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A Motor is a device that creates motion. It usually refers to an engine of some kind. It
may also specifically refer to:
Electric motor, a machine that converts electricity into a mechanical motion
o AC motor, an electric motor that is driven y alternating current
!ynchronous motor, an alternating current motor distinguished y
a rotor spinning "ith coils passing magnets at the same rate as the
alternating current and resulting magnetic field "hich drives it
Induction motor, also called a s#uirrel$cage motor, a type of
asynchronous alternating current motor "here po"er is supplied to
the rotating device y means of electromagnetic induction
o %C motor, an electric motor that runs on direct current electricity
&rushed %C electric motor, an internally commutated electric
motor designed to e run from a direct current po"er source
&rushless %C motor, a synchronous electric motor "hich is
po"ered y direct current electricity and has an electronically
controlled commutation system, instead of a mechanical
commutation system ased on rushes
o Electrostatic motor, a type of electric motor ased on the attraction and
repulsion of electric charge
o Engines, "hich are very commonly called 'motors'
o !ervo motor, an electric motor that operates a servo, commonly used in
o !tarter motor, for starting an internal$comustion engine of a vehicle.
o !tepper motor, a type of electric motor capale of rotating its output shaft
in e#ually spaced fractions of a full rotation, kno"n as steps
o Internal fan$cooled electric motor, an electric motor that is self$cooled y
a fan, typically used for motors "ith a high energy density
Actuator, a mechanical device for moving or controlling a mechanism or system
(ydraulic motor, a machine that converts the energy of pressuri)ed li#uid flo"
into mechanical motion
*ocket motor, usually refers to solid rocket engines
+olecular motor, the agents of movement in living organisms
o !ynthetic molecular motor, molecular machines capale of rotation under
energy input
,anomotor, a molecular device capale of converting energy into movement
-neumatic motor, a machine that converts the energy of compressed air into
mechanical motion
'+otor Car' or '+otor', alternate terms for an automoile
Other uses
+otor language, e.tinct since the /012s, a 3ralic language that "as spoken in the
northern region of the !ayan +ountains in !ieria
+otor system, the physiological system that is responsile for physical movement
o +otor neuron, neurons that originate in the spinal cord and synapse "ith
muscle fiers
o +otor skill, the aility of an organism to use the motor system effectively
o +otor skill, motor created y uniten system
4he +otors, a &ritish pu rock5punk and, formed in /677 y ,ick 8arvey, Andy
+c+aster, *icky !laughter and *o (endry, "ho "as replaced y &ram
4chaikovsky the same year
The Motor, defunct &ritish maga)ine
Motor 9maga)ine:, Australian maga)ine
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