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Box 59311, Chicago, Illinois 60659-0311


Dear FMC 2014 Camper,

Were looking forward to FMC 2014, and were so glad youll be part of it!

You will find the following included with this letter:

A list of things to bring to camp.
Information about auditioning for our yearly benefit concert (four-week campers only)
A travel information form, with information about places to stay in the area.
Camp release forms.
Camp health form.
Canoe trip permission form.

Please return all forms as soon as possible, no later than June 10th. Dont hesitate to
contact us if you have any questions about the forms or about camp.

See you in July,
Peg Champney
Drea Gallaga
Nick Hutchinson

What to bring to FMC

A friendly, cooperative spirit
The expectation to grow musically
A clean head of hair for your head-lice check the first day of camp

musical instruments
music stand label with your name!
music: instructional materials, pieces you want to play

camp-type clothing for everyday use
performance clothing
boys: dress shoes, dark pants and nice shirts
girls: attractive, dressy clothes in good taste
2 pairs shoes
2 bath towels, 3 wash cloths, toiletries
swim suit

bedding: 2 blankets, 3 or 4 sheets, pillow and cases
sleeping bag (optional)

fan (highly recommended)
phone card (there are phones where campers can use a calling card) or cell phone (not all
carriers work reliably at FMC)
spending money, no more than $60, plus whatever is needed for musical supplies
quarters for laundry (washers and dryers are located in both dorms)
water bottle (our Nurse says this is MUST)
old shoes (required for the canoe trip they may get wet)

You may bring roller blades, skate boards, outdoor sports equipment, board games, etc.

Do not bring weapons, alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, or flammable liquids/matches to
FMC. Possession or use of these at camp is strictly prohibited. Violators will be sent home.

FMC Benefit Concert Auditions
***Four Week Campers Only***

The FMC Benefit Concert provides campers and staff the opportunity to perform for an
appreciative public, and to raise several thousand dollars for a worthy group. This year the
beneficiary will be Glen Helen, a nature preserve in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

The concert, held at Mills Lawn Elementary School in Yellow Springs, showcases the camps
large ensembles: chorus, orchestra and band in alternating years and often a jazz ensemble. In
addition, staff and student performers are featured. Student performers are selected by a
committee based on an audition during the first week of camp.

Please keep in mind the following criteria when deciding to audition:

Pieces should be learned and thoroughly polished before camp.

You must tell your teacher that you would like to audition when you meet with
them on the first day of camp.

If your piece requires piano accompaniment, you must bring the piano part with
you to camp and give it to your teacher the first day of camp.

Memorization is not required, but is preferable.

Total playing time should not exceed 10 minutes.

Any era or style of performance is acceptable. You are encouraged to enter your
own compositions.

Because the concert is during the third week, only four-week campers may audition.

If you wish to contact your teacher prior to camp to discuss any of this, please let us know
(friendsmusiccamp@gmail.com) and well give you contact information for your teacher.

Friends Music Camp
P.O. Box 59311, Chicago IL 60659 friendsmusiccamp@gmail.com 773-573-9181

Travel Form

Please return this form as soon as you know your travel plans, no later than June 10

Plane: We will meet flights arriving at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Sunday, July 6
. Please plan to arrive
before 4 p.m. Charge: $35 one way, $60 for both the beginning and end of camp.

Bus: We can meet bus travelers arriving at Cambridge, Ohio or Wheeling, West Virginia. Please plan to arrive
Sunday before 4 p.m.

Car: Olney Friends School (where FMC takes place) is located at 61830 Sandy Ridge Rd., Barnesville, OH
43713. Follow I-70 to eastern Ohio. Take Exit 202 (Barnesville, State Route 800). Follow Route 800 south 6
miles, to the town of Barnesville. At the second light, turn left onto State Route 147. Near the edge of town,
bear right onto Shamrock Drive. Drive past Barnesville public high school and continue up the hill until you
see Stillwater Meeting House. The Olney Friends School driveway will be on your right.

Campers may occupy dorm rooms no earlier than Sunday morning, July 6th. If you arrive Saturday and need
overnight hospitality, please make arrangements with Olney Friends School or with a motel in the area. Please
contact us if you need more information. All campers should arrive no later than 4 p.m. Sunday, July 6th (by
early afternoon if possible).

On Sunday July 20
, beginning at 1 p.m., there will be a series of performances showcasing our two-week
campers. Family members and friends of our two-week campers are encouraged to attend. Two-week campers
may depart by car anytime after 5 p.m. Sunday, July 20th. If leaving by plane, two-week campers should depart
Pittsburgh airport MONDAY July 21
between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.

On Saturday Aug. 2
, beginning at 1 p.m., there will be a series of marathon performances featuring all
campers. Family members and friends are encouraged to attend. Saturday night accommodations are available
at Olney Friends School in campground or boys dormitory; or in area hotels. Contact Steve Carvin (1-800-
303-4291) after June 1 to make reservations to camp in the OFS campground. Contact FMC directly to reserve
space in the OFS boys dormitory. Make these reservations as early as possible, as on-campus accommodations
go quickly. FMC can also provide contact information for area hotels.

Four-week campers may depart any time the morning of Sunday, August 3rd. Campers may depart by plane
from the Pittsburgh airport any time between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Sunday, August 3rd.

- - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - Please provide us with the following information - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Name _____________________________________ I will arrive by ___________ (car, plane, bus).

Please meet me at __________________________ (city of airport or bus station).

If traveling by plane, is camper traveling as an unaccompanied minor? ____________

Arriving flight July 6
: Airline ________________ Flight number __________

Returning flight August 3
: Airline _____________ Flight number __________

Places to Stay at FMC

On Campus

Camping - $8.00 per site
(740) 425-3655
At the end of camp, rooms in the boys dorm can be reserved.
$5.00 per person, bring your own bedding.

Off Campus


Grandma Myrtles Guesthouse
1146 East Main St.

FLUSHING (16 miles from FMC)

Stratton House Inn
800-678-2435 (weekdays 8-5)

CAMBRIDGE (30 miles from FMC)
Best Western
I-70 exit 209

Days Inn
I-70 exit 178
2328 Southgate Parkway

(20 miles from FMC)

Days Inn West
I-70 exit 220

Fairfield Inn & Suites
I-70 exit 218
67731 Mall Road

Hampton Inn
I-70 exit 218

Red Roof Inn
I-70 and Mall Road

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites
51654 National Rd.

Friends Music Camp Release Form

Camper Name: _______________________________________ Parent/Guardian Name: _______________________

Photo/Video Release

I hereby give permission for my child to have his/her photograph taken or to be filmed by the staff and/or campers of
Friends Music Camp for use on the camp website, local newspaper and/or other promotional materials

Swim Permission Release

I hereby give permission for my child to participate in swimming activities while attending Friends Music Camp. All
swimming activities are supervised by certified lifeguards.

Computer Acceptable Use Policy and Agreement

We believe that computers are valuable tools for communicating with family and friends outside of the camp community.
We recognize that young people use many different internet resources, including email, instant messaging, Facebook, etc.
We also know that different families have different rules about computer use.

This policy was designed by a committee of staff and campers. In keeping with the Quaker value of simplicity and FMCs
focus on community, the committee felt it was especially important to remind campers to engage in the face-to-face
interactions of music camp and not to use computers as a substitute for this personal interaction.

Our host, Olney Friends School, provides FMC with unfiltered internet access. Computer use by campers is not directly
supervised by either FMC or OFS staff. However, both OFS and FMC work to promote safe, appropriate computer use.
We ask that all campers using computers at FMC comply with the following rules:

Computers are only to be used during free time between breakfast and dinner.
Campers may only use computers in the public area of the school library. OFS computers located elsewhere on
campus (i.e. in staff offices) are off-limits.
When others are waiting to use OFS library computers, computer time is limited to 15 minutes per camper.
We encourage campers to use computers only for personal communication and to look up music-related
Campers may not visit any site that contains profanity, sexually explicit material, or any content that is not
appropriate for public community consumption.
Campers should respect their own and others privacy, and never give out any personal information on the
Campers who bring personal electronic devices that are internet capable must follow these rules.

Inappropriate use of computers will result in loss of privileges for the remainder of camp.

By signing below, both parent/guardian and camper acknowledge and agree to the information above:

___________________________________________________ ______________________
Parent/guardian signature Date

___________________________________________________ ______________________
Camper signature Date
Friends Music Camp Health Form
Contact Information

Camper name _____________________________________Gender______________Birth date _____/_____/_____

Parent or guardian #1 ______________________________________ Email address ____________________________

Phone: Home (_____) ______-_______ Work (_____) ______-________ Cell (_____) ______-_______

Address :______________________________________________________________________________
Street City State Zip or country

Parent or guardian #2 ______________________________________ Email address ____________________________

Phone: Home (_____) ______-_______ Work (_____) ______-________ Cell (_____) ______-_______

Address :______________________________________________________________________________
Street City State Zip or country

Emergency Contact (if parent/guardian cannot be reached) _________________________________________

Phone: Home (_____) ______-_______ Work (_____) ______-________ Cell (_____) ______-_______

Health conditions

Recent operations or serious injuries? _______________________________________________________________

Chronic conditions (asthma, diabetes, seizures, etc.)? __________________________________________________

Please list any allergies or adverse reactions to medications, foods, insect stings or other substances.
Allergen (name of medication, food, insect, etc.) Description of Allergic Reaction

FMC staff make every effort to coordinate with Olney Friends School kitchen staff to help campers avoid food items that
cause allergic reactions. However, if your child has severe reactions to particular food items, please contact FMC to
ensure that your child can safely attend camp. If an EPIPEN injection is required to treat a known allergic reaction, the
camper must bring an EPIPEN to camp.

Other medical conditions or allergies:


All medication, prescription or non-prescription, must be given to camp medical staff at check-in. Except for
rescue inhalers for asthma, campers may not possess or self-administer medication under any circumstances.
Help us keep our campers safe by strictly following this guideline.
Medications camper will take at FMC
Name of medication Reason for medication Dosage Time of day taken Side effects

Additional information regarding medication that might be helpful to the Health Care staff:

Non-prescription medications, herbals or vitamins. The camp medical staff will administer these for the camper's
health or comfort: Acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Advil), antihistamines, decongestants, throat gargles or lozenges,
skin creams or lotions, topical arnica (muscle pain), unless parents object. Please list any objections or additional

Additional Information

Date of last tetanus booster __________________
Describe any limitations on camp activities (swimming, sports activities, etc.):

Please provide us with information about any learning, emotional, or behavioral conditions our staff should know about,
so we can better teach and care for your camper:

Girls: Has menstruation begun? YES Is menstrual history normal? _______________________________
NO Has she been told about menstruation? _______________________

Health Insurance information

Insurance company ___________________________________________________ Policy #____________________
Please supply us with the other information your insurance company will need to cover your child, such as childs social
security number, group number, primary insureds name, date of birth, or social security number, or other identifier, etc.

REQUIRED: A copy of both sides of the camper's or principal holder's health insurance card. If possible, please
provide us with an actual insurance card for your child while at camp. Remember you will be responsible for any
medical fees your insurance company does not cover.

Friends Music Camp
Health form signatures page

Please print this page and mail it to FMC before June 15 or bring it with you to camp.

In case of medical emergency I understand every effort will be made to contact me. If I cannot be reached, I
hereby give permission to the camp medical staff to secure proper treatment for my child, to select a physician
or hospital and to approve injection, anesthesia or surgery. I agree to pay for these services if not covered by

Name of camper (please print) ________________________________________________________

Name of parent or legal guardian (please print) ________________________________________________

Signature of parent or legal guardian ________________________________________________________

Date _________________________

Physicians Section

We request proof of physical examination within the last 24 months. Please either

1. Provide us with a copy of the record of your childs last physical.


2. Have your physician complete this page

Name _________________________________________________ was examined on

__________ (date) and found to be in satisfactory health and apparently free from communicable

disease. There are no apparent contra-indications to participating in routine camp activities.

Most recent tetanus toxoid immunization: Date _____________________________

Comments, special problems, allergies, etc:

Physician's signature ______________________________

Phone ________________ Date _________________

July 18, 2014
Friends Music Camp