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Office of the Addl. Director Gen.(Engg.) (NZ), AIR & TV, Jamnagar House,
Shahjahan Road, New Delhi-110 011

No: ADASA/NC/2/2014 Dated 05.08.2014


SUBJUCT: - Minutes of the Emergent Meeting of National Council, ADASA held on 05.08.2014 at

A meeting of the National Council Office Bearers was held in the chamber of the organizing
Secretary, NC,ADASA during lunch hour on 05.08.2014 under the chairmanship of Sh. G.K.Acharya,
President.. The agenda of the meeting was to decide the date & place for holding of ADASA National
Convention-2014 as per the decision taken in the 30
National Council meeting held at Delhi on

Gen. Secretary welcomed all the members and placed the proposal to Convene National Convention of
ADASA. The following decisions were taken unanimously in the meeting:-

1. ADASA National Convention-2014 will be held on 27
and 28
November, 2014 at Hyderabad in
Andhra Pradesh with the Assistance of Andhra Pradesh Zonal Council .

2. Sh. U.V. Naga Raju, Member, ADASA, DDK unit Hyderabad & Sh P.V.Subramanyam, Zonal
Secretary, ADASA, A.P. Zone will be the convener & Associate Convener respectively for ADASA
National Convention -2014, Hyderabad.

3. A Souvenir will also be published on this occasion under the editorship of Sh. Padmanabhan, Advisor,
NC ADASA & Sh. V. Srinivas, Joint Secretary, A.P.Zone will be Associate Editor for publishing and
printing of the Souvenir . The Souvenir will be printed bilingually. The advertisement rates, Pages,
printing quality- i.e. selection of paper, cover page etc will be decided by the editorial team. However
before taking the final decision approval of the NC, ADASA Executives is solicited. Sh. Virendra
Singh Rawat, Chairman, ADASA Delhi Zone will edit the Hindi portion of the souvenir.

4. Each Zone has to contribute a financial assistance of Rs.15000/-(Rs. Fifteen thousand ) to National
Council for holding of ADASA, National Convention. Financial Assistance from all the Zones is
strongly required for holding of the Convention.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the chair.

General Secretary
1. President/ Vice-President/Asstt.Gen. Secy/Treasurer/Advisors/ All Committee Members-ADASA,
National Council available in Delhi.
2. Chairmen & Secretaries of All Zones of ADASA with a request to intimate the number of delegates
attending the National convention to make necessary arrangements for the delegates by AP Zone.
3. Sh. U.V.Naga Raju, Member, ADASA, DDK, Hyderabad.
4. Sh. P.V.Subramanyam, Zonal Secretary & Sh V.Srinivas, Joint Secy , ADASA, A.P. Zone with a
request to convene a meeting of AP Zonal Council and Take decision on finalisation of the committees
required for holding of Nation Convention, ADASA-2014.

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