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1) The volume of a granite is found to be 0.00015m

. If the granite specific gravity is 2.6, what is its weight in Newtons?
a . 3.82 b. 3.6 c. 4.23 d. 4.51

2) Oil having a volume of one cubic foot has a mass of 2.44 slugs. Compute its specific weight in Ib/ft
a.78.57 , 12.363 b. 86.37, 19.334 c. 58.87, 15.343 d. 98.27, 22.898

3) A cylindrical tank (10m in diameter and 5m in depth) contains water at 20C (9.789kN/m
) and is brimful. If the water is
heated to 50C (9.689kNim
), how much water will spill over the edge of the tank?
a. 4.05m
b. 4.1m
c. 5.1m
d. 3.67m

4) Determine the absolute viscosity of mercury in N. s/m
if the viscosity in poises is 0.0158.
a. 0.0765 b. 0.00158 c. 0.0987 d.0.789
5) Two large plane surfaces are 1 in apart, and the space between them is filled with a liquid of absolute viscosity 0.02000
. Assuming the velocity gradient to be a straight line, what force is required to pull a very thin plate of 4 ft

area at a constant speed of 1 ft/sec if the plate is 1/3 in from one of the surfaces?
a. 4.32lb b. 5.67lb c. 56.7lb d. 45.8lb

6) A liquid compressed in a cylinder has a volume of 1 liter at 2 Mpa and a volume of 990cm
at 2.5Mpa. The bulk
modulus of elasticity would be;
a. 50mpa b. 2 mpa c. 16.32mpa d. 4.5mpa
7) If a bubble is equivalent to an air-water interface with a surface tension of 0.005l b/ft; What is the pressure difference
between the inside and outside of a bubble of diameter 0.003in.?
a. 80psf b. 90psf c. 85psf d. 95psf
8) Find the capillary rise in the tube shown for a water-glass interface 8=0
if the tube radius is 1mm and the temperature is
20C. Surface temperature of water at the given temperature is 0.0728N/m.
a. 14.8mm b. 15.4mm c.16.2mm d. 17.1mm

9) A cylinder of 0.122-m radius rotates concentrically inside a fixed cylinder Of 0.128-m radius. Both
cylinders are 0.305 m long. Determine the viscosity of the liquid that fills the space between the
cylinders if a torque of 0.881N-m is required to maintain an angular velocity of 60revolutions per minute.
a. 0.24 Pa-s b. 0.65pa-s c. 0.12pa-s d. 0.87pa-s

10) If water with a height of 1.2m in a manometer is replaced by oil with a specific gravity of 0.75,
What is the equivalent height?
a. 1 .6m b. 3.2m c. 2.4m d. 3.3m

11) A pressure gage at elevation 6m at the side of a tank containing a liquid reads 90kpa. Another
gauge at elevation 4m reads 110kpa. Compute for the specific weight.
a. 10 kN/m
b. 27.5 kN/m
d. nota

12) If the specific weight of the sludge can be expressed as y = 0.2 + 50h, kN/m
, determine the
pressure at a depth of 4.5m.
a. 507.15kpa b. 736.95kpa c. 563.36kpa d. 682.35kpa

13) An open tank contains 5.7m of water covered with 2.8m of kerosene(y=8kN/m
). Find the
pressure at the bottom of the tank?
a. 78.32kpa b. 22.4kpa c. 81.02kpa d. 90.2kpa

14) The manometer reads 4 in Hg when the atmospheric pressure is 14.7psia, if the absolute
pressure of the system is doubled, what is the new manometer reading?
a. 36in b. 38in c. 37in d. 39in

15) Find the approximate height of water upstream of the dam or the headwater in meters, such
that an air bubble, upon reaching the water surface has a volume 3 times than it had at the bottom?
a.20.65m b. 40.5m c. 30.7m d. 5.8m

16) If a triangle of height d and base b is vertical and submerged in a liquid with its vertex at the
liquid surface, compute the depth to its center of pressure.
a. 3/4d b. 2/3d c. 2/5d d. 1/2d

17) Gate AB is vertical and 5 ft wide by 3ft high hinged at point A and restrained by a stop at point
B. If stop B will break if the force on it reached 9000lb, find the critical water depth.
a. 20.23ft b. 22. 3ft c. 21.49ft d. 24.32ft

18) What fraction of the volume of a solid piece of metal of specific gravity 7.25 floats above the
surface of a container of mercury?
a. 0.567 b. 0.603 c. 0.467 d. 0.48

19) The weight of a certain crown in air was found to be 14N and its weight in water is 12.7N.
Compute its specific gravity.
a. 10.77 b. 11.7 c. 10.86 d. 11.25

20) A balloon weighs 270 lb and has a volume of 14,900ft
. It is filled with helium, which weighs
0.0112pcf at the temperature and pressure of the air, which weighs 0.0807 pcf. What load will the balloon support?
a. 765.5lb b. 870.2lb c. 796.8lb d. 812.4 lb

21) If the center of gravity of a ship in the upright position is 10m above the center of gravity of the
portion under water, the displacement being 1000metric tons, and the ship is tipped 30

causing the center of buoyancy to shift sidewise 8m. What is the value of the moment in kg-m?
a. 3M kg-m b. 3.5M kg-m c. 4M kg-m d. 2M kg-m

22) An open vessel 3m in diameter contains water at a depth of 3.05m and 0.91m of oil (sg=0.8).
the tank is accelerated upward at 3m/s
. Find the pressure at the bottom.
a. 48.4 b. 34.96 c. 22.43 d. 64.8

23) An open tank 1.82m square, weighs 3,425N and contains 0.91m of water. It is acted upon by an
unbalanced force of 10,400N parallel to the pair of sides. What must be the height in m of the sides of the tank so
that no water will be spilled?
a. 1.2 b. 1.3 c. 1.4 d. 1.5

24) An open vessel 30cm in diameter and 90cm high is filled with water to a depth of 45cm, Find
the magnitude of the velocity in rad/s such that the vortex is just at the bottom.
a. 28.01 b. 17.39 c. 12.22 d. 34.2

25) An open cylinder 3m high is filled up to 2m. What is its diameter if the difference in height
between the highest and lowest point of water is 600mm and it is rotated about its vertical axis
at a speed of 40 rpm.
a. 1.64 b. 1.62 c. 1.55 d. 1.43

26) The average velocity in a pipe flowing full of incompressible liquid is 3m/s. After passing through
a conical section that reduces streams cross-sectional area to 1/4 of its previous value, the
velocity after the conical section is:
a. 12 b. 6 c. 3/2 d. 3/4

27) A liquid of specific gravity 1.75 flows in a 6cm horizontal pipe. The total energy at a certain point in the flow is
80m. The elevation of the pipe above a fixed datum is 2.6m. If the pressure at the specified point
is 75kpa, determine the velocity of flow and the power available at that point.
a.37.85m/s; 146,979 W b. 44.29, 84372 c. 35.43, 98262 d. 33.38, 78933

28) If the velocity of water is 8m/s and the pressure is 140kPa on the discharge side of a pump.
What is the head of the pump if the velocity is 4m/s and pressure is 90kpa before the pump?
a. 7.54m b. 7.98m c. 8.21m d. 6.82m

29) A 300mmx75mm venture meter is inserted in a 300mm diameter pipeline where water flows at
55L/s. Neglecting losses, compute the drop in pressure head from the inlet to the throat
a. 7.9m b. 4.3m c. 6.4m d. 5.4m

30) A mercury flows in the 100mm diameter pipe at 20C, with kinematic viscosity of 1.15x10
with a flow of 0.8L/s. Determine the type of flow.
a. turbulent b. laminar c. sub-critical d. supercritical

31) The headloss in 50m of 12cm diameter pipe is known to be 6m when liquid of specific gravity of
0.9 and viscosity of 0.04pa-s at the rate 0.06m
/s.Find the shear stress at the wall of the pipe.
a. 31.6kpa b. 15.8 kpa c. 126.4pkpa d. 63.2 kpa

32) Water flows at 0.2m
/s through a 300mm diameter, 120m long pipe under a pressure difference
of 280mm Hg. Compute the friction factor.
a. 0.0233 b. 0.0435 c. 0.0154 d. 0.0876

33) Determine the headloss per km required to maintain a velocity of 3m/s in a 20mm diameter
pipe if the kinematic viscosity of the liquid is 4x10-
a. 979m/km b. 832m/km c. 865m/km d. 923m/km

34) What is the percentage difference between hydraulic radii of 30cm diameter circular and 30cm
square ducts?
a. 0 b. 10% c. 20% d. 15%

35) A pipeline leads from one reservoir to another which has its water surface 10m lower. For a
discharge of 1m
/s, determine the losses in meters and in kilowatts.
a. 97.9 b. 98.3 c. 96.9 d. 99.8

36) Oil with specific gravity of 0.75 is flowing through a 6 in. pipe under a pressure of 15psi. If the
total energy relative to a datum plane 8 ft below the center of the pipe is 58.6ft-lb/lb. Determine the
flow rate of oil.
a. 3.32cfs b. 3.69cfs c. 4.2cfs d. 4.13cfs

37) A square concrete conduit having a side of 0.788m carries water at a rate of 4m
/s. Using Hazen
William formula with C=120, compute the head loss if the length of the conduit is 45m.
a. 1.8m b. 1.5m c. 1.3m d. 2.1m

38) Water is flowing in a 500mm diameter new cast iron pipe at a velocity of 1.9956m/s. if the head
loss is 0.67m per 100m of the pipeline, compute the value of the Hazen's William Coefficient C.
a. 130 b. 120 c. 150 d. 150

39) If the total available head of a stream flowing at a rate of 300fcfs is 25 ft, what is the theoretical
horsepower available?
a. 851 b. 890 c. 922 d. 873

40) Find the equivalent length of 167mm diameter pipe, f=0.024 for a reentrant pipe entrance with
a. 6.958m b. 7.394m c. 6.807m d. 7.102m

41) Two pipes with the same friction factor and length are parallel. If the first pipe has twice the
diameter of the second, what must be the ratio of their flow
a. 5.66 b. 4.32 c.8.76 d.10.22

42) A 16cm diameter pipe of length 200m and surface elevation of 50m from the discharge of the
pipe with f=0.03 and loss of head due to entrance coefficient k=0.5 what is the velocity of flow in m/s?
a. 5.02m/s b. 6.05m/s c. 8.98m/s d. 3.56m/s

43) Two water pipes, 300mm and 150mm of the same length are coupled in parallel and together
are to be deliver 0.085m
/s. Find the loss of head per km if f=0.03.
a. 5.35m b. 7.43m c. 10.23m d. 8.59m

44) Horizontal orifice under a constant head of 1.3m issues a jet which hits a point 5m below the
centerline of the orifice and 5m horizontally from the vena contracta. What is the coefficient of
a. 0.98 b. 0.95 c. 0.9 d. 0.89

45) What is the discharge capacity if a concrete pipe culvert 4ft in diameter and 10m long if the
difference in water level at the outlet is 1.52m. Assume coefficient of discharge of 0.74.
a. 4.73 b. 3.63 c. 6.83 d. 5.89

46) A vertical jet of water thru a nozzle supports a load of 150N. The velocity and diameter of the
jet at the nozzle tip are 17.46m/s and 3cm. find the distance of load from the nozzle tip in meters.
a. 8m b. 5m c. 10m d. 3m

47) A jet of water 25mm in diameter and having a velocity of 7.5m/s strikes against a plate at right
angles. Determine the force on the plane if the plate is moving in the same direction as the jet with a uniform
velocity of 3m/s.
a. 9.9N b. 8.8N c. 17.7N d. 27.6N

48) A jet having a diameter of 75mm and a velocity of 16m/s is deflected through an angle of 45
a fixed curve vane. Determine the y-component of the force exerted.
a. -803.27N b. -908.76N c. -786.54N d. -1235.34N