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United Nations

The Duty of Civilized Nations

1 The United Nations Secretariat body can reduce the gap between the
wealthy nations and CMINOOH, countries most in need of our help by
restructuring economic resolutions to resolve the debts of smaller nations, to
deplete financial deficits all over the world.

2 The world community can resolve human rights issues, by having classes a
system in place to teach the art of being civilized on a global level alone with
social programs.

3 On reconstruction and development, the United Nations shall setup a

system to transform and convert natural land to produce food, clothing and shatter
for all people in need may I add, it doesn�t matter where the land is located,
the materials are produced they can be shipped to whatever countries need them
the most all member states will be held responsible for doing one or the other.

4 A one world government and a one world economy can be established with
each nation keeping its sovereignty and independence.

5 There shall be a United Nations economic and social charter to create

employment for all countries.


What is the Duty of Civilized Nations

6 The United Nations will be held responsible for setting higher moral
standards for each country, especially, in the area of protecting little
children, all
children without parents shall be placed in a safe environment and taken off the
streets, there will be no more child soldiers and children under the age of
eighteen sleeping on the streets.

7 Each country and nation shall be allowed to maintain and create their
cultural refinement programs without outside interference.

8 The Olympics must be maintained, next to the United Nations its the next
best idea the nations have come up with. When we stop having wars on the planet
we can have Olympic reality war games to take the place of wars.

9 Every country shall allow each individual citizen to have freedom in the
pursuit of happiness.

10 With funds collected to fight Aids, the United Nations should use the
money to build hospitals in CMINOOH, speaking of CMINOOH, money given
to these counties should go toward improving the environment in their
communities, to create healthy sanitary living conditions.

The fear of Women

11 The United Nations shall pass a law ordering the men of these
CMINOOH, nations, (Countries most in need of our help) to make sure the
women of the country needs are met for their monthly cycle and that these women
are given the proper hygiene and health care during and after their pregnancy,
why you ask, because its the duty of the civilized, that�s why ! women are to be
upheld in the highest of honor and dignity in all countries and on all levels of
societies and by all social standards, the United Nations shall vote and pass this

What is the Duty of Civilized Nations

All women shall be respected and anyone over the age of eighteen
a woman by hitting her and for no reason shall be thrown in jail and no person
over the age of ten shall hit their mother nor any woman that is a mother or
coming into motherhood for any reason, they will be given disciplinary action,
sent to a discipline camp / or punished by having a privilege taken away.
In this modern day and century. Any nation or ethnic group that acts
over women and dominate women because the male species of that group or
nation pass prejudice laws and judgments on women. And have preconceive
negative ideas about women in my opinion are absolute cowards and I say these
men have a nature fear for women.
Proof of this theory is that these bias men are reacting the same as
and snakes react toward humans.

Ecologists says the analogy can be explained in the following manner

They say reptiles will attack humans because they fear humans will harm
them and snakes do not strike or bite humans because they are evil. They are
afraid humans will step on them. When men rule over women and treat them in an
uncivilized and unequaled manner, this do not make them superior over women.
It mean they are afraid women will overpower them, if women were to ever come
into power. The apparently superior actions of these men toward women are
really actions from fear and they are �scary cowards� by nature secretly, afraid
women. I say this to you men and nations of the world who mistreat, abuse and
take advantage of your female counterpart you are acting from a natural reflect of

fear. And as far as I am concern - - you are all cowards !

To hit a woman for little or no reason makes up for your fear, a lot of men
degrade women by talking bad about them and pretend they are �only� joking, in
reality they are fake cowards. Another truth regarding this matter is if a man


What is the Duty of Civilized Nations

stands back and let another man hit a woman and do nothing to stop it he is less
than a coward, it means he is afraid of men and women.
If this is being done in a Muslim country, women are hit with sticks and
beaten because they are not dressed to the standards and rules of that country or
society, than the United Nations should go there and bring your Muslim members
with you, first ask them can they read, second tell them they are mis-reading the
holy Quran, if they are true believers they should know at no time in history did
the Prophet (PBUH) say hit or abuse women, its time the teacher learned from the
students if I may make myself clear, its time Muslims who practice Orthodox
Islam in the east, learn a valuable lesson from the Muslims who practice 21st
century Islam here in the west.
The Muslim women here in America set the best example for how Muslim
women should dress and carry themselves in public in this 21st century in 2007.
May God have mercy on the Muslim or / any man in America who hit a Muslim
woman with a stick in public, private or behind close doors.
Fools! common sense should tell you that's disrespectful / law or no law,
only is it immoral its unethical and uncivilized. Its inhumane.
Ask yourself this question, where did this come from if you ask me, these
called Muslim men are ignorant and need to be educated or I should say civilized
they need to bring Islam up out of the dark ages learn to read and get a modern
day education who ever is interpreting the holy Quran for them is off by a mile
and they are the ones who need to learn to interpret script. This prove what I
in the beginning they are weak cowards, they feel inferior to women and are
afraid of women, go there and civilize them, its your duty its time the United
Nations put an end to these human rights violations, when are you the United
Nations members going to step up to the plate in wear the badge of honor instead
of the cowardly badge you are wearing now.

May I just say since I�m speaking of disrespect and what is real, law
hitting citizens on the streets with sticks in any country shall stop now. Its a
against humanity what kind of law is that I say its a stone age law, before man
achieved the proper intelligence to reason, the United Nations will be responsible
to end this practice its a human rights violation, slavery is over.


What is the Duty of Civilized Nations

I must say one more on this subject of human rights violations, it has
to my attention, there are two other serious issues the United Nations must
resolve, little girl babies are being killed and thrown away like trash in trash
and degraded for being girls, little children as young as six, seven, eight years
etc. are forced to have sex on the streets and in whore houses for money and the
police of the community know about it and do nothing to stop it, because they are
being paid to keep silent both of these issues will stop now ! - is this the
of being civilized. Its the duty of the civilized to teach civilization to the
uncivilized, you shall put an end to this inhumane practice immediately.

12 The Untied Nations is responsible to see all people on this earth are
and not to go hungry, how do over a million people stave to death, how long do it
take for a million people to stave to death, what were you doing before they
reached the point of starvation I would like for someone to stand and answer this
question, how long does it take for a child five years old to stave to death, none
you know and none of you gives a damn, this will end now ! Maybe you the
United Nations need to be taught how to be civilized than you can set up classes
around the world and teach the humanity to be civil.

The Duty of the Civilized

13 The Human Family demand the United Nations put an end to this modern
day kidnapping of human beings and selling them as slaves, mostly, women,
children and foreign exchange workers are taken away from their families and
being sold as slaves its been going on to long and you�ve been knowing about it
since the United Nations first started in 1945, end this now ! Its the duty of the
14 The United Nations shall vote and pass a resolution to end the genocide
of all the dark skinned and colored people regardless of where this inhumane
practice is promoted.


What is the Duty of Civilized Nations

15 The United Nations will be held responsible to create programs and

civil education classes around the world and in all nations to civilize the people
and teach civil liberties to the people so their Rights will not be violated for
instance, beating and hitting a women over the head with a stick in public because
the law-enforcer saw her ankles or feel she is not dressed to standards this is
definitely, a human rights issue they should be arrested, tried and convicted for
violations of women rights,


Everyone whistle the same boring tune inside their head, we want peace !
we want peace ! The person outside our head is whistling the same tune
in another key. We much reach the civilized stage of being humanitarians,
where we can hear the whole orchestra playing outside our head, we want peace !
we want peace ! than will we know for certain we are all whistling
the same tune from the same music score, playing different instruments
and in harmony with the universe. Before we have peace, we must first
have unity.
Written, produced and created by ~****essatheKing****~