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How To Destroy A Girl's Boyfriend...

Using HER Hand

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[TRL] "The Rake Letter"
Real World Attraction Tips And Techniques... Killer Seduction
Tactics In Every Issue!

Issue #291 - August 4th, 2014

Hey, Derek Rake here.

I'm really excited to write this newsletter because we are nearing
our 300th issue anniversary (something special's coming up!)

This issue of contains some cutting-edge tactics that are sure
to bring your game to the next level...we've collected all the
tools you need to get the girls you really want.

Now on with the good stuff...

1) MAIN ARTICLE: How To Destroy A Girl's Boyfriend... Using
HER Hand
2) Mr X's Corner: A Super Duper EASY Way To Completely SABOTAGE
Your Game!
3) TRL QuickieTip: Should You Buy Women Presents? The Answer Is...
4) Useful Resources - The Rake Library

1) MAIN ARTICLE: How To Destroy A Girl's Boyfriend... Using
HER Hand

By Benjamin Damien: creator of the Boyfriend Destroyer System:-

Here's one of my favorite Boyfriend Destroyer routines - and
I use it frequently on (attached) women who I've just picked
up. First of all, remember to build some rapport - use Derek
Rake's stuff.
YOU: I'm going to ask you some questions, but I want you to
answer them with your hands. If something is close to you,
then place your hand close to your heart.

"How close is your job to you?" (Wait for reaction - positive
or negative is fine)
"How close is your mom to your heart?" (Wait for positive
"How close is your best friend to you?" (Wait for positive
"Now think about something you're really passionate about.
How close is it to you?" (Wait for positive reaction)

Now here comes the magic:

Say, "Now, if you are to get another job that was there
(move her hand near her face, closer that where her original
job was), would you go for it?"

Wait for her to say yes.

Then, say, "OK, and if some guy comes along (subtly point at
yourself) who was right there (move her hand near her face
again where she said yes to the previous question), would
you take him?"

She'd say yes.
Why this works? There's an easy answer... email me (reply to
this email) for an explanation if you want it.

For 50+ more Boyfriend Destroyer routines, check this out -


You'll never let another pesky "boyfriend" stand in your way
again, ever, guaranteed.

2) Mr X's Corner: How Humor Could KILL Your Game...
Watch Out!

By Mr X, the self-proclaimed Dark Lord of Seduction, the man behind
the "Player's Guide For Seducing Women" project -


Look... you may have read somewhere that telling jokes is good for
your game. Bullshiit... I never buy into that.

I'll bet that you've NEVER seen a woman look around the bar and
ask, "Hey, you guys know any good jokes?" Jokes rarely work (if
ever) and it's usually the alcohol that makes them mildly amusing.

Listen to me... jokes wear people out; however, a sense of humor is
always welcomed. You gotta have the brass BALLS to use your
natural, God-given sense of humor.

Now here's exactly why telling jokes might just sabotage ya...

A joke obligates the listener to perform at the end of your punch
line. They must smile and point at the joke teller. Nine times
out of ten, you never get the laugh you hoped for. You hear a few
groaner giggles and mumbles. Somebody yells "ba-dump-dump."
Another says "Don't quit your day job." You'll get heckled...no
matter how good you are, kiddo.

And if the joke is long, double mistake! Never tell a joke that
involves accents, props or visuals. People who tell jokes that
require intermission and a concession stand should be banished. If
you must tell a joke it should take less than ten seconds.

If you blow the joke you look like a circus clown without the cute

FACT: James Bond never told jokes. And clowns never get laid.

Just remember Mr X's Player's Rule: *Never Tell Jokes*. Forget
what other guru's tell you.

Disagree? Reply to this email and Rake will forward to me... and
I'll sort ya out.

-Mr X

PS: More controversial, against-the-grain Player's Rule tactics
here -

The Player's Guide Vol 1 by Mr X <<-- No cookie-cutter stuff here

Read it ONLY if you've got an open mind 'coz it's NOT the usual BS
you've been fed elsewhere.

3) **The 2014 Rake Library** - Complete your collection

Here's a sample of our courses at one place for your
convenience. If you want to get a package of all three,
email me for a special "bundle" deal. Email me here:

0 SonicSeduction - our flagship dating program -

==> http://www.sonicseduction.com

0 3D2X: the surefire blueprint to getting laid in three (3)
dates or less. Written by Craig Geddes

==> http://www.3d2xmethod.com

0 ZenGasms - "How To Master Female Orgasms... The Zen Way" -
warning! Explicit stuff...not for the faint-hearted. Mature adults
only please.

==> http://www.zengasms.com/zengasms.html

(c) Derek Rake & Isis Publishing 2014. All rights reserved.
For advertising, reprint permissions, affiliate program and joint
venture queries, please email: derek@derekrake.com
Derek Rake
6001 Beach Road #08-07,
Golden Mile Tower,
Singapore 199589

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