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Communication channels through which news, entertainment,

education, data or promotional messages are disseminated. Media
includes every broadcasting and narrowcasting medium such as
newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, billboards, direct mail,
telephone, fax, and internet. Due to the growing popularity of the
internet and social sites such as aceboo! and Twitter, social media
is now an important channel that allows messages to be spread to
the public.
"ocial media has become a method of communication between
individuals and organizations designed to build relationships and
share thoughts. #usinesses are dedicating more time and resources
to trac! and develop engagement with consumers through social
media. Media today has evolved into a multi$faceted entity that has
become an integral part of our life. %sing available technology, such
as the internet, we can now communicate with one another
anywhere on &arth, "pace or instantly. &volution of Mass
Media ta!es you through an exciting century of media advances and
#y spotlighting what issues the public should focus on, the media
helps to dictate what issues voters should be concerned with in
elections and what criteria they should use to 'udge politicians by.
The media can greatly in(uence the public by limiting coverage of
certain candidates. The media has the discretion to cover only the
candidates it feels are legitimate candidates and have a viable
chance of winning the election. )n this way, the media acts as a
*lter, by narrowing down candidates and sifting out lesser$!nown
candidates and giving more coverage to the better$!nown.
The types of new media+
"ocial ,etwor!s $ "ervices that allow you to connect with other
people of similar interests and bac!ground.
#oo!mar!ing "ites $ "ervices that allow you to save, organize and
manage lin!s to various websites and resources around the internet.
"ocial ,ews $ "ervices that allow people to post various news items
or lin!s to outside articles and then allows it-s users to .vote/ on the
Media "haring $ "ervices that allow you to upload and share various
media such as pictures and video.
Micro$blogging $ "ervices that focus on short updates that are
pushed out to anyone subscribed to receive the updates.
Discussion Questions
0. #ene*ts of media
1. 2arms of media
3. How often do you read the paper or watch the news on TV? How important is it for you to
keep up with current events?
a. Disseminated
b. Broadcast
c. Narrowcast
d. Consumers
e. multi$faceted
f. &ntity
g. Trends
h. "potlighting
i. Dictate
'. Criteria
!. Coverage
l. Discretion
m. 4egitimate
n. Viable
o. ilter
p. "ifting
5. "ubscribed
r. 6ropaganda
s. Viral