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Rainy Butlers

To better understand my
philosophy, youll need to get to
know me a little better
First off, I was
not named
because my
parents were
or because

it was raining

when I was
Im the fourth of five children,
and I grew up outgoing
yet a bit
An interesting combination
One of my great passions in life is

Jesus Christ
Which lead me
to serve an 18
month mission
for The Church
of Jesus Christ
of Latter-Day
Saints to

My other great passion is the
I love to help people,
especially the youth,
grow, experience
and change.
I enjoy the
and learning
that come
from being a leader
I also like being a good
follower to my
leaders and

Speaking of
Scott Williams talks about ten
differences in managers and
leaders in his video-
Top 10 Differences Between
Managers and Leaders.

When it comes to:
Managers Leaders
Essence, its all about its about
stability change

Rules, make rules break rules

Approach, planning setting the
and detail direction

Culture, execute shape
When it comes to:
Managers Leaders
Conflict, often avoid use as an

Direction, take existing make new
roads roads

Credit, take give

Decision, make facilitate
When it comes to:
Managers Leaders
Vision, tell sell

Style, transactional transformational

I think Williams is a bit too biased
to leaders and doesnt give
enough credit to managers.
I believe that whatever your title
whether it be manager or leader
you need to have a mix of the ten
comparisons that he makes.

As a future
manager/leader I will need
to first be stable so that I
will be able to make that
change. There needs to
first be rules in order to
wisely break them.
I will take credit when
I deserve it but I will also
give credit
I will make and
facilitate decisions.
I will tell and sell.

If my title of
position was
people still
follow me?

I hope to
live and
work in
such a
way that
the answer
will always
be yes.

Robert L. Katz created a model
that identifies three skill sets that
he thinks are necessary for the
management process.
These skills are technical,
human and conceptual.
Managing Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services: An Introduction. Edgington et al., pgs. 15-16
Technical skills-
the ability to use
ones knowledge in
the performance of
specific tasks.
Human skills- the
ability to motivate
people by working
with and through
them to achieve
organizational goals.
Conceptual skills- the
understanding of how each of
the organizations components
fit together in order to meet its
goals and objectives.
This is what Katzs model looks like
Basically, the further a person
goes in management the less
technical skills are needed
and more conceptual skills
are required. All the while human
skills stay the same through all
levels of management.
This is what I think the Katz model
should looks like.
Managers and leaders should be
willing and able to be flexible
with using these three skill sets
according to the situation, their
staff and in achieving the overall
This is what my personal Katz
model looks like now.

I feel fairly confident with my human
skills though they can always
My technical skills have a base but
according to my specific job, this
skill set will need revising.
Conceptual skills is where I need
the most work but I know that with
experience this will come.


I have found that I relate to
several different leadership
The following are four of the
theories that I am working on
applying to myself.

The Group or Exchange Theory
Where there is an interaction
between leaders and followers
within group environments.

Situational or Contingency
Situational factors influence the use
of a given managerial leadership

Collaborative Leadership Theory
Involves working with others in such a
way as to promote a shared approach
to decision making and problem

Servant Leadership Theory
Is creating caring environments by
promoting teamwork, community and
involving others in the decision making
and problem solving process.
Managing Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services: An Introduction. Edgington et. al. pages 113-116
Basically I want to have a healthy
interaction between myself and
my staff, I want them to know that
they can be a leader and I will give
them opportunities to do so.
I have found that I enjoy serving
others and by doing so I will be
creating trust with my staff.
One way to build a good
relationship within my staff unit is
to have good, well-working
mission, vision and values
set in place.
Vision, mission, and goals. Class 9/24
My mission will define the core
purpose of my business.
It will be short, memorable,
inspiring and be market
I will get staff input on creating
and/or revising the mission
because they will live by it as well
and I feel they need to have their
voice heard and not just mine.

My vision will identify where
I want the business
to be, given a
of 5+ years.
It will be clear
and visible, descriptive
as well as quantitative.
My values will set
expectations of how to
act within the business
as well as
other businesses and/or
By having these three tools I will be
able to build a strong
foundation for my business that
will stand for years to come.
The internal state or condition
which propels one into action.
Human Resource Management in Recreation, Sport, and Leisure Services. Arnold et. al. page 111
I believe that
motivation is
the ability to
yourself and/or
others to do
something and do
it with a good

Daniel Pink talks about several
different motivations in his video
Daniel Pink: What Really
Motivates Workers.

These motivators are:
-Reward & punishment

Though extrinsic motivation
works well it doesnt last long.
Intrinsic motivation is harder to
achieve but once there, people will
be motivated for a much longer
time period.
Intrinsic motivation allows for
a greater access to the
creative mind.
tend to be
in the
work place.
If I can help my staff be more
intrinsically motivated,
and not only extrinsically,
then they will be happy to come
to work and they will be creative
in how they work and how they
work through problems as a
I can help my staff be happy by
setting up a code by which to
follow for disciplinary action
and grievances.
Human Resource Management in Recreation, Sport, and Leisure Services. Arnold et. al. pages 186-199

I will have
and rules
that are
& fair, enforceable
and clear.
I will discipline
my staff in a timely
manner, with
respect, treating
them how I would
want to be treated.
I will listen, coach,
compromise when necessary,
be firm and follow the mission,
vision and values of the

I will practice formal
and informal corrective action.
I will orient and train my staff so
that they know these rules
and expectations.
This will be a
preventative measure
so stuff like this doesnt happen.
I hope that with my help, my staff will
work hard, gain experience,
learn and grow so that we can go
incredible places.