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07/03/13 Comparison FAGLL03 FBL3N FBL5N

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Comparison FAGLL03 FBL3N FBL5N
What the difference between FAGLL03 and FBL3N
1. The difference between FAGLL03 and FBL3N is that in FAGLL03, you can view both entry and
general ledger view which is not possible in FBL3N.
2. For accounts that are managed on open item basis the two views shows different results, in FAGLL03
you can view the document splitting for that account where as it is not possible in FBL3N.
3. It is possible to call line item display for accounts for which line item display is not selected in the master.
With NEW GL, SAP allows FAGLFLEXA table to be used for line item display. FBL3N picks data from
BSIS and BSAS. The data is better refined in case of FAGLL03
FAGLB03 is the New t-code in ECC 6.0 Version once you activate the New G/L you will get reports on
this t-code. This is particular for ledger view line item display.
FBL3N This is the G/L A/C Line item display

Why in transaction FBL3N the layout customer is not exist?
FBL3N layout is only to view General ledger transactions. For viewing customer/vendor related
transactions use FBL5N and FBL1N respectively. These tcodes will give you option to select customer
and vendor.
If you require Cust/Vendor A\c in FBL3N, you need to do this:
IMG > Financial Accounting > General Ledger Accounting > G/L Accounts > Line Item Display > Define
Special Fields for Finding and Sorting Data > Define BSEG & KUNNR table and field name respectively.

Tables used by FBL3N and FBL5N
The tables used by T code FBL3N and FBL5N are:
FBL5N for customer line items will use BSID and BSAD (for open items and cleared items respectively).
FBL3N for G/L line items will use BSIS and BSAS (for open items and cleared items respectively).
When you post a document on a customer, the amount you post on this customer is reflected in the
reconciliation account as well, but you may or may not see this in FBL3N. Please check the "Line item
display" indicator under control data in FS03 for your recon account. If this field is checked, only then you
will be able to see the line items in FBL3N.
Usually for recon accounts, this field is not checked.

BAPI FM for tcode FBL3N
07/03/13 Comparison FAGLL03 FBL3N FBL5N
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The BAPI for tcode FBL3N is FM:
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