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Print Advertisement
Print Ad
TASK DESCRIPTION: Creative Task: Designing an Advertisement using specifc executin st!"e
KU1 Knowledge, understanding, and application of economic and business (including legal) concepts, principles, models, and skills.
AE1 Analysis and evaluation of economic and business (including legal) issues and events (past and current) using models and te
skills of in!uiry.
"1 "ommunication of principles, models, and concepts relating to economics and business (including legal) to suit te purpose and
"# Use of conventions, vocabulary, and terminology appropriate to economics and business.
an understanding of business terms and be able to use tem appropriately$
communication skills to give oral presentations, to write reports, to interpret graps, tables and carts$
a knowledge of key consumer related issues
an understanding of te operation of business and an appreciation of te influence of consumers, laws and governments$
skills in data analysis, statistics, information and communication tecnology and logical tinking$

For students to demonstrate an understanding of the importance of promotion (advertising) as an element of
marketing, through an awareness of appropriate execution styles for specifc target markets.
here are two aspects to this task!
Part A
"esign a print advertisement for a product from ne of the following three categories# $ce %ream, &ports &hoes or
'oisturiser. he advert needs to use an execution style(s appropriate for the target audience and must )e for an
original product.
Part *
+rite an evaluation outlining the choice of execution style(s used and pu)lication (medium) chosen for the advert. he
evaluation should provide ,ustifcation for these choices )y referring to how they appropriately relate to the target
market. his evaluation may re-uire a )rief description of the product.
.ou must!
su)mit a printed advertisement ($ce %ream, &ports &hoe or 'oisturiser) of suita)le -uality for pu)lication in a
specifc chosen pu)lication.
write a /001200 word evaluation stating and ,ustifying the execution style and pu)lication chosen. &pecifc
reference a)out how these apply to the target market is re-uired.
.ou must su)mit a printed copy of the advertisement and typed evaluation.
Due Date