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Edrl 427-Stansbury Writing To Learn Lesson Plan Deavon Hinebauch

Mini-Portfolio Part 2-Write to Learn Lesson Plan (1-3 days)

1. Teacher will introduce the lesson with a video about ancient civilizations.
2. Students will engage in a Think Pair Share to discuss what they have already learned
about the great civilizations of the Americas: Maya, Aztec, and Inca. Teacher will
walk around to guide and observe. Following the Think Pair Share, teacher will
create a KWL chart to list what students know and what they would like to learn
about Mayan, Aztec, and Inca civilizations (Or use online source such as Microsoft or
Inspiration and create a chart using technology).
3. Next, students will perform a jigsaw reading of the article Cities and Empires.
Students will read silently highlighting important information at their seat. Each
group will read the same section, and then briefly discuss important information
with their group members about that section. Students will then go to each corner
of the room to share their section of the information with other group members to
summarize the article (4-5 sections). The teacher will walk around to clarify ideas
and guide students.
4. Teacher will then finish the KWL chart with students whole group to discuss what
students have learned from the article; the chart will be left at the front of the room
for students to view for writing.
5. Teacher will briefly review instructions for a RAFTS assignment (students are
familiar)-including placing an example from a previous assignment on the Overhead
to review what should be considered in each section. Students can choose to write
from the perspective of a Mayan, Aztec, or Inca civilian to summarize the
civilizations culture, lifestyle, background, and anything else they deem relevant to
describe the civilization based on what they have learned. The RAFTS lesson will
include Role: Mayan, Aztec, or Inca civilian-students can choose or can be teacher
assigned, Audience: Newspaper Journalist interested in learning about and writing
an article about the civilization, Format: Autobiographical Essay, Topic: Life of
a/an (Aztec, Mayan, or Inca), Strong Verb: synthesize. If students are not familiar
with an autobiographical essay, teacher should show example and discuss what is
included in this format.
6. Students will share their writing when done; other students will use post-it notes to
record further questions about the civilization during the presentation to give to the
student to assist in the revision process. Another day can be focused on revising
and editing for a final draft-including a picture.
7. Closure: Before students leave to conclude the lesson on the final day, ask students
to write a ticket out the door describing the most interesting fact they learned
about the civilization they wrote about.

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