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Methodology of Nadi Astrology

Nadi astrology is the Hindu predictive astrology, which has only 5 rules
to pinpoint all the events of life exhaustively viz. Marriage, Childbirth,
Litigation, roperty ! "ehicle, Health, Career, #ducation and $ravel.
%ollowing are the rules with which predictions are done in Nadi
Rule No.1
&ccording to Nadi &strology a lanet in a Horoscope is under the
in'uence of the following three factors. (t is desired to give its results in
)*& +eeping in view these factors.
,- (ts position ! the lordship of houses in the horoscope.
.- (ts Na+shatra.
/- (ts 0ub lord.
&ccording to Nadi &strology 0ub lord is stronger than the Na+shatra !
Na+shatra is stronger than the lanet. (f a planet is pro1ising
so1ething ! the Na+shatra negates, the event cannot happen.
0i1ilarly, if 0ub lord negates an event pro1ised by both Na+shatra !
the lanet the event 1ay 2nally not ta+e place. 3n the contrary, if sub
lord con2r1s an event, event is destined to happen. 4hereas if all the
lanet, Na+shatra ! 0ub lord 5oin hands together the event ta+es place
without any hurdle or di6culty.
Rule No.2
&ccording to Nadi &strology, ,.th house to every house 1ars the
signi2cance of that house. ,.
House is death, whereas &scendant is
,.th to ,.th, i.e. $he ,,th will stop the expenses ! losses
,.th fro1 ,7th i.e. 8th will separate one fro1 the 5ob.
! ,.th fro1 8th i.e. 9th will create obstacles in the life.
! ,.th fro1 :th i.e. ;th will separate fro1 the 1arital ho1e
! 1ay lead to divorce.
but ,.th fro1 ;th i.e. 5th will 1a+e one free fro1 disease
! litigation, although the person 1ay not be inclined to wor+.
,.th fro1 5th i.e. <th will deny the children.
,.th fro1 <th i.e. /rd will be loss of property or denying
purchase of property ! native will go away fro1 the
house = 1otherland.
$here are certain exceptions to it as follows>
,.th fro1 ,,th i.e. ,7th is good for pro2ts in the business as both are
co1ple1entary houses here.
0i1ilarly ,.th fro1 5th i.e. <th is good in education since 5th is house
of intelligence.
!,.th fro1 <th i.e. /rd is better in regard to vehicles since /rd house is
the house of $ravel ! so on.
Rule No.3
(n elongation to the above rule .nd house to every house enhances the
signi2cances of the penulti1ate house.
house or fa1ily will help the native in everything.
house or vehicle helps /
house or travel.
house or intelligence enhances <
house or education.
house or ?ar1a enhances the fortune.
house or gains enhances profession.
house or expenditure increases @ains or ,,
Rule No.4
Combinations of Houses give result. A single house never gives
results. This discussion is common as one has to chec !
house of marriage" but !
house not only signi#es
marriage" it also signi#es" business" $artnershi$" o$en
enemy etc.
0i1ilarly, how to predict for ,.
house lord when its days co1es into
the lifeA 4ill it give expenditure, loss, 5ail, hospitalization, settle
abroad, die or get salvation or everything will happen in its periodA
Rule No.%
)asa lord BMahadasa Lord - is the strongest . (t is stronger than the
*hu+ti lord B &ntar lord - ! in the sa1e seCuence *hu+ti lord is stronger
than the &ntar lord Bratayantar lord-.
$here are various )asa syste1s in (ndian &strology.
)& 0& to be used> 3nly "i1sottari )asa is correct )asa.