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Summer/Fall 2014 $3.

Volume 10, Number 2 1 Summer/Fall 2014
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Sara Johnson Borton
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Bernie Heller
Vice President of Digital
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Our cover bride is Julie Lundgren who
married Chad Rosemund on July 12, 2014 at
Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church with a
reception that followed at 701 Whaley.
Photo Provided By: Katie Har t
Har t Photography www.har tphotosc.com
Figuring out ways to make your wedding
stand out from the many other weddings in
Columbia may feel overwhelming but by
using talented local wedding vendors and
unique venues it is possible.
In this issue of Carolina Bride, Riverbanks
Zoo & Garden shares their newest option
which will give brides the chance to have
live animals as wedding guests. After our
sneak peak at the renovations to the South Carolina State Museum which
are set to be unveiled in August, we know that brides in Columbia will
now have options like a planetarium and a 4D Theater which they have
probably never even considered. We speak with the award winning cake
decorator, Tina Bernier, from Tiffanys bakery about her custom cake
designs. Lacy Geary from By Invitation Only shares her tips on having an
in-state destination wedding while still utilizing local vendors.
The photography in this issue is outstanding and we are so grateful to
get the opportunity to display the talents of: Katie Hart, Dave Gilbert,
Clark Berry, Neva Loftis, Calico Photography and many others.
Make your wedding uniquely yours - whether that means a South
Carolina beach wedding, a wedding where zoo animals mingle with your
guests, or a wedding in a planetarium where your guests can watch you
and your groom exchange vows with a perfect sunset projected in the
background. Columbia has the options you need to make it happen.

7 . . . . . . . Engagement Story: Elisabeth & Alber to
8 . . . . . . . . Engagement Story: Aneshia & Thomas
9 . . . . . . . . . . Engagement Story: Kelly & Michael
10. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Once Upon a Time
12. . . . . . . . . . . . A Family Affair : Christy & Dave
18. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Love in Focus: Melissa & Jason
24. . . . A Day At The Beach: McKenzie & Caleb
30. . . . . . . . . . . . . . South Carolina State Museum
34. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Folly Beach
36. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tiffanys
38. . . . . . . . . Riverbanks Zoo Animal Encounters
43. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Obtaining a Marriage License
44. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Wedding Album
46. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Wedding Day Checklist
49. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Getting Married?
50. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Celebration Announcements
52. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Reception Venues
55. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Adver tiser Index
58. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Happily Ever After
Engagement Stories
Alber to
Our story started in a very small town in the mountains of
Barahona, a southern province of The Dominican Republic. Our
first encounter was at the home of a mutual acquaintance. The
second meeting was during a family outing for ice cream orga-
nized by my mother. My skin was peeling from sunburn and so I
tried to hide my face from Alberto on the car ride. Once we
arrived I waited for everyone else to exit the car and enter the ice
cream shop. Then I quickly hopped out and ducked past the
group who had already congregated around the ice cream bar in
the front of the shop. I found a nice spot behind a column where
I could comfortably hide my face. And it was in that moment that
Alberto glided up, leaned down so that we were on the same level
and said You know, you really shouldnt hide your faceits
unkind to deprive the world of such beauty. And that was where
it all really began.
We shared so many adventures; hiking to mountain tops,
exploring the ocean floors of the Caribbean, sledding down the
snowy hills of Vermont, cross-country road trips with my insane-
ly large family, exploring Taino caves, Parades in New York City,
and Salsa classes on a rooftop. And after about a million cups of
ice cream and a thousand video game challenges we found our-
selves on that same mountain where we met on Dec 29th, 2013
(my birthday). Alberto knelt in front of me and invited me to join
him on the greatest adventure. Getting to know each other was a
blessing! And as we found ourselves at the alter on May 23, 2014
we realized how truly blessed we are.
Photos contributed by Calico Photography
Elisabeth & Alberto Jaquez
It was just a normal day at the office two years ago when
Thomas and I met. He had come into the office that day to visit
one of my co-workers. I walked into her office to get her lunch
order and she introduced us. I didnt think much of the meeting
at the time. Thomas, however, quickly went to work gathering
information about me and requesting our mutual friends assis-
tance as a matchmaker. After some gentle encouragement from
our friend I agreed to exchange phone numbers and the relation-
ship took off from there. There must have been divine interven-
tion at play for us because a few weeks later I left my job to start
a new venture at another job 42 miles away.
We got engaged on December 30, 2013. We were enjoying
time at home, cuddling, and watching television as we often do.
Thomas popped the question with the ring I had been dreaming
of and of course I said yes!
Thomas and I complement each other because we are oppo-
sites. Im definitely a Type A personality and hes a free spirit.
He has a wonderful sense of humor and I keep things organized
and on track. We are both very competitive and love to challenge
each other at various athletic activities. I really feel that we are
soul mates.
Photos contributed by Calico Photography
Aneshia Taste & Thomas Collins 8
Engagement Stories
Michael and I met in junior high. We were friends through
high school until I moved to South Carolina with my family dur-
ing our junior year. Michael actually asked me to be his date to
the junior prom, but I couldnt go because I had already moved. I
was very happy when fifteen years later we got back in touch and
I learned that Michael was doing well and living in Ohio. I occa-
sionally visited family in Ohio so we were able to renew our
friendship. Eventually we started dating. At first it was long dis-
tance and then Michael moved to South Carolina. New Years
Eve became a special date for us. We started dating on a New
Years Eve, Michael moved to South Carolina on a New Years
Eve, and then he proposed on New Years Eve. Now I wear his
great grandmothers engagement ring and I cannot wait to
become his wife.
Photos contributed by Calico Photography
Kelly Maberry & Michael Nance
Engagement Stories
Ashleigh Bowers and John Potter were married at the Cooper River Room in
Mount Pleasant on May 3, 2014. Bridal portraits were taken at the LeGare-Waring
House in Charleston. Sadie, their adorable goldendoodle, was not actually in
the wedding ceremony but she was an active participant in the engagement.
Photographer: Neva Loftis Photography www.nevaloftisphotography.com
Once upon a time
Once upon a time
T (803) 602-0900 E planyourevent@riverbanks.org W www.riverbanks.org/planyourevent
Botanical Garden Ceremonies
Animal Exhibit Cocktail Hours
Live Animal Encounters
Receptions up to 350 guests
Onsite Event Specialist Caterer
Proceeds help animal conservation
The fnest in formalwear with the personal service you expect.
Weddings and Formal Events
Sales and Rentals
1333 Main Street | Columbia, SC 29201
803-252-6714 | grangerowings.com
A Family Affair
Christy Cooper and Dave Whaleys Wedding
July 2013
verybody who was a part of Christy
Coopers and Dave Whaleys wed-
ding in July 2013, says it was more than
a couples wedding. They say it was a
family affair and the South Carolina
wedding of the year.
In addition to the couple exchanging
vows, the wedding and reception in-
cluded their children, family and close
friends as part of the ceremony. Most of
their 175 guests came as families with
kids, Christy says.
They were married July 20, 2013.
They will celebrate their rst anniver-
sary July 20, 2014. It was the second
wedding for both. They were married at
City Art in Columbia, with the recep-
tion at 701 Whaley Street.
Their blended family includes Chris-
tys three children: David, 15; Carly, 13;
Danny, 10; and Daves two children:
Tripp, 18; Kate, 16.
Dave is a family physician and Christy
was a medical assistant. Their friend-
ship and love story began several years
ago at Daves ofce, Colonial Fam-
ily Practice on Broad Street in Sumter,
SC. Dave is a co-founder of the prac-
tice with Dr. Clay Lowder. As of today,
there are several locations with 250 em-
ployees, Christy was a medical assistant
there. Each had been married. They
met in 2008 and started dating in 2010.
Christy says they were friends, rst and
always had a lot in common. Then, just
like storybook weddings, they fell in
love. And just like the Brady Bunch,
they discovered that their kids get along
remarkably well.
The older boys hit if off like theyve
been brothers for all their lives, Christy
says. They all look out for each other.
Now, Christy is happy being a stay at
home Mom. She plans to return to
school to earn her nursing degree once
the children are grown.
Almost a year later, people are still
talking about their wedding.
Scott Jones, American Floral, who
provided all the owers, says that this
wedding was absolutely stunning. It
was a family affair. It was an honor to be
part of this occasion; it was the South
Carolina wedding of the year.
Christy says Scott was so much fun
to work with. Scott incorporated ev-
erything into the bouquets. He strung
garlands of owers across two pillars and
suspended mass amounts of burnt or-
ange tulips upside down in the bar area.
He also did the ower arrangements on
each table.
Others sing the Whaleys praises,
too. Jesse Bullard IV, vice president of
Southern Way Catering, says they used
six chefs, eight bartenders and 40 serv-
ers to execute this incredible evening
for their 175 guests. The menu includ-
ed heavy hors doeuvres for the cocktail
hour: passed hors doeuvres including
duck a lorange Flatbread canaps and
stationary hors doeuvres, including
shrimp cocktail, fresh fruit, cheeses,
relish displays, and baked Brie. The
seated meal was served on white square
china dinner plates, with a spinach salad
and entre options of beef tenderloin,
glazed salmon let or marinated chick-
en breasts. Included with all entrees
were fresh green beans (host recipe),
the popular pimento cheese potatoes au
gratin, roasted tomato and freshly baked
yeast rolls with a trio of butters. The
dessert station offered items such as
crme brulee, bananas foster, chocolate
decadence cake, cheese cake and more.
Coffee and cordials were also served.
Jesse says that his company has been
catering in the Southeast for 34 years
and that this wedding was one of the
most special.
They have exquisite taste, he says.
We worked together. It was denitely
one of the highlights of our 2013 season.
It was absolutely fabulous. They had vi-
sion and creativity. They created that
wow factor with every aspect.
He met with the wedding planner
and the couple to decide the menu.
The couple even had a tasting before
hand with some of their friends and
their children.
Clark Berry, Clark Berry Photogra-
phers, took individual photographs,
including time before and after the
ceremony. He shot 1,200 images of ev-
erything from the engagement session
to the wedding day. From the begin-
ning, it was well-planned, he says,
The couple was easy to work with.
It was almost like a family wedding,
involving kids and friends - not just a
couple coming together, but a family
coming together.
Melanie Murphy, By Invitation Only,
was the wedding planner and master-
mind of the wedding and reception.
They began planning their wedding
at least a year ahead of time. She was
phenomenal, Christy says of Melanie.
She had Googled Melanie ahead of time
and clicked with her right off the bat.
Melanie says there is nothing she would
change about that wedding. It was a
perfect group of vendors, she says.
Michelle Tisdale, Stationery Design
and Print, was another incredible ven-
dor to work with, Christy says.
She literally was with me through
the entire engagement period as we
started rst with save the date cards,
then moved on to invitations and n-
ished with programs, place cards, guide-
books for our out-of-town guests and
many other small stationery and print
needs. She worked so hard to make sure
I was getting exactly what I wanted and
was more than willing to re-design even
the slightest detail. She provided the
highest quality work with awless cus-
tomer service.
Christy says shes used Michelle since
the wedding for Christmas cards.
The wedding went off without a hitch
in every way, Christy says, and credits
her wedding planner for executing it
all. Melanie was amazing at what she
did, Christy said. She took my ideas
and executed them. I wanted our wed-
ding to be elegant, classy, and timeless.
I laid the ground work. I wanted the
colors to black, silver, and white in the
theme throughout, with burnt orange as
the accent color at the reception.
Christys matron of honor was her
best friend Jennifer Smith. Their chil-
dren were all part of the ceremony.
Christy surprised Dave by singing and
playing on the piano two songs she had
written just for him. She is a song writ-
er and musician. The DJ, Dave Gilbert,
Party time DJs introduced Christy, who
had secretly sneaked in a huge Steinway
Grand Piano to the reception area. Her
two songs were titled Stay with you
and Riding on Love. To view and hear
them, go to: http://www.absolutevid.
com/ and then click on the link: Christy
and Daves wedding trailer.
Dave says the rst 30 seconds of the
rst video show Danny, their young-
est, giving a heart-tugging toast, un-
prompted and off-the cuff. The second
video is of Christy performing the two
songs she wrote. Its the best gift ever
given to me, and watching her sing,
even now, almost a year later, still puts
my heart in my throat.
Hiring videographers James and
Marianna Player was one of the best
decisions they made, Christy says. You
really cant spend money any wiser
than with photographers and videog-
raphers, Christy says. Theyre the
ones who capture all the memories and
thats what you spend the rest of your
life looking back on. We loved these
guys. They were so great to work with
and their work is simply unmatched!
James Player says the wedding was awe-
Dave Gilbert, Partytime DJs says his
group felt the love. We felt a true fam-
ily bond.
This past year has been wonderful,
Christy says, and they are looking for-
ward to many more. As for their wed-
ding day, she says, I wish I could go
back and do the whole day over again.
Christy and Dave say all their vendors
were amazing and played a huge part in
their wedding. They thank: Jesse Bul-
lard, Southern Way; Scott Jones, Ameri-
can Floral; Clark Berry, Clark Berry
Photography; Dave Gilbert, Partytune
DJs; James and Marianna Player, Abso-
lute Video; Michelle Tisdale, Planning
Our Day (Stationery Design and Print);
Parkland Cakes, West Columbia, wed-
ding cake; Black Tie Bartending; First
Class Limo Service; Lori Rabon, The
Venue Salon, Sumter, SC (Brides hair);
Bridals by Lori, Atlanta, GA, wedding
gown, matron of honor and bridesmaids
dresses; Granger Owings, grooms
wardrobe; C. Anthonys Sumter, SC,
groomsmens tuxedos; Dave Langer,
Sumer, SC., minister.
By: Kay Gordon
Photos provided by Clark Berry Photography
Passed Hors Doeuvres
Duck a lorange Flatbread Canape
A Teriyaki Cream Cheese Spread on
Flatbread with Thinly Sliced Roasted Duck
Breast Medallions and Orange Marmalade
Sauce Sprinkled with Scallions
Grilled Chicken Satay with Thai
Peanut Sauce
Grilled Pork Tenderloin Bites
Served with Jezebel Sauce
BLT Shots on Endive with Grape
Tomatoes & Crumbled Bacon
Deep Fried Dill Pickle Chips
Served in a Clear Glass Oyster Cup with
Horseradish Ranch in the Bottom of the Cup
Bacon Wrapped Pineapple
Stationary Hors Doeuvres
Chilled Peeled Boiled Shrimp
Served with Cocktail Sauce
Shrimp a la Vera Cruz
Large Gulf Shrimp in a Cholula Marinade
Served with Avocado and Lime Wedges
Station Two
Fresh Fruit Array
Variety of Seasonal Fruit to Include Melons,
Strawberries, and Grapes Served with
Brown Sugar Sour Cream Dip
Artisan Cheese Display
Assorted Cheese with Carrs Wafers, Lavosh,
and Assorted Pepperidge Farm Crackers
Fresh Relish Display
To Include Pickled Okra, Baby Carrots, Baby
Corn, Assorted Olives, Grape Tomatoes
& Gherkins with Dip
Baked Brie
Baked in a Puff Pastry with Brown Sugar
and Almonds, Garnished with Strawberries
& Served with Ginger Snaps
Rosemary Infused Cream Cheese
with a Fig Sweet Onion Jam
Served with Assorted Crackers
Jalapeno Pimento Cheese Spread
Served with Assorted Crackers
Seated Served Meal
Meal Served with White Square China
Dinner Plates, Flatware, Goblets &
Cloth Napkins
Served Salad
Lees Spinach Salad
Fresh Spinach, Strawberries, Toasted
Almonds, Red Onions, Cucumbers &
Lemon Poppyseed Dressing
Served Entree
Beef Tenderloin Medallions
4 Medallions of Beef (8oz.) with a
Merlot Shallot Sauce Drizzled on the
Edge of the Plate
Grilled Teriyaki Glazed Salmon Filet
Served with a Light Citrus Glaze & Citrus
Marinated Chicken Breasts
Marinated Airline Chicken
Grilled Marinated Portobello
Vegetarian Option
Deep Fried Chicken Tenders
Served with Honey Mustard - Offered as
a Kids Entree Only
Included in All Entrees
Fresh Green Beans
Host Recipe
Pimento Cheese Potatoes au Gratin
Roasted Tomato
As Garnish on Each Plate - Flowered in
a Creative Design
Rolls & Butter
Freshly Baked Yeast Rolls Served with
a Trio of Butters - A Green Onion Butter,
a Plain Whipped Butter & a
Cinnamon Butter
Dessert Station
Creme Brulee
Traditional Smooth, Creamy Custard with
a Crispy, Caramelized Topping &
Garnished with a Fresh Strawberry
Pots of Chocolate
With Whipped Creme
Bananas Foster
Fresh Cut Bananas Cooked in a Bubbling
Pan of Dark Brown Sugar, Butter, Rum
& Cinnamon and Served Over Premium
Vanilla Ice Cream
Cheesecake from the Cheesecake
Chocolate Decadence Cake
Decadent Chocolate Cake with Chocolate
Ganache inbetween the Layers, Chocolate
Frosting, and Chocolate Shavings on
Assorted Mini Cupcakes
From Cupcake Bakery
Assorted Homemade Sweets
To Include Chocolate Chunk Cookies,
Peanut Butter Cookies, Sugar Cookies,
Double Chocolate Brownies & Chocolate
Cups with Chocolate Mousse
Homemade Blueberry Cobbler
with Whipped Topping
With Whipped Topping & Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Lemon Supreme Cake
With Whipped Topping
Coffee & Cordials
Regular & Decaf Coffee Station
with Creamer, Sugar, S&L, Splenda
& Assorted Cordials
Southern Way Catering used 6 chefs, 8 bartenders, and 40
servers to execute this menu for the 160 guests.
The National Steeplechase Museum
at historic
Springdale Race Course
South Carolinas newest venue
is now open for meetings,
showers, rehearsal dinners
and receptions.
Love in Focus
Melissa Wenger and Jason Evans
hen youve found the person with
whom you want to share a life-
time, every moment is a treasure. You
want to capture each one.
Jason Evans had known Melissa
Wenger was the one for a little while
before he began planning to propose. As
a professional photographer and found-
er of Picasso Perfect Photography, Jay
knows how to stop time. With skillful
application of the time-release shutter
on his Nikon camera, he knew he could
hold onto that moment and how they
could return to it and look at it again
and again - for the rest of their lives.
And he used that knowledge to good
advantage over Thanksgiving weekend
2013 as he planned to pop the ques-
tion to Melissa. Jay pictured a piece of
lakefront property his late grandfather
had owned as the perfect setting for
this turning point in their lives. We
had been there together before, so I felt
condent Melissa wouldnt think any-
thing about it, Jay recalled. I asked
her if shed like to take a picnic and go
up there. In the fall sunsets are spec-
tacular from that spot.
As the two listened to some music on
the iPod and watched waterfowl diving
for dinner, the mood mellowed, calm-
ing Jay as he went over the details in
his mind, thinking through the mecha-
nisms he had set in place to stop time
and hold onto a moment he wanted to
be unforgettable.
When I set up our chairs out on the
dock, I also set up a video camera and
a time-release camera on tripods, which
I scheduled to take a picture every ve
seconds. Jay and Melissa were danc-
ing, swaying together to some country
music when suddenly he dropped to
one knee, condent he was well within
the frame of the shot he had set up so
She said Yes!
Plans for a wedding began quickly.
Naturally, for this photographer/groom,
the pictures were going to be a very im-
portant element, so the date chosen was
based on the availability of the photog-
rapher Jay wanted standing in for him.
I have a lot of respect for Charleston
photographer Chris Smith of Chris and
Cami, so we wanted to make sure we
had that nailed down before we booked
anything else.
Other vendors the couple turned to
for their special day were local. Our
rings are from Sylvans on Main Street,
and we are so happy with this, as well
as all the other personal relationships
we established by choosing local pur-
veyors, said Melissa. For the October
19 wedding at State Street Baptist
Church, the bride wore a simple, chic
raw silk gown and chose neutral browns
for the dresses of her seven attendants,
and reveled in fall colors Grant Lorick
(of Something Special Flower and Gift
Shop) integrated into the bouquets.
The groom and groomsmen wore tux-
edos from Brittons. I had not known
Brittons carried mens formal wear until
I met and talked with Perry Lancaster
at a bridal show at which we both were
participating, Jay recalled.
Melissas sister Mandy was soloist for
the late afternoon ceremony, and Jays
father who had undergone heart valve
replacement surgery only three weeks
earlier was released from the hospital
in time to get to the church and be his
sons best man, from his seat in a front
pew. The ring bearer carried Melissas
grandmothers Bible, wrapped in a way that allowed the rings to
be tied onto it.
The vantage point from which Jay had seen many other wed-
dings persuaded him which things he wanted for their wedding,
and which things he thought they might do differently. Although
both Jay and Melissa share a high regard for tradition, they wanted
some of their choices to reect their individuality. The couples
distinctive approaches began well before the groomsmen seated
the rst guests.
We had our First Look before the wedding, said Melissa, ig-
noring the long-standing admonition that it would be bad luck for
the groom to see the bride before she began her walk down the
aisle. We had some private time together we talked, we cried a
little, we calmed each other down.
The couple also decided to have Chris take the wedding party
photographs prior to the service, so the wedding party gathered at
the church about mid-afternoon before the 5:30 p.m. ceremony.
We felt having these pictures taken early would enable us to en-
joy our guests right away at the reception, said Jay, who knew all
too well how long guests sometimes have to wait before the new-
lyweds make their appearance at their own party.
A careful assessment of the church interior convinced Jay and
Melissa to exchange their vows facing the pews lled with guests.
We stepped up onto the raised level at the altar and faced out.
Our pastor asked our questions with his back to the congrega-
tion. Guests told Jay and Melissa later this decision added a wel-
come note to the ceremony. They could hear us and see our faces
as we said our vows.
The congregation also had a clear view of Jay as he dropped to
his knees when it was his turn to give Melissa his promises. She
did not have any idea I was going to do this and I wasnt sure I
would be able to, emotionally, until the time came. I really wanted
to convey my full commitment to her and our marriage, and felt
being on my knees when I pledged myself to her demonstrated
Rather than lighting a unity candle, the rst act Jay and Me-
lissa undertook as man and wife was receiving communion from a
family heirloom. Melissas great-grandfather, a minister, had used
the communion set when he called on church members unable to
receive communion in church.
At The Hall at Senates End, the couples engagement album
doubled as the guest book. Individual engagement pictures were
displayed, suspended on streamers at varying lengths. Dick Good-
win, whose band played for the reception, personally arranged the
couples chosen song I Wont Give Up on Us, and a vocalist
with the band reprised the Jason Mraz version.
Shortly after the reception, the couple left for a honeymoon in
the Dominican Republic. About mid-week, we were relaxing by
the ocean, and I looked at the display on my phone, Melissa said,
and saw that Chris was telling us our wedding photos were ready
for our viewing. There we were, oceans away, reliving our special
day as we poured over our pictures, frame by frame.
Their love was clearly in focus.
By: Rachel Haynie
Photos provided by Chris & Cami Photography
Goldenisles.com | (800) 933-2627
Along the Georgia Coast lays a stretch of land like no other.
Here you will fnd miles of untouched beaches and the perfect setting
to make your dream wedding a reality. Start your journey together
in the Golden Isles and make your moment last a lifetime.
300 Spring Valley Rd., Columbia, SC 29223
(803) 788-3080 www.springvalleycc.com
(803) 413-3653
A Personal

A Day
At The Beach
McKenzie Meetze and Caleb Pack
cKenzie Meetze and Caleb Pack
spent many dates and long week-
ends on the quiet beaches of Edisto,
a small sea island 45 minutes south of
Charleston and two and a half hours
from their home in Lexington.
Theyd go there to relax and get away,
to go crabbing and shing, and to take
long walks on the beach together.
On April 26, theyd go there to get
I had always liked the idea of a beach
wedding, McKenzie said. We abso-
lutely love to go to Edisto, and the more
we talked about it, the more it made
sense to have the wedding there.
Although a destination wedding
seemed like a daunting task at rst,
McKenzie and Caleb had plenty of
time to plan during the year and a half
between when he proposed and when
they were wed.
Getting married before she graduat-
ed was not an option, said McKenzies
mother, Sylvia Meetze. When Caleb
asked McKenzies dad for his daugh-
ters hand in marriage, he said he knew
she had to graduate rst.
When McKenzie and Caleb started
dating at the suggestion of Calebs sis-
ter, McKenzie was studying nursing at
Newberry College, traveling back and
forth between Newberry and Lexing-
ton to do clinicals at the hospital. Caleb
was working in Columbia, often getting
trouble for texting McKenzie too much
on his work phone.
He makes me laugh. It doesnt mat-
ter what kind of mood Im in, he can
always put a smile on my face, McKen-
zie said of Caleb. I feel like I can talk
to him about anything.
On the night Caleb proposed in De-
cember 2012, he took McKenzie to see
the Christmas lights at Riverbanks Zoo,
something she absolutely loves to do
during the holidays.
I love Christmas, thats my favorite
time of year and he knew that, she said.
We walked all the way around the zoo
and I could tell he was acting funny.
Finally, running out of animals to walk
by, Caleb got down on one knee in front
of the tiger pen. I was shocked he did
that because hes such a big Gamecock
fan, McKenzie recalled with a laugh.
Once McKenzie graduated from
Newberry College, planning for her
Edisto wedding kicked into high gear.
McKenzie wanted everything about
her wedding to be beachy, relaxed and
laid-back. She also wanted to use local
I wanted to look locally because it
was easier for me to meet with the ven-
dors and stay in contact with them, she
McKenzie and her mother went
scouting for vendors at wedding expos
in Columbia, where they met Melanie
Murphy and Lacy Geary of By Invita-
tion Only.
They enlisted Lacys help in making
Mckenzies dream destination wedding
a reality.
I think destination weddings evoke
a more elegant and romantic nature,
Geary said. Destination weddings have
a tie to the place for the couple that
make it more important.
Using local vendors for the wedding
was an advantage, Lacy said, because
she and McKenzie were able to meet
with them in town, which saved time
spent planning and enabled McKenzie
to get the casual and comfortable wed-
ding she always wanted without any ex-
tra hassle.
For her owers, McKenzie chose
Rosewood Florist. Chad Ridenor cre-
ated bouquets, boutineers and a center-
piece using dark blue and white hydran-
geas, ferns and lime green spider mums
to adhere to Mckenzies color scheme of
navy and white with pops of green.
On the sunny morning of the wed-
ding, McKenzie walked down the san-
dy aisle wearing a strapless sweetheart
dress from Evelyns Bridal, while her
bridesmaids looked classy and casual
in white tops and matching navy
skirts. The groom and his grooms-
men wore white button-downs
with gray trousers. The couple
wed on an intimate stretch
of beach in front of about
50 of their friends and
For the reception, the atmosphere
continued to be fun and informal.
I wanted everyone to hang out, relax
and have a good time, McKenzie said.
Guests played lawn games like corn-
hole, ladder toss or chess with sand dol-
lar and starsh pieces. They sampled
the shrimp and grits and the biscuit bar
from Capital City Catering
and nibbled on petit fours,
cake pops and cookies in
the shape of sand dollars
from Chocolate Wonder-
land and Cake It To The
Limit. The newlyweds
charming two-tier cake was
made by Parties to Go, and
the entirety of the special day
was captured by photographers
Katie Hart and Dave Gilbert of Palmet-
to Duo.
From the ceremony to the reception,
nothing about the wedding was osten-
tatious or over-the-top, which is how
McKenzie preferred it.
McKenzie was the most laid back
bride that Ive ever seen, her mother
said. The rst thing she said to me af-
ter the wedding was that it was exactly
what she had wanted.
The Packs are currently enjoying
married life at their home in Lexington,
where they spend time cooking togeth-
er and caring for their two dogs, Millie
and Jackson. And if they ever need time
away, theres always Edisto.
By: Erin Shaw
Photos provided by Katie Hart & Dave Gilbert - Palmetto Duo
When considering an in-state desti-
nation wedding, there are a few
extra things brides need to think
about, especially if local vendors are
involved. By Invitation Onlys Lacy
Geary shares her tips:
Send your Save the Dates early.
Guests need enough time in advance to
make their travel plans while factoring in any
added costs of coming to your wedding. You
want guests to feel comfortable--not
crunched-- spending so much money travel-
Communicate with your vendors.
Keep in contact with your vendors about
the distance to your destination and what
they will have to work when they get there,
Lacey says. This is essential with caterers.
They need to know the kitchen arrange-
ments: Will they have a place to cook and
heat food up, or will they need to bring that
themselves? Also keep in mind that most
vendors charge a travel fee if the wedding is
more than an hour away.
Pick your flowers carefully.
All flowers are delicate, but some travel bet-
ter than others. If the flowers are being
transported the day before the ceremony,
the florist will need to have them in water
and stored in a cool, dark room so that they
dont wilt overnight. You want the flowers
to be just as beautiful as if they had been
delivered the day of.
Send your photographers on a
scouting mission.
Make sure your photographer knows the
area. A photographer may need to go to the
destination a few days before the wedding
to scope out the places with the best scen-
ery and light. Their prior knowledge will
make for optimal pictures.
Plan for fun.
If you are doing a destination wedding with
people coming for a few nights, including a
list of things to do in the invitations or
scheduling activities people can attend if
they want to is a great idea. You dont want
to make your guests go through the hassle
of having to look for things to do or places
to stay. Providing suggestions for places to
eat and places to stay in different price rang-
es is helpful.
First Impressions are Lasting Impressions
Providing clothing and tuxedo rentals for all of your events.
2818 Devine St - Columbia, SC 29205
803-771-2700 - www.brittonsofcolumbia.com
Weekdays 10am-7pm; Sat 10am-6pm; Other hours by appointment
Thats me, wearing braces
on my wedding day, smiling,
smiling, smiling.
The only braces
made for your wedding photos.
Incognito braces are placed behind your teeth so no one will know
youre wearing braces unless you tell them.
Pitner Orthodontics
www.drpitner.com 803 781.5225
We Put the Event in Eventus
Over 65 Years Combined Experience in:
Call Annette Hoover
(803) 608-2242
709 WoodrowStreet, #307
Columbia, SC 29205
Event Planning & Production
Media Relations
Political Campaign Management
Fund Raising
Photo provided by: Ashley Amber Photo | copyright 2014 | www.ashleyamberphoto.com
When the South Carolina State
Museum opens the doors to its reno-
vation, Windows to New Worlds in
August it will give brides in the mid-
lands a unique new wedding venue.
With new catering kitchens, various
sized room options, and the character
and architecture of an old industrial
building combined with the excite-
ment and beauty of new construction,
brides have already started to book
their dates. There will be new photo
opportunities under the 12,000 lb
vintage telescope legs that greet you
upon entry as well as old-favorites
that still remain like underneath the
giant shark or next to the best friend
The redesigned 3,000 square foot
lobby will create an expansive exhibit
area displaying local Columbia inter-
ests while doubling as a large space for
wedding receptions or even pre-recep-
tion cocktail hours. A few state agen-
cies will be represented. The South
Carolina Department of Parks, Recre-
ation and Tourism will have a kiosk in
the lobby where museum visitors can
book campsites and review the states
lakes, mountains and beaches. The
museum store, which has long been
a popular destination in and of itself,
will remain in the lobby. A new ticket-
ing counter will be able to transform
into a bar for wedding events. There
will be seven iconic South Carolina
artifacts displayed in the lobby and
a postcard recognition area for their
numerous, generous donors.
The cutting edge additions to the
South Carolina State museum will
include a planetarium. A fty ve foot
domed screen that will show both
educational and entertaining program-
ming and will have interactive seats to
heighten the immersive intent. This
location will be an unusual but cre-
ative location that brides could choose
to use for a small cocktail hour or even
the ceremony. For a bride who has
always dreamed of a sunset wedding
ceremony she could consider project-
ing that skyline on the planetarium
screen as opposed to risking potential
weather related consequences out-
doors. Certainly unusual - but for
brides looking to have their wedding
stand out from the many other wed-
dings in Columbia it could be the
creative answer they seek. There is a
terrace directly outside of the plan-
etarium that could be tented and used
for one of the wedding events as well.
The 4D screen theater is another
part of the renovation that will set the
South Carolina state museum ahead
Windows to New
Worlds at the South Carolina State Museum
in the world of education. It will be
a completely interactive experience
with the 3D screen and multisen-
sory seating creating affects allowing
visitors to feel a part of the fteen
to twenty ve minute long lms
they are watching. Movies will range
from educational to entertaining to
seasonal. Brides will not only be able
to consider this as another unique
location option but they will also be
able to offer their guests discounts to
see these movies, and to visit the mu-
seum gift store, during their weekend
stay in Columbia.
The beautiful mezzanine on the
second oor, with an open feel and a
view of the lobby down the wide stair-
case would be an ideal reception loca-
tion. The glass meeting rooms that
line one side of it could be draped and
there is a staging and catering kitchen
Tables and chairs are included
with the venue rentals along with a
knowledgeable museum staff member
to assist the wedding planners. A mu-
seum security guard will be present to
watch over the exhibits and artifacts.
The excitement surrounding this
new wedding opportunity in Colum-
bia has started building. Historically
the South Carolina State Museum
hosts around twenty weddings every
year. But according to Margaret Farish,
the facility events manager, this year
there are already eleven weddings
booked between October and Decem-
ber. As she accurately explains, while
showing off the beautifully remodeled
building, the spaces will speak for
themselves. The South Carolina
State Museum, with its amazing reno-
vations, set to be unveiled in August
and intended to keep our state on the
forefront of science and technological
education, is positioned to inadver-
tently become Columbias hottest
new wedding venue.
By: Emily Folsom Fernandez
Photo provided by: Ashley Amber Photo | copyright 2014 | www.ashleyamberphoto.com
Photo provided by: Kickstand Studio Photo provided by: Kickstand Studio
Dreaming of a beach wedding? Look
no further than Folly Beach, South
Carolina, where youll discover six miles
of pristine beaches, spectacular sunsets,
upscale accommodations and modern
conveniences to create your dream wed-
ding. Just three hours south of Char-
lotte, Folly Beach is the closest beach to
historic downtown Charleston.
Getting married at the beach is easy!
There is no charge to get married on the
beach, but you must obtain a Party Per-
mit from the City for weddings of 25
or more. You may get a permit for any
area on the beach, but please note that
the surrounding area cannot be closed
or reserved.
Many couples rent one of the many
private homes on Folly for the reception
after their beach ceremony. Whether
youre looking to stay at a quaint cot-
tage, modern condominium or spacious
beach house, Folly Beach offers a variety
of accommodations for you and your
guests. Many of the beautiful beach
homes on Folly Beach are available for
rent to host weddings up to 100 guests.
If you are not holding the ceremony
in front of a private home, you may
enjoy one of these scenic locations:
The Edwin S. Taylor Folly Beach
Fishing Pier, which extends 1,045 feet
into the Atlantic Ocean. Recently reno-
vated, the 25-foot-wide pier provides
dramatic sunrise and sunset views, and
visitors can often catch sight of dolphins
and other sea life. While you cannot
rent or close off the entire pier, you are
welcome to have your wedding on the
pier at no cost. If you do wish to rent
a private area, Locklears Restaurant lo-
cated on the pier can facilitate a private
party in front of their location. They
can be reached at (843) 588-6412.
At Folly Beach County Park, the
Pelican Watch Shelter is the only public
beachfront rental facility in Charleston
County. The beautiful 1,200-square-
foot, two-level shelter overlooks the
shoreline, providing direct beach access,
restrooms, picnic tables, a grill and
horseshoe pits. You may contact their
rental department at (843) 795-4386.
On the northeast edge of the island,
the Morris Island Lighthouse Overlook
sets a lovely scene with the historic
lighthouse in the background. Built
in 1878 about 1,200 feet inland from
shore, the lighthouse now stands 1,600
feet out to sea, due to the constant
winds and tides that continually shape
this island. For inquiries about this loca-
tion, please contact (843) 762-8025.
Featuring all oceanfront rooms,
Tides is the only high-rise on the island.
The hotel includes more than 4,000
square feet of banquet space, and can
accommodate a variety of weddings
styles, from formal to casual, big or
Dozens of local wedding planners can
guide you through the process of nding
the ideal spot for the ceremony, recep-
tion and accommodations for you and
your guests. Whether its an intimate
ceremony with just the bride and groom
to a grand affair with a couple hundred
guests, they can customize the event
to t with your vision of the perfect
Your wedding guests will enjoy the
bustling energy of Folly Beach. Dozens
of restaurants line its streets, offering
everything from Lowcountry favorites
to ne dining. At night, clubs and bars
welcome visitors with their outdoor pa-
tios and live music. In their down time,
guests can relax on the beach, take a
walk down the pier or visit shops along
Center Street. More adventurous guests
can wander down to The Washout, a
long stretch of jetties on the eastern
edge of the island, which offers some of
the best surng on the East Coast. On
Folly Beach:
Breathtaking scenery, relaxed wedding destination
the western edge of the island, situ-
ated between the Folly River and the
Atlantic Ocean, Folly Beach County
Park has its own beach with a desig-
nated swimming area and lifeguards
during the warmer months. The park
includes picnic areas, boardwalks,
chair and umbrella rentals, dressing
areas and restrooms.
Even with all of its conveniences,
Folly Beach maintains its natural
beauty, evident through its abundant
wildlife. You can frequently catch
sight of pelicans diving, dolphins
leaping and crabs scampering across
the sand. From May through Septem-
ber, visitors can see rare loggerhead
turtles, which crawl ashore to lay their
eggs. Hosted by local outtters, kayak
and paddleboarding tours through
the beaches and surrounding marshes
allow visitors to see Follys natural
landscape and variety of wildlife up
You and your guests will love
exploring the rich culture and history
of Charleston, one of the nations top
tourist destinations. Charlestons his-
toric district lies just 15 minutes from
Folly Beach via the Connector, which
crosses over the Ashley River. Take a
stroll through downtown Charleston
to see gorgeous antebellum homes,
cultural sites, centuries-old churches
and cobblestone streets. Wander
over to The Battery for views of the
Charleston Harbor and White Point
Gardens or Waterfront Park, with its
iconic pineapple fountain. Head down
to King Street or the historic Charles-
ton City Market for some fabulous
From its beaches to its shops and
restaurants to the beautiful accommo-
dations throughout the island, Folly
Beach will provide an idyllic setting
for your beach wedding.
To nd out more information about
organizing your Folly Beach wedding,
contact the City of Folly Beach at
(843) 513-1836 or go to www.Cityof-
Story and Photos provided by the City of Folly Beach
Jim McMillan opened Tiffanys Bak-
ery in 1977; the same year that Tina
Bernier, their award-winning cake dec-
orator, was born. The bakery has been
one of the preeminent bakeries in Co-
lumbia since its beginning. Tiffanys
weathered the recession without fear
of closing because of their consistent
quality and loyal customer base. Co-
owner Kay McMillan says the Tiffanys
iconic white box, with the gold label
and red ribbon, is always greeted with a
smile upon delivery. Tina started work-
ing for Jim and Kay McMillan when
she was twenty one years old. She de-
scribes herself as a troubled youth, but
also an artist. Painting and sculpting
have always been her talents. The time
she spent in the bakery during her for-
mative years ended up giving her a sec-
ond family and a professional purpose.
During her rst stint working at the
bakery Tina was a cashier, but after she
was taught to make icing owers one
day she became hooked on the art of
cake design. She left Columbia with
her wife and children to work at a few
grocery stores in Charleston, SC and
the experience she gained in store man-
agement was invaluable. Tina rejoined
the Tiffanys team when the McMil-
lans decided to reinvent the custom
cake portion of their business. They
have always produced wedding cakes
and other custom cake orders, but they
did not want to remain stagnant as
they watched the recent national cake
decorating trend take off. By bringing
Tina back they were investing in talent
and opening themselves up to change.
Unlike other small businesses that may
fear audacity and change, the McMil-
lans welcome it. As Kay explains with
great reverence, Tina pushes us be-
yond our comfort zone and they are
better because of it. Tina engenders a
creative and progressive environment,
consistently experimenting with new
avors and new designs. The team she
works with was reluctant about change
but after witnessing the positive re-
sponses from their customers now em-
braces the venturesome spirit with the
same level of passion.
During the initial consultation, Tina
has brides bring inspirations for their
wedding cake. She likes to see colors
and fabrics that speak to the bride
so that she can design a cake that is
unique for each individual. Although
she is admittedly her own worst crit-
ic Tina says that she is motivated by
the look on the customers face when
they rst see the cake she has designed
for them.
Jim and Kay convinced Tina to en-
ter the Southeastern Retail Bakers
Association competition recently and
she ended up winning ve awards in-
cluding the coveted award for best
cake decorating. She then went on to
the Pillsbury national competition in
Houston, Texas and won two awards.
Her talent and prestige has earned her
opportunities to bake for the Marine
Corps ball and the City of Columbias
225th birthday celebration. This ac-
knowledgement from the community
has not gone to her head. Her eyes
well up with tears as she describes her
gratitude to be doing what I love to do
every day. Tinas willingness to take
bold risks has brought new life to an
already successful bakery.
By:Emily Folsom Fernandez
Photos provided by Tiffanys
Award winning audacity in cake design
iverbanks Zoo and Garden recently launched Animal
Encounters. Brides now have the option of having ani-
mals at their wedding; either to meet guests upon arrival or
to mingle during the cocktail hour. Dependent on the ani-
mal species, guests may even have the opportunity to stroke
animals like Rainman the llama or have photos taken with
Penny the baby hedgehog. Encounters are both fun and
meaningful experiences. A portion of Zoo event proceeds go
towards funding animal conservation projects.
Photo credits: Robin Vondrak
Animal Encounters
Cl osest beaCh to hi stori C Charl eston, south Carol i na
www. fol l ybeachsouthcarol i na. org
Stay Awhile
2745 Griffith Drive - Orangeburg, SC 29118 - (803) 534-5988 - www.orangeburgcc.com
The Orangeburg Country Club
has the services and amenities
to make your special day unique
and unforgettable.
Ideal for any event, Orangeburg
Country Club features:
Elegant, spacious ballroom
Dance floor, stage and more
Superb menu options
Space for outdoor ceremonies
On-site event professionals
Call us today to schedule a tour!
FACEBOOK: Orangeburgcc
TWITTER: Orangeburgcc
experienced ofciant services
day-of coordination to full service planning
all-inclusive custom wedding packages
Reynolds Treasures
Wedding Services
Obtaining a
Marriage License in
Both the bride and groom-to-be
must apply together at a South Carolina
County Courthouse Marriage
License Bureau.
Most courthouses are open from
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Fees vary by county location, but
only cash will be accepted.
A drivers license and Social Security
number are required; a birth
certicate is not; nor is a blood test
or a physical obligatory.
You do not have to be a resident of
South Carolina, or even of the
United States, to marry in
South Carolina.
Once you have applied, there is a
24-hour waiting period before you
can pick up your license.
Your marriage license is good in any
South Carolina county, regardless of
which South Carolina County
Courthouse it was obtained.
Register of Deeds
(Marriage License) in S.C.
(803) 576-1963 or (803) 576-1992.
Anna Garcia & Dominick Stogner June 6, 2014
Photographer: Danny Grant Photography
Becca & Erik Christmas May 3, 2014
Photographer: Robin Garner Photography
Christy Cox & Bobby Simmons May 31, 2014
Photographer: Neva Loftis Photography
Jonathan and Alyssa Wedaman December 1, 2013
Photographer: Picasso Perfect
Lauren Jordan and Shawn Ludwig May 2, 2014
Photographer: Neva Loftis Photography

(803) 748-4144 316 Senate Street, Columbia duprecatering.com
Unique indoor,
outdoor and garden
venues for ceremonies,
receptions and
rehearsal dinners.
On your big day, leave as little as possible
to memory and the last-minute scramble.
Set aside your essentials the week before so
that all you have to do is grab-and-go. Make
a list of those things you will need to add at
the last minute. Here are some essentials for
any well-packed Carolina bride:
Wedding Day
Hair and makeup
Makeup (foundation, blush, lip
color, mascara, eye powder, lip
and eye liners, powder)
Makeup brushes
Compact mirror
Curlers, curling iron
Hairspray, mousse, gel
Hair pieces and hair pins
Baby powder
Cotton swabs
Ibuprophen/pain reliever
of choice
Bottle of water
Digital camera
Clear nail polish
Nail le
Breath mints
Panty hose (2 pairs)
Wedding dress
Necklace, earrings, bracelet
Bridal lingerie
Grooms ring
Mattresses Bedroom Furniture Iron Beds Daybeds Futons
Where happily ever after begins
Some important
organizations and
people to notify:
Social Security Administration
Internal Revenue Service
State Tax Authorities
Postal Service
Public Assistance Office
Veterans Administration
Passport Office
Department of Motor Vehicles
Credit Card Companies
Financial Institutions
(Banks, Investment Plans)
Utility Providers
Automobile Lenders
Insurance Companies
(Health, Life, Property, Automobile)
Healthcare Providers
Professional Organizations
Social Organizations
Schools (Alma Mater)
Magazine Subscription Services
Hilton Garden Inn Columbia/
We will take care of all your
Wedding Needs.
Bridal Luncheon, Rehearsal Dinner,
Wedding Reception, & Guest
Relax~ Rejuvenate~ Replenish
Reduce stress and reserve your special
date with us today.
434 Columbiana Drive, Columbia, South Carolina 29212
803-407-6640 or 877-STAY-HGI
Everything. Right where you need it.
Relax and Leave
the details to Us
Full Services At Our Venue Or Yours.
catering and events
real. simple.
(803) 771-7385
1125 Rosewood Drive, Columbia, SC 29201
Catering professionals in the Columbia area
for over 60 years
Announcements for The State newspaper
or Carolina Bride may be brought
to the newspaper office, 1401 Shop Road,
mailed to: The State Media Company
ATTN: Celebrations Desk
PO Box 1333, Columbia, SC 29202
or emailed to weddings@thestate.com
Office hours:
Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.
We are closed on Saturday and Sunday.
Contact Celebrations Desk
Phone: 803-771-8431 Fax: 803-771-8611
Email: weddings@thestate.com
Reception Venues in the Columbia Area
403 North Lake 403 North Lake Drive, Lexington Historic home with 1.5 acres of English gardens
Contact: Marcie and Rodney Huber www.403northlake.com 803-808-2992
701 Whaley 701 Whaley Street, Columbia Flexible space available for large and small events
Contact: Tom Chinn www.701whaley.com 803-771-0101
Brookland Baptist 1066 Sunset Boulevard West Columbia, S.C. 2916
Contact: K.Allen Campbell, Events Coordinator www.brooklandbaptist.org (803) 796-7525
Buck Ridge Plantation 231 Gundog Trail, Neeses Banquet hall, covered veranda, gazebo
Contact: Event Manager www.buckridge.com 803-531-8408
Capital City Club 1201 Main Street, 25th Floor, Capitol Center Columbia SC 29201 Ballroom
Contact: Pamela Richards www.capitalcolumbia.com (803) 256-2000
City Art 1224 Lincoln Street, Columbia Art Gallery
Contact: Wendy Wells www.cityartonline.com 803-252-3613
Clarion Hotel Downtown 1615 Gervais Street, Columbia Ballroom and smaller banquet rooms available
Contact: Janice Jamison-Blair www.clarionhotelcolumbia.com 803-771-8711
Columbia Conference Center 169 Laurelhurst Ave., Columbia Conference center
Contact: Martha Reid www.columbiameetings.com 803-772-9811
Columbia Country Club 135 Columbia Club Drive, Blythewood Ballroom and patio
Contact: Sharon Everett www.columbiacountryclub.com 803-754-8100
Columbia Museum of Art 1515 Main Street, Columbia Museum, lobby, atrium, conference room, terrace and exterior patio
Contact: Special Events Office www.columbiamuseum.org 803-343-2212
Corley Mill House and Garden 221 Corley Mill Road, Lexington Home with garden space
Contact: Sheila Hall www.corleymillhouse.com 803-957-1818
Courtyard Columbia Downtown at USC 630 Assembly Street, Columbia Banquet space
Contact: Event Manager www.marriott.com 803-726-1603
Doubletree by Hilton 2100 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC 29210
Contact: Kelly Smith Kelly.Smith@DoubleTreeSC.com 803-744-0141
Edventure Children's Museum 211 Gervais Street, Columbia museum, outdoor terrace, galleries
Contact: tdozier@edventure.org www.edventure.org 803-779-3100
Embassy Suites Hotel 211 Gervais Street, Columbia Ballroom
Contact: Event Manager columbiagreystone.embassysuites.com 803-252-8700
EventUs, LLC 709 Woodrow St, #307, Columbia, SC 29205
Contact: Annette Hoover 803.608.2242
Francis Marion Hotel 387 King Street, Charleston, SC 29403
Contact: Tressa Wright, Director of Sales and Marketing www.francismarioncharleston.com 843-937-8689
Gibson Commons 140 Gibson Road, Suite C, Lexington Ballroom & outdoor gazebo
Contact: Amanda Kamnmer www.gibsoncommons.com 803-358-7122
Hanlee Hall (Kendall's Katering) 6230 St. Andrews Road, Columbia House
Contact: Event Manager www.kendallskatering.com 803-731-4445
Hilton Garden Inn 434 Columbiana Drive, Columbia Ballroom
Contact: Event Manager www.hiltongardeninn.com 803-407-6640
Historic Columbia Foundation-Hampton Preston 1615 Blanding Street, Columbia Mansion and gardens
Contact: Amy Kinard www.historiccolumbia.org 803-252-7742, ext. 22
Historic Columbia Foundation-Robert Mills 1616 Blanding Street, Columbia House and park
Contact: Amy Kinard www.historiccolumbia.org 803-252-7742, ext. 22
Historic Columbia Foundation-Seibels 1601 Richland Street, Columbia House and garden
Contact: Amy Kinard www.historiccolumbia.org 803-252-7742, ext. 22
Historic Columbia Foundation-The Big Apple 1000 Hampton Street, Columbia Banquet hall
Contact: Amy Kinard www.historiccolumbia.org 803-252-7742, ext. 22
Historic Lace House at the Governor's Mansion 800 Richland Street, Columbia Historic home with garden area at
the Governor's Mansion Complex Contact: Margaret Farish www.lacehouse.sc.gov 803-737-2235
Leaside 100 East Exchange Pl, Columbia Ballroom, Florida room and secluded patio
Contact: Kristy Polk www.thesouthernway.com 803-783-9136
Inn at USC 1619 Pendleton Street, Columbia Elegant boutique hotel located on historic USC campus
Contact: Ashley Foster www.innatusc.com 803-231-3606
Lynlee Hall 1140 Bush River Road, Columbia Banquet hall
Contact: info@lynleehall.com www.lynleehall.com 803-551-5842
Magnolia House of Lexington 220 West Main Street, Lexington Historic home with garden area
Contact: Event Manager www.magnoliahouseoflexington.com 803-359-5001
Marriot, Downtown 1200 Hampton Street, Columbia Two ballrooms, tremendous 2 story atrium
Contact: Director of Sales www.marriott.com 803-771-7000
Millstone at Adam's Pond 5301 Bluff Road, Columbia Home with tentable areas, covered back porches, dining rooms
Contact: Kristy Polk www.thesouthernway.com 803-783-1061
Mitchell House and Gardens 421 North Lake Drive, Lexington Historic home; covered patio pavillion; holds up to 300
guests; full service facility Contact: Phyllis James www.mitchellhouseandgardens.com 803-359-5325
Orangeburg Country Club 2745 Griffith Drive, Orangeburg Ballroom and space for outdoor ceremonies
Contact: Event Manager www.orangeburgcc.com 803-534-5988
Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens 500 Wildlife Parkway, Columbia Botanical Gardens, Unique Animal Houses, Magnolia Room,
and Ndoki Lodge Contact: planyourevent@riverbanks.org www.riverbanks.org/planyourevent 803-602-0900
River Center at Saluda Shoals Park 5605 Bush River Road, Columbia Park area (River Center) or conference center
(Environmental Education Center/picnic shelter) Contact: Jason White (River Center) www.icrc.net 803-731-5208
River Road and Jasmine Houses and Gardens 2204 & 2208 North Lake Drive, Columbia Homes with garden space
Contact: Elizabeth Christmus www.riverroadjasmine.net 803-781-3315
Seawell's 1125 Rosewood Drive, Columbia Banquet hall
Contact: Cal Seawell www.seawellscateringsc.com 803-771-7385
Senates End 316 Senate St., Columbia, SC 29201
Contact: Event Manager 803.748.4144 duprecatering.com
South Carolina State Museum 301 Gervais Street, Columbia Vista Room, Atrium, & Charleston Courtyard
Contact: facilityrental@scmuseum.org www.museum.state.sc.us 803-898-4922
Spring Valley Country Club 300 Spring Valley Road, Columbia Ballroom
Contact: Rhonda Stone www.springvalleycc.com 803-788-3080
Springdale House and Gardens 3150 Platt Springs Road, West Columbia House and garden pavillion
Contact: Kathy 803-794-5557
Stone River 121 Alexander Road, West Columbia Event Venue, Wedding Planning
Contact: General Manager, Jay Beneventano facebook.com/StoneRiverColumbia 803-727-8047
The Club at Rawls Creek 2121 Lake Murray Blvd, Columbia Banquet space and outdoor pavilion
Contact: Jessica Duncan www.golfrawlscreek.com 803-781-0114
Tronco's Catering & Special Events The Medallion Center 7309 Garners Ferry Road, Columbia
Contemporary conference and banquet facility with grand ballroom, salons, board rooms & spacious entrance foyer
Contact: Katy Brennan or Page Crenshaw www.troncos.com 803-256-1222
Vista Events/The Congaree Promenade 320 Senate Street, Columbia Multiple indoor, outdoor, and garden venues in the
Historic Vista Contact: Event Manager www.vistaeventsonline.com 803-748-4144
Windermere Club 1101 Longtown Road East, Blythewood Ballroom and patio on golf course
Contact: Bill Chandler www.thewindermereclub.com 803-786-6088
Wintergreen Woods 1032 Corley Mill Road, Lexington Reception Hall, covered veranda, 2 courtyards
Contact: Casey Covell or Dixie Covell www.wintergreenwoods.com 803-957-8888
Woodlands Country Club 100 Norse Way, Columbia Private dining rooms and banquet space
Contact: Sandra Wilson www.woodlandscc.com 803-788-7771
This is just a sampling of diverse wedding and reception locations available in the Midlands.
If you have a location that you would like to include in future publications, please contact CarolinaBride@thestate.com.
Shealys Catering
At Your
Reception and
Rehearsal Dinner
(803) 532-8135
340 East Columbia Ave Batesburg-Leesville, SC
Us On
TheSouthernWay.com 783-1061


Catering Photography

You are beautiful.
Let us capture it.
(803) 924-1410
Your wedding lasts thirty minutes. Your marriage lasts forever.
Wedding Officiant
and Marriage Planning
Rev. Kevin M. Roberts
803-528-9343 www.CarolinaWeddingVow.com
Officiant, Pre-Marriage Counseling
(803) 413-3653
Established 1946
Full Services At Our Venue Or Yours.
catering and events
real. simple.
1125 Rosewood Drive
Columbia, SC 29201
Call Seawell
(803) 771-7385
Visit us online - seawellscateringsc.com
Specializing in
Strong Portraits,
Real Moments, and
Amazing Details
Penny Reynolds
Wedding Officiant & Coordinator
Reynolds Treasures

614 Holly Street Columbia, SC 29205 803.708.9060 www.SashBridesmaid.com
OPEN Tuesday through Saturday By Appointment
photography is courtesy of Riverland Studios
Birthday, Wedding, and Specialty Cakes
All Custom Made!
Diamond Pointe Shopping Center
8502 Two Notch Columbia, SC 29223
(803) 736-CAKE
Monday-Friday 7am-6pm
Saturday 8am-3pm
Many Daily Special!
The Number One Spot for Custom Cakes!
Honeymoons and Island Weddings
Customized Just for you
The journey of a lifetime begins with the rst step and the
honeymoon of your dreams begins at Prestige Travel
3020 DEVINE ST., SUITE 2A Columbia, SC 29205
8803.252.6900 www.HoneymoonsByPrestige.com
Exclusive Plus Size
Bridal Collection
2818 Devine St - Columbia, SC 29205
803-771-2700 - www.brittonsofcolumbia.com
Weekdays 10am-7pm; Sat 10am-6pm; Other hours by appointment
Call for details.
Wedding Planners
Wedding Cakes
Wedding Attire
Wedding Attire cont.
Weddings Parties Formal & Special Events
www.ColumbiaCarriageWorks.com ColumbiaCarriage@aol.com

1066 Sunset Blvd. West Columbia, SC 29169
www. brooklandbaptist.org
Marnie Robinson || 803-744-7909
Monique Flowers || 803-744-7927
Ask about our wedding packages
For rates and information,
visit us at 701whaley.com.
Contact Tom Chinn at
803.771.0101 or
316 Senate Street, Columbia
(803) 748-4144 duprecatering.com
Unique indoor,
outdoor and garden
venues for ceremonies,
receptions and
rehearsal dinners.
200 Stoneridge Dr. Columbia, SC 29210
803.252.8700/ 800. EMBASSY
Need a place for your
special occasion?
Conferences Meetings
Trainings Socials Receptions
Off Fernandina Rd. between
St. Andrews & Piney Grove Rds.
at I-20 & I-26. Columbia, SC
Be a part of Columbia's
most distinct and affluent
bridal publication.
To advertise in the next issue or if you would
like your wedding to be featured,
call (803) 771-8351
or email carolinabride@thestate.com
We believe its the details that make
the difference.
803-788-3080 x103
300 Spring Valley Road
Columbia, SC 29223
Contact: Rhonda Stone
Clubhouse Manager/Special Events Coordinator
Golf &BeachResort
Fripp Island
Happily ever after
begins here.
Wedding Planners cont.
Wedding & Reception Sites
Wedding & Reception Sites cont.
Happily Ever After
First comes love; then comes marriage...
Josh Turner and Rebecca Fudger were married on March 1, 2014 at the ODonnell House in Sumter, S.C.
Happily Ever After
Photos provided by Melissa Matthews

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