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Edrl 427-Stansbury Focus Lesson Plan Deavon Hinebauch

Focus Lesson Planning Sheet

Third Grade writing sample:
Trait Identification &
This student will benefit from a lesson on sentence
fluency, specifically how to construct sentences that
enhance meaning. While the topic is interesting,
the writing is a bit dry and seems almost
mechanical. In addition, the writing requires
varying connective words and cues to help the
writing flow.
Focus Lesson Topic

Constructing sentences to enhance meaning.


2 Teacher model sample writings
Cushioned ball or stuffed animal
IPad for paired students

1 minute

The way sentences are constructed can enhance or obscure
meaning. If a writer is trying to make a specific point or take a
stand, a short declarative sentence is rational. On the other
hand, if the writer is trying to set the scene for a story, the
My inquisitive cat and I were playing Hide-n-Seek. I was having fun with my
cat, because she is the sneakiest hider in the world. Then we took the game to
the park. I thought it would be a good idea because there are so many places
to hide at the park. Then I realized, it was not a good idea. Tabby was first to
hide. I closed my eyes. Then I couldnt find Tabby. Then I looked under each
bush. I started asking people if they saw. It got dark, then I went home. I was
devastated that I had lost Tabby. Then there was a knock on the door. It was
a kid down the street who found Tabby hiding in a garbage can. I learned two
things that day. Tabby is the best hider in the world. Playing Hide-n-Seek with
your pet outside is a terrible idea.
Edrl 427-Stansbury Focus Lesson Plan Deavon Hinebauch

sentences should be more complex and descriptive. This forces
the writer to explore the senses to create a vivid picture, share
feelings, and maximize understanding for the reader.

5-10 minutes

Which Is Better Strategy- I am going to read two paragraphs
to you, and I want you to tell me which piece of writing you like

We went to the beach. It was sunny. It was warm. We had fun.
We flew kites and built a sand castle. Then we ate hot dogs. I
like spending time with my family. I hope we go again.

My family and I had a wonderful time at the beach! The
weather was fabulous, all warm and sunny. All I could smell
was the ocean, it invaded my senses. I listened to the seagulls
holler and the waves crash around us as we flew our kites and
built sandcastles. All of the activities worked up our appetites,
so we ate some yummy hot dogs and snacks. I relaxed in the
cool sand as I ate, just taking in the beautiful scenery. The sun
began to lower over the ocean in front of me, I grew sad
knowing our trip was about to be over. All in all it was an
amazing day; I especially liked spending time with my family.
I hope we go again very soon.

Have students share which they like better and why. List the
reasons on the board for students to see and discuss
differences. Discuss adjectives, descriptive vocabulary,
transitions, and sharing emotion, etc.

Watch me do it. Next, provide a simple sentence, such as The
sunset was pretty. and model how to improve the sentences to
further meaning and paint a picture.

I gasped when I saw the bright yellow, orange, and pink colors
that intertwined around the sun as it set in what seemed like a
painted sky.

Guided Practice
3-5 minutes

Pass it On. Start students off with a beginner sentence, such as
The clouds rolled into the sky. Begin by holding the stuffed
animal/soft ball come up with a sentence to continue the story-
only one sentence-Their deep grey color and thick ruffles
made me a little nervous. Then throw the stuffed animal/soft
ball to a student and ask them to continue the story. They have
free reign here, they can take the story wherever they choose,
Edrl 427-Stansbury Focus Lesson Plan Deavon Hinebauch

but should consider transitioning and meaningful sentences
that entice the listeners. Assist students as needed and help
make suggestions for vocabulary to further meaning-include
students in making suggestions.

Send Off for

Each student has a writing partner and an iPad. The teacher
should provide a paragraph saved on the IPad for students to
revise and rewrite that reflects knowledge in enhancing
sentences for meaning.

Passage: I like going to the zoo. Going to the zoo is fun. I like
the zoo because there are a lot of animals. My favorite animal
is a monkey. I like monkeys because they climb trees. I also
like them because they can carry their babies on their backs. I
think every kid should go to the zoo.

Group Share
5 minutes

Have pairs share their paragraphs whole group when finished.
Discuss similarities and differences between each groups
paragraphs; emphasize examples that reflect learning from the

Edrl 427-Stansbury Focus Lesson Plan Deavon Hinebauch