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1 page "SYW" Rules

Infantry units are 12 figures (4 stands of 3)
Cavalry units are 8 figures (4 stands of 2)
Artillery batteries are 1 gun & 4 crew
2-4 units a !rigade wit" an officer
#est eac" unit t"at "as lost a stand or gunner$
Dice Stands ! G"nne!s Le#t
3 $ 1
3%& %out %out %out
6%' &' %out %out
(%1) &' &' %out
11* &' &' &'
(1 )lite unit (1 &fficer attac"ed
-1 *oor +nit
)ac" side rolls t"e "ig"est score "as initiative$
A unit ,ay do one of t"e following- c"ange
for,ation. c"arge. ,ove. fire or rally$ #"e 1st
activates all units and w"en co,/lete t"e 2nd
/layer does t"e sa,e$
T01e Line Line C2a!3e C4"5n
0t Inf 81 81 -
Inf 21 81 131
Cav 131 121 231
Li56e!ed 7n4i56e!ed
4$ Art 131 11 -
5$ Art 121 21 -
5orse Artillery ,ay ,ove 162 & li,ber6unli,ber
0ig"t infantry "as no /enalty in roug" terrain
Artillery ,ay not ,ove t"roug" roug" terrain
&t"er units "alf ,ove t"roug" roug" terrain
7isordered units 8 ,ove (on to/ of above)
+nits de/loyed into line cannot c"ange bac9 into
Infantry fig"ts in line and ,oves in colu,n.
cavalry can fig"t in colu,n or line$
:elees are resolved after all ,ove,ent is
7isordered infantry units cannot c"arge$
7isordered cavalry units ,ay c"arge "alf ,ove if
t"ey "ave an officer attac"ed$
If an &fficer is ;attac"ed; to unit. roll 37<- 3.4
#"e target unit tests 5!a4e. if it fails it loses 1
stand and falls bac9 1 ,ove. disordered$ If it
/asses t"e c"arger ,ust test$
If t"e c"arger fails t"eir 5!a4e test it loses 1
stand and falls bac9 1 ,ove. disordered.
If t"ey bot" /ass t"ey bot" lose 1 stand. beco,e
disordered and re,ain in ,elee until t"e ne=t
/layers turn$
If ,ulti/le units c"arge 1 unit and t"e target "as
/assed its test eac" c"arging unit ,ust test its
Artillery batteries w"ic" lose a ,elee are
+nits ,ay >&# ,ove and fire in t"e sa,e turn
Artillery ,ust be unli,bered and Infantry
de/loyed into line to fire$ Artillery range is-
0ig"t 181
:ediu, 241
5eavy 3<;$
A battery w"ic" is at less t"an full strengt" ,ust
/ass an ;effectiveness test; by rolling 37< w"en
it atte,/ts to fire- 3 gunners 8(. 2 gunners
13(. 1 gunner 12($
Pete Jones
1 page "SYW" Rules
Infantry in colu,n ,ay not fire$
Carbine6:us9etry %ange 8;
%ifle %ange 131
A firing artillery unit /laces 1 red ,ar9er on its
A firing infantry unit /laces 1 blue ,ar9er its
If an officer is attac"ed to t"e target unit roll 37<-
3.4 9illed$
&nce all firing ,ar9ers are /laced by all units t"e
target ta9es 1 5!a4e test if a red ,ar9er is
attac"ed to unit$ It ,a9es a se/arate 5!a4e test
if t"ere is a blue ,ar9er on t"e unit$
+ORALE TESTS (3D6 8 Nat"!a4 3 #ai4s9 Nat"!a4
1( 1asses)
3 - 8 fail. #arget unit loses one stand and
beco,e disordered
? - 18 no effect fro, fire. disordered if in
-2 C"arged fro, flan9 or rear
-2 lig"ter cavalry in ,elee wit" "eavier cavalry
-1 firer "as not lost a stand6gunner
-1 for eac" e=tra ,ar9er (after 1st)
-1 if s"ot at and in colu,n
-1 if disordered
-1 if cavalry s"ot at
-1 if *oor and in ,elee
-1 if infantry in ,elee wit" cavalry
-1 infantry in colu,n in ,elee
(1 firer disordered
(1 if target is unli,bered artillery being s"ot at
(1 if unit is in cover
(1 if firer over 181 away
(1 if )lite and in ,elee
(1 if officer attac"ed to unit
(2 +nit is c"arged and is be"ind fieldwor9s
RALL: (3D6)
An &fficer "as to be attac"ed to a unit to atte,/t
to rally-
)lite units ,ay rally on roll of 8( else
re,ain disordered$
Average units ,ay rally on roll of 13(
else re,ains disordered$
*oor units ,ay rally on roll of 12( else
re,ains disordered$
P!"ssian S1ecia4 R"4es
High Fire Discipline: 4or all Close &rder Infantry
wit" t"e e=ce/tion of 4usiliers. t"e o//onent "as
a -1 ,odifier on ,orale tests w"en s"ot at$
Rapid Fire: all Close &rder Infantry ,ay ,ove
"alf t"eir ,ove,ent allowance and fire$
Discipline and Drill: Close &rder Infantry units
never test @Aill *ower1 w"en one base is lost.
t"ey auto,atically /ass$
A"st!ian S1ecia4 R"4es
Defensive Tactics: Close &rder Infantry units
never test @staying /ower1 w"en t"e first base is
lost (if t"ey are be"ind cover or in defences).
t"ey auto,atically /ass$
/!enc2 S1ecia4 R"4es
Veteran Line Infantry: #"ese re/resent t"e @&ld
%egi,ents1 t"ey never test @staying /ower1
w"en t"e first base is lost. t"ey auto,atically
Skirmisher companies. 4renc" 0ine units s"ot at
by infantry get (1 to ,orale die roll due t"e
/resence of attac"ed s9ir,is"er co,/any
,!itis2 ; Ge!5an S1ecia4 R"4es
Discipline and Drill: !ritis" Close &rder Infantry
and Ber,an Brenadier units never test @staying
/ower1 w"en t"e first base is lost. t"ey
auto,atically /ass$
R"ssian S1ecia4 R"4es
St!!orn Infantry: Close &rder Infantry units
never test @staying /ower1 w"en t"e first base is
lost. t"ey auto,atically /ass$
Pete Jones