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Born Free: From Devastation to TransformationA Holistic, Quick-Start Guide to Helping

Every Woman Transition with Grace into the Unique Woman She Truly Is

Copyright Tina Aurelio & Enza Manduca 2014
ForzaDonna Women in Strength

All rights reserved. Please download only authorized electronic editions, and do not
participate in or encourage electronic piracy of copyrighted materials without the written
permission of the author.


This book is dedicated to:

Every woman who has ever felt she was not strong enough
Every woman who has ever felt not beautiful enough
Every woman who has ever felt not loved enough
And to the men who have loved and supported these women along the way
thank you.


Dear Father in Heaven,

Grant us your strength and love in our new journey.
May your Light guide us and your Love fill us.
May we touch others as you have touched us.
Let us not forget our truth.
Watch over us and make us a channel of your Love and Peace.



Table of Contents
Foreword .................................................................................................................................................................................... 5
Reviews and Recommendations: ...................................................................................................................................... 6
The Four Pillars of Happiness ............................................................................................................................................ 8
Pillar I Abundance.............................................................................................................................................................. 11
Pillar II Body......................................................................................................................................................................... 15
Pillar III Mind ....................................................................................................................................................................... 28
Pillar IV Spirit ...................................................................................................................................................................... 33



Each and every one of us is born free, but it is through our life experiences and our
subconscious programming that we become imprisoned. Our thoughts, when running
below our conscious awareness, subject us to a boat without an anchortossed
emotionally to and fro. The book you have in your hands is not by coincidence. If youre
reading this book, then you have realized that you are imprisoned, and you are seeking
emotional freedom to embrace the life God intended you to have. I have made it my life's
work to help people become free again, to live with joy, and to have hope.

The ladies whove written this guide have seen their share of heartache, and have learned
how to become free again after much pain, struggle, and loss. It is their hope, and mine, that
you read each word slowly, and allow the words to sink deeper into your awareness, so
that you realize that you deserve freedom too. It is also our hope that you learn to have joy,
to have hope, to love yourself, to forgive yourself for the past, and to shake off those
chainsbuilding pillars of hope to give you a solid foundation from which to fly!

I am Vanessa Head, an intuitive therapist, and it is my honor to write the foreword to this
book. This book is a labor of love, and it will always give back to others through the lessons
that Tina and Enza have learned on their journey. May their words reach your heart, light a
path and help you on your journey back to freedom. You were born free!

God bless & much love,
Vanessa Head


Reviews and Recommendations:

Born Free is a soul searching, strength building, dream affirming guide for todays
woman. Co-authors, Enza Manduca and Tina Aurelio speak to all of us on a journey to self-
discovery, drawing from a place of lived experiences. What better way to learn than from
two women who have been on their own journey of transformation? This e-book is filled
with practical and thought provoking steps to set you on the right path of transformation. If
you have the desire to live with purpose and intention, Born Free will provide the fuel,
inspiration, and direction to make that happen. Women constantly battle with making their
happiness a priority: Enza and Tina not only show you how but also show you why its

Michelle Edwards, HRPA, CCP, AECP, NWS
International HR Leader, Global Mining Company
Board Member Charitable organization committed to supporting, enabling and celebrating
Board Member Charitable organization preventing violence against women and children
Independent, Career & Lifestyle Coach
Entrepreneur Co-Founder, Training Ground Academy

Enza Manduca is the woman you have been searching for your entire lifeshe is the
answer to your prayers! And with her ability to coach and mentor you, you can live the life
you truly desire, and you can unleash your best qualities and step away from any limiting
beliefs! Enzas passion and desire to empower women is beyond wordsits pure love and
lightand is a gift that she uses to eloquently help surface the powers and strengths that
lie deep within each of us. So if youre ready to live your fullest and most rewarding life,
you will resonate with ForzaDonna perfectlyget ready to spiral upwards as youre given
the tools, support, mentoring, and resources to expedite your journey.
Congratulations and welcome to those who are ready to make the shift!
Elisa Graci N.W.S., R.D.H.
Nutrition & Wellness Specialist
Business Owner-Entrepreneur
Founder of Synergy Movement


When my mom and I first started training with Tina two years ago, we couldn't begin to
imagine the ways she would influence change in our lives. She has not only worked with us
toward our fitness goals, but she has given us both brand new perspectives on ourselves
and lifes challenges. She always manages to tirelessly share her own adventures and
lessons learned for the sake of teaching, and her drive and determination, as it manifests in
her own life, is infectious to those around her. We have both come so far as a result of the
work Tina puts into her coachingit's hard to imagine any other path than the one she
helped us both follow.
Heather Sobie and Cathy Sobie

Whether Tina Aurelio is conducting a Pilates class or giving you one-to-one personal
training, you can be sure you will be challenged and changed. She is an encyclopedia of
knowledge when it comes to health and fitness and gets her students and clients results.
Her Monday evening Pilates class has huge lineups to get inside and her personal training
schedule fills up quickly. For years women, and even men, have turned to Tina to achieve
their health and fitness dreams and for years she has delivered. This book will give you
special insight to the woman many of us affectionately call Coach T.

Elyas Burney
Member of Holistic Bodyworx since 2010


The Four Pillars of Happiness

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in Harmony.
- Mahtma Ghandi
First, we want you to know that you were born free and that you have the right to live free
and in happiness. Freedom is your divine right. However, it takes a determination to walk
in the fullness of this gift. To help you along the way, weve designed this guide to take you
from a place of weakness to a place of self-worth and strength.
Second, we know how you feel; weve been there, and thats why we want to share what
weve been through and how we transformed our lives. Know that we have struggled,
whether it be in wealth, love, or self-acceptance. And we felt sorry for ourselves and then
hated ourselves for feeling that way, we felt guilty, we felt ashamed, and we felt that all
those self-destructive thoughts about ourselves were justifiedwe were wrong.
Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose.
Anything less is a form of slavery.
- Wayne Dyer

So where do you start? The first step is to identify what you want and define your journey.
Your belief in this thought will bring forth all the fruits that are your birthright: wealth,
love, happiness, health, quality relationships, etc. But most of all, youll discover what
loving yourself really meansonly then will the miracle happen. And remember: Youre
the only one responsible and accountable for you, so all your actions and thoughts reflect
how you believe in yourself.
Before we begin, wed like to share our personal stories with you to show you that anything
is possible if you just believe. And wed like to share why we decided to create this book
and what the title signifies.
Tina Aurelio One night, I found myself on the edge of a cliff,
calculating if the fall would be enough to kill methats why I was there
after all. How does someone get to this state? Well for me it was: a brutal
divorce, losing my children, losing my job, losing my friends, and feeling
betrayed, un-loved, and discarded. I thought all of that was enough to
justify my decisionI was not needed anymore.
And then a guardian angel saved me, shouting: Enough!

And at that moment, I vowed to God and prayed, Fatherguide and heal me so that I can
be of greater service to others.
And with just those few words my life began to change.
To change, you must overcome your painful pastan overwhelming task to say the least.
One of my most difficult tasks was to accept change, to face my fears, and to heal and
forgive my past, so I could be happy in the present. But through this, I came to understand
my self-worth and to understand that it had nothing to do with my past, but only to do with
the present moment. I discovered: that my self-worth is a part of who I am, that I am
beautiful simply because I exist, and that I am lovable simply because I am!
Enza Manduca - In 2005, I walked away from my 16-year marriage.
The situation was dysfunctional, and I only found the courage to walk
away through the Grace of Godthat was my strength. However, I had
no idea how or what Id have to do in order to make a new life for me
and my two young daughters. I struggled for many years through a lot
of trial and error and pain, but eventually I put the pieces of my life
together and become the woman that God had always intended me to be.
The process of transition was overwhelming and difficult. There were many days when I
prayed that God would help me so that my life wouldnt feel like such drudgery. I spent
endless amounts of time and energy reading and listening to self-help and personal
development guides, yet I was still stuck. Id sit in church listening to the scriptures that
said we were supposed to live life to the fullest and that life was supposed to be full of joy
and happiness. Was it not for me? Id ask. Unfortunately, at the time I couldnt see past the
stress and efforts I had been making to keep my life from falling apartI couldnt see the
many, many blessings that had been bestowed upon me.

These experiences brought us togetherGod brought us togetherand from them we
decided to help others and co-author Born Free, a title which comes from the 1966 film
Born Free. The film follows the lives of three orphaned lion cubs. Joy and her husband,
George, care for the cubs until they reach young lionhood, when two are sent to the zoo, but
the smallestElsaremains with Joy and George. Eventually, Elsas lioness characteristics
take charge and she causes trouble in the village. From that incident, Joy and George are
told they must return Elsa to the wild or send her to the zoo. Joy refuses to send Elsa to the
zooshe wants her to be freeand works to prepare her for a return to the wild. Elsas
transition, however, is quite difficult. It is marked with pain and she has to tap into instincts

shes never used before, but in the end Elsa is victorious and shes able to live a life of
freedom, and through her hardship, is able to return to her divine right and authentic self.
Keeping with the lion themeremember that amazing scene from The Lion King when
Simba, who thought he was responsible for his fathers death, runs away to hide and live
with his two new-found friendsTimon and Pumbaa. As he views his reflection in the
pond, his father, Mufasa, comes to him and says, Simba you have forgotten who you are
and so you have forgotten me. Look inside yourself. You are more than what you have
become. Remember who you are!
Were not sure what has brought you to this point of transition, but we want you to use it as
an opportunity to transform yourself and your life into greatness and vitality, and we want
you to remember who you really area strong, beautiful, capable woman with a divine
purpose and destiny.
In this guide, weve consolidated the steps we took to heal and rebuild our lives, and
created an easy-to-follow, quick-start checklist that gives you small, actionable steps you
can take to transform your life. And the steps, when followed consistently, will translate
into fundamental and monumental change!
One last note: Your life is comprised of four pillars of happiness: abundance, body, mind,
and spirit. In order to create a sense of wellbeing, harmony, peace, and happiness, balance
and alignment are necessary in all four areas. Remember this, and if youre ready, lets get


Pillar I Abundance

If youre in the luckiest one percent of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to
think about the other 99 percent.
Warren Buffett
Love many, trust few and always paddle your own canoe. Erin Davis 98.1 CHFI
As women we tend to leave our finances in the hands and care of othershusbands,
financial planners, friends, even. However, it is imperative that we empower ourselves to
become financially independent and free, that we stop relying on others to take care of our
finances, and that we start to take an interest in our financial situation. To do this, you need
to always have your own income source so you never need to rely on anyone else for
money. You also need to learn as much as you can about your finances and remember,
[S]he who pays, decides.
Did you know?
47% of women over the age of 50 are singlein other words, they are financially
responsible for themselves.
Statistically, womens retirement incomes are less than mens.
Women are financially more vulnerable during and after a divorce.
Single mothers who have gone through a divorce struggle to regain their lives, while
additionally trying to make ends meet.
It is often difficult to have a career, run a household, and take care of yourself and finances,
but it is vital to your overall wellbeing and happiness. Therefore, we encourage you to open
your mind and consider different ways you might earn an income, particularly those ways
that will provide you with flexibility and freedom.
Consider the following example from Robert Kiyosaki, New York Times bestselling author,
multimillionaire investor and business owner. In Kiyosakis book, The Business of the 21

Century, he outlines the most powerful business trend in the world todaynetworking. Its
a new way of looking at businessa way that aligns with our Information-Age economy as
opposed to the Industrial-Age economy that centered on mass-advertising. And its why
worldwide networking sales have exceeded $166 billiondirectly benefiting 85 million
people worldwide.
Participation in the networking industry teaches you how to build an asset that will
generate income for youan asset that builds residual and passive income and that offers
the same tax advantages as a big business. And for the woman who needs to run a

household, while managing her career, her finances, her family, and herself, this is the
perfect business model because it is home-based and allows you to receive significant tax
And lets not stop there. This business model also allows you to create wealth through
leveragedoing more with less. In other words, you work smarter instead of harder, and
work strategically and purposefully. But in order to do this, most of us must shift our
mindset from the idea that getting a good education and a good job will make you wealthy.
There are other factors, and in this economy there is no stability or security in working a
job. Instead, you need to take control and create residual incomeincome that is not
dependent on your time or personal energy and grows exponentially. This type of income
starts off smaller than a salaried job or hourly wage, but it has the potential to grow far
beyond what you could earn even if you worked 24-7, and it is much more stable and
Furthermore, consider the following excerpt from Robert G. Allens Multiple Income
Money is one of the most important subjects to study in your entire life. Some of
lifes greatest enjoyments and most of lifes greatest disappointments stem from the
decisions you make about money. Whether you experience great peace of mind or
constant anxiety will depend on whether you get your finances under control. Your
relationships will be greatly affected too. In fact, most divorces in our society result
from disagreements about money. Thus, understanding moneyhow to make it and
keep itis absolutely essential to your life, to your relationships, to your happiness,
to your future.
The goal here, at least in what weve found, should be for you to add at least one new
stream of income to your life every year. That way over time these streams will overflow
and your life will be full of prosperity and freedom. Allen continues:
The first question we usually hear is, Why multiple income streams? Before we
answer that, well ask another, How many streams of income did it take in the
1950s for most families to survive, or even prosper? The answer: one. But the
world we live today is very different. Most families today cant even survive on two
income streams, let alone one. So multiple streams are necessary if you want
reliable income and freedom in your life. Prosperous people know this and they
know that if one stream dries up then they have many more to tap into for support.
Those who only have one or two streams become much more vulnerable and
oftentimes if they lose one of their streams, it wipes them out.

Our advice is to create an income stream portfolio full of sources that are different and
diversified. This way if one stream dries up, you will have time to adjust and you will be
Want more tips on how to transition your way to financial freedom? Weve got em:
Get Your Papers in Order - Get yourself a paralegal who can draw up a will and power of
attorney for you. This is something you never want to leave to chance, so act on this
Calculate Your Net Worth Although this is a very scary proposition for many women, its
necessary. First, list everything you own and list everything you owe, then subtract the two
so that you know your starting point. You need to know where you are currently so that
you can chart a course for where you want to go! Second, do everything in your power to
eliminate your bad debt, and stop purchasing things with credit cards. As you begin to take
control of your financial situation, you will begin to feel empowered and will likely want to
have a solid plan in place for the future.
Mediate If youre currently separated and negotiating a divorce, the best advice we can
offer is that you do everything in your power to mediate a settlement. A law suit is
extremely stressful, extremely expensive, and will rob you of your energy and joywe
know from experience. So even if you have to give up some of what you think is rightfully
yours, trust us, you will make up for it with the freedom to move forward and create a
wonderful new life for yourself.
I (Enza) was in litigation for several years and the process nearly destroyed me, but I was
so caught up in my position and the process to get what I felt I deserved, that the whole
process nearly killed me. I was so stressed all of the time, so nervous, and so worn out that
it took me a long time to recover. And when a resolution was finally made, I settled for less
than I had originally wanted, I restored peace to my life, and began rebuilding everything.
Lesson I learned: Assess the facts, know that you will have to compromise, cut your losses, and
move on!
Buy Silver This is a great little investment that you can start to make. Economies are
extremely unstable today and at approximately $25/ounce, silver is extremely affordable
and a unique commodity because it is limited in world supply. So we suggest that instead of
buying your loved ones and friends trinkets they dont need, buy silver for yourself and as
gifts for themits the currency of a princess, and one that will grow in value over time.
Build Wealth and Give Andrew Carnegie once said, Surplus wealth is a sacred trust to be
managed for the good of others. And its true. A great misconception is the belief that the
way to have more is to hold on to it tightly. The reality, however, is that we are designed in

Gods image and therefore, we are happiest and most fulfilled when serving and giving.
When you serve, you find happiness, and when you give, the universe gives back and you
usually end up with more than you gave. Since we advocate a holistic approach to wellness
and life, we encourage you to give so that as you prosper you will grow as a person and be
fulfilled. Personal growth requires that you give money away. If you dont have enough to
give, you can start by giving your time. And remember, good things that cant be calculated
or quantified are set in motion when you give.


Pillar II Body

To keep the body in good health is a duty ... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our
mind strong and clear.
Tinas Weight Loss Story: I had always been overweight. So to combat this, I tried every
new diet I could during my teenage and young adult years. And by the age of 21, Id finally
achieved my goal weight120 pounds. Now, keep in mind that this took me five years to
achieve. The reason: because I used to yo-yo dieta lot. Meaning I would lose five pounds
and then gain seven. It wasnt until I finally decided to stick to a very low calorie plan of
640 calories a day that I got down to my goal weighta weight I maintained until about
age 27 when I was pregnant with my son, Rudy. As a pregnant woman, I gave myself
validation to eat whatever I wanted as often as I wanted and wound up weighing in at 220
poundsyes, a total weight gain of 100 pounds!
And back I went to my 640 calories a day. Then one year later, I was down to 115 pounds.
GreatI enjoyed looking thin only I was starving myself. My skin was gray, my hair was
falling out, and my nails were cracking, but I was thin and could slip into any outfit I
wanted! Heres the truth: I was weak, unhealthy, and could barely get up in the morning
and be present for my demanding life. Two years passed like this before I got pregnant with
my second son, Michael. And on the day he was born I weighed 260 pounds.
I had to lose the weight, but decided that this time around I was going to educate myself. I
was tired of starving! So I studied the physiology of weight loss, studied cognitive therapy,
learned what foods had the most nutritional value for me, and most of all, learned what
supplement plans would optimize my weight loss. And a year and a half later, I reached my
goal weight of 120 pounds without starving. Im healthyno gray skin, hair loss, or
cracking fingernailsjust healthy and full of energy!
Now, let us show you how a properly maintained bodythrough proper nutrition and
exercisecan lead to happiness and a life of freedom!
First off, nutrition. For the longest time, both of us felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and
depressed, but neither of us knew how much these feelings tied into our nutrition, or lack
thereof. Once we started to get serious about eating clean, we began to feel better, to feel
more energetic, and really started to feel the benefits of a proper diet.


We know most of you are so busy and stressed that you reach for sugar and caffeine to
energize yourself. Dont forgetweve been there. But know that this energy only creates
negative imbalances in your system and can lead to unhealthy addictions. Instead of sugar
and caffeine, you want to eat low-glycemic and anti-inflammatory foods to give you an
optimal lifestyle and wellness.
The best way to start is to start a detox. This will eliminate any toxic substances that are
destroying your cells and keeping your digestive system from working properly. Note:
Your body depends on brain number two, your digestive system, and is responsible for
providing the rest of your body with health and vitality.

To help you along, we have created an easy-to-follow 14 day detox meal plan:
Detox Meal Plan 14 Days*
*from Wild Rose Cleansing Program
Column 1: Eat less than 20%. Eat 80% or more of your diet from both Column 2 & 3 combined.
Protein Foods
Acid Forming Foods
Starch Foods
Alkaline Forming
Bulk Forming Foods
Neutral Foods
Most Recommended:
Fish (eat all you want even if over
20% of total diet)

Acceptable during program:
Beans (dried)
[fresh beans; see
Column 3]
(Black- max. 2 cups/day)
Eggs (whole)
Most Recommended:
Millet, Buckwheat
Rice (Brown)

Acceptable during program:
Berries (blueberries, raspberries, etc.)
Most Recommended:
Chives; Garlic; Ginger
Onions (Includes: leeks, green onions,
shallots, etc.)
Tea (herbal, without milk added)
Coconut Water, Unsweetened
Almond Milk, Unsweetened

Acceptable during program:
Arugula; Artichokes; Asparagus
Avocado; Beans (Green)
[dried beans; see Column 1]

Grains (whole)
These include barley,
kasha, bulghur, oats, rye, wheat
berries, spelt, kamut, amaranth,
and quinoa. [Millet and buckwheat
80%; see column 2]
Lamb; Lentils; Liver
Nuts [except Almonds
are 80% see Column 2]
Oatmeal (also see grains above)
Peas (dried)
[fresh peas; see
Column 3 under Acceptable]
Poultry; Pork; Prunes (cooked)
Rhubarb (cooked)
Rice (white)
[brown rice is 80%;
see Column 2 under Most
Seeds (i.e. sunflower, flax,
pumpkin, etc.)
Soy Beans; Tofu (plain,
Unsweetened only)
Veal; Wheat Germ

Not recommended during
Potatoes (baked)
Pumpkin/ Squash/ Yams/ Sweet
Sesame Seeds
Soy Milk (with no sweeteners)
Tomatoes (fresh only)
Bananas; Currants; Dried Fruit (date,
figs, etc.)
Melons (including Cantaloupe,
honeydew, etc.)
Tropical Fruit

Not Recommended at any time:
Cake, Candy and Ice Cream
Cereal (processed)
Flour Gravy
Fruit Juices with sugar and
Oily Nuts and Peanuts
Sugar (white or brown)
Beets and Beet Tops; Bok Choy
Broccoli; Brussel Sprouts
Cabbage; Carrots; Cauliflower
Celery; Collards and Chards
Corn; Cucumbers; Dandelion
Eggplant; Endive; Escarole
Herbs for seasoning, e.g. basil,
Oregano, etc.
Kale; Kohlrabi; Lettuce
Mustard Greens; Okra
Oils: all oils except peanut oil
(e.g. olive oil, flax oil, sunflower oil)
Parsley; Parsnips, Peas (Green)
Peppers (green & red, orange,
Radicchio; Radishes; Rutabagas
Seaweeds (kelp, nori, etc.)
Sorrel; Spinach; Sprouts;
Vegetable Seasoning (without
yeast in the ingredients)

Not Recommended during program:
Cottage Cheese

Cheese (of any kind)
Seafood (Shell fish)

Note: It is recommended that you use organic foods as much as possible for this program.
So for best results, eliminate gluten, dairy, and sugar.
Additional Recommendations: Foods to eat in moderation: salt, rice and soy milk, tomato
or V8 juice. Open up the spice cupboard! Use everything from curry and turmeric to
cayenne. Plus all your favorite garden herbs!
Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before starting a Nutritional and/or Fitness

Easy Breezy is a delicious green smoothie that you can blend and take with you for your
breakfast and/or lunch. Eat a lean protein source with this and youll have a healthy meal
that will keep you energized throughout the day.
Easy Breezy Detox smoothie:
Fill the blender full with a combination of kale, mixed greens, and spinach, then:
Add 3 scoops of Nutrimeal Free (USANA)
1 cup of coconut water
Half an avocado
1 tablespoon each of sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, gogi berries, chia seeds

Blend and enjoy!! We promise you will feel ah-mazing.

WATER Drink half of your body weight in ounces daily. Start the day with 16 ounces of
water and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Then drink another 16 ounces of water with
chlorophyll to help keep the body alkaline. Install a filter on your kitchen tap so that you no
longer have to drink water stored in plastic bottles. Buy the sexy Voss glass water bottles
and then store and transport your water in them.

WEIGHT LOSS - Before you get started, its important to figure out why you really want to
lose weight. This step isnt as straightforward as it sounds. You need to be honest with
Is it to fit into that sexy red dress youve been eyeing at the back of your closet? Is it to be
lighter on your feet?
Think of everything that motivates you and then write it down and keep it with you.
Preparation and understanding your why are crucial for weight loss success and crucial
when dealing with sabotaging thoughts and temptations. Therefore, its an essential step in
the process and one that you cannot skip. You should read over your why at least twice a
day until youve reached your goal, and after that whenever you feel yourself struggling.

9 Common Thinking Errors
Gary D. Vogin, M.D. Wedmd.com
1. All-or-nothing thinking: you see things in only two categories, when theres really a middle
ground (e.g. Im either completely on my diet or Im completely off it).
2. Negative fortune-telling: you predict the future negatively, without considering other
possible outcomes (e.g. I didnt lose weight this week, so Ill never be able to lose weight).
3. Overly positive fortune-telling: you predict the future too positively, without considering
other possible outcomes (e.g. Ill be able to eat just a little bit of this food I crave, feel
satisfied, and then stop).
4. Emotional reasoning: you think your ideas must be true even though objective evidence
says not (e.g. I feel like I just have to have something sweet right now).
5. Mind reading: youre sure what others are thinking, even in the absence of compelling data
(e.g. Shell think Im rude if I dont try the brownies she baked).
6. Self-deluded thinking: you rationalize by telling yourself things you dont really believe at
other times (e.g. If no one sees me eating, it doesnt count).
7. Unhelpful rules: you mandate actions without taking circumstances into consideration (e.g.
I cant waste food).
8. Justification: you link two unrelated concepts to justify your eating habits (e.g. I deserve to
eat this because Im so stressed out).
9. Exaggerated thinking: you make a situation seem greater or worse than it really is (e.g. I
cant stand this craving).

Healthy Eating Plan Approved Foods

Tuna Scrambled Eggs Turkey Bacon
Salmon Poached Eggs Chicken Bacon
White Fish e.g. Halibut Soft/hard boiled Eggs Egg Whites
Cottage Cheese low fat Omelets no cheese Turkey
Poultry no skin Lobster Shrimp
Steak lean cut Extra Lean Ground Beef Low Fat/ Sodium Deli Slices
Pea meal Bacon Low Fat Cheese Low Fat Milk
Tofu (in-moderation) Soy Beans
Whey Protein
Vegetables (Non-Starchy Good Carbohydrates eat as much as you want)
Arugula Artichokes Parsley Radicchio Turnips
Zucchini Tomato Bean sprouts Leeks Celery root
Alfalfa sprouts Bean Sprouts Bok Choy Chicory Cabbage
Mushrooms Dandelion Greens Escarole Radishes Pumpkin
Lettuce Spaghetti Squash Peppers Chives Chard
Rhubarb Beet Greens Celery Cauliflower Snow peas
Romaine lettuce Endive Fennell Ornions Okra
Asparagus Bamboo shoots Collard Scallions Broccoli
Cucumber Water Chestnuts Eggplant Spinach Kale
Sauerkraut String/wax beans Broccoli Brussels Sprouts
Summer squash
Vegetables (Starchy Carbohydrates Use Sparingly)
Potatoes Carrots Corn Peas Yams
Sweet Potato


Fruits - Low glycemic 2 per day
Apples (1) Grapes (1cup) Peaches (1)
Berries (All 1 cup) Melon (1 cup) Cantaloupe (1 cup)
Orange (1) Grapefruit (1/2) Kiwi (2)
Nectarine (2) Pineapple (1 cup)
Fruits High glycemic Use sparingly
Bananas Tropical Fruits Grapes Watermelon
Breads / Pasta / Cereals 2 servings per day
7-Grain Whole Wheat Pasta (1/2 Cup)
Flax Seed Oatmeal 1 packet- unsweetened
Pro-Biotic Kashi Go Lean (1/2 Cup)
*Best bread Hollywood lowest calories
High fiber no sugar cereals (1/2 Cup)
High protein Pita
Note: 1 slice of bread = 1 serving
Other Carbohydrates Sub for above if desired
Yogurt No fat / no sugar
Brown Rice (1/2 cup)
Quinoa sparingly (1/ cup)
Milk 1% low fat or less
Fats 2 per day
Cheese (low fat/2 oz. per day only) Nuts almonds / walnuts limit 20 per day
Butter very sparing Olive Oil (2 Tbsp. /day) Avocado (1/2 per day)
Natural Peanut Butter: 1 Tbsp. Almond Butter: 1 Tbsp.
Nuts Almonds 20 / Walnuts 9 halves
Add spices to taste but make sure they do not contain added sugar.
**For salad dressing, use oil & vinegar (but not balsamic vinegar, which contains sugar) or lemon juice
& herbs & spices. Prepared salad dressings without added sugar!

1 Serving of Fruit
No Sugar Jell-O
Plain Popcorn

The main foods that you avoid on this eating plan include:
Soft drinks with Sugar
Foods containing trans fat
Desserts of any kind
Chips, Doritos, crackers, pretzels, etc.
Fried foods
White bread / Bagels / Croissants
White Pasta
Cake, ice cream, cookies, chips, brownies, butter tarts, pudding.
Alcohol (for the time being)

Be Wary of:
Caesar salads at restaurantsalways ask for the dressing on the side
Oils in cooking
Butter in cooking

Sugar Substitutes Splenda etc. triggers cravings for sweets.
Foods high in Sodium Retains fluids, acts as appetite stimulant, hypertension/
heart disease.
Avoid alcohol Empty calories, triggers cortisol release for belly fat, lowers

Do At Every Meal:
Drink one glass of water with each meal you eat.
Make sure you take a multivitamin along with an Omega-3 and calcium/magnesium
supplement. Best taken twice per day: one at breakfast and one at dinner.

Each meal that you consume should be made up of four components:
Healthy Carbohydrates
Healthy fats

Healthy Eating Plan Sample Menu
3oz. Protein
1 Fruit
1 slice of bread or 1 cup High fiber cereal No sugar added.
Mid-morning snack
Choose 1 of the following:
Tablespoon of Peanut Butter/Almond butter
1oz. low fat cheese
Protein Shake
Lunch: The Big Meal
5-6oz. lean protein
1 full plate of any (vegetables or salad)
cup of brown rice
1 tsp. olive oil and vinegar (olive oil / with lemon juice or wine vinegar)
Mid-afternoon snack:
20 raw almonds
1 Fruit
6 oz. protein

1 full plate of vegetables (olive oil / with lemon juice or wine vinegar)
1 fruit
No Sugar Jell-O
Note: Meal Plan Charts are from Holistic Bodyworx Inc.
Portion Size Guidelines
Even on Lifetime Maintenance, its important to be able to judge your portion sizes,
especially for higher carb foods.
How much is cup? These charts should help you estimate portions at a glance.
Grains, and Pasta Think of
cup rice, cereal, or pasta baseball
Fruits and Veggies
1 medium fruit or cup cut-up fruit A tennis ball
1 cup green salad A fist
cup cooked vegetables A scoop of ice cream
Protein and Cheese
2 tablespoons peanut butter Two tea bags
3 ounces beef, chicken, or pork A small pack of tissues
3 ounces beef, chicken, or pork The size of palm of your hand
1 ounce of cheese A pair of dice
1 ounce of nuts One Ping-Pong ball or small childs handful
1 cup A fist or a baseball
cup A large egg
Buy a Cooler Invest in a small cooler to ensure that you stay on track with your eating plan.
Plan your nutritious lunch and snacks the night before and then you are ready in the
morning to quickly pack your cooler and know with confidence that you have all you need

to eat healthy. Plus, not only will you feel better, youll save money that then you can re-
invest into your self-care regime.
Supplements Vitamins, if properly understood and applied, will help us to reduce human
suffering to an extent which the most fantastic human mind would fail to imagine. Albert
Szent-Gyorgyi (1893-1986) Nobel Laureate, Physiology and Medicine
In order to have optimal health, you need nutrients, both the macronutrientsthe
carbohydrates, proteins and fats we eatand the micronutrientsvitamins, minerals,
antioxidants and trace minerals. Recent studies show that nutrient levels in our foods
today have diminished because of over processing and the exhaustion of nutrients in our
farmlands. When our diets contain foods that are over processed with preservatives that
removes most of the nutrients our bodies would receive. Because of this and the exhaustion
of our farmlands, it is no longer possible to receive all the nutrients we need even when
consuming a very good diet. Therefore, intelligent cellular nutrition requires more
knowledge and effort on our part to ensure that we at least get base amounts of all the
essential nutrientsyes, this means supplements.
According to Lyle MacWilliams Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements:
In 2002, the American Medical Association (AMA) reversed its long-held anti-
vitamin stance and began to encourage all adults to supplement daily with a multi
vitamin. A landmark review of 38 years of scientific evidence by Harvard
researchers Drs. Robert and Kathleen Fairfield convinced the conservative Journal
of the American Medical Association (JAMA), to rewrite its policy guidelines
regarding the use of vitamin supplements. In two reports, published in the June 19,
2002, edition of JAMA, the authors concluded that the current North American diet,
while sufficient to prevent acute vitamin-deficiency diseases, such as scurvy and
pellagra, is inadequate to support long-term health.
Insufficient vitamin intake is apparently a cause of chronic disease. Recent evidence
has shown that suboptimal levels of vitamins (below standard), even well above
those causing deficiency syndromes, are risk factors for chronic diseases such as
cardiovascular disease, cancer, and osteoporosis. A large portion of the general
population is apparently at increased risk for this reason.
Since it is impossible to eat the amount of nutrients that you require to keep your cells
healthy at the cellular level, we recommend that you take a high quality multi-vitamin and
mineral supplement for optimum nutritional support. For the cost of a latte a day, you will
be provided with what you require for optimal health and energy levels.

Vitamins are essential to lifewe cant state this enough! They contribute to good health
by regulating the metabolism and assisting the biochemical processes that release energy
from digested food.
Exercise Youre 20 Minutes Away from Being Fit!

Take a Walk: It is necessary to incorporate at least 20 minutes of exercise into your daily
regimen. As we always say, Youre 20 minutes away from being fit! Just walking for 20
minutes will provide all the mental and physical benefits you need, and to add a challenge,
opt to hold on to hand weights for added toning!

You will need: Running shoes, free weights.

Do Yoga: It makes your life better!
Physical: Makes you flexible, and gives you a long, strong, lean, and confident body.
Mental: Take the time to breathe deeply. This helps to calm you and brings life
sustaining oxygen to your cellsit rejuvenates the mind to its natural state with a
sense of tranquility.
Psychological: Your habits in everyday life are always demonstrated on the mat.
Regular Yoga practice gives you peace of mind, it gives you the strength and courage
to be constantly expanding and improving your lifekey components to happiness!
Neurological: When you are relaxed and peaceful your bodily systems are brought
back into homeostasis. Therefore, you can steer yourself toward a healthy and
happy lifestyle.
Intuition: Yoga practice gives you the opportunity to make space in your body, to
release tension and to calm your mind. Only then will you be able to tap into your
intuition and receive better guidance on your choices and decisions.
Creativity: Practicing Yoga prepares your mind and body to release negative,
blocked energy. This will balance your energy and release stress so that your
creative self can express itself in the world.
Connection: Yoga practice connects us spiritually. We are all connected as one to
serve each other in love. The practice brings us to the realization of togetherness, of
being kind, of loving each other, and of understanding that our actions will be
intended for the greater good of ourselves and others.
You will need: Yoga mat and comfortable clothing.

Lymphatic Drainage: Your lymphatic system carries away your waste and toxins, and
unlike the heart, it does not have a pump. Therefore, working and stimulating your
lymphatic system is essential to your health. Use a drybrush before you shower to help get
the lymphatic system going first thing in the morning. You can also jump on a rebounder.
Not only is this great for cleansing the body of toxins, but its an incredible energy boost
just bounce and see how incredible you feel! And finally, you can also stimulate the bottom
of your feet with a tennis ballit feels amazing and just that simple actions stimulates
every major organ in the body and gets energy flowing to them.


Pillar III Mind

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy
follows like a shadow that never leaves.
A Story from Enza: Have you ever thought that if you ignore an emotion or feelinglike
angerthen it no longer exists? I did. Then I discovered that the body traps those negative
emotions, so even if you arent actively thinking about them, they are directly affecting your
body. So much so that those trapped negative emotions can create an acidic state in the
body and can often lead to disease!
Therefore, expressing your feelings positively and appropriately is necessary to ensure that
your emotions are flowing through your bodyotherwise they get trapped and those
negative emotions can lead to illness. I know all of this because before my healing journey, I
was of the mindset that feelings were bad and that I should do whatever possible not to
express them. As I began to heal, I learned that our feelings are wonderful gifts God gave us
to help better guide us. I worked with an energy healerVanessa Head (The Clarity Centre
in Ontario)who taught me to stomp out my anger and bounce to re-energize me. At
the time, I had no idea just how much pent up anger was stuck in my body, but I loved
learning a technique I could use to cleanse my system of that anger.
From my own experience, I know many of us live our lives carrying negative emotions with
us because we think they are often too painful to address. Im here to tell you that you must
address them if you want to achieve happiness and harmonyit is critical to release those
emotions from your body!
To help you transition, weve created the following list of actionable steps:
Affirmations As you transition, it is crucial to speak positive, affirming statements to
yourself on a daily basisstatements that will keep you calm and peaceful. We both use
Louise Hays method of saying positive affirmations in front of the mirror on a daily basis.
Since our lives are a culmination of our thoughts and what we eat, it is vital to our
wellbeing that we reprogram our thoughts by continually stating what we want.
Remember, whatever you focus on grows, so focus on what you want, not on what you
dont want, write your affirmations in present tense, and say them with a knowing that they
are true for you:


My physical and emotional healing is in progress.
Life supports me and brings me only good experiences.
I now choose to love and approve of myself. I accept my own power. I am forever
young in spirit.
Tapping Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT is a form of psychological acupressure based on
the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture, but without the invasiveness of
needles. Instead, simple tapping with the fingertips is used to input kinetic energy onto
specific meridians on the head and chest while you think about your specific problem
whether it is a traumatic event, an addiction, pain, etc.and voice positive affirmations.
This combination of tapping the energy meridians while voicing positive affirmation works
to clear the "short-circuitthe emotional blockfrom your body's bioenergy system, thus
restoring your mind and body's balance, which is essential for optimal health and the
healing of physical disease.
There are many videos on Youtube that demonstrate this process for youits simple,
effective, and best of all, its free. This is a great place to start as you clear those blocked
emotions within your body and gain emotionally alignment.
Vision Board Set clear goals and intentions for your year and then solidify them with a
visual map/vision board. Its imperative that you know where you are going and that you
live your life by design and not by default, and what better way to remind yourself of these
things then through picturesthe mind loves pictures!
Have fun creating your vision board, get a bunch of magazines or clippings from online, and
create your dream life! Take it further and create a creation box: weve also put together
beautiful boxes and filled them with various things we want to have and accomplish and
then placed them under our beds!
Blessing Journal Nothing can change your current situation as quickly as expressing
gratitude can. Keep a blessing journal and list all of the things that you are grateful for on a
daily basis. When you record what you are grateful for it opens the way for even more
gratitude to come into your life, and when you maintain this practice, you stay in harmony
with nature and creativity.
Without this beautiful practice, you can often get stuck in a trap of being easily
disappointed in life. Look at your life; you have been given so much. We are women, born in
a free country that gives women freedoms and liberties. Rejoice! There is an amazing scene
in the movie Secretariat, where the lead character, a woman, is trying to raise money by
offering breeding shares for her racing horse. She comes across a lot of opposition as she is
asking for more money than anyone has ever asked for a breeding share. In the moment, as

everyone is telling her no, she declares, I dont care how many of them say no. Im not
going to give up, and I will spend every moment rejoicing. The movie is based on a true
story, and eventually she is able to raise the money she needs to race her horse, which goes
on to win the Triple Crown in record time. So remember, miracles happen, and when it may
seem hopeless, rejoice about the things you do have!
Meditate Meditate on a daily basisthis simple act will literally alter the state of your
consciousness and lift it to a higher level. If you are unsure how to start, then try listening
to guided meditations, or if you feel more comfortable on your own, set a timer and sit in
silence as you focus on each of your breaths. Either way, you put your body in an expansive
state to receive.
Detach This is an essential technique that you must master. It is critical for you to
understand that you have absolutely no control over anything or anyone, so it is best to
stop trying to control these things and just allow your life to flow. You must also
understand that you are here only for your own personal journey, no one elses. So detach
from the outcome and embrace the journey!
Change Your Thoughts Every negative thought will manifest into a negative outcome, just
while every positive thought will manifest in a positive outcome. So in order to make sure
that you are manifesting positive outcomes, you need to complete a step-by-step analysis of
those negative thoughts one at a time. For example: When you look in the mirror how often
do you love the way you look? Most women beat themselves up about the way they look
maybe you think your thighs look too big in that new dress, or maybe your eyes go right to
you waist and you wish it was thinner. Either way, when your focus is critical or negative
about the way you look, the whole times you wear that dress your focus will be on the
negatives. So, lets turn it around! Go back to the mirror, now instead of thinking the
negative, realize just how beautiful you are. Love how you feel and have confidence in your
bodythink this and your self-worth will radiate from you!
Declutter & Get Organized The best way to move your life forward is to let go of the past
were not just talking about past events, but also material things from your past. As a
materialistic and commercialized society, we often have more things than we really need
knick knacks, souvenirs, shoes, etc. Most of our lives become so cluttered with stuff that it
starts to clutter our minds and moods. We recommend you do a major cleanse and get rid
of as much as you can. And if youre a woman going through a divorce, dont hold on to any
furniture from your marriagethings hold energy and these things hold energy that can no
longer serve you in a positive way. So sell or donate it and make a fresh start. And when
youre creating a new space for yourself, remember that less is morekeep things simple
and organized, and buy inexpensive organizers that can help you keep all your things in

order. As with art, you need a blank canvas to create something amazing, so de-clutter your
surroundings and live your best life.
Other suggestions: Create an atmosphere where you enjoy your family and friends through
experiences, rather than through gifting unessential things that accumulate into clutter.
Because those memories will outlast any trinket that you give.
Get Efficient Learn to make lists and shop in bulk, especially when you find yourself
wasting your weekends on numerous trips to the store! We used to be those women, but
eventually realized that we wanted more time to do the things we really wanted in life
efficiency is key. We suggest at the beginning of each month, you use one weekend to buy
all your household cleaning and toiletry products in bulk and anything else that you think
you might need for the month. Once you have a plan, youll notice how much more efficient
you are and instead of spending the weekends running errands, you can use this time to
strategize and build your future, or spend the weekend cooking foods for the upcoming
Another way to help with efficiency is to create daily checklists so that you can remember
everything that you need to do on a daily basiswe find that just a simple list can help us
stay more efficient and organized.
Time Strategy It is critical to understand that your time and energy are irreplaceable
theyre like liquid gold. Weve found that it is best to spend at least one hour per day
working on your yearly goals, and at least one full day each year mapping out your goals for
the year. To start, set three clearly defined goals that you want to accomplish for the
upcoming yearwe suggest one of your goals be financial and that one be health related.
Once youve created your goals, spend some time at the beginning of each week planning
the tasks you will complete that week to help you get closer to your goals. Then, as we said
above, spend one hour every day completing tasks that will get you there. Weve found that
its best to complete these tasks early in the day, otherwise other priorities or unforeseen
emergencies may take up your day and before you know it, your goals will become
And remember:
If you keep doing what you have always done Youll keep on getting what youve always
got. W.L. Bateman
In addition to goal strategizing, wed also recommend that you limit the amount of time you
spend returning emails and on social mediaboth can waste your time and zap your
energy. Also, be aware of any time vampires in your life and ensure you limit these, as
well. To do that its best to assign each task an allotted amount of timeset a timer and

when the time is up move on to your next task. Another tip: ensure that you do set time
limits to your conversations too because some people will keep you an hour to state a point
that could have been made in 10 minutes! And rememberyour time and energy are like
liquid gold!
Keep it easy Just YouTube it! Virtually everything you could possibly want to know is on
YouTube, and the best part is its free! Try listening to videos on self-help, goal setting,
affirmations, etc. as you get ready each morning. And if you have young children and find it
difficult to get out and exercise, then just YouTube exercise/yoga videos and exercise right
at home!


Pillar IV Spirit

No matter what you might be facing right now or what comes up in the future,
remember two things, God is with you and He is in control.
Joyce Meyer
If you think you will get through life by managing it all on your own, youre certainly
headed for an awakening. Its too hard to figure it all out on our own, especially when
absolutely nothing is in our control. So we advise you to:
Surrender Surrender your life to Gods willto a higher power and purpose that knows
what is best for you. Most of us dont want to surrender ourselves because it runs opposite
to our ego, which wants to control everything, but without surrendering, there is no peace.
Trust Trust that all will be well, and trust that God will be there to look after youif He
can keep the Earth rotating on a specific axis, then He can take care of you, too!
Accept This can be very difficult, especially if youve been mistreated by others, but if you
do not embrace what you have been throughthe good and the badand accept that it
came your way so you could grow and learn, then it will hold you back reliving the past. So
if you dont want to stay where you are, then accept the situation and let go.
In this world, we all experience disappointments, but as we let go of those
disappointments, we make room for new and exciting situations to fill that space. We once
heard a wonderful story about a mule that fell in a well in a South American country. The
farmer had no idea how to save the mule, so he decided that he would fill the well up with
dirt in order to essentially bury the mule and put it out of its misery. The mule, however,
felt the dirt being thrown on top of him, and decided to shake it off and stomp on it. This
process caused him to rise higher and higher until he eventually reached the top of the well
and walked free.
Forgiveness Forgive others and set yourself free. Every time you dwell on the negatives of
the past, youll get depressed because those bad moments will take hold of your present.
And when you do that, you tend to only manifest more of the same. So instead of
manifesting more negative feelings and situations, ask God to help you forgive those who
wronged you and experience what it is like to feel free!


We hope that you found Born Free extremely enlightening and the four pillars extremely
achievablewe know you can transform your life as we did! And as you begin to
implement these techniques and strategies in your life, youll begin to love and approve of
yourself and youll reconnect to that amazing life-force power within youa power that is
the very essence of God. This transition is really a yellow brick road experience, and like
Dorothy, you will discover that you always had the power within you. It was only through
lifes disappointments and fears that you never noticed what had always been within you.
As you continue in your journey, you will transform and grow into the amazing woman that
you were always destined to beone who is strong and one who is, most importantly, free!

In the end, its not between you and them, its between you and God. Mother Teresa


Born Free Quick-Start Checklist
Add an additional income source to your annual revenue portfolio
Get your legal papers in order
Calculate your net worth
If you are in litigation, mediate a settlement
Buy silver
Build Wealth and Give
Nutrition eat low-glycemic and anti-inflammatory foods
Detox to eliminate toxins from your system and get your digestive system working optimally
Drink half your body weight in ounces daily
Add a high quality nutritional supplement into your daily regime for optimal health and wellbeing
Exercise incorporate at least 20 minutes of exercise daily
Stimulate lymphatic drainage by drybrushing your skin, jumping on a rebounder and stimulating the
bottoms of your feet with a tennis ball
Affirmations speak positive, affirming statements to yourself on a daily basis
Tapping use this technique to help clear emotional blocks from your bioenergy system
Vision Board create a beautiful vision board depicting your goals and dreams
Blessings Journal maintain a daily gratitude practice
Meditate daily to help put your mind in an expansive state to receive
Detach master the practice of detachment, stop trying to control the outcome and allow your life to
Change your thoughts meditate only on what you want, you literally manifest your thoughts
Declutter & Get Organized cluttered surroundings will clutter your mind and mood, move your life
forward by getting rid of the things of your past
Get efficient make lists and learn to shop in bulk so that you use your time wisely
Time Strategy guard your time like liquid gold and spend at least 1 hour per day working on action
items towards your annual goals
Surrender surrender your life to Gods will in order to be in peace
Trust trust that all will be well and everything is exactly as it should be
Accept accept that everything you have been through was necessary in order for you to learn and
growif you want to move your life forward, accept and let go
Forgiveness forgive others and yourself in order to set yourself free