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Ballinger|Leafblad is proud to present the following information on behalf of our client, the

Philanthrofund Foundation (PFund Foundation) and a retained search for the Executive Director




Philanthrofund Foundation
Executive Director



The Philanthrofund Foundation (PFund Foundation) traces its roots back to 1987, when four friends
joined together to create a modest fund of $2,000 aimed at supporting and developing their LGBT

Today, PFunds core fund has grown substantially, and the non-profit organization remains true to its
key goals of strengthening and celebrating LGBT communities. PFund is a foundation advancing
social justice for LGBT communities in the Upper Midwest through its grant and scholarships
programs. The current assets of the organization are $1.2 million.

PFund has grown to become a vibrant and vital community foundation, thanks to support over the
years from thousands of individual donors and hundreds of volunteers. The foundation now annually
awards around $150,000 in dollars in grants and scholarships to LGBT-related individuals and
organizations throughout the Upper Midwest in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and

The organization is governed by a committed, capable and diverse board of directors. A strategic
plan guides the organization with goals in five areas: More Resources and Funding; Stronger
Regional Connections; A Powerful LGBT Movement in the Upper Midwest; Strong Community
Leadership and Vision; A Strong LGBT Community Foundation.


PFund Foundation is a catalyst in building communities in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest where
gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people are celebrated and live free from discrimination,
violence, invisibility and isolation.

PFund is a vital resource and community builder for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and allied
communities by providing grants and scholarships, developing leaders, and inspiring giving.


The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul are a unique blend of small town and major
cosmopolitan hub. Both urban cores boast a thriving business atmosphere. Minneapolis is the larger
and more commercial of the two cities, and Saint Paul, as the state capital, is home to state
government and has a more historical vibe. Outside of the central downtowns, however, both cities
have many distinct neighborhoods, and many residents identify more with their individual
neighborhood as well as with the larger city as a whole.

Philanthrofund Foundation
Executive Director


Both cities share a common root of being river towns, and the outdoors is still a major attraction for
residents and tourists alike to this day. In addition to the mighty Mississippi River, there are over 100
lakes (over 900 including the suburbs), over 250 parks, and miles of biking and walking trails. Nearly
every weekend in the summer there are several outdoor active events for participants and
spectators--triathlons, biking races, running races, boat races, water skiing competitions, golf
tournaments, and more.

The active lifestyle of the Twin Cities residents doesn't lie dormant during the winter. There are miles
of cross-country skiing trails, several downhill ski areas within an hour drive, ice skating, snowmobile
riding, sledding, and--of course--ice fishing.

For those who prefer activity of the spectator variety, the Twin Cities are home to the major sports
teams: Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Wild, Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota
Lynx (current WNBA champions), Minnesota United FC (soccer), and Minnesota Swarm (lacrosse).
There is also a minor league baseball team, the Saint Paul Saints.

The Twin Cities have hosted the World Series, Super Bowl, NCAA Basketball Finals, the USGA U. S.
Open, the PGA Championship, and the Special Olympics. In 2014, Target Field will be the setting for
baseball's All-Star Game, and, in 2018, the Super Bowl will be played in a newly built state-of-the-art

The University of Minnesota provides plenty of athletic entertainment as well. The newly-
constructed TCF Bank stadium brought football back outdoors and back to the campus. The football
Philanthrofund Foundation
Executive Director


team has qualified for bowl games the past several years. The women's basketball team was
selected to play in the NCAA tournament, and the men's basketball team won the NIT tournament in
coach Richard Pitino's first year. The womens hockey team narrowly missed a WCHA three-peat in
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But the Twin Cities have more to offer than participatory and spectator sporting events. There are
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University. There are over 30 theatre venues, 10 dance companies, and 30 classical music groups in
the cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul alone.

For the museumgoer, there are over 60 museums in the Twin Cities. The Science Museum of
Minnesota and the Minnesota Children's Museum (both in Saint Paul) are highly interactive learning
and fun experiences for the entire family. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts has a collection of over
100,000 pieces. The Walker Art Center has been called "possibly the best contemporary art museum
in the U. S." by Newsweek, and has over 11,000 pieces. Not to be outdone, the area's Wiesman Art
Museum is also a contemporary art destination, and the Frank Gehry-designed building is a work of
art itself.

Beyond the outdoor, sports, entertainment, and culture, perhaps the biggest attraction for the Twin
Cities is the lifestyle. Forbes hailed Minneapolis and Saint Paul as the nation's healthiest cities. USA
Today named Saint Paul as North America's "Most Romantic City." The area has been recognized as
having the nations best park system. The Twin Cities offer award-winning restaurants (several
chefs have been regional James Beard Award winners). In addition to the popular Mall of America,
there are plenty of unique shopping districts in both cities (including the Dinkytown neighborhood
next to the University's Minneapolis campus), and in the suburbs. And--most importantly for some--
no sales tax on clothing.

Philanthrofund Foundation
Executive Director


Philanthrofund Foundation (PFund) is proud of its history and looking toward the future. The
Foundation is searching for a new Executive Director to take a long-term view and lead the
foundation in its work of advancing social justice for LGBT communities in the upper Midwest. The
Executive Director will be responsible for fundraising and overall management of this thriving
regional foundation. This leader will be responsible for maintaining and growing a large individual
donor base, maintaining relationships with philanthropic, non-profit, business and community
leaders across the Upper Midwest and strengthening national ties to strategic partners.
The Executive Director reports to the Chair of the PFund board of directors and oversees a staff of
full-time and part-time professionals. The position had previously been held for three and a half
years by two co-directors.
PFund is seeking a visionary, dynamic, and enthusiastic leader, with a background in philanthropy,
nonprofit, or community leadership. The Executive Director will lead PFund in executing its strategic
plan and will oversee the implementation of PFunds innovative and community based grant and
scholarships programs. The Executive Director will also oversee the continued implementation of
initiatives, such as the Racial Equity Initiative, the aging initiative and the work stemming from the
current QReach regional assessment program. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated success in
achieving revenue goals and shaping a dynamic staff team, and have an abiding passion for serving
and strengthening LGBT communities in the Upper Midwest.


Provide exceptional leadership to a small and growing community foundation, including
managing a current staff, occasional contract staff, and continually assessing the capacity of
the organization;
Serve as the Chief development and fundraising officer for the foundation and responsible
for major donor cultivation, corporate and business sponsorships, and growing the donor
base within the community;
Manage all financial aspects of the foundation, including programming and administrative
budgets, annual external audits and tax filings;
Ensuring the stability and growth of the grants and scholarships programs, as well as other
special initiatives;
Serve as the public face, champion and ambassador of PFund, representing the foundation at
local, regional and national convenings, meetings, and key stakeholder gatherings;
Enhance and grow the visibility of the foundation;
Cultivate strategic partnerships to advance the mission and vision of the foundation;
Participate within the philanthropic sector while positioning Pfund as a leader in LGBT
Maintain positive relations and open communications with the board of directors. Plan for
board meeting presentations and keep the board informed about issues and opportunities
for the foundation.

Philanthrofund Foundation
Executive Director



The Executive Director will be a dynamic leader who is focused on increased visibility and viability for
the foundation as well as collaboration and positive long-term relationships with stakeholders from
around the PFund Foundation and beyond. They will:

Possess a minimum of five years leadership experience with experience successfully
executing strategies in partnership with the stakeholders, funders, and donors;
Have an understanding of philanthropic leadership in the regional and national LGBT
community and the role of community foundations within that landscape;
Bring a passion and experience in fundraising and advancement including having met and
exceeded fundraising goals;
Experience creating and successfully executing a development plan or fundraising campaign;
Demonstrate a proven ability to build lasting relationships with individual and institutional
Experience with managing, hiring, and effectively structuring staff and staff positions;
A commitment to on-going development of staff skills and abilities;
Experience managing successful strategic initiatives in public, nonprofit and/or philanthropic
Demonstrate excellent communication and interpersonal skills with experience in public
speaking and communicating social justice and equity values;
Establish credibility within a wide range of communities from demonstrated commitment to
working with people from a wide range of cultural, socio-economic, age and professional
Demonstrate commitment to advancing LGBT equality and social justice;
Demonstrate knowledge or be willing to become knowledgeable about the region in which
the organization works--Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

The Executive Director will be a capable and thoughtful leader of people and will demonstrate the
following leadership characteristics:
Strategic management skills with demonstrated experience formulating and implementing
strategies to serve a variety of constituents. Possesses both the wisdom and the savvy to
determine which initiatives are important enough to champion and which ones to relinquish.
Ability and commitment to develop the professional skills of staff.
Demonstrated leadership in leveraging new and emerging technology to support organizational
Personal characteristics which distinguish the incumbent as being an effective leader: team
builder, service-oriented, decisive and result-oriented, and committed to improvement.
The Executive Director will have exemplary communication and planning skills, furthering their
ability to bring together disparate teams, enhance collaboration and inclusion and foster a
learning environment.

Philanthrofund Foundation
Executive Director


Specific attributes of the Executive Director include:
A visionary style and approach that enhances the standing of the foundation among many
stakeholder groups.
Ability to work cooperatively with stakeholders to develop new programs consistent with the
strategy, goals and direction of the Foundation.
Strong problem solving, analytical, and organizational skills, with the ability to prioritize issues in a
rapidly changing environment.
Demonstrated understanding and ability to articulate the nature and purpose of the Foundation
within the philanthropy landscape.
Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills with a demonstrated record of establishing effective
working relationships with diverse populations and functions, both internal and external to the
organization. A demonstrated ability to work with stakeholders enhance and deepen inclusion in
all ways.
Demonstrated ability to work closely with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies, in
addition to capably representing the institution on advisory boards, committees, and other policy
formulating or recommending groups. Evidence of positive performance with regard to
responses to inquiries from various external groups.

Leadership Competencies
The Executive Director will be an individual who:
leads strategically
lives the organizations values
delivers results
understands self
celebrates diversity
works collaboratively
inspires commitment
nimbly navigates through change

The Executive Director will be a relationship builder who will continue and further the work of
Foundation. The Executive Director will be someone who others describe as: collaborative, collegial,
thoughtful, strategic/innovative, credible and calm. When differences of opinion or approach arise,
he or she can be counted on to take a broad view, assure that all voices are heard, and skillfully lead
teams to consensus.

Philanthrofund Foundation
Executive Director



The compensation package is based on experience and includes participation in the PFund
Foundations benefits plan.


Marcia Ballinger, PhD Lars Leafblad, MBA
Co-Founder Co-Founder
651-341-4840 612-598-7547
marcia@ballingerleafblad.com lars@ballingerleafblad.com

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