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A Detailed Lesson Plan in English (First Year Secondary)


At the end of the discussion, the students should be able to:

1. State the four (4) kinds of sentences, namely, the declarative, interrogative,
imperative, and exclamatory sentences.
2. Familiarize the punctuation marks used in each type of sentences.
3. Classify sentences according to their uses.
4. Construct declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences.


A. Topic: The Four Types of Sentences
B. Reference: Laboratory Activities in English I Textbook pages 80-81
C. Materials: Visual Aids, Name Tags, White Board Marker
D. Values: Develop a genuine love for reading, cooperation, cleanliness, and


A. Learning Activities
Teachers Activity

Good Afternoon, Class

Let us pray first

(Checking of Attendance)
say present

Please pick up the pieces of paper under your

So, how was your New Year?

Thats good! Have you enjoyed your Christmas
and New Year bonding with your family?
Students Activity

Good Afternoon, Sir!

(One student will lead the prayer)

(Students raise their hand and say
present as the teacher calls their

(Students pick up the pieces of paper)

It was great, Sir!

Of course, Sir. It was a lot of fun!


Thats good to know. Well, whats your New
Years resolution, class?

Yes, Noah.

Oh! What a nice New Years resolution, Noah!
Now, lets hear one answer from the boys.

Ok. Glenn

Wow! Thank you for sharing, Glenn. Maybe
thats enough. Lets move on to our new lesson.
For this afternoon, our discussion will be in
relation to our feelings or emotions. Are you
familiar with the song entitled The Greatest Love
of All?

Okay, thats good. So, are you ready to sing and
have fun today?

(One student raises her hand)

Sir, my New Years resolution is to
come to school early.

(One of the boys raises his hand)

Sir, I want to be focused more in my

Yes, Sir!



Warm Up
Let us sing The Greatest Love of All.
(Students sing)

I believe the children our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they posses inside
Give them a sense of pride
To make it easier
Let the childrens laughter
Reminders us how we used to be


Okay, class. Now, what can you say about the
song? What does the writer believe in?

How could you say so, Carl?

That was a very good explanation, Carl. You
know what class, the song simply tells us that we
should always consider for us to keep our family
or relationship with others intact, sometimes
showing affection or love towards a person, makes
him feel that he is appreciated and there will be
feeling of belongingness and love especially to
young ones. And also as what have Carl said, the
writer believes that you, the younger generations,
are the hope of our Fatherland. So, class, I want
you to finish your study to accomplish the
challenge that have given by our national hero.

Everybody had just sung very well. Give
yourselves a big hand.

Sir, eventhough the song is very
short; I guess its full of emotions.

Because Sir I noticed that the song
has a lot to do with our love for
children or mother to her daughter,
father to his son. It has something to
do with our love for our family, thats
the greatest love of all. The writer
believes in what Dr. Jose Rizal said,
The youth is the hope of the

B. Lesson Proper

Presentation of the Lesson
Class, as a review, what is a sentence?

Youre right, Cyril. Our lesson for today is all
about the different kinds of sentences. I have here
four sentences and I need four volunteers to read
these with emotions or feelings and tell us if what
kind of sentences are they
1. The boy goes to school.
2. Why are you crying?
3. Kindly give me a piece of bread.
4. Gosh, this is beautiful!

Sir, a sentence is a word or group of
words that has a complete meaning. It
starts with a capital letter.

(Post the activity in the board)




Class, these are sentences, right? But sentences
are classified according to its use. Christina, why
you answered declarative sentence for sentence

Yes, you have a point. For sentence no.2, is it
really an interrogative sentence?

Exactly. I think class, you made an advanced
research about our lesson for today and I really
like it. Good job, class. Okay. Who answered
sentence no.3?

A command sentence? Yes, it expresses the
concept of command or request but it is not a
command sentence. We will find it out later. Next,
who answered no.4?

Yes, you are right, Jennifer.

Sentences are classified according to their uses.
They have four kinds or types. And the first kind
of a sentence is what we call declarative sentence.

A declarative sentence tells something about a
person, thing, place or event. Take note, it usually
ends with a period. Also, it makes a statement.
For example,
1. My mother bakes cookies.
2. Taal Volcano shows signs of activity.

Who could me a declarative sentence based from
the song The Greatest Love of All?

Yes, thats right. Is it clear, class? Lets proceed
to the second type of a sentence which is the
interrogative sentence. What is an interrogative
sentence? Please read, Christille.

Yes. Interrogative sentences ask a question.
Usually they are Wh questions or Yes No
questions. Remember our lesson last year?

Sir, one thing I remembered if a
sentence is in declarative form when
it ends with a period.

Yes, Sir! An interrogative sentence
is a question and ends in a question

(Ryan raises his hand)
Sir, sentence no.3 is a command

Sir, sentence no.4 is an exclamatory
sentence because it ends with an
exclamation point.

(Post the related visual aids in the


I believe the children our future.

An interrogative sentence asks
questions. It ends in question mark.

Yes, Sir.


For example,
1. Is your classmate absent?
2. Why are you happy?

Based from the song, give me a line that asks a

Okay. The third type of a sentence is the
imperative sentence. This issues a command or
expresses a request. There are two kinds of
imperative sentence; the request and command.
Request uses the words please or kindly while
Command is like giving order.
For example,
1. Please pass your paper. (Request)
2. Do your homework now. (Command)

Give me an example of imperative sentence from
the song

Yes, and what kind of imperative sentence?

Very good! Make it a request.

Very good! Is it clear?

The last type of a sentence is what we call
exclamatory sentence. It expresses strong feelings
or emotions such as anger, sorrow, grief, surprise,
or the like. It apparently ends with an exclamation
For example,
1. We are here at last!
2. Oh Hamlet, thou has cleft my heart in

Give me an example, class.

Very good! So, questions? Are these clear to
you? So, those were the different kinds of
sentences according to their uses.


What should we show to our


Teach the children well.

Command, Sir.

Please teach the children well.

Yes, Sir.


Ouch, it hurts!



Declarative Sentence tells something about
a person, place, thing, or event. It ends
with a period.
Interrogative Sentence asks questions. It
ends in question mark.
Imperative Sentence issues a command or
expresses a request. Its two kinds are
request and command. A request uses
please or kindly while Command is like
giving an order.
Exclamatory Sentence expresses strong
feelings or emotions. It ends with an
exclamation point.

(Group Activity)

Each group will give 5 sentences in each type.

Enrichment Activity
(Role Play)

Act a scene that shows emotions using the
different kinds of sentences.


Identify each of the following sentences as declarative, imperative, interrogative, or
exclamatory. Write your answer on the blank before each number.

______1. The children are our future.
______2. Please let them lead the way.
______3. Do people need someone to look up to?
______4. How the children laughed!
______5. I found the greatest love inside.


Write a short story about your experiences either bad or good using sentences
according to use.

Prepared by: Glenn Ryan A. Zausa
BSED 2-1
Palawan State University

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