reported,
Workers and offcials, blamed
by panicked populations for
spreading the virus, have been
threatened with knives, stones
and machetes, their vehicles
sometimes surrounded by hostile
mobs. Log barriers across narrow
dirt roads block medical teams
from reaching villages where the
virus is suspected. Sick and dead
villagers, cut off from help, are
infecting others.
Mr. Edwin G.B. Gbejay, a
supervisor at Maritime who led
the recent demonstration against
the Ministry of Finance said, The
newly appointed minister said the
money they had to pay us, had
been used to fght Ebola, so there
is no money to pay us, which is not
fair to us. We know that in order
to fght Ebola, we need to keep
our environment clean because
when you feel sick from running
stomach, they will kill you at the
hospital and say it was Ebola.
This man will not go to the hospital
if he were a victim of Ebola. He
believes he will get kill and it will
be blamed on Ebola. This man
seems educated and he lives in
Monrovia. Now imagine those in
the interior.
KRTTI student Michael Tengbeh
died at the C. H. Rennie Hospital
in Kakata Thursday June 26,
2014. His family members and
colleagues (KRTTI students led
by valedictorian Thomas Samolah,
have threatened a lawsuit against
the administration of the hospital,
because they claimed that he was
allegedly murdered by the doctors
and nurses at the hospital and not
Ebola as was announced by the
hospital administration, with the
deceased father arguing that the
sickness his son had was a family-
related sickness that hailed from
his mother's background, adding
that the sickness linked to African
sign has killed two of his sisters
family member usually throws
sickness on them, naming some of
the victims as Michael's mother,
sisters among others.
These are students from KRTTI
supporting those claims!
Sometimes, solving a health issue
is more than just money.
In our traditional Liberia,
superstition is the norm and no one
dies a natural death. Someone must
have killed the dead. The death
of a person is usually blamed on
witch craft, poison or some man-
made action. It is never just death.
It is not, therefore, surprising that
our people are blaming workers
and offcials for causing the
deaths. Unfortunately, this kind of
superstition is prevalent across all
social and education strata, making
the fght against a disease such as
Ebola diffcult.
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in
her Special Statement, advanced
several decisions made by her
Task Force on Ebola. We should
abide by these decisions and
admonish our folks in Monrovia
and our villages to also abide by
the Presidents directives. Below
are the Presidential Directives that
applies to the citizens:
A new travel policy by the
Liberia Airport Authority covering
inspection and testing of all
outgoing and incoming passengers
will be strictly observed;
Restrictions on public gatherings
such as solidarity marches,
demonstrations, promotional
advertisement are to be restricted;
Hotels, restaurants, entertainment
centers and video clubs are to
play fve-minute flm on Ebola
awareness and prevention;
All Government facilities and
public places are to install and
provide public access for washing
of hands and other sensitization
On report from the Technical
Team, communities that are
seriously affected will be
quarantined and travels in and out
of such communities restricted.
Support will be provided to those
directly affected by the quarantine
restrictions; and
The Task Force appeals to the
public to cooperate by refraining
from harming or rejecting
health workers and citizens
representatives who are only trying
to save lives and protect citizens.
While the Presidential Directives
provide an overall guiding
direction for how the Ebola virus
will be handled, I believe there are
a few recommendations that can be
helpful to make each citizen play
an important role:
The Government of Liberia should
provide clear and unambiguous
directives, as to what the overall
goal is to protect Liberians from
Ebola. For example, the directive
on "Restrictions on public
gatherings such as solidarity
marches, demonstrations,
promotional advertisement are
to be restricted is unclear and
confusing. What is the purpose
for restricting public gatherings,
demonstrations, solidarity matches
and promotional advertisement if
the purpose is to protect Liberians
from Ebola? First, we can try
to determine what is meant by
promotional advertisement.
Does this mean someone running
an advertisement in a newspaper?
If public gatherings create risk of
exposure to Ebola, then all public
gatherings should be prevented. For
instance, gathering at Attire shops,
going to nightclubs and movie
theaters, political campaign rallies,
political fund raising, crowded
down waterside to shop, crowded
buses and taxis, and football
matches are all public gatherings.
Their repercussions could put our
people at the same health risks
envisaged by the government. It is
almost impossible to ban all forms
of public gatherings.
I grew up in a town called Bolahun.
I recalled whenever the Town
Chief wanted to make a public
announcement, he called a general
meeting. The Churchs bell was
rung three times and all in Bolahun
and surrounding towns and
villages heard the bell ring. People
gathered to hear the message
from the Chief. By the Presidents
directive, are we telling the people
in Bolahun, Sinje, Gbololu,
Slehtown, etc. that they cannot
gather even to hear from the Chief
on what to do if someone in their
families got the Ebola virus? I do
not think it is very helpful for me
to call people and say just dont go
to public gatheringthat means,
do not even get in crowded buses
and taxes. So the government
needs to unequivocally tell us what
public gatherings mean
Essentially, a better directive
could be to inform people what
to look for and what to do if they
were to attend any form of public
gathering. Giving our knowledge
of Ebola and how it is spread, be
it via nightclubs, movie theaters,
attire shops put more or equal risks
to someone of catching Ebola as it
is with public demonstrations.
There is a lot of misinformation
as to how Liberians should protect
themselves. Some have told me to
tell my family to watch their hands
100 times a day and watch their
clothes each day. Some say people
should not shake hands or ride
taxi cabs. The list of citizens self-
advice instructions are countless
and never ending. Liberians are
googling a lot of information on
Ebola and are using their research
to give free health protection
advice against Ebola. Because of
the plethora of advices, I called
the Center for Disease Control
in Atlanta and was directed to a
resource guide on the Center for
Disease Control Website, as for me
the Center for Disease Control is
Center for Disease Control
provides a rich history on the
Ebola from 1995 when it hit
the Congo. On the Website it
indicates, (Center for Disease
Control), in conjunction with the
World Health Organization, has
developed a set of guidelines to
help prevent and control the spread
of Ebola HF. Infection Control
for Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers in
the African Health Care Setting.
This manual is entitled Infection
Control for Viral Hemorrhagic
Fevers in the African Health
Care Setting. But the manual is
basically how to protect healthcare
workers who are dealing with
Ebola victims. I read the entire
209 page document, divided in 9
Sections, 16 Annexes, a Reference
and Index. Manual provides a lot
of good information but not being
a medical professional, I hate to
advise my family without some
guidance. The Government should
make available a Cheat Sheet for
Liberians to follow to protect
The Government should see
reason to postpone the upcoming
senatorial mid-term elections if
there is still evidence of continuing
Ebola presence in Liberia by
August 12, 2014. Some Liberians
have challenged the President for
travelling while there is Ebola
virus in Liberia but political parties
and organizations are going about
their normal fund raising and
campaign preparations, as though
there is no Ebola virus. Like the
President, fundamental fairness
requires political organizations
that are vying to serve the people
should assume similar shared
responsibilities now.
Ebola as a National Emergency.
The Presidents directives stipulate
that there are, "Restrictions on
public gatherings such as solidarity
marches, demonstrations, and
promotional advertisement
are to be restricted. Political
campaigns for the senatorial
elections are expected to begin
August 12 and how are candidates
going to campaign in the face
of "Restrictions on public
gatherings such as solidarity
marches, demonstrations, and
promotional advertisement.
Further, why cant we postpone the
election indefnitely until Ebola
is eradicated or brought under
control in Liberia?
Can the Liberian Government
cancel major post July 26 events
to deal with the Ebola issue,
while it treats senatorial elections
differently? This is paradoxical.
By restricting public gatherings,
Article 1 and 17 of the Constitution
is restricted, so further restricting
the time of elections is in the same
Section 8 of the CDC/WHO
Manual on Ebola deals with
mobilizing the community and
conducting community education.
The Presidents directives media
sensitization programs to be
formulated by the Ministry of
Information, Culture and Tourism.
This is a good opportunity for the
senatorial candidates to show their
commitment to the welfare of
their respective constituencies in
which they seekvotes. There are
140senatorial candidates on the
NEC list for the mid-term election:
Bomi (10), Bong (13), Gbarpolu
(7), Grand Bassa (5), Grand Cape
Mount (11), Grand Gedeh (11),
Grand Kru (7), Lofa (9), Margibi
(13), Maryland (9), Montserrado
(11), Nimba (6), River Gee (9),
Rivercess (12), and Sinoe (7).
These senatorial candidates
could make themselves available
to form part of the Community
Awareness Organizations to
educate their constituents about
the deadly effect of the Ebola
virus. By working together in their
respective counties to help educate
their voters, the efforts could
support Governments efforts for
their constituents to cooperate
by refraining from harming or
rejecting health workers and
citizens representatives who
are only trying to save lives
and protect citizens. This is a
glorious opportunity for those who
have been in the vanguard for the
hapless masses of Liberia.
More besides, the current
senators and representatives
who are not participating in the
ensuing election, could join the
aspirants to arouse the attention
of our people and that of the
international community to the
rigor of plight of the Ebola virus.
Together with the senatorial
candidates, we have about 227
politicians who know they
people. Essentially, the Minister
of Information should reach out
to the senatorial candidates and
existing lawmakers to form part
of the Community Education and
Outreach team. Just from a risk
management standpoint, since
our biggest challenge is education
and community outreach, these
candidates and lawmakers are the
most articulate and opinion leaders
in the various communities and so
present the best pool of Liberians
to educate their constituents. These
227 people know how to make
people vote for them and so are
in a better position to convince
people to listen and cooperate with
healthcare professionals. This is
not one group fght either. This
should be concerted efforts also
involving the Ministers, Deputy
Ministers, Assistant Ministers, etc.
During this time of National
Emergency, all social media,
internet and radio talk shows
should focus on discussions of
this menace. Additionally, each
Liberian in the Diaspora can
commit to sending a text or call
at least to150 people in Monrovia
and your villages to ask them to
cooperate with the Government
and health workers.
At this pivotal point in our national
historic, stopping the death toll
must be paramount objective.
Campaigning and travelling will
never end. Perhaps, we can all use
this opportunity to unite behind a
common agenda: Fighting Ebola.
Thursday, July 31, 2014 Page 13
Commission on Higher Education Director General long Corruption tale
ommercial buses and taxi cabs drivers who often load
passengers above the normal seating capacity due to the
shortage of commercial vehicles will now have to reduce
their passengers or face arrest and prosecution.
Justice Minister Christian Tah issued the order along with several
other measures Wednesday in what she referred to as preventive
security measures aimed at preventing the further spread of the
deadly Ebola virus which has claimed several lives including that of
medical practitioners since the virus outbreak into the country from
neighboring Guinea in March.
Police offcers on the scene of overcrowded vehicles and do not
make any arrest if caught, you will be dismissed said Justice Minister
Jah at a her frst press Conference since the Supreme Court lifted her
six months suspension held Wednesday at her Sinkor offce which
was attended by heads of every security apparatus in the country and
that of the Deputy Minister of Information for Public Affairs, Isaac
Jackson, Assistant Health Minister for Preventive Affairs Tolbert
She stated that as part of the security preventive measures the police
would arrest vehicles that fail to adhere to overcrowdings and those
in the habit of spreading false information about the Ebola outbreak
as well as confscate bush meat that will be placed on sale which has
been considered as one of the carriers of the deadly Ebola virus.
The Justice Minister promised to provide police protection for
health workers because of a number of threat coming out of some
communities and called on the public not to misconstrue the measures
taken by the Justice Ministry as it is not intended to harm anyone but
for the protection of the citizenry against the deadly Ebola virus and
called on media practitioner not to allow their different media outlets
to disseminate misinformation on this deadly virus.
She dispelled the rumors of any move by the government for the
state of emergency neither any idea of the cancellation of the pending
Legislative election slated for October due to the outbreak of the
Ebola virus.
According to the Justice Minister the borders that is left opened in the
country due to the virus outbreak will be manned by health workers
backed by police offcers and claimed that anyone moving through
these borders will have to undergo test there.
Police boss Chris Massaquoi who also spoke at the press conference
stated that the police is in readiness to enforce the requisite traffc
law in connection with overcrowdings as the law says that a taxi cab
requires only four passengers.
The boss also stated that the police will contain all areas where there
has been the virus outbreak adding that no vehicle will go in neither
any vehicle leaves the affected areas and called on the public to
cooperate in the process where police offcers and health workers are
at a check-point carrying out Ebola test.
Solicitor General Betty Larmie Blamo called on the public to be
aware that government will be asking anyone out of their homes
whenever there is an outbreak of the virus in that home because the
law provides for that and shouldnt be seen as infringement on the
rights of anyone while Deputy Information Minister Isaac Jackson
warned against misinformation of the Ebola virus and added that why
it is true that the government respects free speech it will not tolerate
misinformation about this deadly virus.
Assistant Health Minister Tolbert Nyensuah whose division is
handling the Ebola crisis stated that two testing centers have been set
up in the country to test anyone suspected of the virus one near Foya
in Lofa County and another at the Liberia Institute of Biomedical
Research (LIBR) on the outskirt of the Roberts International Airport
He also stated that Ebola symptoms can be observed from two-21
days and called on the public to constantly follow the preventive
measures by washing hands with soap, chloride because the virus
though deadly but weak and quick to die when these measures are
On the question of the death of a consultant Patrick Sawyer from
the Ministry of Finance, Assistant Minister Nyensuah said that 54
contacts have been made at the Finance Ministry as well as every area
that the deceased traveled and warned that been contacted does not
means that the person has Ebola.
According to Assistant Minister Nyensuah the Ebola virus had claimed
the lives of 28 health workers while 45 cases pending and disclosed
that two international Non-Government Organizations working with
the government to fght Ebola Medicin San Frontier (MSF) and that
of the Samaritan Purse had plan to pull out of the country due to
instability following the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus.

Justice Ministry Orders Buses, Taxi Cabs
DGHCS launches Ebola fght in West Africa with US$500,000 worth of equipment
Kennedy L. Yangian kennedylyangian@frontpageafricaonline.com 077296781
Varmah V. Kamara, vvkamara@yahoo.com
n international
charity, Delivering
Good Health
Services (DGHC), has
embarked on an aggressive
campaign to combat the deadly
Ebola virus in the Mano River
Union basin.
A container full of medical
equipment and supplies,
including personal protective
equipment worth over
US$500,000, were recently
According to the groups
founder, the consignment was
to honor its annual medical
mission to Liberia but was
forced to divert its attention to
join the ongoing fght against
the virus.
The outbreak and rapid
spread of this deadly virus
is unprecedented and
consorted efforts are required
to stop its further spread,
She added that the personal
protective gears, including
disposal gloves and gowns, will
be presented to the Ministry
of Health and Social Welfare
for onward distribution to
health workers who are at the
frontlines in the fght against
the virus.
Mrs. Brumskine-Moore
acknowledged the support of
Vishal Rohit Vadodaria to the
Ebola intervention in the sub-
She said Rohit has ordered
additional personal protective
equipment for shipment to
Liberia, Guinea and Sierra
Leone as a mean of tackling the
spread of the virus.
According to the World Health
Organization (WHO), over
1,000 cases of Ebola have been
reported in West Africa.
Mrs. Brumskine-Moore told
reporters in Monrovia that their
initiative is intended to buttress
the efforts of governments in
the three countries.
She said it is unfortunate that
the virus is spreading so fast
with majority of the citizens
in those countries denying the
existence of it.
Mrs. Brumskine-Moore argued
that the situation is alarming
and must be arrested in order
to protect lives and stressed the
need for awareness in the three
She underlined the provision
of safety gears for the different
hospitals and clinics and
increment of awareness among
citizens as initiatives that will
be carried-out.
Mrs. Brumskine-Moore noted
that a team has also been set-up
to work with its local partners
to intensify awareness on the
basic preventive methods to be
followed by the public.
DGHC is a non-governmental,
non-political and non-proft
organization established to
compliment government
efforts in responding to the
health and social welfare needs
of people especially women
and children in Liberia.
It is receiving support from The
Donahue Family Foundation,
The Ryan-Malone Family
Foundation, International
Association for Human
values, Medstar Georgetown
University Hospital and Project
Hope to sustain its medical
intervention in Liberia.
Monrovia -
rontPageAfrica has
gathered that the
deadly Ebola virus
which recently killed
the Chief Medical offcer of
the John F. Kennedy medical
center, Dr. Samuel Brisbane
has attacked another major
health facility in the country,
the St. Josephs Catholic
Hospital, contaminating two
senior offcials.
Late Wednesday it was gathered
that Mr. Patrick Nshairndze,
Chief Administrator and a
Dispenser have contracted the
virus and the hospital is likely
to be shut down.
FrontPageAfrica learnt from
sources close to the hospital
that the two have been
confrmed positive with the
deadly Ebola virus which is
attacking health practitioners
across the country.
As of Wednesday there were 47
confrmed of cases of the virus
infesting health care workers
with 28 deaths so far.
A nurse in Foyah, Lofa County
was one of the frst medical
victims followed by another at
the Redemption Hospital, again
a Ugandan Doctor and since
then the virus has been killing
both ordinary Liberians and
health care workers attending
to patients.
At the ELWA Hospital,
the humanitarian group
Samaritans Purse is treating
one of its doctors, Dr. Kent
Brantly who tested positive
for the virus. Dr. Brantly
and his organization was
in the frontline giving care
to Liberians affected by
the deadly disease when he
contracted it.
Another American, Missionary
Nancy Writebol, from
Charlotte, North Carolina, is
also sick and is at the ELWA
as Liberia struggles against the
worst outbreak in history.
St. Joseph is a major medical
facility in Liberia and has been
helping with some patients
infected by the virus.
The sister to Ebola victim
Patrick Sawyer who died in
Nigeria of the virus was treated
at the St. Josephs Hospital
where Sawyer is said to have
engaged in acts of indiscipline.
Sawyers sister died of the
virus after being treated at the
St. Josephs Hospital.
Chief Administrator, Dispenser contaminated with Virus
Page 14 |
Thursday, July 31, 2014

Man who died in Nigeria
during Ebola outbreak was
Patrick Sawyer's family lives
Minnesota; he worked in
Possibility of Ebola spreading
to U.S. is unlikely, CDC
offcials say
(CNN) --
atrick Sawyer had
one stop to make
before heading
home to Minnesota
to celebrate his daughters'
birthdays: a conference in
Lagos, Nigeria.
But when he landed in Lagos,
Sawyer, 40, collapsed getting
off the plane. He had been
infected with Ebola in Liberia,
where he worked as a top
government offcial in the
Liberian Ministry of Finance.
Sawyer was isolated at a local
Nigerian hospital on July 20.
He died fve days later.
(CNN) --
he family of Kendrick
Johnson fled a wrongful
death lawsuit against
school offcials claiming
their lack of action led to his death
at the hands of another student.
Johnson's body was found in a
rolled-up mat in the Lowndes High
School gymnasium on January 11,
His parents earlier fled a
negligence lawsuit against the
south Georgia school district
claiming it was negligent and
violated Johnson's constitutional
right to equal protection based on
race. Johnson, 17 when he died,
was African-American.
Gaza (CNN) --
egarding the possibility
of a cease-fre, a
spokesman for the
Israeli Prime Minister
said Tuesday that the "ball is in
Hamas' court."
Mark Regev also said on CNN
that Israel is "ready for a period
of sustained peace and security"
but asserted that Hamas has
consistently rejected truces and
repeatedly accepted an Egyptian
initiative for a cease-fre.
Earlier, a senior Israeli offcial
told CNN Tuesday that Israel is
"prepared for a cease-fre" but
no agreement had been reached.
Hamas had rejected a call from
Palestinian leadership in the West
Bank for a 24-hour truce.
A report by offcial Palestinian
news agency WAFA said
Palestinian leadership was offering
a 24-hour truce, which could be
extended to 72 hours, and that the
idea had support from Hamas and
Islamic Jihad, another militant
group in Gaza.

an-African airline
ASKY has suspended
all fights to and from
the capitals of Liberia
and Sierra Leone, and the
Liberian football association
cancelled games as fears grow of
the spread of the Ebola virus.
The move by the Togo-based
carrier follows the death of one
of its passengers from the virus
after he few from Liberia to
Nigeria via the Togolese capital,
Patrick Sawyer, 40, a US citizen
who worked for the Liberian
government, died in Lagos
on Friday in Nigeria's frst
confrmed death from Ebola.
"The suspension of fights to
Freetown and Monrovia by
ASKY is related to the fght
against the spread of the Ebola
virus," said Afoussath Traore, a
spokesman for the company.
"ASKY took this precautionary
measure to ensure the safety
of all: its passengers, staff and
people of all countries covered
by our network."
ASKY, which works in
partnership with Ethiopian
Airlines, serves 20 destinations
in central and west Africa.
The virus moving across borders
for the frst time aboard the
airline could spell new fight
restrictions aimed at containing
outbreaks, the world aviation
agency said.
The International Civil Aviation
Organisation secretary general,
Raymond Benjamin, said: "Until
now [the virus] had not impacted
commercial aviation, but now
we're affected.
"We will have to act quickly.
We will consult with the WHO
[World Health Organisation]
to see what types of measures
should be put in place."
On its website, ASKY also
announced that it would stop
transporting food from Conakry

in Guinea and would screen all
passengers travelling from the
Guinean capital.
Nigerian carrier Arik also said
on Sunday it was halting direct
fights to Liberia and Sierra
In Liberia, the football
association said in a statement
on Tuesday that it had decided
"to cease operations of football
activities considering that
football matches are contact
sports, and Ebola is spread
through bodily contact with an
infected person".
Meanwhile the fnance ministry
in Liberia, where 127 people
have died of the disease, said
it had placed several senior
offcials under observation for
three weeks after Sawyer died
while on offcial business in
"All senior offcials coming in
direct or indirect contact with
Mr Sawyer have been placed
on the prescribed 21 days of
observatory surveillance," the
ministry said.
In Sierra Leone, a doctor in
charge of an Ebola treatment
centre became another victim of
the virus.
"Dr Umar Khan died at 2pm,"
announced Brima Kargbo, the
chief medical offcer.
Khan was admitted last week
into an anti-Ebola treatment
facility run by the medical
charity Doctors Without Borders
(MSF) after testing positive for
the virus.
Since March, there have been
1,201 cases of Ebola and 672
deaths in Guinea, Liberia and
Sierra Leone.
Ebola can fell victims within
days, causing severe fever and
muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhoea
and, in some cases, organ failure
and unstoppable bleeding.
The highly contagious and often
fatal disease spreads among
humans via bodily fuids,
including sweat, meaning one
can get sick from touching an
infected person.
With no vaccine, patients
believed to have caught the
virus must be isolated to prevent
further contagion.
In Canada, local media reported
on Tuesday that a Canadian
doctor had put himself in
quarantine as a precaution after
spending weeks in west Africa
treating patients with the virus
alongside a US doctor who is
now infected.
Azaria Marthyman of Victoria,
British Columbia, had worked in
Liberia with the Christian relief
organisation Samaritan's Purse.
He has not tested positive, nor
shown any symptoms since
returning to Canada on Saturday,
but one of his US colleagues, Dr
Kent Brantly, is being treated for
the disease.
"Azaria is symptom-free right
now and there is no chance
of being contagious with
Ebola if you are not exhibiting
symptoms," Melissa Strickland,
a spokeswoman for Samaritan's
Purse, told broadcaster CTV.
Brantly, 33, became infected
with Ebola while working with
patients in the Liberian capital as
he helped treat victims.
David McRay, a friend and
family medicine doctor in Fort
Worth, Texas, told AFP Brantly
was "not doing well. He is still
in the early stages of the Ebola
infection but having some daily
He added: "He has requested
that I not talk in detail about
his symptoms and what he is
experiencing, but he is weak and
quite ill."
lobal medical
charity Doctors
Without Borders
has given warning
that the Ebola crisis in West
Africa is "unprecedented,
absolutely out of control", as
states across the world took
steps to prevent its spread.
Bart Janssens, the charity's
director of operations, warned
there was no overarching
vision of how to tackle the
outbreak, in an interview with
Belgium's La Libre Belgique
"This epidemic ... can only
get worse, because it is still
spreading, above all in Liberia
and Sierra Leone, in some very
important hotspots," Janssens
"We are extremely worried by
the turn of events, particularly
in these two countries where
there is a lack of visibility on
the epidemic. If the situation
does not improve fairly
quickly, there is a real risk of
new countries being affected.
"That is certainly not ruled
out, but it is diffcult to predict,
because we have never known
such an epidemic."
More than 670 people have
died of Ebola in the outbreak,
the largest on record since the
disease was detected in the
Meanwhile, the International
Civil Aviation Organisation
has met global health offcials
to discuss measures to stop the
disease from crossing borders.
The pan-African airline ASKY
suspended all fights to and
from the capitals of Liberia and
Sierra Leone.
The EU allocated an extra
$2.7m to fght the outbreak,
bringing total funding to
"The level of contamination
on the ground is extremely
worrying and we need to
scale up our action before
many more lives are lost,"
said the EU's humanitarian
aid commissioner, Kristalina
The bloc has deployed experts
on the ground to help victims
and try to limit contagion.
Communities quarantined
The warnings came as Liberia
ordered the closure of all
schools across the country and
the quarantine of a number of
communities in a bid to halt the
Security forces have been
ordered to enforce the new
measures, part of a new action
plan that included placing
all non-essential government
workers on 30-day compulsory
In Nigeria, health authorities
announced they were trying
to trace more than 30,000
people who could be at risk of
contracting Ebola after Patrick
Sawyer, a Liberian, died from
the disease in Lagos on Friday.
Sunday Omilabu, a professor
at Lagos University Teaching
Hospital, said: "We've been
making contacts. As I'm
talking, our teams are in the
facility, where they've trained
the staff, and then they (are)
now asking questions about
those that were closely in
contact with the patient.
"We're actually looking at
contacting over 30,000 people
in this very scenario. Because
any and everybody that has
contacted this person is going
to be treated as a suspect," said
Yewande Adeshina, a public
health adviser.
Doctors Without Borders says outbreak can only worsen, as
Nigeria tries to trace 30,000 people linked to frst victim.
Thursday, July 31, 2014 Page 15
lasgow 2014: Gold
medallist Chika
Amalaha fails
drugs test
Nigerian gold medallist
Chika Amalaha has been
provisionally suspended from
the Commonwealth Games for
failing a drugs test.
The 16-year-old won
weightlifting gold with a
combined total of 196kg in the
women's 53kg category.
Her 'A' sample was found
to contain amiloride and
hydrochlorothiazide, which
are both prohibited as diuretics
and masking agents.
Amalaha will have a 'B' sample
tested on Wednesday.
The teenager won gold last
Friday, as Dika Toua took silver
to secure Papua New Guinea's
frst medal of Glasgow 2014,
with India's Santoshi Matsa
winning bronze.
iverpool have signed
Belgium striker Divock
Origi from Lille for
The 19-year-old has agreed a
fve-year contract but will remain
at the French club on loan next
season and move to Anfeld in
"I am very happy and delighted a
club as big as Liverpool showed
interest in me," he said. "I'm very
Origi played in all fve of
Belgium's games at the 2014 Fifa
World Cup during their run to the
quarter-fnals and scored in the
1-0 win over Russia.
he Colombia winger has
been heavily linked with
the Catalan club, as well
as Bayern Munich and
Manchester United, but the Viola
will only sell their star man for the
right price
Fiorentina sporting director
Daniele Prade has made it clear that
the Serie A outft have no intention
of letting go of Juan Cuadrado for
anything less than 50 million.
The Colombia international has
been linked with Barcelona,
Bayern Munich and Manchester
United after an impressive 2013-
14 campaign, but his current
employers are adamant that the
winger will not come cheap.
"If an offer of 50 million were
to come in, we would be willing
to open talks. But there's no such
offer as of yet," Prade told Sky
Sports 24.
omelu Lukaku
is on the verge
of completing a
25million move
from Chelsea to Everton.
The striker had been
expected to join up with
Jose Mourinho's side on
Wednesday afternoon but he
is now fying to England from
Belgium to seal a fve-year,
75,000-a-week deal with the
On Wednesday Lukaku
posted a picture of himself on
Twitter seated on a jet, giving
a thumbs-up and broad smile,
along with the caption: 'Time
to write a new chapter.'
The 21-year-old enjoyed
a successful loan spell at
Goodison Park last season,
scoring 15 Premier League
goals in 31 appearances after
joining the club on transfer
deadline day.
His future has been the subject
of intense speculation over
the summer, with Atletico
Madrid and Wolfsburg
among the clubs interested in
his services.
But Everton boss Roberto
Martinez has convinced the
in-demand forward that his
future lies on Merseyside as
he bids to improve upon last
season's ffth-placed fnish.
Lukaku's goals proved
vital as Everton mounted
an impressive assault on
the league's top four, only
to see their challenge for
a Champions League spot
come to a disappointing end
in the closing weeks of the
He will eligible to face
Mourinho's men on August 30
when Everton host Chelsea at
Speaking to talkSPORT
about a deal for Lukaku last
week, Martinez said: 'Rom
fts in really, really well at
'We created a fantastic bond
with the player, and the
player with the fans, and that
is something that we would
love to extend.'
Martinez's backroom staff
had been instructed to devise
a ftness programme tailored
to Lukaku's needs as he
recovers from Belgium's run
to the quarter-fnals of the
World Cup in Brazil. Training
kit had already been assigned
for him too.
Lukaku's agent, Christophe
Hentoray, also represents
Everton target David Henen.
The 18-year-old Anderlecht
forward has been training
with the club and could
complete his move soon.
The Toffees' other Belgian,
Kevin Mirallas, is due to
return to the club on August 7
A. Macaulay Sombai, sombai121@gmail.com
LFA Requests nonessential Employees to Stay Away from Work

fter suspending the National league,
Liberia Football Association (LFA)
has requested all nonessential
employees of the association to
stay away from the headquarters as part of the
associations respond to the fght against the
dangerous Ebola virus that has claimed the lives
of several Liberians in and out of the country.
The LFA Secretary General Alphanso Armah
told FrontPageAfrica that the step taken by the
LFA was not to harm any of their employees but
to help the government and citizens of Liberia in
an effort to fght the deadly virus.
The Secretary General said the decision to ask
some employees to stay away from work has
no hidden motive but he added that the move is
the decision of the entire association and not an
individual action.
Said Armah: This virus is now the most
dangerous and talked about disease in the whole
of West Africa especially in the three Mano
River Union member nations Liberia, Guinea
and Sierra Leone and is our obligation to do
whatever we can in our weak ways to help fght
against such virus so that it would not continue
to take away our lives.
He emphasized that those of the association
employees that were sent home still remain
employees of the LFA and that they are entitled
to their monthly salaries and all other benefts.
To you my fellow employees, I am urging you
all not take this dangerous disease for joke but
with complete seriousness and you should help
to convince others that are ignorant to the reality
of this virus because it has no cure but death.
Armah mentioned that it is the responsibility of
every citizens of Liberia to join hands with the
Ministry of Health and all other institutions as
they continue to disseminate the messages of the
Ebola disease.
see story on page 15
PRICE L$40 VOL 8 NO.647 THURSDAY, JULY 31, 2014

Stephen D. Kollie, stephenkollie13@gmail.com 0776329124

Spot News FrontPage
he streets of Voinjama city,
the provincial capital of
Lofa County, on Tuesday
witness a scene of panic with
residents running heater scatter when
dozens of suspected Ebola patients
ran from their holding room in the
main hospitals compound and started
loitering around other wards that
hosted several patients with different
medical problems.
Tokpa Tarnue, a local journalist on the
scene told FrontPageAfrica Wednesday
that majority of the suspected patients
were in a holding room at the
Tellewoyan Memorial Hospital while
awaiting their departure for a treatment
and isolation center in Foya when they
abruptly left their room and moved
into other wards that later resulted to
all heath workers escaping the hospital
compound in deep fear.
According to the journalist, the
suspected patients managed to leave
the hospital premises and ran into
various homes and streets, a situation
that caused severe panic among
citizens and residents of Voinjama
who were likewise escaping from the
patients fearing not to contract the
deadly Ebola virus.
He told FrontPageAfrica that for
several hours Voinjama was like a
ghost town as many residents escaped
the city while others locked themselves
in their homes.
Said the local journalist: Everybody
left. They had suspected Ebola
patients in a holding room that is not
well equipped. They are normally kept
there before they are taken to Foya.
In the process of doing that those
suspected patients left their wards and
stating entering the children ward and
other places while they were vomiting
and toileting at the same time. Based
on that the entire hospital staff all left
including the doctors and nurses. Up to
now they have not gone back to work.
According to the journalist, the entire
Tellewoyan Hospital facility including
the Outpatient Department (OPD) has
been temporarily shutdown and has
been sprayed while heath workers are
demanding police protection before
they resume work. He said Barkedu
town in Quardu Gboni district is now
reporting the highest numbers of Ebola
cases in the county as compare to Foya
which was topping the number of
The Tellewoyan Memorial Hospital
is the largest referral hospital in Lofa
County which caters to several critical
medical cases in the county. Some
heath workers in the county have
reportedly refused to return to work
fearing the deadly Ebola virus that has
already killed 672 persons in Liberia,
Guinea and Sierra Leone.
Referral Tellewoyan Hospital Shuts Down as
Suspected Ebola Patients Escaped