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Linear Motion Worksheet (p.

1) Honors Freshman Physics

Physics problems must be solved completely using the scientific approach K-U-E-S .
1. Knowns write the nown values !include units" and its variable symbol.
#. Unnowns write the variable symbol for what you will be solving for
$. E%uation write the e%uation you will be using !symbols only&&"
'. Substitute ( Solve - Substitute the nown values !numbers ( units" for the letters in the e%uation.
). *he answer should be circled+bo,ed and contain correct significant digits ( units and no
1. Light from the sun reaches the earth in 498 s. If the sun is 1.494 x 10
m from the earth, how fast
(m/s) does light trael in s!ace" #.00 x 10
$. % &ullet is fired at ''0 m/s and stri(es a target $00.0 meters awa). *hat is the duration of the
&ullet+s flight" 0.#0 s
#. *hat is the aerage s!eed ((m/h and mi/h)of a runner who com!letes a ,.00 (m race in $0.,0 min"
14.' (m/h 9.0, mi/h
4. -ow far would an o&.ect moe in $0.0 seconds if it were traeling at a constant s!eed of '#.00
meters !er second" 1$'0 m
,. %n amusement !ar( carousel traels at a s!eed of 8.0 m/s. If the circular trac( of the carousel has a
radius of 10.# m, how man) seconds will it ta(e for the carousel to ma(e one com!lete reolution"
8.1 s
'. *hat is the elocit) of a car traeling north on I/0, if it ta(es $ hours to reach 1hattanooga (1$0
miles)" '0 mi/h 2
0. 3he controls on a motor&oat are mar(ed at the !osition where it traels at $,.0 (m/h in still water.
*hat will &e the elocit) of the &oat, as measured &) an o&serer on shore, if it is directed u!stream
on a rier which flows at the rate of 4.0 (m/h" $1.0 (m/h
Linear Motion Worksheet (p. 2) Honors Freshman Physics
VELOCITY (continued)
8. 4uring a 400 meter run at a trac( meet the runner in lane 1 will start and finish at the same !oint. If
it ta(es ,8.00 seconds for her to run the race what is her elocit)" 2o elocit)
9. (a) *hat is the dis!lacement of a c)clist during a 0.,0 hour ride if his aerage elocit) was 1.00 (m/h
west" (&) 4id the c)clist actuall) trael more, less, or the same total distance as his dis!lacement.
5x!lain )our answer 0.,0 (m * more or same
10. % car starts from rest and reaches a elocit) of $$.0 m/s in $0.0 seconds. *hat is its acceleration"
1.10 m/s
11. -ow long would the same car, from 610, ta(e to go from $$.0 m/s to #0.0 m/s with the same
acceleration" 0.# s
1$. -ow much time does a car with an acceleration of $ m/s$ ta(e to go from 10 m/s to #0 m/s" 10 s
1#. *hat is the acceleration of a racing car if its elocit) is decreased uniforml) from '' m/s to 44 m/s
during an 11 second !eriod" /$.0 m/s
14. % s!acecraft traeling at 1$00 m/s is uniforml) accelerated at the rate of 1,0 m/s
&) &urning its
second stage roc(et. If the roc(et &urns for 18 s, what is the final elocit) of the craft"#900 m/s
Linear Motion Worksheet (p. ) Honors Freshman Physics
1,. 1an an automo&ile with a elocit) toward the north hae an acceleration toward the south" 5x!lain.
1'. 1an an o&.ect reerse its direction of trael while maintaining a constant acceleration" If so, gie an
exam!le. If not, ex!lain wh).
10. 7ou are driing north on a highwa). 3hen without changing s!eed, )ou round a cure and drie east.
(a) 4oes )our elocit) change" (&) 4o )ou accelerate" 5x!lain.
18. 8tarting from rest, one car accelerates to a s!eed of ,0 (m/h, and another car accelerates to a
s!eed of '0 (m/h. 1an )ou sa) which car underwent the greater acceleration" *h) or wh) not"
19. 1ite an exam!le of something that undergoes acceleration while moing at a constant s!eed. 1an )ou
also gie an exam!le of something that accelerates while traelling at constant elocit)" 5x!lain
$0. (a) 1an an o&.ect &e moing when its acceleration is 9ero" If so, gie an exam!le. (&) 1an an o&.ect &e
accelerating when its s!eed is 9ero" If so gie an exam!le.
$1. *hat is the acceleration of a car that moes at a stead) elocit) of 100 (m/h for 100 seconds"
5x!lain )our answer.
Linear Motion Worksheet (p. !) Honors Freshman Physics
$$. *hat are the conditions for a freel) falling o&.ect"
$#. *hat is the gain in elocit) !er second for a freel) falling o&.ect" 9.8 m/s
$4. 3he acceleration of free fall is a&out 10 m/s
. *h) does the seconds unit a!!ear twice"
$,. *hat is the elocit) ac:uired &) a freel) falling o&.ect ,.0 seconds after &eing dro!!ed from a rest
!osition" *hat is it after '.0 seconds" 49 m/s ,0.8 m/s
$'. *hat is the dis!lacement of a freel) falling o&.ect ,.00 seconds after &eing dro!!ed from a rest
!osition" *hat is it after '.00 seconds" 1$# m 10' m
$0. If a friend claims that in a standing .um! he can remain off the ground for 1.0 second then how high
can he .um!" ;or $.0 seconds" %re either of these claims li(el) to &e true" 1.$ m 4.9 m
$8. 8u!!ose that a freel) falling o&.ect were somehow e:ui!!ed with a s!eedometer. <) how much would
its s!eed reading increase with each second of fall" 9.8 m/s
$9. 8u!!ose that the same freel) falling o&.ect were also e:ui!!ed with an odometer. *ould the readings
of distance fallen indicate e:ual or different falling distances for successie seconds"
#0. ;or a freel) falling o&.ect dro!!ed from rest, what is the acceleration at the end of the ,
second of
fall" 3he 10
second" 4efend )our answer.
#1. *hen a &all !la)er throws a &all straight u!, &) how much does the elocit) of the &all decrease each
second while ascending" <) how much does it increase while descending" -ow much time is re:uired
for rising as com!ared to falling"
#$. 8omeone standing at the edge of a cliff throws a &all nearl) straight u! at a certain s!eed and
another &all nearl) straight down with the same initial s!eed. If air resistance is negligi&le, how will
the s!eed of each &all com!are .ust &efore stri(ing the ground &elow"
Linear Motion Worksheet (p. ") Honors Freshman Physics
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