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Why is it important to service your

airconditioning and refrigeration

Airconditioning and refrigeration systems, like all mechanical equipment, are
subject to wear and tear. They lose efciency and consume more power over time,
unless you monitor and maintain them regularly.
Studies reveal that with regular tune-ups, a system will deliver up to 95% of its
original efciency. This helps reduce operating and revamp costs, and also helps
you save a lot on power.
There is a prevailing misconception that you dont need specialised skills to keep your
airconditioning and refrigeration system in peak condition. Or that in the case of a breakdown,
any local AC repair man can step-in for troubleshooting.
Nothing can be further from the truth. Most local technicians lack in-depth understanding of the
complex designs and circuitry that make up the innards of modern day airconditioning and
refrigeration systems. Also, they are ill informed when it comes to indoor air quality, airside
management and energy efciency. In addition to this, their lack of resources and infrastructure
can cause irreparable damage to your system.
Why Blue Star Service?
Service Capabilities
The Blue Star Edge
Blue Stars service experts, armed with adequate on-site and classroom training are
highly qualifed to monitor and service airconditioning and refrigeration systems. In
fact, Blue Star has one of the largest pool of qualifed and trained HVAC engineers, and
these are supported by a robust network of channel partners across the country. All
backed by over six decades of expertise in airconditioning and commercial refrigeration.
The Blue Star Advantage
Expert Service Solutions from Blue Star give you the following advantages:
Trained Personnel: Our engineers and technicians undergo intensive training to handle
expensive, sophisticated airconditioning and refrigeration equipment.
Priority Service: When you opt for our annual service, we ofer you priority service. Which means
that your calls get attended to promptly and the system is serviced quicker.
Preventive Checks: Under all our service solutions, we ofer preventive maintenance checks
which help in identifying problems early, preventing costly downtime.
Any Time Access: All our service personnel including technicians are given cell phones for your
ease and convenience.
Genuine Spares: By opting for our service solutions, you are assured of genuine spares that will
go a long way in ensuring high uptime for your system.
Seasonal Settings: In summer, you would prefer lower temperatures and when the climate is
cold you often feel the need to change your settings to higher temperatures. Before the onset of a
season, our engineers calibrate the airconditioning system to suit your unique requirement, thereby
resulting in energy savings.
Fan Coil Unit
Value Added Services
Validation and Commissioning Services
We have a team of professionals who validate the system installation with standard parameters. This covers
the chiller, ancillary equipment and accessories attached to the system. Post validation, commissioning is
carried out as per the standard checklist. Our team also gives frontline engineers the necessary training to
ensure smooth functioning of the system.
Product Upgrades and Enhancements
These services are primarily targeted at old airconditioning systems. Over a period of time it is quite likely
that due to additional equipment load or change in the ofce layout there is a change in the heat load. To
cater to the revised heat load, there may be a need to modify the ducting, enhance the capacity of the air
handling unit or even replace the old chilling machine.
Enhancements may also arise out of the replacement of condensing units, upgrading to new energy
efcient compressors, refrigerant conversion, replacement of old electromechanical controls with
microprocessor-based controls etc.
Replace your old Fan Coil Unit
The continuous exchange of hot air with cool air in your airconditioning system takes place through the
Fan Coil Unit (FCU). Over time, the unit ages making it extremely noisy. Blue Stars new FCU is reliable and
trouble-free; it has a special low noise feature that makes it the quietest in its category.
Refrigerant Conversion
Since 2005, CFC-based refrigerants have started being phased out. It has become extremely critical to
change to the refrigerant R-11 for your airconditioning system. The Montreal Protocol mandates phasing out
all CFCs by 2010.
Digi Group Controller with PC Connectivity
The Digi Group Controller is a smart way to control your airconditioning system. It is a device that helps you time
your airconditioning system on a fexi-schedule, with breaks whenever you want. It also helps you choose
between various temperature bandwidths for diferent times of the day and controls the entire system. This
system also comes with a number of special advantages for secure operation and constant monitoring.
Ducted Split AC 1
Digi Group Controller
Ducted Split AC 2 Ducted Split AC 16 Ducted Split AC 64
Advanced Pre-emptive Diagnostics for Airconditioning Systems
To prevent breakdowns and enhance the life of your airconditioning system, we ofer you a wide range of
diagnostic tools. Eddy Current Testing (ECT) is one such tool that particularly addresses chiller and
condenser tube damage. ECT is an electromagnetic, non-destructive diagnostic process that detects
corrosion, erosion, breakage and leakage in the chiller heat exchanger tubes. Performing ECT on chiller
tubes every few years helps locate defects at an early stage, before they bring the entire system down.
Indoor Air Quality Management Services
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the nature of air within an inhabited, enclosed space, with particular
relevance to suspended particulate matter, dust, harmful biological contaminants, chemical vapours and
odours present in it. Today, it is assuming greater importance amongst corporate and commercial
customers, as people realise the harmful efects of poor indoor air quality on health and productivity.
Blue Star ofers a range of IAQ Management Services starting with a comprehensive indoor air quality audit.
Duct Cleaning
Fungus tends to grow in the corners and joints of the airconditioning ducts, which subsequently become a
breeding ground for diferent types of bacteria and moulds. These contaminate the air and can lead to
various illnesses. They also tend to clog the air channels, thereby afecting the airconditioning system.
Therefore, it is vital to ensure that your ducts remain clean and dust-free at all the times.
Indoor Air Quality Audit
Before arriving at any conclusion, our IAQ audit examines a
range of parameters like temperature, humidity and
particulate count. A specially devised instrument monitors
the presence of various gases in the air. The readings are then
compared with the standard guidelines issued by ASHRAE
(American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air
Conditioning Engineers) and OSHA (Occupational Safety &
Health Administration). After analysing the parameters, our
team of experts submit a detailed IAQ survey report and
Air Duct
Air Compressor
& Video
Control Box
Ventilator & Filter
(Hi Vacuum Unit)
Energy Management Services
Airconditioning constitutes around 65% of the total power consumption in any establishment. Apart from this,
heat load conditions and usage patterns vary over the years with wear and tear, resulting in further power
consumption. Blue Stars energy audit can help you stop your electricity bills from spiralling.
Energy Audit Services
Blue Star undertakes a comprehensive energy audit which starts with identifying the consumption, and ends
after executing the recommendations that result from the audit. We even audit other energy consuming
devices such as lighting, pumping, cooling towers and many more, giving you a one-stop solution. Whats
more, our audits are backed by guaranteed energy savings, and carried out by Energy Managers and Energy
Auditors accredited by the Bureau of Energy Efciency (BEE).
Our Energy Management Services Also Include:
Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) is an important energy saving device which can be used in chillers, air
handling units, cooling towers, pumps and other motors. Blue Star has partnered with Danfoss, Denmark for
providing VFDs. Based on fuctuations in airconditioning demand from the end user, VFD changes the
frequency and hence the RPM of the motor, thereby saving energy.
Part Load Management
Based on climatic fuctuations and variations in the internal use on account of occupancy, it is essential to
understand the quantity of heat used at various stages. This is instrumental in understanding part load
behaviour of the chiller, and for planning the airconditioning requirement.
Air Distribution Optimisation
Air distribution and air balancing play a critical role in energy saving, as the airconditioning load is determined
by air distribution and air balancing. Blue Star has developed expertise in the area of air balancing, ofering
devices such as variable air volume systems.
Water Balancing
In any airconditioning plant, condenser water and chilled water are balanced at the time of commissioning
only. There is a strong possibility of disturbances in this, on account of manual intervention. Hence it is essential
to balance this chilled water and condenser water at periodical intervals to improve the chiller performance.
Variable Frequency Drive
Service Capabilities
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Service Capabilities
Facilities Management Services
Facilities Management Services is an internationally recognised specialisation that involves multiple disciplines.
It ensures smooth and efcient functioning of the built environment by the comprehensive integration of human
resources, systems and technology for delivery of non-core support services to clients. Blue Star has an
accreditation from the International Facilities Managers Association (IFMA) and ofers Facilities Management
Services in areas such as Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance, Support System and Utilities Management.
Superior Service Processes
Blue Stars superior systems and processes help it in delivering the best to its customers. Mentioned below are
some of them:
The Company has ISO certifcation with accreditation from UL India for the service operations of Central Plants
and Packaged Airconditioning systems.
There is a Service Quality Assurance Group in place for benchmarking the best practices in other service
industries, and developing and implementing service delivery standards in conformity with the same.
The Service Specialists Group handles complex technical problems in the feld even through remote supervision
or direct intervention, if required. The team is well equipped with various advanced measuring, data logging and
diagnostic tools.
A Certifcation and Developmental programme for channel partners and business associates is aimed at the
development of their infrastructure, manpower resources and capabilities. The programme also includes
modernisation and upgradation of service instruments, tools and tackles.
The National Parts Centre and Regional Parts Centres in various cities, ensure faster availability of service parts.
A special Call Management service takes care of customer requests from 9 am to 9 pm, 365 days in a year.
All these diferentiated and superior services make Blue Star a preferred name in the airconditioning and
refrigeration service business.