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Justice and secure services
Private Sector
iSoft Business Solutions
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Financial accounting and
purchasing software
SunGard Public Sector
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ICT, radio network services,
communications systems
Beat Systems
Jul 2011 +30 people
Secure mobile data solutions
permitting access to central
systems and mobile reporting
Cedar HR
Sep 2011 +45 people
Integrated back ofce
management software
for UK police
Applied Language Solutions
Dec 2011 +160 people
Translation and interpreting
services to the public and
private sector
Fortek Computers
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Command, control and
communication systems to UK
emergency services and abroad
Aug 2012 +2,000 people
Forensic medical services,
custody support and secure
transport services
Fire Service College
Feb 2013 +150 people
One of the Worlds largest
operational re and rescue
training facilities
STL Technologies
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Software and ICT
supplier to the criminal
justice system
Apr 2013 +25 people
Immersive simulations,
virtual environments and
organisational change
management programmes
Oct 2013 +160 people
Automatic number plate
recognition (ANPR) based
parking management system
Retain International
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Resource planning,
scheduling and
management software
Justice and
secure services
Chronology of a market leading capability
Liberty Services
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Specialist printing,
mailing and car park
management services
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Development of social web
platforms and user-centric
web solutions
Smiths Consulting
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SAP consultancy services
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Software testing
Justice and technology solutions
Case and record solutions
Secure task management
Resource planning
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Integrated business solutions
Communications and control solutions
Secure managed services
Fire Service College
Car park solutions
Translation and interpreting
Secure resource solutions
Capita is a leading supplier of technology enabled solutions and services to
public sector organisations. With a strong track record in working with central
and local government, public safety and justice agencies and third sector
organisations, our mission is to help our customers intelligently maximise the
use of assets and resources to achieve optimal operational efciency.
Through careful listening and detailed exploration, we build a deep
understanding of what our clients and their customers need. Our depth of
experience in advising, shaping, implementation and operation combined with
our clients knowledge allows us to create innovative and transformational
solutions that drive down costs and provide better customer experiences.
And we dont just design the solutions; we also deliver them for our clients,
committing to a dened cost, proven business models and high quality
standards. Were able to do this by drawing on our rich and varied capabilities
and our extensive service infrastructure.
Capita is an agent for change, listening to our clients, creating unique solutions
and delivering value to all our stakeholders.
Justice and secure services
Justice and technology solutions
Operational support
Frontline operations are critical to the delivery of service to the
public. They can only be effective if the ofcers and staff are
visible, can work effectively and have all the necessary, up-to-
date information to hand. They also need to know that when
they return to the ofce they have access to systems that are
easy to use, avoid re-keying of data and help them navigate
business processes easily to enable them to spend less time on
paperwork and more time delivering the service.
From a fully integrated Records Management System and a secure
mobile and agile working platform to innovative digital repositories
Capitas range of operational support solutions enables this process
transformation and helps make ofcers more visible and effective.
UNIFI Records Management System (RMS) brings together, and
builds upon, the rich functionality and pedigree of previous Capita
products. These products have been installed in live operational
policing environments across the UK for more than 10 years.
UNIFI is in live use in 6 UK forces and was recently ranked number
1 for functional completeness, non-functional delivery and price.
Digital Interview Recording
Capitas DIR solution has been developed to be t for purpose
in all environments where interviews are recorded, whether
audio only or with video, in Custody suites, Public Protection /
Vulnerable Witness suits or as a portable solution in any location.
Video Witness
Video Witness is the market leading custody image (mug-shot)
capture, image management and witness album system.
Mobile technology services
is an Enterprise Mobility platform consisting
of a mobile application container that is used by eld staff to
assemble all the information and forms related to an individual
event. With a powerful federated search facility SmartWorks

can collate data from multiple backend systems that is then
re-used to complete and submit reports in real-time back to
the main databases with no further processing. Supporting the
mobile container is a gateway that maintains the connectivity
and access controls and a management console to enable
system administration, reporting and deployment of further
apps as they are developed.
The SmartWorks
platform creates a secure, direct, 2-way
information channel between user and the multiple back ofce
systems that enable, inform and record their work.
Further apps can be delivered by Capita, the client or third
parties, certied for us on SmartWorks
and then deployed
across the user community and supports the major mobile
platforms Windows, iOS and Android.
The main benets of using SmartWorks
Business transformation through mobilisation of the
business process
Cost savings from improvements to operational efciency
Improvement in data accuracy and integrity
Enhanced productivity
Reduced organisational risk
Customer service improvements
For over 35 years Capita has been supporting mission-critical
operations and with continued investment in technology and
knowledge is able to bring together leading Command, Control
and Communications technologies and services to offer a fully
integrated portfolio.
Using best-of-breed components developed over many successful
years working with our clients, together with a strong vision for
the future, Capita will continue to provide building blocks for the
future of Control Rooms, collaboration and interoperability.
Capita maintains a portfolio of three distinct but highly
complementary products:


is a next-generation control room and contact

centre solution which puts transformation within grasp. It
provides seamless interoperability with back ofce and other
external systems to provide a major step-change in control
room efciency.
Operators are no longer desk-bound in a xed control room
location - any connected device that has access to the Forces
network can perform any ControlWorks role including call
taking and incident management.
Benets include:
Clear and intuitive user interface
Uses technology you already have (Microsoft, etc.)
Promotes and maximises collaboration between
emergency responders and partner agencies
Product suite exibility (can be deployed in contact
centres, control rooms, front desks or mobile operations)
A modular, scalable solution
Communications and control
Capitas leading Control Room solutions, VISION Computer Aided
Despatch (CAD) and DS Integrated Communications and Control System
(ICCS) have been integrated to create a single end-to-end Control Room
solution - VISION DS. This approach offers re services a more exible,
modular product offering with the capability to deploy CAD, ICCS or a
combined solution to meet evolving Control Room requirements.
VISION DS offers a central core element on to which additional
modules and third party applications can be introduced and
also provide full interoperability with back ofce and external
systems. VISION DS delivers a step change in improved user
experience and in turn greater control room efciency.
Capitas DSX ICCS provides the voice and data communications
hub of the Capita Contact Management and Control Room
product range, designed to provide single touchscreen control to
a host of integrated subsystems.
These may include digital trunk and analogue PMR radio
systems, call handling systems, digital and analogue telephony,
CCTV, voice recorders, intercom systems, door locks and alarms.
It also provides the capability to integrate with both internal
and external sources for provision of the correct decision making
information for the dispatch process.
Over 130 DSX systems are now in use with UK based customers
in Police, Fire, Ambulance, Coastguard, Military and Highways
Agency installations. The DSX is the only ICCS solution that is
currently being used to fully support countrywide operation
in the UK, by agencies such as British Transport Police, the
Maritime and Coastguard Agency and RAF Search and Rescue.
Capitas expertise ranges from national courts systems to an
operational policing platform to small CRM installations. In all
sizes of engagement, we apply a rigorous process to ensure a
quality delivery on time and on budget.
Software projects are fraught with risk and have a history of
failing to deliver on time, on budget and to the level of quality
expected by the business. We will ensure that your projects
always succeed.
Capita has a team of highly experienced software engineers
whose passion is in delivering your success. We invest
continually in our employees to ensure that their skills keep up
with the rapid pace of change in software ensuring that your
solutions are t for purpose for now and for the future.

The PoliceWorks

suite is Capitas next generation of policing system.

Built on the latest Microsoft software architecture, PoliceWorks

enables Forces to attain new levels of joined-up policing.
The PoliceWorks

suite offers Forces a exible and affordable

policing system. Using a modular approach with an underlying
common data model Forces may select modules to meet their
business requirements.


provides a comprehensive and highly congurable

suite of modules to support the end to end case management
process across multiple court tiers. Built on an Oracle
development platform, whilst keeping pace with new and
emerging technologies, CourtWorks

is an enabler for Criminal

Justice Collaboration and for supporting swift and sure justice.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a fully integrated customer relationship
management system that combines familiar Microsoft Ofce
applications with powerful CRM software to improve marketing
effectiveness, boost sales, and enrich customer service interactions.
Relevant to any organisation where the ability to manage data,
automate business processes and share records is key, Microsoft
Dynamics CRM is readily congurable and can be tailored to
exactly meet business needs.
The exibility of the system enables it to be extended beyond
the out of the box standard modules (Sales, Marketing and
Service), and provides an extensive tool-kit for the delivery of
business specic functionality. This customisation has enabled it
to be used by customers across a wide range of industries.
Microsoft SharePoint
As a Microsoft partner Capita is highly experienced in
conguring, customising and developing SharePoint solutions.
We are well versed in providing custom solutions that help
your organisation with Content Management, Enterprise
Search, Document Management, Workow, Collaboration and
Corporate Branding.
Our experienced SharePoint team consists of analysts,
consultants, architects and developers. They work closely with
our project management team to deliver timely, cost-effective
and appropriate scaled solutions using SharePoint.
Case and record solutions
Secure managed services
Secure IT solutions provide the framework on which all
organisations operate. They can transform front line services and
back ofce processes.
At Capita, our technology is a key enabler, but for you,
transformed service is the outcome. For over 30 years we have
helped our clients deliver great public services.
We have an unrivalled track record of designing, managing and
integrating secure and efcient IT solutions for:
Local Government
Central Government
Emergency Services
As a team we excel at delivering:
Secure, managed infrastructure built on and surrounded
by former MoD land, our secure data centres are endorsed
to the highest levels of security and resilience.
Secure hosting services that you can scale up or down as
you require, making it commercially exible for you.
Security consultancy and services, our specialist
consultants will serve to protect and preserve your
sensitive data.
ITIL service desk and desktop support, improving staff
productivity and mobility on the front line.
Shared services that enable innovation and collaboration
across multiple agencies.
Transition and transformation programmes that deliver
measurable improvements year on year.
Whatever your business outcomes, we can help you achieve them.
Capita data centres achieve 35% savings
compared with conventional data centres
and can cut your CO
footprint by 50%.
The London Boroughs of Lewisham
and Bromley: a unique shared
service viewed by many as an
exemplar of collaboration.
Devon and Cornwall Police has achieved year on
year savings, innovation and new services.
Braintree District, Castle Point
Borough, Colchester District
and Rochford District Councils
chose Capita as their ICT service
contract provider which is on
target to almost halve the
previous IT costs over ve years
with 7 million of savings.
D i s t r i c t C o u n c i l
Integrated business solutions
Capita Integrated business solutions is a leading provider of
services and integrated business software across the private and
public sector. We help our customers improve prot margins,
manage cash ow and ensure ease of access to information
across the entire organisation. Our offerings extend from
enterprise wide nancial management software, eProcurement
and business intelligence to bespoke solutions. Today, over 400
clients use our innovative solutions to increase their operational
effectiveness and efciency.
Financial Management & Accounting
Our nancial management solution, Integra, is comprehensive
in scope and easy to use. Its designed to support the way you
work, and to improve the productivity and performance of your
organisation. We can implement Integra either on your own
hardware for management by your own IT teams, as a managed
service, or as a fully hosted cloud solution. Whichever route you
choose, Integra ensures signicant operational savings, exibility
and scalability, and an immediate return on your investment.
Our comprehensive eProcurement solution covers the entire
Purchase-to-Pay cycle. Web-based for ease of implementation
and exibility in use, the solution integrates seamlessly with
your existing systems. Additional modules like catalogue
management and the supplier portal will help you to achieve
increased efciencies all around.
Business Process Automation
Our bespoke software developments reduce the time and
resource spent on inefcient operational processes through
process automation. Our expertise will help you replace
error-prone manual or paper-based processes with integrated
software applications that will streamline your operational
services. Developed on the Integra framework, you can trust
that the solution is based on a proven foundation and that your
investment will be protected through ongoing maintenance.
Numerous successful projects in the private, public and social
care sector speak for themselves.
Oracle Managed Services and BI Consultancy
Oracle solutions usually mean a signicant nancial investment
and ensuring maximum ROI can be a challenge. Our industry
leading functional and technical expertise allows us to help you
get the most out of your Oracle E-Business Suite and Business
Intelligence installations. Whether youre looking for a managed
service to maintain your system or want to ensure you are using
Oracle BI to its full potential, our experienced consultants will
be at your service.
Enterprise Resource Planning
Combining nancial management with leading HR/Payroll,
we can provide you with an ERP solution that facilitates the
information ow between all business functions. Suitable for
both public and private sector clients, this fully integrated ERP
solution helps them to achieve increased competitiveness and
stimulate business growth.
Secure resource solutions
Origin Resource Management combines all the very latest
technology and functionality you would expect from a
global HR and Resource Management system. Developed in
partnership with the Police Service, the fully integrated resource
management solution is a single source of people information
for the entire Force which enables strategic resource planning.
It is made up of six police specic modules which include:
The core Police Personnel (PP)
Training Administration System (TAS)
Health and Safety Reporting (HSR)
Duty Management System (DMS)
Self-Service (SS)
Origin Mobile
Although fully integrated, each module can be deployed on a
standalone basis. Origin Resource Management provides the
core resource management element of the Origin ERP solution.
Origin ERP
For Police Forces looking to build back ofce capability beyond
Origin Resource Management, the transition to the fully
integrated Origin Enterprise Resource Planning system provides
a exible solution to drive out further savings. The unrestricted
choice of the Origin ERP Modules ensures the delivery approach
ts to an individual Forces Back Ofce Strategy.
Origin is an Off the Shelf product, with a template approach
to implementation, thus reducing the cost and minimising risk
whilst enabling common business processes.
Secure resource solutions also has Tier 1 and Tier 2 ERP solutions
suitable for markets outside the Police Service.
Origin BI
Origin Business Intelligence (BI) - is a solution developed to
help meet the challenges of reduced budgets whilst maintaining
front-line numbers.
The Origin BI toolset has been designed to provide a Police Force
with the capability to make sense of the vast array of data held
in disparate IT systems across the Force.
Analysis and trending highlight hotspots and trends which have
the potential for cost savings, in key areas such as overtime and
absence management.
Alongside the tangible benets of cost savings, Origin BI can
help better workforce planning allowing more to be achieved by
frontline staff and greater control over budget forecasting
Local Data Matching
Capitas Local Data Matching (LDM) intelligently automates
the process of identifying duplicate nominal records held
across multiple systems within a local authority, generating
a combined Golden nominal register. LDM can also be used
to test and assist with the improvement of accuracy of other
citizen data held by the Authority such as the Electoral Roll.
Capitas LDM improves data accuracy across systems, resulting in
cost and time efciencies and the ability to highlight suspicious
trends or irregularities in data which may represent fraud.
A exible role based access security system enables system
administrators to control which data is included in the matching
process and which reports and functions users have access to.
For example, it is possible to hide Electoral Register data and
reports from non-authorised users.
Game science
G2G3 uses game science to engage, educate and enable people
towards better business outcomes.
Yesterday games used to mean playtime. Not anymore. We
believe game science combined with emerging technology has
the potential to speak to business audiences like never before.
We create bold experiences that harness the power and the fun
of game science to engage people and solve business problems.
Gamication is about applying elements of games to non-
game activities. Its about making normal, day-to-day activities
more compelling. Gamication leverages game mechanics
such as points, levels, badges, rewards, characters, stories and
achievements alongside game design to increase interest and
ultimately drive engagement. Gamication can be applied to
any activity in which people are engaged, and can help drive
desired behaviours within the context of that activity.
Serious games
Serious Games use traditional gamecraft techniques and
technologies around serious and often complex concepts
such as business, technology, education, environmental or
social issues. The primary purpose of serious games is not
entertainment, but a positive benet or outcome. The virtual
nature of serious games can provide an exciting way to
communicate content, perform training, model infrastructures,
visualise processes and much more.
Simulation puts people into a realistic synthetic environment
(either face-to-face or virtual) to allow them to experience
real-life challenges in a controlled environment. Simulations are
a high-impact and energetic way to accelerate understanding,
involvement and acceptance of complex topics or best practices.
Unpredictability, interaction and realism are game elements
that draw on participants emotions and competitiveness to
ultimately create high levels of engagement for businesses.
Simulations can be used effectively in a variety of scenarios
Staff assessment and recruitment
Education and training
Buy-in and commitment
Transformation and cultural change
Engagement Services and Organisational Change
Management (OCM)
We create human-centric organisational change and
transformation programs that leverage our consulting
experience combined with our game-based technologies to drive
focused outcomes for our large enterprise clients.
We develop tailored solutions that can include consulting and
assessment, contextual education, communications programs,
game-based technologies and more.
Translation and interpreting
Capita Translation and Interpreting works with you to protect
and enhance your brand. Were a leading provider of language
and translation services with the UKs largest database of fully
vetted interpreters. We give you the assurance that both your
written and spoken words across multiple media allow you to
condently communicate with all your customers worldwide,
no matter what language they speak. We are trusted by leading
public and private sector organisations to provide accurate,
timely and cost effective translation and interpreting services in
more than 185 languages.
Our services, delivered by helpful and personable localisation
experts, enable clients with an international reach to deliver
their key messages on a truly global scale.
Capita currently provides face-to-face interpreting and instant
telephone interpreting in over 185 languages, including British
Sign Language (BSL). Our framework contract with the Ministry
of Justice makes us one of the largest providers of interpreting
services in the UK public sector.
Translation and proofreading
Capita operates a world-wide network of professional
translators, supervised by an in-house team of experienced
project managers, to provide a high-quality document
translation and proofreading service. Our core values are
quality, efciency and outstanding customer service, which
help ensure repeat business and good references. Depending on
the individual needs of our customers, we offer varying degrees
of service delivery from straightforward one-pass document
translation, to complex multi-step localisation projects.
Automatic Machine Translation
In addition to our traditional translation services, Capita also
develops, hosts and sells an automated machine translation
product called SmartMATE. Machine Translation increases the
efciency and consistency of the translation process and Capita
is one of only a handful of organisations that develop a machine
translation solution, and the only one that offers a standalone
version of the technology which can be installed securely in a
customers environment.
Website localisation and multilingual SEO
Good website localisation, making your site available in multiple
languages, is now an integral part of the overall marketing mix,
and vital to the performance of company websites. We consult
and support a number of multilingual SEO services which can be
used individually or as a packaged product.
We provide a high-quality transcription service (audio-to-
document) from both audio and video sources. Our secure
storage facilities ensure that sensitive or condential media can
be handled and stored appropriately during the transcription
service before being returned to the customer.
Multimedia/Audio-visual services
We provide our customers with a high-end, multi-purpose Audio
Visual offering which includes voice over and subtitling. This is also
key to e-Learning programmes, such as staff training, or employee
examinations where health and safety legislation is paramount.
Resource planning
For the vast majority of organisations, staff are by some
substantial distance the main cost. With that in mind, effective
resource management is a key consideration. Business leaders
need to see where a resource is being under-utilised, and
equally, where spare capacity might exist.
Leading product
Retain is a market leader in resource planning and is widely used
in resource constrained environments (e.g. IT Departments,
Professional Services and Engineering). There are approximately
600,000 resources being planned for in over 60 countries
around the world via Retain.
Retain specialises in resource planning, and has been evolving
over 20 years in line with market trends, user requests and
feedback from our strategic customers.
Core focus on resource planning
The core focus of our application is resource planning and
helping clients gain operational efciencies from more
controlled planning. The software delivers efcient allocation
of resources to projects ensuring staff utilisation is maximised
across the team/company. Retain provides an intuitive, reliable
and secure platform in order to centralise resource data. From
here, users can establish which staff are available for project
work and monitor those already appointed to projects.
Customisation of Retain
Each organisation has different processes so a resource planning
solution must adapt to suit unique requirements. Through
the easy creation of new elds, dening security rules and
tailoring calculations, rms can rely on Retain to t right into
their existing processes. Furthermore, by capturing skills and
attributes, it is much easier to allocate the most appropriate
resource to a specic project.
Key Features:
Multiple views including standard and custom wallchart
Easy record management using, grouping, hierarchy and
drag and drop
Customizable views, elds, calculations and more
Ghost booking for tentative work planning
Automated warnings for overbooking
in over
60 countries
Car park solutions
Established in 2004, ParkingEye has grown to become the
largest supplier of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
systems in the UK. Our system captures over 700 million vehicle
recognitions annually. With over 40% of the market, ParkingEye
is the market leader in ANPR car park management.
ParkingEye offers a complete service from selection through
detailed project planning to installation, operation and
commissioning of a complete car park management solution and
full enforcement processing 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
ParkingEye manages free limited time, permitted or paid (Pay &
Display) parking environments.
The ParkingEye solution has been developed using the latest camera
and ANPR technology with the user and the customer at the centre
of the design. Our systems are built on industry-leading hardware
using the leading virtualisation and server operating systems.
Our complete in-house back ofce functionality supports the
management of car parks including permit lists for staff or other
authorised users. ParkingEye also operates an industry-leading
appeal and complaints handling service with all cases fully
documented and auditable.
Working in partnership, ParkingEye manages car parks for an
extensive range of clients operating in both the public and
private sectors including NHS Trusts, Higher Education, Hotels,
Motorway Service Areas, Retail Parks, Shopping Centres,
Supermarkets, Country Parks, Managing Agents and Facilities
Management Companies.
www.parkingeye.co.uk www.libertyservices.co.uk
Liberty Services
Operating throughout the UK and established for over 60 years,
Liberty Services has grown and evolved as a key print solutions
provider to public authorities and private sector business, large
or small.
Our recently opened Croydon site now combines all aspects
of our operation at a single location, including litho and digital
production and our Document Solutions facility which offers
personalisation, fullment and mailing services.
Liberty specialises in the print of:
PCN carriers, Scratch Card permits, parking permits,
notebooks, thermal ticket rolls, pay & display tickets, hand
written tickets, sign printing and tting, line marking (and
minor road repair), variable data and badge protectors.
Cheques, permits, vouchers, tickets, security mailers, forms,
print and mailing.
End/Non end FPNs, stop and search forms, ANPR forms,
ASBO forms, xed penalty notices, roadside deposit,
notebooks, juvenile PNDs, vehicle defect forms, evidence
wallets, camera enforcement and envelope mailers.
Print and mailing, outsourcing and transactional data.
Secure task management
Capitas secure task management services work across the
public sector, delivering safe and professional solutions to our
customers, including a number of Police Forces, the Home Ofce,
the NHS, Fire & Rescue Services and many Local Authorities
across England. We help our customers reduce their costs whilst
improving efciency and performance through the provision of
custodial services, immigration services and secure transport.
We provide a complete custody management service at
Thames Valley Police incorporating ngerprinting and
photography, footwear impressions, drug testing, management
of consumables, management of Livescan Fingerprint data
and resourcing for special operations. This best value custody
management has enabled 133 Police Ofcers to return to
frontline duties and improved the accessibility of detainee data
and care for approximately 45,000 detainees each year.
We also specialise in a number of vital police support services that
help many forces to reduce costs while improving efciency and
public service. These include; ad hoc detention ofcer provision, ID
suite management, bail management, property management, hard
and soft facilities management and secure forensics transport.
In May 2011, Capita took over the Home Ofce contract for
escorting failed asylum seekers. This involves the secure escort
of immigration detainees from immigration removal centres,
caring for them in short term holding facilities in the UK and
within the Juxtaposed Control Area in Calais and Coquelles,
France. Capita is also responsible for the safe and secure removal
of detainees from the UK, using trained escorts to accompany
them back to their country of origin.
We deliver a specialist, patient centred transport service for
Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust the
rst contract of its kind in the UK.
We operate in 70
centres with over 470
cells across 13 forces
We enable 8,000 patient
movements each year
We were the rst company to
provide outsourced custody
management services
We look after over
140,000 detainees in
police custody every year
We provide escort for
over 6,500 immigration
detainees per month
Fire Service College
The Fire Service College is a leading organisation for re and
multi service training for all emergency service professionals.
We have a strong track record in providing training for the
UK Fire and Rescue Service and other emergency responders
throughout the UK as well as internationally.
Our unique 365-acre venue at Moretonin-Marsh
Gloucestershire, combined with our expert instructors, enables
us to offer a comprehensive range of exible training solutions
from basic, pre-planning and operational response through to
large-scale incidents, complex USAR scenarios and Incident
Command from initial to strategic level.
When the Capita Group acquired the Fire Service College in
March 2013, it made a commitment to transform it into a
world class training facility that showcases new technology and
expands the range of training available to the re and rescue
service, as well as other emergency service markets.
This is an exciting time for the College and our plans for the
future embrace a wide range of investment, both in training
development, technology and delivery mechanisms to provide
higher quality and greater assurance in training, achieve cost
saving efciencies and to optimise delegates time when they are
training away from operational duty.
Capita plc JSS-CAPABILITY 03.14 WMM
71 Victoria Street