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Umbrella Inc., New York Headquarters.
The members of the press gathered in the conference room of Umbrella Inc., New York division, waited
impatiently for Derrick Mullens to put in an appearance on the stage. The murmurs and mutterings of the
gathered crowd died as he strolled onto the platform and stood in front of the podium, adjusting his pale
blue tie and looking out across the crowd. The flash of numerous cameras constantly went off as he
spoke, and reporters feverishly took notes as he spoke.
"Ladies and gentlemen of the press, I thank you all for attending our press conference.
"As you know, the terrible destruction of Raccoon City has dealt a significant blow to thousands of
people. Umbrella has suffered a substantial loss, with our many medical and research facilities there
destroyed and knocking us back years of progress. However, this is not our reason for calling you here.
Though our loss was a major financial one, we will recover: The hundreds of thousands of people that
perished in those explosions will never recover, nor will they be replaced. As a loving and caring
company, we nurtured Raccoon City from a small mountain community populated by a few hundred, to
the sprawling city it was. We looked upon Raccoon and its population as our children, and this act of
terrorism has left us empty: Like a mother who has had her child ripped from her teat while it suckled.
Mullens allowed his words to linger in the minds of the reporters for a minute. He could have worded it
better if he had been allowed to write the statement himself, but he was forced to read whatever the
jackasses in Publicity wrote. If this was what the Board of Directors wanted him to read, then how could
he refuse? And the reporters seemed to be taking it in.
And life, indeed, is what Umbrella is all about. Creating life, enhancing life, prolonging life. Our
revolutionary research and techniques as provided humanity with marvellous advances...
Jesus, is this a press conference or an advertisement? he thought. And we will continue to do so, well
into the future. In remembrance of the thousands of workers and families who were lost in the city,
Umbrella are going to set up the Raccoon City Memorial Fund, to help the suffering families who have
experienced a loss. We intend to donate fifty million dollars, and we also urge our own investors to do the
same thing. While no price can be put on a human life, we hope that this will at least show the mourning
families that our hearts are with them in this time of need. We will also offer them counselling and
support, twenty-four hours a day.
One of the reporters in the front of the room stood and raised a hand, not waiting for Mullens to
acknowledge her before launching into her question.
Christine Walsh, Herald and Post. What does Umbrella have to say about the numerous accusations
that state Umbrella and its research are directly responsible for the tragic events in Raccoon City?
Mullens had been expecting this, and barely glanced at his notes.
Yes, these claims made by a small group of Eco-Terrorists. Activists who say they support human
rights, but would rather watch a small child die of a disease instead of letting us help. They feel we play at
being God... But if playing God is giving an unfortunate babe a second chance at life, shouldnt we be
allowed to do that?
This is, of course, the same group that was reported to be seen fleeing the city by local police officers
only hours before the bombs went off. Bombs we believe them to have planted themselves.
Mullens could feel the sweat coming now. The writers had really screwed the pooch on this one, almost
turning it into a one-sided debate about the rights and wrongs of genetic engineering. As soon as this was
over, he was going to go see his manager and put in for some vacation time. These matters or terrorist
activity, though, are best left to the man in charge of the investigation. May I introduce Captain Wesker?
Mullens nodded, then stepped back from the podium. A large man, six foot and dressed in dark blue
fatigues, strolled onto the stage. His shock of white-blond hair was sculpted immaculately, and he wore a
pair of mirrored sunglasses. He took his position behind the podium, clasped either side of it with his
gloved hands, then glared out into the crowd of press agents.
Hello, my name is Captain Albert Wesker, and I am the S.T.A.R.S. operative in charge of this
investigation. I am pleased to announce that we are making steady progress on this investigation, and
several suspects have already been apprehended and detained for further questioning.
If these terrorists are caught, what will become of them?
Wesker turned to face the reporter, the cold glare of his sunglasses transfixing him. These people are
responsible for the death of over two hundred thousand men, women and children. I think that the death
penalty is not entirely out the question. Naturally, their organisation and any alias we have for them has
been placed at the top of the FBIs most wanted list.
Eric Briggs, announced a second journalist, standing and raising his hand holding his notepad. There
are more rumours circulating that these terrorist are in fact a breakaway faction faction of S.T.A.R.S. Do
you have any comments on this?
Mr Briggs, I know your work, you write for the Chronicle. A Pulitzer prize winner. I thought a man of
your calibre would do better than listen to gossipmongers and rumours.
Are you going to answer my question?
No, stormed Wesker, gripping the podium and digging his fingers into the wooden surface. It began to
crumble in his hands. They are not S.T.A.R.S., and I can quite assure you that a counter-terrorist
organisation would not...
But I have names, protested Briggs, leafing through his notepad. Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, to
name two...
Redfield, stormed Wesker, quickly trying to regain his composure. Redfield and Valentine were
S.T.A.R.S. operatives stationed in Raccoon. They were actually in the police station when the bombs
went off... I know because I was talking to them on the phone when he explosions began.
Wesker shuddered, as if shaking off the memory, the addressed the crowd once more.
Now, if youll excuse me, I have a job to do. Please.
"Captain Wesker, just one more..."
Mullens sprang back to the microphone, announcing the end of the end of the conference. "You heard
the captain, he has a job, as do we all. Thank you for your time, ladies and gentlemen."
Leaving the stage, Mullens went behind the stage to see Wesker bending over a table, fists clenched and
supporting his weight. Sir, are you okay?
Wesker was on him in less than a second, springing from the table to his position and gripping him by
the neck, lifting the portly press officer off the floor. He no longer wore his glasses, exposing golden
lizard-like eyes which seemed to bore into him.
Briggs, where the fuck did he get those names from? Who the fuck is his informant?
Mullens barely managed a choking rasp, before Wesker threw him across the room. Unsheathing the
combat knife that dangled from his belt, he pounced on him, pressing the blade against his neck. You find
out some information for me. I want to know where that son of bitch lives. He knows too much.
A smile spread across Weskers face, an eerie and toothy grin.
I need to talk to him in private...
He released Mullens, then made his way towards the door leading to the car park. Find out where he
lives, or I come and visit you!
At the foot of the Arkley Mountains a
little north of Raccoon City, hidden from
sight by towering stone walls adorned
with moss and covered by shrubbery and
trees, there once stood a fine mansion.
Built in 1962, and taking five years to
build, it was made to order by Lord Ozwell
E. Spenser, where he worked in close
conjunction with the architect George
Trevor. Only Trevor could visualise and
create the many unique secret rooms and
hidden passages that the eccentric
millionaire craved: Enthralled with spy
movies and cloak-and-dagger novels, it
was Spensers dream to live in a
mysterious mansion, and the money he
offered the architect gave him sufficient
motivation to make even the most bizarre
and deadly trap work.
Upon completion of the mansion, only
two men knew the building inside out,
knew the location of each secret and the
trick to each trap. The Lord, and the
Architect. Spensers paranoia gets the best
of him, and luring the architect and his to
the new home, he entombed George Trevor
in one the secret rooms, and experimented
on his wife and child with early genetic
experiments. It was through these early
experiments, Ozwell Spenser and his
business associate Alexander Ashford,
two of the founding members of Umbrella
Pharmaceuticals Inc., completed the first
known strain of the T-Virus.
Research on the viral strain continued in
this facility, in the labs deep beneath the
multitude of mining tunnels beneath the
property. It was only in the end of the
seventies that these old abandoned mines
were discovered, but they were quickly
overtaken by the expanding complex,
turning the three-floored mansion into a
multilayered complex, hiding more than
just secret rooms, but entire secret
laboratories and holding cells.
Not long after the discovery of the
tunnels, and the massive expansion of the
research station, a greater number of
operating staff was called in to man the
labs. Amongst this fresh batch of
scientists, there was a prominent young
scientist named Albert Wesker. He worked
on experiments with the Ebola virus, and
branched into Bio-Organic Weapons,
where he was introduced to the very first
test subject of the Arkley Facility, namely
the daughter of George Trevor, Lisa, who
had been the primary test subject for every
disease-based experiment since her
infection back in 1967.
In 1981, the second breakthrough
regarding the T-virus saw the production
of the first B.O.W., named the Zombie.
Although imprecise, and the infection
ratio wasnt perfect, it was a step in the
right direction for Umbrella and its legion
of killing machines.
Research and experimentation continued
for seven years after that moment,
working off the basic template that the
Zombie provided, trying to build on the
genetic code and create a superior soldier:
The Tyrant. It was quickly discovered that
very few test subjects could survive with
the T-Virus inside them, and this only
created more Zombies. Only 10 people in
the United States had the correct DNA to
accept the virus and develop into a Tyrant.
At this same time, Umbrella France had
begun the Nemesis Project, and were
experiencing much higher success ratios
than the Tyrant Program, using a parasite
instead of a virus. A sample of the Nemesis
Parasite was dispatched to Arkley Labs,
and Albert introduced it into the resident
test subject, Lisa Trevor. The results were
surprising, to say the least, as she ate the
parasite and survived.
Intrigued by this process, Albert put his
research on hold and concentrated on this
mutant freak that years of testing had
created. At the same time, Alberts main
rival William Birkin headed up the
research on a new strain of T-Virus,
named the G-Virus, hoping to increase the
success ratio of the Tyrant experiments,
which worked by continuously mutating
tissue and creating a creature that could
resurrect itself from the dead.
Angered by the success that would surely
come from Birkins experiments, Albert
Wesker increased the experiments on Lisa
Trevor, until one day an injection of a bad
serum turned the experiment into a
violent killing machine, ripping the faces
from scientists and wearing them on her
deformed back. Albert sentenced the
experiment to death, and left the Arkley
Facility all together, moving into a new
undercover operation.
Between 1989 and 1997, Umbrella Inc.
pumped a lot of money into the
surrounding community of Raccoon,
buying people of power such as Mayor
Michael Warren, and the Chief of Police
Brian Irons. The township grew into a
thriving city, with a massive population,
and more of Umbrellas facilities started to
spring up around the town - hospitals,
factories, and public utility works, all of
which acted as fronts for more of
Umbrellas secret work and experiments.
In 1998, with decades of research behind
them, the Arkley Laboratories had a
wealth of experiments, some successful,
others not so. All was going well for the
scientists, until the 11th May, where the
labs suffered a leak of the T-Virus. A
curfew was set up on the facility, and all
contact with the outside world was cut off.
During the following days, all Hell broke
loose in and around the Spenser Estate,
including the escape of several of the
guard dogs, the T-Virus infecting a small
collection of plants, and the lower levels of
the labs Aqua Ring being flooded by an
angry researcher.
On May 20th, 1998, the first of the
bodies was found. A female hitchhiker,
about twenty years old, was found on the
banks of the Marble River. She was
heavily mutilated by what the coroner
later recorded as Animal Lacerations.
The Raccoon Times ran the story, and the
police calmed the city by saying it was a
bear attack, and that they had called a
local search of the area, but nothing
unusual had been found.
The press, sensing they were onto a good
thing, continued with their own
investigation, and claimed to have several
eyewitness reports of seeing strange dog
like creatures running through the
forest's surrounding the old Spenser
Mansion. They offered a handsome reward
for photos of these beasts, and a
substantial bounty for the capture of an
actual beast, living or dead.
Always looking for a quick buck, several
local hunters rushed into the woods in
search for these creatures, but none ever
came back. The occasional search party
did find remains, though never enough to
identify someone. Blocking off all routes
into the wilderness, the Raccoon Police
Department called in help from the local
branch of the Special Tactics And Rescue
Squad (S.T.A.R.S.) to help in their
On the evening on July 23rd, after two
months of terror and mystery
surrounding the Arkley Mountains,
S.T.A.R.S. Alpha and Bravo teams met up
to make an initial sweep of the low-lying
forested areas. The captain of Alpha Team,
Albert Wesker (working incognito), sent
Bravo in first, purely as recon.
That was when the trouble began.
Doomed from the beginning, the
S.T.A.R.S. Bravo mission took a bad turn
when an overturned military vehicle was
found knocked over, the two soldiers
inside killed, and their prisoner absent.
The facts that there had been a recent
spate of gruesome murders and that there
was now a convicted killer of 23 unarmed
civilians wandering around the forest did
not sit well with Bravo, and they quickly
split up to deal with the situation.
Rebecca Chambers, the rookie of the
squad, found the Ecleptic Express
passenger train lying dead on the
railways, and explored the vehicle.
Though tainted with death and filled with
mutants and zombies, this express train to
Hell actually saved Rebeccas life, keeping
her safe from a wild pack of Cerebra and
taking her and Billy Coen, the court-
martialled soldier, on a journey the could
never begin to imagine, nor try to forget.
Scores of zombies faced them at every
turn, packs of rabid mutants, swarms of
killer leeches, and diabolical traps crossed
the paths of their journey through
training facilities on the outskirts of
Raccoon, sewer tunnels and refineries,
even secret subterranean tunnels deep
beneath Raccoon City until a showdown
with one of the men responsible for
Umbrella and their viral research ended
with a bang.
For Coen, the nightmare was over, but for
Rebecca as she drew closer to an old
mansion near the Arkley Mountains, it
was just the beginning.
Searching for their lost team members,
Alpha landed near the crash site of Bravo
only to find the remains of Kevin Dooley,
the pilot, strapped in to the helicopter. A
quick search of the area revealed a pack of
dos feeding on some unidentifiable
remains, and they quickly turned on them
in search of fresh meat. Joseph Frost was
the first of Alpha to fall, though his death
gave the rest of his squad time to flee to a
nearby mansion surrounded by mountains
on one side and trees on all others.
The Spenser Mansion, now rife with
mutant strains and flesh-hungering
ghouls, served as the final resting place
for many of Bravo, as well as some of
Alpha squad.
Kenneth Sullivan, decapitated and
feasted on by a small group of zombies,
was the first find, and others of his squad
were found soon after. Forest Speyer, his
flesh torn and twisted by the talons of
infected ravens: Richard Aiken, infected
with a crippling dose of snake venom,
though able to give his live in order to
save Chris from Neptune: Enrico Marini,
wounded in the mining tunnels beneath
the estate and executed by an unknown
assassin. The fate of Edward Dewey was
never known.
As they progressed through the building,
Alphas remaining team members slowly
unearthed the truth about the building
and its surrounding area. The truth
behind Umbrella Inc. and its illegitimate
research, including human experiments,
the testing programs for would-be super
soldiers, and the horrifying reality of the
origin of the hordes of cannibal creatures
living in the mansion.
After meeting up with Rebecca, the sole
survivor of Bravo, those lucky enough to
still be alive eventually managed to flee
the facility, losing the Captain of Alpha,
Albert Wesker, to the claws of the Tyrant:
Umbrellas most promising, but
uncontrollable, biological experiment.
With the self-destruct mechanisms set
and primed as they escaped, the entire
Arkley facility, along with the mansion
and all its secrets, were wiped out in one
all-consuming explosion.
Though the threat of Umbrella and its
genetic godless creations had been wiped
out, so too had all evidence to back up
S.T.A.R.S. reports.
Knowing the truth behind Umbrellas
research proved to be a very dangerous
thing. People didnt believe the survivors
tales of zombies and mutants, and were
laughed out the forces. Shortly after this,
when the stories of the murders were out
the limelight, death threats were sent to
all parties concerned, and several assassin
squads to carry out the promise. All failed,
though it made the ex-S.T.A.R.S. re-
evaluate their situation.
To show the world Umbrellas true
colours, they would need evidence, the
likes of which could only be gathered from
actual Umbrella facilities. With the help of
a few loyal S.T.A.R.S., the group divided
into three main factions: Chris Redfield
and Barry Burton flew out to Europe to see
if they could find the rumoured
headquarters in France, Rebecca
Chambers joined with David Trapp to take
part in a few preliminary raids to gather
notes and information, and Jill Valentine
elected to law low in Raccoon City, keeping
an eye on the city and its corrupt officials;
the same officials that belittled their
reports and swept them under the carpet
with one hand, and accepting an Umbrella
paycheque with the other.
The days following the splitting of the
group were uneventful in Raccoon, and
just as Jill decided she should follow her
friends to Europe, all Hell broke loose.
From another of Umbrellas secret
facilities, this one buried deep beneath the
streets, a second viral plague broke out: A
more advanced version of the T Virus, the
G Virus was spread by its creator, William
Birkin, after he infected himself in a bid to
save his own life after an armed raid on
his labs.
The virus mutated his cells, creating a
new strain of creature, and in a fit of rage
released the virus samples into the sewer
systems, where rodents carried both T and
G samples around the city like the bubonic
plague. They spread the disease to the
populace of Raccoon, and within a matter
of days, ninety eight percent of the town
was infected. Still receiving payments
from Umbrella, Chief Irons and Mayor
Warren decide to set up road blocks to
contain the apparent sickness spreading
like wildfire.
On September 29th, 1998, the citizens of
Raccoon were either dead, dying, or
undead, and Jill Valentine couldnt help
anyone but herself. Starting on her
journey, she quickly encountered
Umbrellas newest plaything, the Nemesis,
which was bent on wiping all traces of
S.T.A.R.S. from the face of the Earth, along
with anything that got in its way.
This included the mercenary Carlos
Oliveira, one of Umbrellas Biohazard
Countermeasure Squad, who had been
inserted into the town by Umbrella to test
the true combat skills of the creatures
running amok, and not to save any
survivors as their press release stated.
Both he and Jill teamed up to work to try
and summon an evacuation helicopter, but
the Nemesis but an end to that, and
infected Jill with the T Virus before
retreating from the fight.
With Jill down, it was up to Carlos to
scour the streets of Uptown Raccoon,
hoping to find a cure to the disease before
it was too late.
While Jill fought for her life against the
viral infection, two new players entered
Raccoon city, one to start his new job as a
police officer, the other to find her brother,
Chris Redfield.
Thrown together amongst a zombie
maelstrom, Claire Redfield and Leon S.
Kennedy sought refuge in the police
station, only to face a multitude of zombies
and different mutations and variants of
infected creatures.
Meeting few survivors along the way,
they encountered Annette Birkin, wife of
William, Sherry Birkin, their daughter, an
undercover operative known as Ada Wong,
and a reporter, along with the corrupt
Chief Irons. All but one of these met a
grisly end at the hands of one of
Umbrellas creations, and Sherry quickly
took a shine to Claire, regarding her as a
big sister.
Their biggest problem with their
encounters was Birkin himself, mutated
through the works of the G Virus into an
almost unstoppable creature, who could
only die in an explosion that decimated
the laboratories beneath the city. Claire,
Leon and Sherry barely escaped intact,
and were picked up on the outskirts of
Raccoon by Rebecca and David, who were
oblivious everything that had happened
since their leaving.
This explosion beneath the streets in the
labs of Umbrella was only the beginning of
the Fireworks for Raccoon, though.
Pulling through her infection, Jill and
Carlos discovered that they needed to get
out of Raccoon before a salvo of tactical
missiles, fired by Umbrella, reached the
city and wiped it and everything in it off
the map. The struggle against the rapidly
mutating Nemesis and the hordes of
mutants still living in the city had now
become a race against time.
Finding one of Umbrellas specimen
dumping grounds, they eventually
managed to find a helicopter and leave the
city only minutes before the missiles
struck home.
On October 1st, 1998, Raccoon City was
wiped out, and all traces of Umbrellas
illicit research and proof against them
Though Raccoon was destroyed,
Umbrella was far from finished
The destruction of Raccoon City, unlike
many of Umbrellas lesser mistakes, could
not be concealed from the public with a
false smile, a bribe to someone in power,
and a false story of something gone
wrong. The blame had to be pinned onto
someone, and who better than the
renegade faction of S.T.A.R.S., who were
currently branded by Umbrella as
terrorists and anarchists.
Suddenly at the top of the Feds most
wanted list for being linked to the
destruction of a midwestern city, the link
to the S.T.A.R.S. was tenuous at best, but
anyone questioning motives or reasons
behind it often vanished courtesy of
With Chris and Barry already in Europe,
and Jill and Carlos on their way over
thanks to some special help from an
insider, the small group of rookies were
left alone and on the run in America. Their
only hope of escaping to Europe and
joining up with their friends was
presented to them by a mysterious man
named Trent, a man who had dealing with
all stages of the Raccoon City debacle.
They would be given safe passage to
Europe, if in return they agreed to assault
one of Umbrellas newer underground
facility, The Planet.
A reluctant agreement later, and the
assault had begun, though Reston, the
Umbrella Operative under command had
advanced the program further than
anyone had thought, introducing several
new strains to the intruders, protecting
his career, his post, and Umbrellas unique
creature- The Fossil.
As with most Tyrant-type creatures, the
Fossil was a highly unstable and
unpredictable creature, turning on Reston
in a feeding-frenzy before the facility was
closed down permanently. Their end of the
bargain upheld, the group were taken to
The continual destruction of Umbrella
facilities was setting back research by
decades, and Umbrella decided it was time
to up the ante, targeting Chris Redfield as
the leader and setting a trap for him, using
his beloved sister as bait.
Allowing the documents regarding the
capture of supposed terrorist Chris
Redfield to fall into the hands of Claire
was a risky gambit, but one that
ultimately paid off for the pharmaceutical
company: Despite massive casualties and
damage, a single female attempting
infiltration and rescue was quickly caught
and dispatched to Rockford Prison,
providing Alfred Ashford, the deranged
commander of that position with another
test subject, and Umbrella with a
bargaining chip.
This prison island was targeted for
attack days after Claire was incarcerated,
and the resultant bombing run left the
penal colony in a state of ruins: buildings
shattered, radio links severed, and the
eventual escape of the experiments being
kept on the island. Thrown into a frenzy of
panic, and attacked from all angles by
mutants and undead alike, the armed
guards on the island quickly fell in the
ensuing carnage.
This attack provided an opportunity for
Claire to escape her cell, and with the help
of another prisoner named Steve
Burnside, get a message to Chris and
escape the island before Ashford decided to
destroy the island in a fit of hysterical
Climbing aboard a cargo plane was their
only option, though an option that proved
fatal as the plane automatically guided
them to the chilled research station at the
Antarctic. It was here that Claire and
Steve encountered the rest of the Ashford
family in the forms of the mutated
Nosferatu, and the tyrannical Alexia
Ashford, who carried with her the secret
of the T-Veronica virus.
Chris Redfield wasnt far behind once he
received the message, and made his way to
Rockford Prison, though he arrived too
late and found the smoking ruins of the
Umbrella facility. Learning of his sisters
escape, he followed suite to the frozen
tundra of the Antarctic, where in a
desperate rescue mission saved his sister,
and came face to face with the T-Veronica
virus and its carrier, Alexia Ashford. Both
she and the facility were destroyed by the
self-destruct mechanism.
Numerous spills and incidents have
occurred since these chain of events, all
the dastardly handiwork of Umbrella, and
all attempted to be covered up: other
island facilities and a luxury cruise liner
are but two of the examples of such
accidents. Which goes to show, a spill can
happen anywhere, at any time, and put
thousands of people in danger.
Its for this reason that the remaining
rogue S.T.A.R.S. members and their
companions have taken it upon
themselves to put an end to their
experiments and evil ways. Months of
lying low and gentle probing and
questioning has revealed that Umbrella
Inc. Paris is the home of a major new
research and B.O.W. facility, located deep
beneath the city.
Though little detail is known about the
facility, they do know that it is much
larger than the Planet, offering a complete
ecosystem and providing a natural
environment for each specimen Umbrella
has ever produced, including some of the
rarer species that have only been
encountered by one or two previously.
Needless to say, the security is expected to
be tough, with whispered rumours that
Captain Albert Wesker, thought by many
to have perished in Raccoon city, is in
charge of the armed forces there.
Get In The Game:
In this scenario, the players are
encouraged to be the standard characters
from the game, and the Zombie Master can
recreate the environments and events of
the computer games. This scenario is ideal
for the ZM who is very familiar with the
Resident Evil games, and even better with
players who know very little or nothing at
all of the stories and games. If there is
anyone who hasnt played it yet.
Its up to the ZM to decide which scenario
the group can start off with. Will they be
part of Alpha Team, exploring the Spenser
Mansion and searching for the doomed
Bravos, or will they be a small group of
survivors trekking through the abandoned
police station to find a way past the
roadblocks? Regardless of which game you
start with (with the exception of
Veronica/ Veronica X, which picks up after
all characters involved have had some
experience with Umbrella), each scenario
can branch off into a whole campaign.
Bear in mind, though: these pre-made
scenarios, although extensive, are by no
means definitive. You can always allow
entrance into rooms that were previously
inaccessible, or doors to open that
previously had locks broken. Throw
monsters and mutants into the equation
where none existed before. And of course,
those that do survive the threats of the
scenario can go on to fight Umbrella in
various other environments. This could be
the beginning of the end of Umbrella
Outbreak Is For Monkeys:
In a similar vein to the new game just
released, theres always the option to look
at the spread from viewpoints of a Norm,
going about their ordinary business just
hours before the massive spread.
The players can make different, everyday
characters such as a banker, a waitress, a
postman, and maybe one experienced
person like a police officer. Have them
starting off the morning in a diner
grabbing breakfast before a hard day at
work, going about their business. Nothing
unusual, they barely acknowledge each
other. Until the chef stumbles into the
room, followed by an unknown assailant.
This scenario can also be run easily with
the Coffee break Of The Living Dead add-
on pack, substituting the zombies in there
for Resident Evil zombies, and also adding
a few mutants to keep the unsuspecting
players on their toes. Maybe a group of
Umbrella employees are on their way to
have a quick cigarette when the foyer of
the building erupts into a frenzied zombie
Umbrella Saves!
A third option is to have the characters
playing part of the Umbrella Biohazard
Countermeasure Squads, dropping into an
infected area to cleanse and keep the
peace, or guarding a top secret research
facility from any marauding S.T.A.R.S.
members. This may be a good time for
players to explore their dark side as they
take on the roles of the bad guys. Some
may find themselves instinctively drawn
to the good, trying to save colleagues,
while others abandon all morals and try
to survive by taking care of number one.
The characters may ultimately stumble
upon the truth of the nature of their
employees, and be faced with the
conundrum of whether to turn face and
side with the rogue S.T.A.R.S. agents, or
stick by the company that signs their
Its Full Of S.T.A.R.S...
The final option to play is to take it to the
big company itself, by taking the fight to
the European headquarters of the
company in a bid to end their tyranny and
diabolical experiments, and in the process
clear the names of any S.T.A.R.S. agents
that have been wrongly accused of various
crimes and incidents, in particular the
destruction of Raccoon City.
Word has reached the rogue S.T.A.R.S.
agents that there is a massive
underground facility in Paris, in the heart
of the city, over a mile beneath the streets.
Only accessible through the sewer system
beneath a modest, 2-story building, it is
rumoured to be a massive habitat which
holds numerous Umbrella experiments in
their natural environment. It has been
said that The Planet was a prototype for
this Dome, which is far more advanced
than any testing facilities created so far.
For more information on the French
facility and The Dome, see the section
titled The French umbrella Facility later
on in the book.