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Herbert W. Eustace, C.S.B.

No subject is nearer the heart of the truly earnest Christian
Scientist than how to become more consecrated to God, so that
his thought spontaneously and instantly finds itself one with
God, the divine Principle of all that is.
He knows that consecration has not one thing to do with words,
with arguments, or even with reading or talking. It is concerned
only with realization. It can be won only through aloneness
aloneness with God in the secret place of the Most High, aloneness
with infinite good as All-in-all.
How is this CONSECRATION to be gained? This is the one
important thing. Since our first introduction to Christian Science
we have traveled far on our journey heavenward. Its very first
radiance declared it to be grand and glorious. But how obvious
is the recognition that only the first steps have been taken. Even
so, we are keen for the higher heights. We are fully convinced
that "no matter is there," - only "Spirit and spiritual." For this
is the Ascension Era, the Mind Era, is it not?
Many Christian Scientists are familiar with the fact that it
was Mrs. Eddy's practice to have a number of her followers in
her home. She gave them specific instructions as to the various
needs of the hour, and would assign certain times for them to
spend on that work. She called these "watches." Apparently they
usually consisted of two hours. But often these periods would
be much longer than that, according to the apocryphal writings
that have come down from those days.
Why did Mrs. Eddy do this and why did she feel it necessary?
Have you ever asked yourself these questions? If not, then this
moment is the best time to begin.
You may recall that Mrs. Eddy, whenever asked how she did
such wonderful healing in the early days of introducing Christian
Science, gave the simple answer, "By getting out of God's way."
What did she mean?
Surely she meant nothing less than that God was all that was
involved in any healing. That the essential thing was the realization
of this fact and the removal of anything and everything that
seemed to be in His way.
The question then confronting us is, how can we get out of
God's way and so remove any impediment to the healing?
Mrs. Eddy has given us the one and only way: "When thought
is lost in the eminence of Mind the healing takes place." Here
is the keynote to the whole problem - to become "lost in the eminence
of Mind."
To aid in this attainment Mrs. Eddy has given us many
guide posts. The one on page 261 of Science and Health particularly
stands out, "Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring,
the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience
proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts."
Equally helpful is the one on page 495, "When the illusion of
sickness or sin tempts you, cling steadfastly to God and His idea.
Allow nothing but His likeness to abide in your thought."
Then follows the result of doing this: "When I have most
clearly seen and most sensibly felt that the infinite recognizes
no disease, this has not separated me from God, but has so bound
me to Him as to enable me to instantaneously heal a cancer that
had eaten its way to the jugular vein. In the same spiritual condition
I have been able to replace dislocated joints and to raise
the dying to instantaneous health . . . an acknowledgment of
the perfection of the infinite Unseen confers a power nothing
else can." Un. of Good, p. 7.
Also in S.& H., p. 14, "Become conscious for a single moment
that Life and intelligence are purely spiritual, - neither in nor
of matter, - and the body will then utter no complaints. If suffering
from a belief in sickness, you will find yourself suddenly
Again, S.& H., 598, "One moment of divine consciousness, or
the spiritual understanding of Life and Love, is a foretaste of
eternity. This exalted view, obtained and retained when the
Science of being is understood, would bridge over with life
discerned spiritually the interval of death, and man would be in
the full consciousness of his immortality and eternal harmony,
where sin, sickness, and death are unknown."
These quotations may be summed up with that divine benediction:
"When the thinker is lost in the eminence of Mind
the healing takes place."
Taken together, what do all these statements mean? They
contain not one word of argument. Only realization of the absolute
Allness of God is involved - a wholly spiritual state - getting
out of God's way, thus leaving the field entirely to divine Love.
How are we to do this?
I have lately been pondering the meaning of the two words,
CONSECRATION and concentration.
The meaning of "concentration" is purely material. It involves
matter as the something to be concentrated on. Matter accompanies
it at every turn even though "concentration" usually infers
what is called a mental act. If this so-called mental act does not
have a material object or subject it is inoperative.
CONSECRATION as reflection, however, is the exact opposite
of all that. It is purely a spiritual state without the least semblance
of matter attached. It has no images of thought whatever
of its own, any more than the image in the mirror has anything
to do with what appears in the mirror. It is the object in front
of the mirror alone that is of supreme importance. The image
merely depicts, to the minutest detail all that belongs to the
object before the mirror.
GOD'S WAY for true CONSECRATION is finding God as
All-in-all and does not that leave God as ALL?
Man, as the reflection of consecration of his Maker, reflects
all that his Maker is and does, but he originates nothing of himself.
As Jesus expressed it, man does everything he sees the
Father do. This absolute reflection carries with it the Omnipotence,
Omnipresence and Omniscience that is God. Indeed, all that
God is, His reflection spontaneously expresses, but always without
originality of its own. "I can of mine own self do nothing,"
but "I do all things I see the Father do," said Jesus, and His
wonderful works proved what reflecting the Father can accomplish.
Now again, how can this spiritual altitude be attained?
I will tell you something that has given me much food for
thought. Some years ago I read an article about an East Indian
boy who after many years finally attained his great desire to
see without his eyes. In that country of esoteric magic, etc., this
lad had been told something about people being able to actually
see without their eyes. When he heard this it captured his
imagination and from then became his aim. Anyway, this lad,
like most lads of his age, was naturally thinking of what, as he
expressed it, he could do to earn "fame and fortune." To attain
this end he decided to be an Indian Professor, one who entertains
with feats of magic and tricks, interspersed, perhaps,
with phases of hypnotism, etc.
So, the story of his life shows he ran away from home and
joined one of these professors to learn the whole business. In
reading the story, however, it seemed to me the final impelling
motive of the boy was far bigger than magic and tricks. It was
to actually accomplish his final desire to see without his eyes!
The rest of the business was purely secondary.
When he voiced this purpose to see without his eyes, his
"professor" said, "Why that would take years of constant concentration,"
adding that if, after ten or twelve years of constant
work, he could concentrate uninterruptedly for just three minutes
on one thing, it would be wonderful. He said he didn't care how
long it took, he wanted to see without his eyes. So he was told
to take a certain image that he loved dearly and practice concentrating
on that every minute he could get. Since his brother
was the object of his deepest affection, he chose his face to work
with, and settled down to constant labour for an indefinite time.
We next hear of him in England, at the age of twenty-eight,
having attained his desire to see without his eyes, asking a doctor
to blindfold him completely. It was his practice to advertise
his forthcoming appearance at such and such a theatre by riding
blindfolded on a bicycle through the streets.
The doctor made sure that the youth could not see, by filling
his eye sockets with dough and binding his head entirely with
gauze and wrappings, except for the space necessary to breathe.
When he was warned to be very careful, he told the doctor not
to worry one bit as he could see everything. As he walked away
it was evident he was speaking the truth. Plainly he could see
without his eyes. The doctors were completely mystified. They
made every possible test and found there was not the slightest
I understand that this story of Kuda Bux and his eyes is now
being given on TV, showing the whole performance with doctors
present, etc. The show was in Hollywood last week.
Of course you and I are not concerned about the performance,
but we certainly are interested in the fact that this lad did
accomplish what he started out to do. He proved beyond cavil
the truth of Mrs. Eddy's statement on page 199 of S.& H.:
"The devotion of thought to an honest achievement makes the
achievement possible." It is just as honest a desire and achievement
to see without the eyes as to see with them. By this, we
absolutely eschew all idea that this youth ever thought of doing
the feat through hypnotic suggestion. The very fact that he told
his friend that he did not know how he saw but that he thought it
must be though the pores of his skin shows that he was entirely
in the dark as to how he accomplished what seemed such a wonder.
His insistently concentrating on his one purpose enabled him
to hold fast to only that which he desired - to see without his
eyes. He did not bar out something. He simply held constantly
to his one aim. There is no indication given anywhere that he
ever thought about his eyes. He was only intent on wholly seeing
without his eyes.
Now what is the lesson we can draw from all this?
As Christian Scientists we know that Christian Science in its
work of CONSECRATION is the exact opposite of concentration.
Concentration could be designated as the negative interpretation
of true CONSECRATION. One might say that CONSECRATION
is the spiritual understanding of what human belief
calls concentration. And while the illustration of Kuda Bux is
the diametrical opposite of Christian Science practice, it nevertheless
carries an invaluable lesson.
And what is that lesson?
That "The devotion of thought to an honest achievement makes
the achievement possible."
The achievement of Kuda Bux was made possible by his
fidelity to his process of letting go as his thought everything
that interfered with his success in maintaining his absolute concentration
on his one object, namely, seeing without his eyes.
Ask yourself, "If I express the same concentrated CONSECRATION
to God and His Allness that Kuda Bux did to his
deep desire, what could interfere with my success in every instance,
even to the 'saying unto this mountain be thou removed
and cast into the sea"?
As a Christian Scientist, I cannot emphasize too strongly, that
human illustrations are but fleeting shadows wholly apart from
divine reality.
Therefore, my using this illustration of Kuda Bux, is but for
one purpose, to drive home the fact that, even as in accomplishing
any really successful human enterprise, of whatever nature,
the greatest determination and stick-to-itiveness imaginable
always has to be practised to achieve success. It is alone, then,
in these qualities, the Christian Scientist looks for a lesson to
be drawn.
Was it not because Mrs. Eddy was keenly alive to these qualities
and their results, that she used to enjoy having her carriage
drive by the High Diving performance at the State Fair in
Concord, that she might see the man dive eighty feet, I believe
it was, into a small tank? Why did she like that? Because it
showed the performer's absolute control over his body, all the
way down, in order to hit the tank rightly. And, too, in Science
and Health, page 199, does she not touch most interestingly on
Blondin's walking over Niagara Falls on a tight rope? Again
why? - because it showed mind's control over its substratum,
When Science and Health demands of you, "Hold thought
steadfastly," and again, "Cling steadfastly," what does that mean,
if not to control your thinking and not let it run away with you?
Then practise this controlling and never let up, and even be
grateful to the East Indian lad for his wonderful illustration in
accomplishing the feat of seeing without his eyes, through the
indefatigable concentration to his purpose, year after year.
You, of course, as a Christian Scientist, express your control
through entirely different means, but it is equally necessary for
you to do this controlling if you are to follow Mrs. Eddy's demand
to "be a law unto yourselves that mental malpractice cannot harm
you either when asleep or when awake."
When you enter alone into your closet to talk with God, divine
Love, see that you do "hold thought steadfastly" at this point
and not have it flying off in every direction, and then vainly
imagine you have done some realizing, when perhaps you haven't
done any such thing, but have just allowed wandering thoughts
to whip you around. That, of course, is not Christian Science
and it is not expressing the discipline of "clinging steadfastly"
and keeping one's mind "so filled with Truth and Love that sin,
disease and death cannot enter therein." It would not be that
which enabled Mrs. Eddy to look up at the storm and see the
"face of God in the storm cloud," so that the storm vanished.
That was genuine Christian Science practice, instantaneous,
always ready.
Laziness is evil's busiest weapon. Then be mentally awake,
active on the job, and "however slow, thy success is sure: toil
is triumph." (Mis. Wtgs. 340:23.)
There is not the slightest doubt that Mrs .Eddy was trying
to awaken us to our divine ability to express God to the minutest
detail through reflection. We never, of course, originate one
thing ourselves, but we can become so lost in the wonder and
glory of infinite perfection that all else is swallowed up "in the
infinite grandeur of spiritual creation, " and God's way is clear.
As Christian Scientists, we know it is this teaching and
demonstration of man as the reflection of God that enrages the

human mind. The human mind does not want to reflect, it
wants to be IT. Then think, if you can imagine such a thing,
how many ITS there would be!
Let me here remind you of a marvelous statement, attributed
to Mrs. Eddy, on man's ability to reflect God: "When a man
begins to see himself as the reflection of God, Mind, and realizes
that he has within himself the capacity to act as possessing all
power from Him in Whom we live and move and have our being,
he has reached the highest of all endowments and fruitful of
all good works." Ask yourself, could you possibly wish for anything
grander, more complete and more satisfying?
What indeed cannot man do and be as the reflection of infinite
Life, Truth and Love? But only as reflection. Change the order
and try to make the effect, cause, and try to make the reflection
the substance, and your effect is instantly dead. The First Edition
of S.& H., page 222, defines "the compound idea, named man" as
"a lifeless image and reflection of Principle, or Soul, which is the
Life, Intelligence, and Substance of this idea." Of itself, the
"compound idea, named man" is nothing, but as the reflection
of All, it is capable of all good.
Malicious mind, so-called, is arraying all its forces of evil on
this very point, of reflection. It is the final battleground. There
is only one thing that can defeat the enemy, and that is "CONSECRATION
until conquest." This is the password and demands
all the discipline and tenacity that the East Indian lad displayed.
But it must be wholly from the spiritual standpoint without one
atom of animal magnetism or sense testimony admitted, or it
Never has there been a more pressing need than that of today
to be thoroughly awake to the subtlest evil appearing as the
malicious hypnotic suggestion, that time-worn illusion of insanity,
that man is God, divine Mind.
How could "I consciously am," the conscious identity of
Consciousness, declaring the ISNESS of Consciousness, actually
be the creative Consciousness Itself!
The man of God has just one designation, one only, - "I consciously
am" - the indisputable, self-evident fact which requires
no corroboration. That is absolutely all there is to him. It is
simply awareness, I consciously am, without beginning or end.
As Jesus put it, "Before Abraham was, I am," this "amness"
being simply awareness, effect, emphasizing his statement, "I
can of mine own self do nothing." Remember, too, St. Paul's
warning, "if a man think himself to be something when he is
nothing, he deceiveth himself."
Then whence cometh this diabolical conceit that dares to claim
itself to be God and then call this, perhaps, the teaching of
Christian Science? It is the teaching of pure deviltry, operating
as malicious ignorance and is bound to create turmoil in any
thought that accepts it.
No more ignorant and malicious subtlety and aggression could
be tempted than that of foisting on mankind the absurd lie
that the creature could ever become the Creator.
This is the last enormity of evil, the exact perversion of the
final immaculate conception, when the "little book" of Revelation
has finished its task, has been entirely "eaten up" and God has
been found as the very Mind of man - the absolute reverse of
man being God.
Mrs. Eddy declared, "Humility is the door, honesty is the way,
and spirituality is the summit." Note, also, her earnest warning,
"Remember, as truth progresses, error grows more subtle and
aggressive, but it does not become something, - it always remains
an illusion and is always met and destroyed with the understanding
that divine Love is the only power."
This then is my work if I am to be a successful Scientist. God
alone does the work, and I am the "listener." I "hear His voice
and understand His word and so become His messenger." Messenger
to whom? To my own unfoldment.
Then "be in thy place: Stand, not sit," as Mrs. Eddy says. Be
alert. Dig into disciplining your CONSECRATION. "Hold
thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true,"
and "When thought is lost in the eminence of Mind the healing
takes place."
"What will you do about it" Will you be equally in earnest
for the truth?"
In concluding, I will add one more all-absorbing quotation
of Mrs. Eddy which bears strongly on this subject of CONSE-
CRATION and true concentration: "I tell you the truth when
I say there is only one Source of all good - God. The conscious
recognition and acceptance of this fact, acknowledged by every
activity of the mind, not two or three times a day, but every
few moments all day long - no matter what the outer self is
doing, and this maintained will enable anyone to express his
perfect freedom and dominion over all things human."
To this add the rigid admonition of Jesus in his statement
that if your friend will not grant your request because you ask
him, yet "because of your importunity" he will grant it. Then
never cease your CONSECRATION in realizing Love's infinite

January 1, 1954
Los Angeles, California