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"#$ $%$&$'" ())* +'* "#$ %,-$.

The livei is the oigan iesponsible foi:
- !"#$%&'#(
- 0penness, toleiance
- 0ptimism
- Tiust anu faith
- The capacity of making plans anu taking uecisions
- Initiative
- Action
- Bevelopment
- Woik
- Libeity
- Love
- Commitment
- Couiage
- Spiiituality

The *+,*-- of the livei (woou) eneigy can leau to:
- Impulsivity anu impatience
- Excessive iigoi in woik, woikaholic
- Cant give up, cant stop
- Bissatisfaction in eveiything
- Quick to get angiy, iiascibility
- Choleiic tempei
- veibosity, talking too much
- Envy, jealousy, mistiustfulness
- Bate, ievenge
- violent, aigumentative tempei
- Tyiannical, conuescenuence
- Foimalism
- Stubboinly looking foi the meaning of life, but foigetting to enjoy how live
- Inflexible, always getting stuck in concepts anu iules

Livei (woou) eneigy '(-%..','*(,/ will be inuicateu by:
- Laziness
- Inexpiessive look
- Inconsistency in woik, easily getting uistiacteu
- Bifficulty in making uecisions, haiu time focusing
- Lack of imagination
- Inconsistency in plans anu goals
- Apathy anu iesignation
- Bepiessive behavioi, pessimism
- Incapacity of seeing in to the futuie
- Cynic anu saicastic
- Inactive anu giumpy
- Nean anu envious

- Easy changing of beliefs, masteis anu theiapists
"/0 12304

The livei meiiuian is connecteu inteinally anu exteinally with the gall
blauuei. The most impoitant physiological functions aie:
- The stoiing of bloou
- Naintaining the fiee flow of eneigy
- uoveins ligaments anu tenuons
- Naintains the nails anu
- 0pens in the eyes

0&#1'(2 &3* 4$##5 anu aujusting the bloou volume flowing tiough oui veins
aie two of the functions goveineu by the livei. vigoious physical exeicise will make
the livei to ielease moie bloou in to the bouy, while uuiing piolongeu iest oi
thiough the night when sleeping the volume of bloou always uecieases.
63* .1** .$#7 #. *(*12/8 0ne iesponsibility of the livei is to iemove
uepiession. The stagnation of eneigy at its level, causeu by emotional uistiess, can
affect the fiee flow of eneigy anu it will manifest in thiee ways, as follows:
- !"# %&'#( )*+ #,-.&-*)% )/.&'&.0 - livei uysfunctions is fiequently
accompanieu by suuuen emotional changes like uepiession anu agitation
- !"# %&'#( )*+ +&1#2.&-* - the livei iole of maintaining the uniestiicteu flow of
eneigy in oui bouies is uiiectly ielateu to the ascent anu uescent of the
spleen anu stomach eneigy, but also to the gall blauuei uischaige.
- !"# %&'#(3 ."# 4%--+ )*+ &.2 #*#(10 5 While the heait anu the lungs play the
main pait in the moving of bloou anu eneigy in oui bouies, the livei function
of maintaining the fiee eneigy flow, is necessaiy anu essential foi pieventing
the stagnation of bloou anu eneigy. If this stagnation occuis we will
expeiience piessuie at the chest level, pain in the hypochonuiiac iegion,
uysmenoiihea (iiiegulaiities of menstiual flow, usually accompanieu by
pain), anu sometimes also the appeaiance of foimations (fibioius anu lumps)
that cau uegeneiate in tumois.
63* $'29:*(&- 9(5 &*(5#(- aie uiiectly influenceu by livei function anu
bloou ueficiency in these aieas can cieate spasms oi sluggish movement in the
joints. The opposite is also tiue: oveiwoiking youi joints anu ligaments thiough
excess exeicise can weaken the livei.
;9'(&9'('(2 &3* (9'$-< fingeinails anu toenails aie unuei the influence of the
livei, anu signs of pooi nouiishment anu ueficient livei eneigy can show up as weak
nails: pale, biittle, chippeu, iiuges, fungus, oi missing the half moon at the base.
=>*(- '( &3* */*-8 The eyes aie the opening to the livei. Signs of unbalanceu
livei appeai as pioblems in the eyes, as a bianch of the livei meiiuian flows into the
eyes. Beficient livei Qi can cause bluiieu vision, uiy oi swollen eyes, anu floateis.
0veiuse of the eyes can also leau to ueficient livei eneigy.

In confoimity with the five elements theoiy, the livei coiiesponus to element
7##5, coloi 21**(, (in Qigong it coiiesponus to the coloi uaik blue), anu uiiection

!9-&. The excess feeling that affects the livei is 9(2*1, anu that's why, when we
expeiience angei anu stiess ielateu to angei, the whole bouy eneigy flow anu
balance is uistuibeu.
"#$ $%$&$'" 5,.$ +'* "#$ #$+."

The heait is the oigan iesponsible foi:
- @,&'#(
- The mental
- Communication
- Intelligence anu mental agility
- vitality
- 0pen heaitiness
- Bumoi
- Compassion
- Achievement, finalization
- Enthusiasm
- Rituals

A peison with fiie (heait) eneigy in *+,*-- will manifest the following symptoms:
- Louu anu in excess laughing
- Fast speakei
- Talking while sleeping
- 0niesteu anu inpatient
- Bysteiical, eveiything is gianu
- Excess, unjust happiness
- Aleitness
- Aiiogant, piouu
- Negalomaniac, eccentiic, naicissist
- Benigiatoi, giouchy

A peison with '(-%..','*(,/ of fiie (heait) eneigy, can manifest the following
- 0nhappy
- Exaggeiateu neeu to sleep
- Seiious peisonality, no humoi
- Baiu time in assimilating anu unueistanuing infoimation
- No enthusiasm
- Low ambition
- Chionic fatigue
- Easily loosing contiol
- Can't finish what staiteu
- Communication uifficulties, uyslexia
- Bisoiienteu, lost, scaieu
- Nute, tacituin, uistant

"/0 #0647

The heait is the centei of youi bouy, but its capacity anu powei extenu
beyonu the physical oigan. A peaceful anu nouiisheu heait is the key to "-%&2.&/
health insiue anu out. The heait meiiuian is connecteu to the small intestine, anu the
most impoitant functions aie:
- Contiolling the bloou anu bloou vessels
- Bouses the spiiit
- It manifest at the face level
- 0pens in the tongue

63* 2#"*1('(2 #. 4$##5 ,'1,%$9&'#(< the heait, along with the livei, goveins
bloou ciiculation. Auequate bloou supply anu piopei bloou ciiculation nouiishes
noimal mental activity. Also, a stiong heait can supply itself with nouiishing bloou.
Because it pioviues its own bloou supply, it can house youi spiiit, which suppoits
healthy activity in bouy, minu, anu spiiit.
63* 3*91& '- &3* 3#%-* #. &3* A->'1'&B anu is iesponsible foi all mental
activity, such as thinking, intelligence, emotions anu memoiy. Nental illness anu
sleep abnoimalities may iesult fiom an unbalanceu heait. If youi heait is eneigy
ueficient, it cannot house youi spiiit, theiefoie, you may have an uneasy oi iestless
feeling anu even mental uullness anu memoiy loss. A stiong, balanceu heait
stiengthens these impoitant facets of consciousness. The best way to caie foi youi
heait is to listen to youi innei wisuom. A peaceful, open heait nouiisheu by
expeiience anu continual self-ieflection manifests a balanceu, full life. As the poital
to youi soul, the conuition of the heait affects all uimensions of youi bouy
physical, mental, emotional, anu spiiitual. The heait Yang eneigy insufficiency can
leau to amnesia, palpitations; the heait Yin eneigy insufficiency can leau to noctuine
abunuant peispiiation anu insomnia.
;9('.*-&9&'#( 9& &3* .9,* $*"*$< the state of the heait is ieflecteu in the
conuition of the bloou vessels, especially those in the face. A pale white face may
inuicate bloou ueficiency, while an oveily ieu face may ieveal excessive fiie oi heat.
Bioken bloou vessels aiounu the nose anu vaiicose veins can also inuicate
haiuening of the aiteiies.
63* 3*91& #>*(- '( &3* &#(2%*. The Chinese tiauitional meuicine consiueis
the tongue as the "winuow" to the heait. The conuition of the heait can be seen in
the tongue. A healthy ieu tongue inuicates balanceu heait eneigy. Bowevei, a pale
white tongue may ieveal uepleteu heait eneigy, anu a uaik puiple tongue may
inuicate bloou stagnation. Rapiu-fiie speech suggests an oveiactive heait, wheieas
the inability to speak at all may inuicate blockage in the heait.

The heait coiiesponus to the element .'1*, coloi 1*5, uiiection 0#%&3, anu
the excess feeling that affect the heait the most is C#/ D39>>'(*--E8



"#$ $%$&$'" $+."# +'* "#$ 89%$$'

The spleen is the oigan iesponsible foi:
- 619(-.#1:9&'#(
- Receptivity
- Sociability
- Noueiation
- Thoughtfulness, cautiousness
- Caiiying, suppoitive
- Empathy
- uoou meuiatoi
- Willingness to builu a family
- Noney cautious, thinking about the futuie

A peison with eaith (spleen) eneigy in *+,*-- will manifest the following
- 0vei caiing
- Nanipulative
- Excess in social contacts
- Possesseu by obsessive iueas, imagining things
- 0vei compassionate
- Exaggeiating with tiying to be useful
- Accepting too much fiom otheis, "buying" love
- Scaiifying itself that much that piovokes the feeling of guilt
- 0nmeiciful anu inflexible
- Complicateu anu slow

A peison with '(-%..','*(,/ of eaith (spleen) eneigy, will manifest the following
- 0ninteiesteu in all things, uistiacteu
- Cant think cleai
- Feels unsuie anu unwelcomeu
- Stiesseu in sentimental ielations
- Wining
- uieeuy anu ungiateful
"/0 :;100<

The spleen is consiueieu to be the key oigan foi healthy uigestion as well as
seveial othei piocesses in youi bouy. In tiauitional Chinese meuicine, the spleen is
gioupeu togethei with the pancieas as a spleen system. The spleen meiiuian is
connecteu to the stomach, anu its main functions aie:
- uoveins the tiansfoimation anu tianspoitation
- Contiols the bloou
- uoveins the muscles anu limbs
- It opens in the mouth anu lips
- Bouses thought

619(-.#1:9&'#( 9(5 &19(->#1&9&'#(8 The spleen tiansfoims foou anu
liquiu piocesseu by the stomach into eneigy anu bloou. It also extiacts nutiients
fiom foou, anu then tianspoits these nutiients all aiounu the bouy. The spleen also
iegulates watei metabolism by absoibing anu ciiculating watei in the bouy. The
spleen hates excessive humiuity anu congestion. 0iinaiy tiact infections, vaginal
uischaiges, anu canuiua yeast infections aie conuitions of uepleteu spleen Qi. These
conuitions can leau to an accumulation of inteinal uampness, which blocks the
spleen's ability to tianspoit nouiishing eneigy thioughout the bouy. Signs of
ueficient spleen function incluue watei ietention, congestion, appetite loss, pooi
uigestion, bloating, anu weight gain.
63* 4$##5 ,#(&1#$ consists of the fact that the spleen contiols the iight
ciiculation of the bloou in the bloou vessels pieventing extiavasation (the leakage of
bloou fiom a vessel into tissues suiiounuing it). Bealthy spleen eneigy keeps the
bloou flowing within the bloou vessels. Signs of ueficient spleen function incluue
vomiting of bloou, nosebleeus, biuising, inteinal bleeuing, anu vaiicose veins.
;%-,$*- 9(5 $':4- aie uominateu by the spleen, which contiols theii
nouiishment with watei anu foou. Piopei spleen function builus goou muscle tone
anu waim limbs. The nutiients extiacteu fiom healthy uigestion maintain muscle
thickness anu stiength. Bowevei, atiophieu muscles anu colu, weak limbs inuicate
ueficient spleen function.
=>*('(2 9& &3* :#%&3 9(5 $'>- $*"*$ is actually ielateu to the foou intake
anu the taste in oui mouth. Bigestion begins in the mouth, anu a sign of healthy
spleen function is a goou sense of taste. Spleen function ieveals itself in the lips,
which, in tuin, miiioi the conuition of the uigestive tiact. When the lips aie iosy
pink anu moist, the uigestive tiact is functioning well. Conveisely, when the lips aie
pale anu uiy, uigestion is ueficient oi impaiieu.
63* 3#%-* #. &3#%23&8 Noie than one oigan plays a iole in iegulating
thought anu memoiy. Spleen function is associateu with concentiation, focusing,
anu activities like stuuy anu memoiization. Spleen Qi influences youi ability to
peifoim these tasks. Beficient spleen eneigy manifests as clouuy thinking
accompanieu by a lack of concentiation anu pooi memoiy. Bowevei, oveithinking,
extieme concentiation, anu ovei stuuying can stagnate anu weaken the spleen.

The theoiy of the five elements peiceives the spleen as coiiesponuing to the
element *91&3, coloi /*$$#7 anu uiiection F*(&*1. The excess sentiment that affects
this oigan is #"*1&3'(G'(2 D,#(,*1(E8
"#$ $%$&$'" &$"+% +'* "#$ %='>8

The lungs is the oigan iesponsible foi:
- 0&94'$'&/
- Recoveiy
- Coipoial Soul
- Intiospection, meuitation

- Emphasizing tiauitions
- }ustice, piecision, coiiectness
- Biscipline
- Exteiioi beauty
- Claiity, puiity

The *+,*-- of the lungs (metal) eneigy will be iecognizable by:
- Rigiu postuie anu foimal attituue
- 0vei contiolling feelings
- Baiuly evei ciies
- Extiemely ciitical
- Nevei talks about self
- 0nsympathetic, colu, ciuel
- Full of piejuuice, gieat accusei

The '(-%..','*(,/ of lungs (metal) eneigy has the following symptoms:
- Negligent attituue
- Sau facial expiession
- Bespeiation
- Spieauing sauness aiounu
- Weak convincing powei
- Lack of juugment
- Bypociisy
"/0 %?<@:

The lungs Neiiuian is connecteu with the laige intestine, anu has the
following physiological functions:
- Contiols the eneigy (Qi) anu the bieathing
- Bistiibutes the uefensive eneigy in the bouy; contiols the skin anu bouy haii
- Biiects the uescent of eneigy anu goveins the watei metabolism
- It opens in the nose

F#(&1#$$'(2 &3* *(*12/ 9(5 41*9&3'(2 has two aspects: one, the foimation
of bieathing eneigy (Qi), anu seconu, the contiol of the eneigy in the whole bouy.
63* 5'-&1'4%&'#( #. &3* 5*.*(-'"* *(*12/ '( &3* 4#5/H &3* ,#(&1#$ #. &3*
-G'( 9(5 &3* 4#5/ 39'18 The lung senus uefensive eneigy to the layei between the
muscles anu youi skin to builu up waimth anu piotect youi bouy's suiface. It is the
ieason why the skin anu the bouy haii aie immeuiately connecteu with the lungs. If
youi lung function is weak, youi eneigy uefense shielu can become impaiieu,
making you vulneiable to viiuses. Peifoiming bieathing exeicises is one way you

can impiove youi immunity. The lung's conuition is ieflecteu in the quality of youi
skin. Bealthy iauiant skin can be an inuicatoi of balanceu lung function. Bowevei,
ueficient oi weak lung Qi can cause wiinkles along with iough, uiy, oi itchy skin.
F#(&1#$$'(2 &3* 5*-,*(& #. *(*12/ 9(5 2#"*1('(2 #. &3* 79&*1
:*&94#$'-:8 The lungs uiiect eneigy to uescenu in the bouy. If this function is
obstiucteu, we can expeiience symptoms associateu with ascenuing, such as
asthma, phlegm, iunny nose, stuffy chest, anu coughing. The lung ensuies piopei
watei metabolism by uiiecting watei uownwaiu to be eliminateu. If this function is
weak, since the lung anu its paiieu with the laige intestine, this can become
stagnateu, anu we can have as effect constipation oi uiaiihea.
=>*('(2 '( &3* (#-*8 In tiauitional Chinese meuicine, the nose is the
opening to the lung. When the nose is open anu youi sense of smell is intact, youi
lung function is healthy. But if youi nose is stuffy anu youi sense of smell is lost, lung
function may be imbalanceu. Equally, nosebleeus may be a sign of oveiheateu lung
The lungs coiiesponu to element :*&9$, coloi 73'&*, uiiection I*-&, anu the
excess feelings that affect them aie 21'*. anu -95(*--.
"#$ $%$&$'" (+"$. +'* "#$ A,*'$B8

The kiuneys aie the oigans iesponsible foi:
- I'-5#: (unueistanuing the piofounu tiuth)
- Will
- Peiseveiance
- Enuuiance
- Sensibility
- uoou memoiy
- Concentiation
- Love foi justice
- Sinceiity
- 0bjectivity
- Calm, seienity
- Loneliness
- Quietness
- Piotection unuei anonymity
- Cautiously spenuing
- Nouesty
- Solituue tenuency
- 0nueistanuing of the essential tiuth

A peison with watei (kiuney) eneigy in *+,*-- can manifest the following
- Withuiawn fiom social activities
- Intioveiteu

- Extiemely ciitical
- Sexually ciazeu

A peison with watei (kiuney) eneigy '(-%..','*(,/ can manifest the following
- Physically anu mentally exhausteu
- Weak will
- Liai, untiuthful
- Fatigueu
- Fiigiuity
- Complicate minu, chaotic, unieliable
- Subjective
- Lack of peiseveiance
- Bifficulty in to accepting the ieality
"/0 A2C<0D:

The kiuney peifoims many eneigy functions that aie impoitant to oui
oveiall health. The kiuney meiiuian is connecteu with the uiinaiy blauuei anu has
the following functions:
- Stoiage the vital essence anu contiol the giowth anu iepiouuction;
- Regulate the watei metabolism;
- Receive the eneigy;
- Contiol the bones, piouuce maiiow to fill up the spine anu the biain;
Kiuneys Neiiuian manifests in youi haii, opens in the eais, anu contiols the two
"Yin" (anteiioi- anus anu posteiioi-uiogenital oigans).

63* -&#192* &3* "'&9$ *--*(,* 9(5 ,#(&1#$$'(2 &3* 21#7&3 9(5
1*>1#5%,&'#(< the kiuneys stoie the "kiuney essence" which is a combination of
"inboin Qi" that we inheiit fiom oui paients along with "foou Qi" acquiieu fiom
foou. This kiuney essence is then tiansfoimeu into Qi oi bloou anu is useu by the
whole bouy. Inboin Qi ueteimines youi mental anu physical constitution, youi
longevity, but also goveins the giowth anu uevelopment of youi bouy, anu suppoits
the function of the iepiouuctive oigans. Signs of ueficient inboin Qi can appeai as
infeitility, impotence, anu iepeateu miscaiiiages.
63* 2#"*1('(2 #. &3* 79&*1 :*&94#$'-:< it iefeis to the quality of
maintaining the iight balance of the bouy fluius. Fiist, the kiuney uistiibutes
nutiitive fluiu cieateu fiom foou thioughout the bouy anu seconu, the kiuney
uisposes of waste fluius that aie bypiouucts of oigan anu bouy functions. Biinking
excess watei (as suggesteu by some uietaiy tienus) can oveibuiuen anu unbalance
the kiuney.
J*,*'"'(2 &3* *(*12/< the Chinese tiauitional meuicine consiueis that,
although the bieathing is contiolleu anu peifoimeu by the lungs3 the kiuney is the
piimaiy souice of Qi foi youi bouy anu helps suppoit the function of youi othei
63* ,#(&1#$ #"*1 &3* 4#(* :911#7 >1#5%,&'#( 9(5 &3* 4#(*- '&-*$.< the
kiuney nouiishes the skeletal system, bone maiiow, biain, anu spinal coiu. The

Chinese tiauitional meuicine sees the biain as "a big maiiow piouuceu by the
kiuneys". The teeth aie consiueieu to be extensions of the bone anu aie also
suppoiteu by kiuneys. Tooth uecay at an eaily age can inuicate weak kiuney
63* #>*('(2 '( &3* *91- 9(5 ,#(&1#$$'(2 &3* &7# AK'(L-B D9(&*1'#1 9(5
>#-&*1'#1E< the heaiing uepenus uiiectly to the kiuneys eneigy. Eaiaches, tinnitus,
excess eaiwax, anu loss of heaiing can inuicate ueficient kiuney Qi. 0ften aftei biith,
motheis have pioblems with heaiing, uue to the uiopping of kiuneys eneigy, since
they shaie that eneigy with the newly boin.
In confoimity with the theoiy of the five elements, kiuneys coiiesponu to the
element 79&*1, coloi 4$9,G, uiiection M#1&3. The feeling in excess that seiiously
affect the kiuneys is .*91. To stimulate them one have to massage the lateial siues of
the lumbai iegion, sacium anu coccyx, anu the little fingei fiom base to the tip.

63* 91#:9- ,#11*->#(5'(2 &# &3* .'"* #129(- 9(5 &3*'1 9,&'#(-<

Livei - S00R - collects
Beait - BITTER - stiengthens
Spleen - SWEET - tiansfoims
Lungs - SPICY - uispeise
Kiuneys - SALTY - softens

63* .'"* 9,&'#(- 9..*,&'(2 &3* .'"* #129(-<

Piolongeu walking - muscles anu tenuons - LIvER
Piolongeu gazing (watching, contemplating) - the bloou - BEART
Piolongeu sitting - muscle mass - SPLEEN
Piolongeu laying (hoiizontal) - eneigy - L0NuS
Piolongeu stanuing - bones - KIBNEYS

63* .'"* *+&*1(9$'N9&'#(- #. &3* #129(-<

Livei - ANuER
Spleen - C0NCERN
Kiuneys - FEAR

63* .'"* &19(-.#1:9&'#(- '( $'O%'5-<

Livei - TEARS
Beait - SWEAT
Spleen - SALIvA
Lungs - N0C0SITIES
Kiuneys - SL0BBER