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Annual Performance Appraisal Form

Section1: Staff data:

Part 1:Accomplishments
ID Employee Department Division Sub-Division C/C
Information Solution Development

Job Position Grade Level Position code Hire date Date in position

Actual Salary Date of last Increase Percentage of the increase Reason of the increase
N/ A N/ A N/ A
Last Rating Period under review Actual Appraisal date: Next period review:
N/ A

Bonus Assessment
Section 2: Objectives for the Period Under Review
Contents of this section should have been prepared by the immediate supervisor in consultation with the employee at
the beginning of the period under review, subject to later revision as necessary

Objective Score Reasons of Non Achievement
% W.A.
Assists in flow charting and diagramming
processes and provides documentation of
programming activities as needed.
Works with much enhanced and developed
coding & development tools.
Upgrading the planning design ability in order
to meet the new coming projects needs.
Makes suggestions to increase efficiency in
project development and to ensure that
deadlines are met.
Cooperates with Project Team in Order to
provide the best Functionality, Security and
Integrity for the on Track projects
Take on Responsibility of all the coming project
layout structures and lout flow
Choose the corresponding reason and fill with the previous table
1-Changing in the objectives fixed; 2 Changing of Position;3 Lack of Means ;4 Non Collaboration ;5Objective misunderstanding ;
6- Others (Specify)

Problem faced in the objectives achievements Solution proposed

Objective misunderstanding, working in new environment its Makes meetings to review the status of the tasks
take time for the employee to acclimate with the delegated to the employee, and explain to new employee
environment. this new environment.
Train him/her to cover this point or at least provide
6-Lack of training. him/her with professional simple documents to be able to
develop him/her self.

Other Achievement during past Year Special Projects

If applicable please describe the Ad hoc project achieved during the period under review

Section 3: Objectives for the next Review Period

List Objectives to be achieved during the next review period (to be completed by the staff member in consultation
with the immediate supervisor)

Objectives Actions steps
From To

Works with much enhanced and developed

coding & development tools.(T.O)

Upgrading the planning design ability in

order to meet the new coming projects

Enhance the project GUI by using new

features of GUI tools.(T.O)

Write daily tasks description in Microsoft

Outlook mentioning the progress of each
task to be reviewed by the heads of
departments. (T.O).
Take on Responsibility of all the coming
project layout structures and lout

Take on Responsibility of all the New

coming Employees that join the
Development team.(P.O)

Part 2: Performance Appraisal

Merit Assessment

Improvement Exceeds
√ Meets Expectations Expectations

Work performance Work performance does not Work performance Work performance is Work performance
is inadequate and consistently meet the consistently meets the consistently above the is consistently
inferior to the standards of performance for standards of performance standard performance for the superior to the
standards of the position. Serious effort is for the position. position. standards required
performance needed to improve for the job.
required for the performance.
Performance at
this level cannot be
allowed to

Overall rating of objective achievements = 89

Total score of %’s achieved for each objective ÷ N° of objectives = %
Overall rating of skills:
• Rating of each skill = score of each sub-skill ÷ N° of sub-skills = ____ %
• Overall rating of skills = total score of each skill ÷ N° of rated skills = ____ %
Section 4: Competence Grading


1- Professionalism (Effectiveness with which the employee applies job knowledge and skill to job assignments)

Job Knowledge

Analyzes Problems
Provides Suggestions for
Work Improvement
Employs Tools of the Job Competently

Compliance with OTI functional policies

Response to work challenges

2- Approach to Work (Characteristics the employee demonstrates while performing job assignments)
Actively Seeks ways to
Streamline Processes
Open to New Ideas and Approaches


Planning and Organization


Follows Instructions
Challenges Status Quo processes in
appropriate Ways
Seeks Additional Training
and Development

3- Quality of Work (Manner in which the employee completes job assignments)

Accuracy or Precision


Reliability and meeting deadline

Responsiveness to
Requests for Service

Judgment/Decision Making

Presentation of output

4- Quantity of work (Employee’s success in producing the required amount of work)

Priority Setting

Amount of Work Completed

Work Completed on Schedule

5- Decision Making and Problem Solving


Reliably apply judgment

Organized decision making

Ability to bear responsibilities

Minimal supervision needed

Ability to analyze situations

6- Interpersonal Skills (Effectiveness of the employee’s interactions with others and as a team participant)
With Co-workers

With Supervisors

With Subordinates

Team Participation

Arouses enthusiasm with the team

Facilitate and remote effectiveness

Commitment to Team Success

7- Communication Skills and Attitude

Written Expression

Oral Expression

Shares Information Willingly

Tact and Diplomacy

Attitude towards dealing with external
Attitude towards company’s image
Awareness of the ideas and opinions of
Considerations for the feelings of others

8- Change Orientation and Flexibility

Adapt to flexible working conditions
Readiness to acquire new demands and
Communicate flexibility to others

9- Customer Focus
Identify and meet customer needs

Provide high quality service


10- Supervisory/Leadership Skills (Applies only to employee who manages staff)

Understands and applies OI personnel
policies (i.e., performance standards and
work rules)
Trains and Develops Staff
Properly Aligns Responsibility,
Accountability, Authority
Evaluates Staff Regularly/ and completes
evaluations within the department’s
Faces Performance Problems Squarely

Supports Responsible Risk Taking

Controls Costs and Maximizes Resources

Instills Pride in Performance, Service,
Innovation, and Quality
Sets High Standards for Self, As Well As
Supports Useful Debate & Disagreement

Welcomes Constructive Criticism

Fosters Respect for Facts,
Data, and Objective Analysis
Uses Analytical Tools and
Models for Process Improvement
Sets Specific Goals for Simplicity,
Productivity, & Process Improvements
Supports Experimentation and
Brainstorming That Leads to Innovation
and Learning

11- Attendance, Appearance and Punctuality

Punctual and work dedicatedly after
working hours to achieve objectives
Compliant to working hours

Demonstrates minimal rate of absenteeism

Compliant to company dress code

12- Fiscal Responsibility

Managing budgetary matters

Preserving company’s assets

Section 5: Overall Rating

Put a cross to express the staff member’s performance

U n orrryyy
o FFFaaaiiirrr Go
G oo
o od
o d
d Veeerrryyy G
V Go
G oo
o od
o d
d E
E p on
Exxxccceeep o naaalll

U nnaaacccccceeep
p bllleee IIIm
b mmpp ovvveeem
o m nttt N
n N deeed
d d M
d M peeeccctttaaatttiiio
Meeeeeetttsss eeexxxp
p on
o n Exxxccceeeeeed
nsss E
E ddsss eeexxxp
p on
o n Ou
nsss O
O u nd
n d ng
n g
B ow
B o ww5 50
5 0%
0 %% 5
– 60
6 00% %
% 61
6 1–
1 ––8 8 8000%%
% 8
881 11– –9
– 90
9 00% %% 9
991 11– –1
– 110 00
0 0%
0 %
Section 6: Employee’s Supervisor PA Discussion Summary
Did you discuss this evaluation with the staff member?

A. I've discussed the evaluation with almost staff members and they were so specify especially for my next period
objectives because they are going to help and support all team members and it will improve the performance
of the new coming projects.

Supervisor’s Signature Date

Section 7: Competencies Development

Mention any plans being made for further development of the staff member’s competencies.

Needs Area Planned Reason for Deficiency Corrective Action Planned

Training Courses & Seminars

Section 8: Promotion/Career Development & Manpower Planning

Review Promotion Prospects: if the Staff member is qualified and meeting company promotion policy and
procedures, for manpower planning purposes, please tick as appropriate:

1. Immediately Promotable

2. Promotable in –6-12 months

3. Promotable in 12-18 months

4. Timing of Next Promotion Uncertain at this Time

5. Probation
Set a date for the next appraisal, which will be in 90 days or _________________
Devise a development/improvement plan for this individual and advise HRD as per company policy

Replacement List a qualified replacement in your dept

Name Present Position Qualified Now Indicate When

Section 9: Appraisal Record Comments & Approvals

Officer/Director Comments

Signed: Date: / /2006

Employee’s Comments: -
I am happy to be in the developer team to be useful to the company and I like to take training in asp.net , oracle to
improve my self as programming

Signed: Date: / /2006

HR Comments:

Signed: Date: / /2006