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Raiders of the Lost Art

Art Tokens tokens with picture of the missing piece
Player pieces 6 question mark pieces of different colors
Art cards cards with title,artist, and picture of the missing art
Trivia cards cards with the questions that the players must answer
Event cards cards that may benefit or disrupt the players game
1 Die 6 sided
Gameboard map of Europe with markers for cities
How to Start:
First shuffle the art cards facing down and pass out one card from the deck to each
player. The rest will be placed on the art card space on the board. Shuffle both the trivia
cards question side up, and event cards face down and put them on the their labeled
place on the board. Take the art tokens and shuffle them, then place one on each city
circle spot. To decide who goes first in the game each player will role the die to see who
gets the highest number. From there play will continue clockwise.
Basic Gameplay:
1. To begin playing each player will roll and move their piece towards a city on the
board (14 cities total). Once the player has moved their piece and ended their options
their turn is over and it is the next players turn. If a player is close to a city and over rolls
a higher number necessary to land on the city they may still land on it instead of passing
it by. Once a player lands on the city they may look at the art token that accompanies
that city, if it is a match for their own art card the player may collect that art piece. If the
token is not a match the player must return the art token to its original place on the
2. Event cards are used when a player lands on a space that has been designated as
an event space with an exclamation mark scattered throughout the board. When landed
on, the player will pick an event card from the event card pile. These cards will benefit or
hinder the player's turn with instructions. Depending on the card the player may
have to answer a trivia question. If so, the player then chooses a trivia card from the
trivia card pile. After reading an event or trivia card the card will be put back to the
bottom of their rightful piles. The players turn is over.
3. Stealing may occur throughout gameplay between two players. This will
happen when a player lands on a space that another player already occupies. If
more then two players occupy one space the next player that lands on that space
may choose only one of the players to challenge. In this case the player whose turn
it is must roll the die. If the player rolls a 6 they are able to steal their opponents
art piece (if any are available). If the player rolls a 1 then that player must forfeit
one of their own art pieces to the other player. If there are mutiple art pieces owned
by the opponent the winner may randomly choose which art piece to steal. If
neither a 6 or 1 are rolled then no action occurs and the turn ends.
Players may move in any direction on the board, but cannot pass through the same
square in a single turn.
The goal of the game is to be the player with the most art pieces once all art has
been collected. The end of the game will occur when the final art piece has been
removed from the board. At that point every player will count up all the art they
have collected. The player with the highest amount of art wins the game.
Raiders of the Lost Art
Raiders of the Lost Art
Otto Griebel
Ludwig Godenschweg
Otto Griebel
Fritz Maskos
Wilhelm Lachnit
Max Lieberman
Marc Chagall
Hans Christoph
Henri Matisse Gustave Corbert
Otto Dix
Otto Dix
Franz Marc
Ernst Ludwig Krichner