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Listed below is every single card, its expansion set, edition, and other details

. A true Pokemon Master will notice that some of these are more rare than others
Also included in this purchase are some delightful Pokemon flipping coins, along
with some glass counting beads. I'm throwing them in just because I like you.
1 x Lapras (fossil)
1 x Chansey (basic set)
2 x Mewtwo (basic set)
1 x Togetic (neo genesis, 1st Ed.)
1 x Dark Arbok (team rocket)
1 x Magneton (fossil)
1 x Feraligatr (neo genesis, 1st Ed.)
1 x Ninetales (basic set)
1 x Zapdos (fossil)
1 x Muk (fossil)
1 x Hitmonchan (basic set)
1 x Zapdos (base set, mild folds/crinkling and scratches)
1 x Aerodactyl (fossil)
1 x Clefable (jungle)
2 x Vileplume (jungle)
Basic Cards
1 x Articuno (fossil)
1 x Dark Golduck (team rocket)
1 x Croconaw (neo genesis 1st Ed)
1 x Eevee (team rocket)
1 x Lickitung (jungle)
1 x Abra (team rocket)
1 x Drowzee (team rocket)
2 x Dragonite (1st Movie Promo)
5 x Ekans (team rocket)
2 x Tauros (jungle)
1 x Dark Primeape (team rocket)
1 x Dratini (basic set 2)
1 x Moltres (fossil)
1 x Golem (fossil)
1 x Totodile (neo genesis 1st Ed)
1 x Psyduck (fossil)
1 x Kingler (fossil)
1 x Krabby (fossil)
1 x Caterpie (basic set)
2 x Metapod (basic set)
1 x Geodude (fossil)
1 x Graveler (fossil)
1 x Pidgeotto (basic set 2)
1 x Nidoran Female (basic set 2)
1 x Butterfree (jungle)
1 x Togepi (neo genesis 1st Ed)
1 x Ponyta (team rocket)
3 x Ponyta (base set)
1 x Nidoqueen (jungle)
1 x Pidgey (basic set)
1 x Mankey (jungle)
1 x Oddish (jungle)
1 x Grimer (rocket)
1 x Pidgeot (jungle)
1 x Nidorina (basic set 2)
1 x Mysterious Fossil (fossil)
1 x Pokemon Breeder (basic set)
1 x Revive (basic set)
1 x Devolution Spray (basic set)
1 x Gust of Wind (basic set 2)
1 x Pokeball (basic set 2)
1 x Energy Removal (basic set 2)
1 x Full Heal (basic set 2)
1 x Energy Retrieval (basic set 2)
1 x Gold Berry (neo genesis 1st Ed)
1 x Miracle Berry (neo genesis 1st Ed)
1 x Pokemon Flute (basic set)
1 x Lass (basic set)
1 x Item Finder (basic set)
1 x Sleep! (team rocket)
1 x The Bosss Way (team rocket)
1 x Super Energy Removal (basic set 2)
7 x water
7 x psychic
4 x fire
9 x ground
19 x plant
1 x double colorless

Other Stuff
34 x clear card cases
26 x glass counters (7 brown, 12 orange, 2 yellow, 5 blue)
1 x Aerodactyl flipping coin
1 x Meowth flipping coin
1 x Chansey flipping coin
It should also be noted that there is an additional 1st edition card in this lot
that isn't listed. It's a surprise :)
Also, everything is in super OK condition... except for that one Zapdos.