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Subramani M

An Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer from University of Calcutta with 8

plus years Hands-on-experience having multi facet experience in the feld of ata
Center - !lan" esign" #mplementation" $uild% &igration and ata Center 'perations
( Transformation% isaster )ecovery 'perations% Customer *ervice )elationship%
#T#+% #ncident &anagement" !ro,lem &anagement" Change management" $usiness
Continuity *ervices% #T #nfrastructure Enterprise &anagement *ervices% Asset
&anagement% -etwor. / Telecom 'perations and #T 'perations0
1ast and 2uic. learner desperately involved learning new technologies"
'rgani3ation !olicies and *trategy0 Conducted training sessions also product (
services demonstration to Customer4s as well *ta.e holders and internal senior
Handled team si3e of 67 and closely with #T #nfra Head" &anagers" Team
+eads" +ead Engineers" #T 'perational consultants" $usiness continuity !ractitioners"
Administration ( facility sta50
High +eadership 8ualities" self motivated" good team mem,er" punctual and wor.
CCNA 9 Cisco Certifed -etwor. Associate :;<=-8=6> 9 Cisco #?
MCP - &icrosoft Certifed !rofessional 9 #? 7;A7B7@
ITIL 9 Certifed #T#+ *trategy ( !olicy #mplementation
Industry Trained Certifcations ?
EMC SAN Storage 9 E&C trained on E&C *A- Clarrion AC<-7
*torage $ox0 Dood understanding on *A*" *ATA" *C*# dis."
creating volumes/+U-s" confguring *A- ,ox and Extender"
+icensing" f,er patching" &onitoring *pace ( Usage on
-avisphere tool0
VMware Virtualization 9 Hexaware Technologies" Hydera,ad 9 A! #ndia0 9
Trained on E&ware Hypervisor E*Ci 70=" v*phere Client 70=" vCenter *erver
70=" vCharge,ac.0 &onitoring ( trou,leshooting E&s0 $ac.up of E&s - !6!"
!6E" E6!0 &igration E*C <0= to E*Ci 70=0
DATA CENTE !Tier"IV# Le$el- #ndustry Trained Emerson Power 9 ata
Center !lanning" 'perations ( Transformation - ata Center Tier ### +evels0
Security % Sa&ety Training &or Data Center % Disaster
eco$ery Sites - #ndustry Trained Johnson Control Systems Pvt. Ltd0
-Trained on *mo.e/1ire/)odent )epellant/Humidity *ensor/ Eesda / -ovac
Teleco' Tec(nologies Mo)ile Core Plat&or' 9 !roFect !lanning -
#nfrastructure !lanning-*olution Analysis 9 *ervices elivery - ata Center
$uild for &o,ile Core Technology environment0
*usiness Continuity Certifcations:
Trained C$C# - $usiness Continuity #nstitute :$C#> eloitee Cham,ers" &um,ai
G$usiness Continuity !rocess ( #mplementation #ndustry standardsH
Core Co'+etencies
EMC SAN Storage 9
- #nstalling" Confguring E&C *A- *torage $ox Clarrion AC<-70
- Dood .nowledge of *torage Arrays" Tape li,raries" )A#" -etwor. storage and
1i,re Channel0
- 1amiliarity with *torage protocols li.e 1C" *C*#" *A* and*ATA0
- Dood .nowledge on Hot swapping dis.s 9 *ATA /*A*/*C*# on production
- E!A/EA 1i,re Ca,le !atching as per E&C Extender re8uirements0
- &onitor ( Trou,leshooting the *A- $ox through E&C -avi*phere Ie,
- Confgure Eolumes/Eirtual is.s/Active-!assive Connectivity0
- Confguring HA for )edundancy0 is. $ac.up0
- Aware of *torage management concerns and standards li.e *&#-*0
VMware Cloud Tec(nologies ,
- .nowledge on Hypervisor E*Ci 70C Administration0
- Dood .nowledge on E&ware products li.e v*phere 70x" vCenter" v&otion"
E&ware view0
- vCenter *erver installation" confguration ( managing hosts0
- &igrating E&s from Host-to-Host through vConverter/Eeem ,eam application0
- !6E and E6! of E&s through !latespin/#n&age GHexawareH application0
- +icense Evaluation" *+As" and proper documentation done for audits0
- $ac.up ( restore of E&s through *ymantec $ac.up exec" veeam ,eam"
- monitoring alarms" power usage" stand ,y E&s" Unused E&s" resource
management and prepare reports0
- Denerating &onthly reports for Customers who are using our #T #nfra using
vCharge $ac.0
- Ihen customer demands can upgrade )A&" *torage space additional for
- *!'C for customers re8uests" orders" Up-gradations" migrations" new
implementations etc0
Microsoft Technologies 9
- Iindows Cp" Eista" 6===" Iindows J ( 8" Iindows 6==8 )6 *erver *tandard
and Enterprise Edition #nstallations0
- Ior.ed on C" -* " HC! " Active irectory" Droup !olicies (
- *erver &onitoring ( !erformance tuning0
- Trou,le *hooting -* related #ssues" HC!" User or Droup !rofle issues0
- &aintain ( manage data ,ac.up" data migration wor.s0
- &aintain @==K Uptime *+A ( Escalation if any to +A levels for unanswered
-AN Tec(nologies ,
Dood awareness on E!-" &!+*0
outing ,
Aware of )outing protocols" confguring #! on )outers" Cisco #'*" $D! ( )#!60
Networ. Manage'ent ,
Dood awareness on +A-/IA- issues" confguring #! address" $andwidth
monitoring" -etwor. monitoring 9 ! drop/+atency" #*! lin.0 !atching
*tructure ca,ling0
Pro/ects 0andled
@> &edia Entertainment Customer? &TE !roFect ?- 6@6 *erverLs with &ultiple
'perating *ystems Environment :+inux/Cent '*/Iindows 6.A"6.8 )6" Eista>
deployed on Eirtuali3ation E*Ci 70=/<0= Hypervisor Environment0 Confgured M HA
and provided support services to customerLs 'n-site 6<xJ0
6> H!/#'C+/H!C+ :'#+ s>?- 'il ( Das Company? 7@ *ervers E&ware Cloud *ervices0
- *erver installation G#$& $lade *ervers/ell )J@=" H!A;==" H! @6==" *U- T<
- !lanned )ac. Allocation with Cage for customer with Hi end security
- )TD*/-E1T *etup with )$# and #*! *upport
- 6<xJ support services0
- *!'C for this customer0 &onthly reports shared to customer as per signed
A> $er.adia *ervices #ndia !vt +td :$*#!+>?- 1&CD 1inancial *ervices Company?
- ata Center )ac." !ower" Cooling ( *ecurity *ystem !rovisioning0
- *erver #nstallation ( confguration of '* ( application M customer re8uired
- *torage installation GE&C *A- AC<-7 Clarrion with ExpansionH
- )outer ( *witch installation
- $ac.up ( recovery as per *+A
<> !rincipal 1inancial Dlo,al Technologies *ervices !vt +td :!1D Droup>?-
1inancial *ervices Company?
- )/$C! *ervices provided during all ) rills"
- &aintained proper #mage $ac.up ,asis and stored the image tape
- &aintained )ecords and shared the same reports to customer ,asis0
- 'n-demand Customer #mage deployed for more than A== !Cs during
Critical isaster rills within the specifed *+A0 !rovided support services
during &oc. rills0
- Ior. Area recovery seating allocation on shared seating ,asis provided
during Critical isaster rills0
Position 0olding? Lead Engineer4 #T #nfra -ata Center 'perations (
*upport :Telecom omain>0 till today0
Current Pro/ect: Client? )oamware T*!? $russels ( Amsterdam
-!roFect planning ( implementation" !roFect scheduling" Estimation"
!roFect Timeliness and closure0 ata Center esign !lanning (
implementation G #T #nfrastructure !lanning" atacenter )ac. design"
Noor plan design" ca,ling Gstructured ( 1i,erH" *ecurity Access (
&onitoring systems implementation" customer relationship" vendor co-
ordination" internal team meetings" product demonstration"
documentation for proFect rollout0
Pro/ect 0andled? Client? +ycamo,ile !te0 +td0- -ew ata Center $uild
M E8uinix #$C" +ondon" UO Team si3e 7=0 #nvolved in proFects"
transmission" networ. planning" #! networ.s" *witching" *ignaling" #T
*erver teams for completion of the proFect
Current E'+loyer ? PLINT1N 5lo)al Tec(nologies Pri$ate
Li'ited , is worldLs largest multi-country telecom hosted cloud ,ased
infrastructure for &-'" &E-' ( Enterprises0
*eptem,er 6=@6 9 !resent G@ year < monthsH Chennai Area" #ndia
Team *i3e? 6B
P Heading new Upcoming !roFects ( existing proFects
P *!'C for Eendors" Customers G#ndia Q a,roadH" sta.e holders and local
P !eople management" Eendor management" #ncident management and #T
P !roFect *cheduling" Estimation" scoping"" organi3e internal team
meetings for proFect rollout0
P !roFect rollout data center design GNoor design" ca,ling" power" cooling"
rac. ,uild" server/switch rac. ( stac.H"security systems" monitoring system0
P Handling 6</J ata Center 'perations G,oth 'n-site and '5 siteH" *ervice
elivery" Change &anagement" #ncident &anagement" Confguration
&anagement" )esource &anagement and Asset &anagement
P +ead the 'n-*ite Technology team for service operations0
P !rovide data center access to employees" visitors and customers0
P &onitoring ( &anaging remotely all #T 'perations on all @; ata centers
P &aintain @==K *+A and good customer relationship0
P Collecting reports related to site access" inventory" monthly power
consumption reports" new rac. or devices re8uest forms" add or remove #T
#nfrastructure Gmaterial #n and &aterial 'utH0
P Updating ,oth #T and -on-#T #nfrastructure online portal C&$0
P &anaging the C 1acility #nfra inclusive of Electrical" &echanical" $&* (
*ecurity systems
P +ead #T 'perations 9 *erver &anagement" -etwor. &anagement"
Application &anagement" *torage &anagement" $ig data ,ac.up (
P!repare reports for change" incident" pro,lem" asset GC&$H
Pre$ious E'+loyer 6 ? 1'nitec( In&o Solutions P$t7 Ltd7 " Tier-###
+evel, #*A*TE) )EC'EE)R *#TE G1ully managed ) *iteH 9 is a DATA CENTER Tier-
III Level, Hydera,ad" A.P - *eptem,er J
6==B to 'ct 6=@60
Position 0eld? Technical Specialist S ata Center 'perations (
Transformation - isaster recovery *ervices G)/$C!H0
Tea' Size: 89
P *cratch +evel till $uilding Up the ata Center 9 Tier ### level - Aware of ata
Center site wor.s related to Civil" Electrical" Cooling systems" *ecurity systems"
Customer relationship" Eendor coordination" #T #nfrastructure !lanning etc0
P *!'C 9 for this ata Center for Customers" *ta.e holders" Eendors and $usiness
P &anaging 'perations of two of the Tier A ata Centers at &um,ai ( Hydera,ad
P &anaging 6</J ata Center 'perations" *ervice elivery" Change &anagement"
#ncident &anagement" Confguration &anagement" )esource &anagement and
Asset &anagement0
P &anaging the C 1acility #nfra inclusive of Electrical" &echanical" $&*" ( *ecurity
P involved in C on #T*& ( #*&* standards and 2uality Control 9 internal ( external
PAware of #*' 6=." 6J." **7=J standards compliance at C
P !eople &anagement" Time management" Escalation management0
P *erver/*witch/)outer/1irewall/*torage installation ( confguration on High ensity
ata Center )ac.s0
P irect interaction with customer related 8ueries" server replication" data
migration" data ,
and *+As0
P Ior.ed on E&ware Eirtuali3ation E*Ci 70= Hypervisor *erver installation0 Esphere
client 70=" Ecenter server 70=" Emotion" Eeeam ,eam ,ac.up" Consolidated $ac.up"
Ecenter orchester and other various Eirtual A!# to manage and control the data
security" availa,ility" ,ac.up and readiness0
P Ior.ed on E& , ,oth physical and virtual !6!" !6E and E6! ,y using
#n&age/!late*pin/vConverter/Eee,eam tools0
P E*Ci +icensing Upgradation0 &igration E*C <0@ Hypervisor to E*Ci 70=
P Ior.ed on E&C AC<-7 Clarrion *torage solutions0 #nstalled E&C Ax<-7 !rimary
and extender *torage trays" Hot swapping *ATA H" !atching 1i,er ca,le for
!rimary and Extender *torage Arrays0 +icense up-gradation" ,ac.up of E& alloting
P Ior.ed as $usiness Continuity *ervice Consultant for isaster )ecovery Center0
!repared Templates" *trategy" )is. assesment" $#A" )A" $C&*" )eviews" &oc. drills
( Audit wor.s0
Pre$ious E'+loyer : 8:
1rganization ? ECI Engg % CCL" :5o$t7 Pro/ect> 0ydera)ad0 #-#A
esignation ? *r0 *ystems Administrator :*ystems and> - Iindows
!eriod ? ecem,er @=
6==8 to &ay 6==B
;o) Profle ? EC# is e8uipped with a total of @=== client computer systems
:,randed ie" ell" Iipro" +D" HC+ ( #$&> along with ell power edge B;== ( H!
!roliant D; *erver 9 Iindows 6==A omain0 &aintain the *ervers" User !rofles"
Application #ssues" and -etwor. $ac.,one of EC#0
@0 !lanning ( #mplementation of new methodologies for computer systems0
60 &onitoring -etwor. performance" call logging with system administrators at
A0 IA- +in.s &onitoring - )eliance C-& Tool" Airtel &)TD" and EC H! *ite
<0 !lanned scheduled activity shared with Team to complete tas.s in scheduled
70 !lanning and scheduling #T test drills0 ocumenting the same for test results0
;0 #nstalling and confguration switches -lin." Cisco +in.sys0 )outer @J6=0
J0 Ior.ed on :TC!/#!> and routing protocols li.e )#!-@0=" $D!0
80 Onowledge on -atting" E+A-" E!-0
B0 Ior.ed on &* Iindows 6===/6==A domains" 1T! *erver" 1ile *erver" '* and
Application deployment through )#* *ervices0 .nowledge on -*" HC!" and A 6==A omains0
@@0$asic .nowledge on E&C *A- Technologies0
@60&ultiple #mage deployment G'*H on ,are metal hardware with very less time
Pre$ious E'+loyer : <:
1rganization ? Parity Syste's India P$t7 Ltd74 0ydera)ad INDIA
esignation ? -etwor. *upport Engineer
!eriod ? Tuly 6==< to -ov 6==8
;o) Profle?
@0 Confguring A*+ modems and Hu,s at client places0
60 Avaya #! !hone setup / E'#! installation0
A0 &onitoring call loggings with vendors
<0 evice *etup at client places and demonstrating a,out the device and
70 *upporting customer through chat and e-mail process0
;0 Eisiting Client places for device setup and installation0
J0 !roviding technical support for product sales0
80 Trou,leshooting networ. and system related pro,lems0
B0 #nstallation and Trou,leshooting &* Iindows 6=== servers ( clients" &*
'Uce pac.ages0
A7M7I7E0 - $achelor egree in Electronics and Communication
Engineering" Calcutta University" #ndia0
Di+lo'a 9 A yrs regular iploma in Electrical Engineering" $oard of
Technical Education" Oarnata.a" #ndia
S7S7C7 " $oard of *econdary Education" Andhra !radesh" #ndia0
!unctual in All Time *cheduled" )esult oriented" Oeen sense of willingness to +earn
-ew Technologies" Co-operative" )esourceful" #nnovative and faith in D'0