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Tribes 132 133 135

of Israel Deborah Gideon 134 Samson

Joshua 13-21 Judges 4-5 Judges 6-8 Judges 13-16

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Ruth Eli Philistines Samuel

Ruth 1 Samuel 1-4 1 Samuel 4-6 1 Samuel

Judge Judge Judge Place
“...For the boy shall be a  “But Gideon said to  “So the Lord gave Israel 
“Now Deborah, a 
Nazarite to God from the  them, "I will not rule  all the land which He 
prophetess, the wife of 
womb; and he shall begin  over you, nor shall my  had sworn to give to 
Lapidoth, was judging 
to deliver Israel from the  son rule over you; the  their fathers, and they 
Israel at that time.” 
hands of the Philistines."  Lord shall rule over you."  possessed it and lived in 
Judges 4:4 
Judges 13:5b Judges 8:23  it.” 
Joshua 21:43 
,As a Nazarite, Samson 
never cut his hair, drank 
,Gideon tore down the 
1175 ,Deborah judged from 
under a palm tree 
,Asher, Benjamin, Dan, 

wine, or ate unclean food  altar and grove of Baal  Ephraim, Gad, 
,Used his strength against  ,God gave Gideon signs 
,Deborah instructed 
Barak to fight the 
Issachar, Judah, 
Manasseh, Naphtali, 
the Philistines  with dew and fleece  Canaanites  Reuben, Simeon, 
,Betrayed by Delilah and  ,God delivered Gideon’s  ,Barak would not go 
Zebulun each got land 
his lack of self­control  army of 300 men by 
confusing the enemy 
without Deborah  ,Levi was given cities 
throughout Israel 

Killed 3,000 Philistines at 
his death by knocking  , 
Gideon drove the 

God delivered Sisera 
into the hands of a  , 
Joseph’s two sons each 
down the temple  Midianites out of Israel  woman named Jael  got their own land 
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Prophet Opponents Priest Hero

"All that you have done 
“So the anger of the Lord 
"Why do you kick at My  for your mother­in­law 
“Thus Samuel grew and  was hot against Israel; 
sacrifice..., and honor  after the death of your 
the Lord was with him  and He sold them into 
your sons more than  husband has been fully 
the hands of the 
and let none of his words  Me...?”  reported to me...” 
fail”  Philistines.” 
1 Samuel 2:29  Ruth 2:11a 
1 Samuel 3:19 Judges 10:7a 

, Strong nation which 

, Eli was high priest in 
1005 , A widow from Moab 
who served her  1100
fought Israel from the 
,Hannah dedicated him  time of the Judges until 
Israel  mother­in­law when 
their husbands died 
to God before birth  David became King  , Trained Samuel 
,Raised in the temple by 
Eli, the high priest 
, Captured the ark, but 
sent it away 
, Eli did not restrain his 
Boaz was a relative of 
sons’ from their evil 
,Judge and prophet of  , Captured Samson  ,  Eli died when he heard 
, Boaz admired Ruth’s 
dedication and married 
,  , Goliath was a Philistine 
that the ark of the 
covenant was captured 
Anointed Saul and 
David to be King  ,  Able to work with iron  and his sons were dead  ,  Ruth became an 
ancestor of Christ 
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