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1 Part
1. Now, introduce youeself
a. Name
My name is Carlos Fernando Pava Avila.
b. Age
I am 24 years old.
c. City where you live
I live in Puerto salgar, Cundinamarca.
d. Career
I am studying telecommunications engineering.
e. Hobbies
My favorite hobby is plays soccer, so almost everyday i play soccer with my friend
because in front of my house there is a soccer field. Currently i am in a soccer
f. Likes and dislinkes
I like to stay with my family, also i like the junk food, so every Sunday, i go out
with my family to eat junk food. I don't like hypocritical person.

2. Update your profile in the virtual campus and send the screen.
2 Part
After checking the virtual course, answer the following questions:
1. What kind of information can you find in the News Forum?
The news forum is used to report to the apprentices whichever date important,
course activities, and events that can be performed throughout the study process.
This forum is also used by different tutors to make some corrections made by an
apprentice; For example, when someone send files to a link that was not right.

2. What is the purpose of the Agenda in the course?
The main function of the agenda in the course is to give a warning to the apprentices
about the closing date of the different activities proposed and the initiation of these.
Apart from this there are specific descriptions of the different activities. It is a very
good tool because the system warns learners the time remaining to the close of the

3. How many OVAs are there in the course and how can you take advantage of them?
We currently have two OVAs that are available, and are very important because each
one has a different topic to learn. It's an area where we can make practice what we
learned, through activities and evaluation.

4. How can you develop the interaction in the English course?
Interactions in the English course can be made through the forums that are available
on the page. It is a tool where learners and tutors interact and it is free to write
anything relating with the course. Besides this, the forums allow you to attach files to
share with other people who are interested in appreciate.

5. Are the practices of the Units graded and what benefits they offer?
All the practices are qualified, so we can see the strengths and weaknesses that we
have on the topic. If there are weaknesses we have the opportunity to reinforce and
with this be sure to present the different tests.
3 Part
Answer the following questions supporting your opinion (at least 10 lines):
Is English important in your life? Why?

In my opinion the main reason to study English is because it is essential to finding work. The
English will give us access to a better education and therefore the possibility of a better job.
Our job opportunities will multiply when we master the language. Both in government
departments and multinational companies, whatever your field of work, the English will
always provide advantages when ascending or access another job, helping to improve your
current work situation.
On the other hand, i could say that English is the universal language, because this language is
added to the five continents of the world, so speak in English allow you to travel around of
the world and give you to understand. I could fully enjoy my trip. Besides it be the main
language in almost over the world, English is the official language of many countries, like:
England, Ireland, USA, Canada, Malta, Australia, New Zealand and some countries in the
Caribbean, Asia and Africa.
Finally I think English is a personal achievement, because when someone learns this language
will feel proud and with great security when interacting with other people, so there are many
possibilities when we can speak in English.