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Information and Knowledge Management www.iiste.

ISSN 2224-5758 (Paper) ISSN 2224-8!" (#nline)
$ol.4% No.7% 2&'4

Assessing the Contents of Nigeria Academic Library Website

()ra S*ilo+a ,+a-e
/0stina 1n-iode Kotso

'.2epartment of 3i+rar4 and Information S5ien5e% 1*mad0 6ello 7ni8ersit4% 9aria% Nigeria
2./.2 ,omwal: 3i+rar4% ;ollege of (d05ation% 1:wanga% Nasarawa State Nigeria.
. (-mail of t*e 5orresponding a0t*or< s*ilo+a=4a*oo.5om

>*is st0d4 is to assess t*e 5ontent of a5ademi5 li+rar4 we+sites in Nigeria wit* a 8iew to identif4 t*e e?tent to
w*i5* t*e4 effe5ti8el4 fa5ilitate a55ess to ele5troni5 reso0r5es% pro8ide online li+rar4 ser8i5es% pro8ide its
patrons wit* 5onta5t and general information on t*e ser8i5es t*e4 pro8ide t*eir patrons. >*e pop0lation of t*is
st0d4 is 4& @ederal 7ni8ersit4 li+raries in Nigeria. >*e sample si)e is made of A7 @ederal 7ni8ersit4 3i+raries
wit* a f0n5tional we+site. 1 5*e5: list 0nder si? +road 5ategories was design and data was 5olle5ted +4 8isiting
t*e li+rar4 we+sites t*ro0g* t*eir 7ni8ersit4 *ome page in Septem+er 2&'A. >*e st0d4 re8ealed t*at e8en t*o0g*
Nigerian a5ademi5 li+raries *a8e made t*eir presen5e online +4 deplo4ing a li+rar4 we+site% man4 of t*em do
not 0se t*eir li+rar4 we+sites to pro8ide t*eir patrons wit* 5onta5t and general information on t*e ser8i5es t*e4
pro8ide and fa5ilitate a55ess to t*eir reso0r5es. >*e st0d4 5on5l0ded t*at t*e 0se of li+rar4 we+site to pro8ide
general information and 5onta5t information on t*e li+rar4 was e?plored onl4 +4 8er4 few a5ademi5 li+raries.
Be5ommendation for t*e redesign of a5ademi5 li+rar4 we+sites to ma:e it more effe5ti8e was made.
Keywords< Nigerian a5ademi5 li+rar4% a5ademi5 we+site% ele5troni5 reso0r5es% a55ess to ele5troni5 reso0r5es%
open a55ess% Internet sa884 patrons

>*e e?plosi8e growt* and 0se of t*e we+ *as made it more diffi50lt for an4 indi8id0al site to +e seen% or for an4
indi8id0al patron to ma:e sense of it. 1s patrons 5ontin0e to ma:e greater 0se of t*e Internet% li+rarians now 0se
we+ sites as a means to fa5ilitate a55ess to spe5ifi5 Internet and ot*er digital reso0r5es. 3i+rar4 we+site s0pports
0sers in t*eir information tas:s% *en5e It *as +een identified as a platform for li+rar4 to re5ommend sites and
point 0sers to rele8ant and 50rrent ele5troni5 information reso0r5es. Crig*t (2&&4) asserted t*at a li+rar4Ds Ce+
page is t*e most 5ommon 8e*i5le for t*e deli8er4 of instr05tion and information. Cit* t*e a8aila+ilit4 of Internet
and wit* t*e growing n0m+er of Internet sa884 st0dents% man4 a5ademi5 li+rar4 0sers will prefer to 8isit t*e
li+rar4Ds 8irt0al we+site more often t*an 8isit its p*4si5al lo5ation. 3i+rar4 we+site 5reates an information
en8ironment w*ere t*e pro8ision of information reso0r5es and ser8i5e is no longer 5onstrained +4 time and pla5e.
S0pporting t*is assertion% /oo et.al.(2&'') posited t*at a li+rar4 we+site pla4s a role of an e?tension and
a0gmentation of a traditional p*4si5al li+rar4% and offers a 8ariet4 of li+rar4 ser8i5es s05* as ele5troni5 reso0r5e
a55ess online 5atalogs% and online referen5e ser8i5es.
2ereg0lation of t*e tele5omm0ni5ations ind0str4 and related information te5*nolog4 poli5ies +4 t*e @ederal
,o8ernment of Nigeria *a8e 5reated a generation of internet-sa884 li+rar4 patrons w*o e?pe5t t*e li+rar4 to
meet t*eir information needs in an online en8ironment (,+a-e% 2&''). 3e5t0rers and st0dents of a5ademi5
instit0tions also e?pe5t t*eir li+raries to 0se t*e li+rar4 we+site to pro8ide li+rar4 and information ser8i5es as
well as fa5ilitate a55ess to ele5troni5 information remotel4.
Sreed*ar et al (2&'&) defined a we+site as a 5olle5tion of Ce+ pages 5ontaining te?t% images% a0dio and 8ideo. 1
3i+rar4 we+site is designed to respond to information tas:. @or a li+rar4 we+site to +e effe5ti8e and meet t*e
information needs 8isitors it m0st 5onform to 5ertain +est pra5ti5es w*i5* in5l0desE
a. pro8iding a single point of a55ess to li+rar4 reso0r5es
+. allowing tea5*ing staff to dire5t st0dents to 0sef0l reso0r5es more easil4
5. promoting t*e reso0r5es *eld +4 t*e li+rar4% in5l0ding s0+s5ription
d. impro8ing na8igation of li+rar4 reso0r5es
e. impro8ing a55ess to s5*olarl4 and ed05ational we+ +ased reso0r5es
f. pro8iding more effi5ient a55ess to e-reso0r5es
g. impro8ing information ser8i5e deli8er4
*. pro8ide li+rar4 ser8i5es 24F7
i. fa5ilitate a55ess to li+rar4 and information ser8i5es remotel4

2.Statement of Probem
St0d4 *as s*own t*at t*ere is a de5line in t*e 0se of li+rar4 p*4si5al 5olle5tions and ser8i5es w*i5* ma4 imperil
t*e G0alit4 of tea5*ing% learning and resear5* in a5ademi5 instit0tions. ,rimes and 6oening (2&&')% posited t*at
t*at man4 li+rar4 0sers +4 pass li+rar4 reso0r5es and went dire5tl4 to t*e Ce+ for information. Similarl4 ;onnell
(2&&8) posited t*at man4 0sers 8isit a li+rar4Ds 8irt0al we+site more often t*an t*e4 8isit its p*4si5al lo5ation. It
Information and Knowledge Management www.iiste.org
ISSN 2224-5758 (Paper) ISSN 2224-8!" (#nline)
$ol.4% No.7% 2&'4

+e5omes Imperati8e t*at for t*e li+rar4 to 5ontin0e to pla4 its role in pro8iding rele8ant% and a550rate
information to its patrons it m0st emplo4 t*e 0se of t*e we+ +4 designing and deplo4ing an effe5ti8e li+rar4
we+site. Poorl4 designed li+rar4 we+site will not impro8e t*e 8isi+ilit4 of t*e li+rar4 neit*er will it promote w*at
t*e li+rar4 *as to offer. >*erefore% designing an effe5ti8e li+rar4 we+site t*at attra5ts as well as retains li+rar4
0sers *as +e5ome an important tas: for all a5ademi5 li+raries.
>*e p0rpose of t*is st0d4 is to assess t*e 5ontent of a5ademi5 li+rar4 we+sites in Nigeria wit* a 8iew to identif4
t*e e?tent to w*i5* it is effe5ti8e in pro8iding t*e li+rar4 and information needs of its patrons. In spe5ifi5 terms%
t*e paper *as t*e following o+-e5ti8es<
'. >o determine t*e t4pes of information and ele5troni5 reso0r5es fa5ilitated +4 t*e a5ademi5 li+raries
2. >o determine t*e t4pe of online ser8i5es and we+ 2.& ser8i5es pro8ided t*ro0g* t*e a5ademi5 li+raries

>*e pop0lation of t*is st0d4 is 4& Nigeria @ederal 7ni8ersities. >*ree @ederal 7ni8ersities were e?5l0ded from
t*e st0d4 +e5a0se t*e4 were esta+lis*ed in t*e 4ear 2&'A and at t*e time of t*e st0d4 t*e4 did not *a8e a
f0n5tional we+site. >*e A7 @ederal 7ni8ersit4 3i+raries is t*e sample si)e for t*is st0d4. 2ata was 5olle5ted +4
8isiting t*e li+rar4 we+sites t*ro0g* t*e 7ni8ersities #ffi5ial we+site in t*e mont* of Septem+er% 2&'A.
>*e 5ontent anal4sis of t*e a5ademi5 li+rar4 we+site was +ased on H0ta+ and Ma*mood (2&&) we+site 5ontent
anal4sis and modified for t*e p0rpose of t*e st0d4. >*e modif4 5*e5:list in5l0des AA items di8ided into si?
5ategories< Ce+site aids and Na8igation% 3i+rar4 5onta5t Information% 3i+rar4 general information% 3in:s to
ele5troni5 reso0r5es% 3i+rar4 #nline Ser8i5es% and 3i+rar4 2.& ser8i5es
>a+le '< 3ist of Nigerian 7ni8ersit4 and 15ademi5 3i+raries 7B3
SFN @(2(B13 7NI$(BSI>I(S C(6SI>( 122B(SS
' 1+0+a:ar >afawa 6alewa 7ni8ersit4% 6a05*i *ttp<FFwww.at+0.ed0.ng '88
2 1*mad0 6ello 7ni8ersit4% 9aria *ttp<FFwww.a+0.ed0.ng '!2
A 6a4ero 7ni8ersit4%Kano *ttp<FFwww.+0:.ed0.ng '75
4 @ederal 7ni8ersit4 ,as*0a NF1 2&'A
5 @ederal 7ni8ersit4 of Petrole0m Beso0r5es% (ff0r0n *ttp<FFwww.f0pre.ed0.ng 2&&7
! @ederal 7ni8ersit4 of >e5*nolog4% 1:0re *ttp<FFwww.f0ta.ed0.ng '8'
7 @ederal 7ni8ersit4 of >e5*nolog4% Minna. *ttp<FFwww.f0tminna.ed0.ng '82
8 @ederal 7ni8ersit4 of >e5*nolog4% #werri *ttp<FFwww.f0to.ed0.ng '8&
@ederal 7ni8ersit4% 20tse% /igawa State *ttp<FFwww.f0d.ed0.ngF 2&''
'& @ederal 7ni8ersit4% 20tsin-Ma% Katsina *ttp<FFwww.f0d0tsinma.ed0.ng 2&''
'' @ederal 7ni8ersit4% Kas*ere% ,om+e State NF1 2&''
'2 @ederal 7ni8ersit4% 3afia% Nasarawa State *ttp<FFwww.f0lafia.ed0.ng 2&''
'A @ederal 7ni8ersit4% 3o:o-a% Kogi State *ttp<FFwww.f0lo:o-a.ed0.ng 2&''
'4 @ederal 7ni8ersit4% Nd0f0-1li:e% (+on4i State *ttp<FFwww.f0nai.ed0.ng 2&''
'5 @ederal 7ni8ersit4% #t0o:e% 6a4elsa *ttp<FFwww.f0ot0o:e.ed0.ngF 2&''
'! @ederal 7ni8ersit4% #4e-(:iti% (:iti State *ttp<FFwww.f0o4e.ed0.ngF 2&''
'7 @ederal 7ni8ersit4% C0:ari% >ara+a State *ttp<FFwww.f0w0:ari.ed0.ngF 2&''
'8 @ederal 7ni8ersit4%6irnin Ke++i. NF1 2&'A
' @ederal 7ni8ersit4%,0sa0. NF1 2&'A
2& Mi5*ael #:para 7ni. of 1gri5.% 7m0di:e *ttp<FFwww.mo0a.org '2
2' Modi++o 1dama 7ni8ersit4 of >e5*nolog4% Iola *ttp<FFwww.f0t4.ed0.ng '88
22 National #pen 7ni8ersit4 of Nigeria% 3agos. *ttp<FFwww.no0.ed0.ng 2&&2
2A Nigerian 2efen5e 15adem4%Kad0na *ttp<FFwww.nigeriandefen5ea5adem4.ed0.ng '85
24 Nnamdi 1)i:iwe 7ni8ersit4% 1w:a *ttp<FFwww.0ni)i:.ed0.ng '2
25 #+afemi 1wolowo 7ni8ersit4% Ile-Ife *ttp<FFwww.oa0ife.ed0.ng '!2
2! Poli5e 15adem4 C0dil 2&'2
27 7ni8ersit4 of 1+0-a% ,wagwalada *ttp<FFwww.0nia+0-a.ed0.ng '88
28 7ni8ersit4 of 1gri50lt0re% 1+eo:0ta. *ttp<FFwww.0naa+.ed0.ng '88
2 7ni8ersit4 of 1gri50lt0re% Ma:0rdi. *ttp<FFwww.0am.ed0.ng '88
A& 7ni8ersit4 of 6enin *ttp<FFwww.0ni+en.ed0.ng '7&
A' 7ni8ersit4 of ;ala+ar *ttp<FFwww.0ni5al.ed0.ng '75
A2 7ni8ersit4 of I+adan *ttp<FFwww.0i.ed0.ng '48
AA 7ni8ersit4 of Ilorin *ttp<FFwww.0nilorin.ed0.ng '75
A4 7ni8ersit4 of /os *ttp<FFwww.0ni-os.ed0.ng '75
A5 7ni8ersit4 of 3agos *ttp<FFwww.0nilag.ed0.ng '!2
A! 7ni8ersit4 of Maid0g0ri *ttp<FFwww.0nimaid.ed0.ng '75
A7 7ni8ersit4 of Nigeria% Ns0::a *ttp<FFwww.0nn.ed0.ng '!&
A8 7ni8ersit4 of Port-Jar5o0rt *ttp<FFwww.0niport.ed0.ng '75
A 7ni8ersit4 of 74o *ttp<FFwww.0ni04o.ed0.ng ''
4& 7s0man0 2anfodi4o 7ni8ersit4 *ttp<FFwww.0d0so:.ed0.ng '75
NF1< Not a8aila+le
Information and Knowledge Management www.iiste.org
ISSN 2224-5758 (Paper) ISSN 2224-8!" (#nline)
$ol.4% No.7% 2&'4

#.$e%iew of $eated Literatures
>*e main f0n5tion of a li+rar4 we+site is to inform li+rar4 0sers a+o0t t*e li+rar4 information and ser8i5es. >*is
was t*e 5on5epts +e*ind t*e design of t*e earl4 li+rar4 we+site as reported +4 6l0mmer (2&&7)% w*o noted t*at
t*e earl4 '&s we+sites were tool of 5omm0ni5ation% pro8iding t*e 7ni8ersit4 5omm0nit4 wit* information
a+o0t t*e 5olle5tions and ser8i5es a8aila+le in t*e p*4si5al li+rar4. >*ese t4pes of information still remain
pertinent and s*o0ld +e a8aila+le in an4 effe5ti8e li+rar4 we+site. 1s li+raries 5ontin0e to ma:e greater 0se of t*e
Internet% li+rarians now 0se we+site as a means to pro8ide we+-+ased li+rar4 and information ser8i5es% as well as
fa5ilitate a55ess to +ot* print and non-print reso0r5es. Most a5ademi5 instit0tions will *a8e t*e lin: to t*e li+rar4
*ome page 8er4 8isi+le at t*e Instit0tions *ome. 6ao(2&&&) posited t*at t*e lo5ation of a li+rar4 *ome page lin:
on its parent Instit0tionDs *ome page will determine t*e 8isi+ilit4 of a li+rar4 and will affe5t t*e effe5ti8e 0se of
t*e li+rar4 online. >*e *omepage is t*e most important page on most we+sites% and gets more page 8iews t*an
an4 ot*er page. 3i+rar4 *ome page 5ontains 8ital information w*i5* also ser8es as a gate wa4 to t*e information
reso0r5es and ser8i5es t*e li+rar4 pro8ides its patron. It starts wit* Na8igational tools li:e men0s t*at ena+le
0sers to s5an men0 options 0ntil t*e4 re5ogni)e w*at t*e4 are loo:ing for. Na8igational aids or tools define all
lin:s t*at 5an *elp 0sers to ma:e +etter 0se of t*e we+site and to find rele8ant information in a G0i5: and simple
manner. Pro8iding 0sers wit* good na8igational tools is done +4 str05t0ring 5ontents to fa5ilitate t*e -o0rne4
regardless of pat* 5*osen. S0pporting t*e good 0se of na8igational tools @arn0m (2&&2)% also asserts t*at t*e top
na8igation +ar 5an +e 0se for glo+al na8igation and in5l0des lin:s to reso0r5es t*at 0sers wo0ld want to a55ess
from an4w*ere in t*e site% w*ile side +ars are often 0sed for lo5al na8igation% w*i5* s*ow t*e 0sers w*at topi5s
are near+4 wit*in a di8ision of t*e site.
In addition to Na8igational tools an effe5ti8e li+rar4 we+site will *a8e lin:s to t*e li+rar4 online 5atalog0e w*ere
a8aila+le as well as an Internal sear5* engine. Internal sear5* engine *as +een identified as anot*er *elpf0l
na8igational aid for li+rar4 sites t*at present large amo0nt of information% as it allows 0sers to lo5ate information
at t*e sites G0i5:l4 and easil4. Pla5ing a Jelp we+ page lin: in t*e 0pper rig*t 5orner of e8er4 page will *elp
0sers w*en t*e4 need *elp (/ase: 2&&4). >*e importan5e of sear5* engine on a we+site is 5olla+orated +4
Nielsen and >a*ir (2&&2)% and Crig*t (2&&4) w*o posited t*at sear5* feat0re is one of t*e two items 0sers see:
immediatel4 0pon entering t*e site.
1n effe5ti8e li+rar4 we+site 0se lin:s to fa5ilitate a55ess to li+rar4Ds *oldings% in5l0ding s0+s5ri+ed data+ases%
instit0tional +ased li5ensed data+ases% 5o0rse reser8ed and open a55ess data +ases. 155ording to Mad*0s0d*an
and Naga+*0s*a+am (2&'')% t*e we+-+ased referen5e ser8i5es pro8ided +4 li+raries in5l0des ele5troni5
do50ment deli8er4 ser8i5es% ele5troni5 50rrent awareness ser8i5es% ele5troni5 Sele5ti8e dissemination of
information ser8i5es% we+-+ased referen5e tools% ele5troni5 resear5* g0ides% 8irt0al referen5e
64 late '&s man4 1meri5an 3i+raries mo8ed t*eir 5olle5tions and ser8i5es onto t*e li+rar4 we+site (6l0mmer%
2&&7). Jowe8er% in a st0d4 5ond05ted on t*e KPro8ision of online information ser8i5es +4 a5ademi5 li+raries in
NigeriaL ,+a-e (2&&7) reported t*at no a5ademi5 li+rar4 in Nigeria pro8ided its patrons wit* t*e following we+
+ased ser8i5esE online information litera54 instr05tion% online 5o0rse ser8e% online referen5e ser8i5es% remote
a55ess to online 5atalog0e% we+log and online do50ment deli8er4.
In an attempt to pro8ide additional 8al0e added ser8i5e li+raries *a8e introd05e we+ 2.& ser8i5es and fa5ilitate
a55ess to t*is ser8i5es t*ro0g* t*eir li+rar4 we+sites. Ce+ 2.& *as made it possi+le to in8ite we+ 0sers to s*are%
5olla+orate% and 5ontri+0te in t*e 5reation of information instead of t*e traditional one-wa4 form of we+
a0t*oring. 1+ram (2&&5) posited t*at Ce+ 2.& is t*e 5olle5tion of ser8er-+ased sol0tions t*at *a8e allowed t*e
we+ to +e5ome a p0+lis*ing platform. S0pporting t*is assertion% 3i0 (2&&8) also stated t*at t*e we+site is no
longer -0st information a+o0t t*e li+rar4 and online 5olle5tion ser8i5es +0t a 8irt0al pla5e t*at ma4 +e
50stomi)a+le% allow for personali)ation and remi?a+ilit4% in8ite 0ser engagement and intera5tion% and s0pport
online 5omm0nities t*ro0g* tools s05* as +logs% wi:is% and tagging. Janson and ;er8one (2&&7) identified Ci:i%
+log% Beall4 Simple S4ndi5ation (BSS)% Instant Messaging (IM) and pod5ast as t*e prominent Ce+ 2.& tools for
a5ademi5 3i+raries. >*e importan5e of 0sing we+ 2.& +4 t*e li+rar4 was listed to in5l0de 5olla+oration%
50stomi)ation% 5omm0ni5ation% :nowledge generation% and s*aring

&. Anaysis and resuts
Ce+site aids and Na8igation
>*e st0d4 so0g*t to identif4 *ow t*e sele5ted a5ademi5 li+rar4 0se we+site aids and na8igation 0nder t*e
s0+*eadings s*own in ta+le 2. >*e data 5olle5ted re8ealed t*at 5M of t*e a5ademi5 li+rar4 we+site lin:s were
a55essi+le from t*e 7ni8ersit4 *ome page w*i5* is an indi5ation on t*e 8al0e pla5ed +4 t*e 0ni8ersit4 on t*e
li+rar4 we+site in 5onformation wit* 6ao(2&&&) assertion. >*e design of most a5ademi5 li+rar4 we+site ma:es it
8er4 diffi50lt for 0sers to lo5ate information at t*e sites G0i5:l4 and easil4 as re8ealed in t*e data 5olle5ted from
t*e sample a5ademi5 li+rar4 we+site w*i5* s*ows t*at onl4 4!M and 4'M of t*e sampled a5ademi5 li+rar4
we+site pro8ide a55ess to t*eir online 5atalog0e and *ad na8igational aid a8aila+le on ea5* li+rar4 we+ page
respe5ti8el4. Similarl4% onl4 '&M and '5M of t*e sample a5ademi5 li+rar4 we+site *ad a we+page for freG0entl4
Information and Knowledge Management www.iiste.org
ISSN 2224-5758 (Paper) ISSN 2224-8!" (#nline)
$ol.4% No.7% 2&'4

as:ed G0estions (@1Hs) and *elp page respe5ti8el4. >*e impli5ation is t*at most 0sers will +e 0na+le to get
immediate assistan5e or answer to meet t*eir G0er4.
>a+le 2 Ce+site aids and Na8igation
Items 18aila+le NN A7
No of 3i+raries Per5entage of 3i+raries
3in: from 0ni8ersit4 *ome page to li+rar4 *ome page 22 5
Na8igation aid a8aila+le on ea5* we+ page '5 4'
3in: from *ome page to an online 5atalog0e #P1; '7 4!
Sear5* lin: fo0nd on li+rar4 we+ page 7 '
Jelp page a8aila+le ! '!
,eneral @reG0entl4 1s:ed H0estions (@1Hs) e?ist 4 ''
3i+rar4 5onta5t Information
>*is se5tion in5l0des spe5ifi5 items related to t*e li+rar4 5onta5t information s05* as p*one n0m+er% e-mail
address% online 5*at% p*4si5al address of t*e li+rar4 map s*owing t*e lo5ation of t*e li+rar4 and a 8irt0al to0r of
t*e li+rar4. >*e data 5olle5ted re8ealed t*at none of t*e sampled a5ademi5 li+rar4 pro8ides a 8irt0al to0r of its
li+rar4 and online 5*at wit* its patrons. #nl4 22M of t*e sample a5ademi5 li+raries pro8ide t*eir p*one n0m+ers
and e-mail for 5onta5t +4 t*e patrons. >*is mig*t +e as a res0lt of t*e per5eption t*at most of t*eir patrons are
domi5ile of t*eir 5amp0s and no 5onsideration is gi8en to 8isitors or prote5ti8e st0dents.
'abe !( Library contact Information
Items 18aila+le NN A7
No of 3i+raries Per5entage of 3i+raries
P*one n0m+er 8 22
(-mail 8 22
online 5*atFIM ser8i5es & &
P*4si5al address of 3i+rar4 ! '!
Map s*owing lo5ation of li+rar4 ' A
$irt0al li+rar4 to0r & &
3i+rar4 general information
>*e li+rar4 mission and 8ision as well as staff dire5tor4 was pro8iding +4 onl4 A2M and A&M of t*e sampled
a5ademi5 li+raries respe5ti8el4. 3i+rar4 poli5ies% list of newl4 a5G0ired reso0r5es as well as li+rar4 news and
e8en were pro8ide +4 '4M% 8M and 'M of t*e sampled a5ademi5 li+raries respe5ti8el4. >*is is a 5lear
indi5ation t*at most a5ademi5 li+raries sampled do not 0se t*e we+site to fa5ilities a55ess to information a+o0t
its *oldings% poli5ies% staff information or ser8i5es% w*i5* in8aria+l4 5an res0lt to low patronage of t*e li+rar4.
>a+le 4< 3i+rar4 general information
Items 18aila+le NN A7
No of 3i+raries Per5entage of 3i+raries
3i+rar4 mission and 8ision '2 A2
Staff dire5tor4 '' A&
3i+rar4 poli5ies 5 '4
3ist of newl4 a5G0ired li+rar4 reso0r5es A 8
News and e8ents 7 '
#pening *o0r A2
3in:s to ele5troni5 reso0r5es
>*is se5tion was designed in order to identif4 t*e t4pe of ele5troni5 reso0r5es t*e sampled a5ademi5 li+raries
pro8ide lin:s to in t*eir we+site. >a+le re8ealed t*at e8en t*ro0g* open a55ess reso0r5es (-o0rnal% +oo:s%
data+ases) and N7; 8irt0al li+rar4 we+site are free for a55ess and 0se less t*an 4'M of t*e sample a5ademi5
li+raries pro8ide t*ese lin:s to t*eir patrons. 155ess to instit0tional +ased s0+s5ription data+ases for de8eloping
5o0ntries s05* as 1,#B1% /S>#B and JINI1BI was also limited to A8M of t*e sampled a5ademi5 li+rar4. >a+le
5 also s*ows t*at a55ess to referen5e reso0r5es s05* as di5tionar4% en545lopedia and el@I.net 5onsorti0m
ele5troni5 reso0r5es t*ro0g* t*e li+rar4 we+site is onl4 fa5ilitated +4 '4M and 5M respe5ti8el4 of t*e sampled
pop0lation. >*is indi5ate t*at ma-orit4 of t*e li+raries do not 0se t*eir we+sites to fa5ilitate a55ess to G0alit4
ele5troni5 reso0r5es.
Information and Knowledge Management www.iiste.org
ISSN 2224-5758 (Paper) ISSN 2224-8!" (#nline)
$ol.4% No.7% 2&'4

>a+le 5< 3in:s to ele5troni5 reso0r5es
Items 18aila+le NN A7
No of 3i+raries Per5entage of 3i+raries
#pen 155ess e--o0rnals 'A A5
#pen 155ess e-+oo:s '2 A2
#pen 155ess data+ases '2 A2
Instit0tional Bepositor4 7 '
Nigeria 7ni8ersities ;ommissions (N7;) 8irt0al li+rar4% '4 A8
155ess to 5onsorti0m we+site el@I.net 2 5
S0+s5ription +ased e--o0rnals '& 27
S0+s5ription +ased e-+oo:s 8 22
S0+s5ription +ased data+ase 24
Instit0tional +ases s0+s5ription data+ase (1,#B1% JINI1BI%) '5 4'
Beferen5e reso0r5es (di5tionar4% en545lopedias) 5 '4
3i+rar4 #nline Ser8i5es
2ata 5olle5ted from t*e sampled li+rar4 s*ows t*at t*ere is 8er4 little no pro8ision for online ser8i5es s05* as
referen5e ser8i5es% referen5e 5*at% as: a li+rarian% reser8ation form% Inter-li+rar4 loanF2o50ment deli8er4 reG0est
form% online t0torial and 5o0rse reser8e. >*is res0lt is not different from t*e res0lt reported +4 ,+a-e(2&&7).
>a+le !< 3i+rar4 #nline Ser8i5es
Items 18aila+le NN A7
No of 3i+raries Per5entage of 3i+raries
Beferen5e Ser8i5e & &
Beser8ation form & &
1s: a li+rarian ' A
Beferen5e ;*at & &
#nline >0torials A 8
Inter-li+rar4 loanF2o50ment deli8er4 reG0est form & &
;o0rse reser8es & &
Ce+ 2.& Ser8i5es
>a+le 7 s*ows t*at BSS feeds for t*e li+rar4 we+site and li+rar4 fa5e+oo: lin:s are onl4 pro8ided +4 onl4 4AM
and '5M respe5ti8el4. #t*er we+ 2.& ser8i5es 0sed +4 8er4 few Nigeria a5ademi5 li+raries in5l0de @li5:r% and
+log as indi5ated +4 5M and 8M respe5ti8el4. >*e low 0sage of li+rar4 2.& is a 5lear indi5ation t*at most
a5ademi5 li+rar4 we+sites are none intera5ti8e and does not allow for 5olla+oration wit* li+rar4 patrons. >*is is
despite t*e fa5t t*at wi:i% +logs% BSS feeds% and pod5ast *as +een identified as prominent tools for a5ademi5
li+raries (Janson and ;er8one (2&&7).
>a+le 7< Ce+ 2.& Ser8i5es
Items 18aila+le NN A7
No of 3i+raries Per5entage of 3i+raries
BSS feed a8aila+le '! 4A
3i+rar4 @a5e+oo: ! '5
3i+rar4 >witter & &
3i+rar4 @li5:r 2 5
3i+rar4 +logs A 8

).Concusion and $ecommendation
Nigeria a5ademi5 li+raries *a8e o8er t*e past few 4ears made t*eir presen5e on t*e we+ +4 deplo4ing t*eir
we+sites. #ne-t*ird of t*e a5ademi5 li+raries st0died 0se t*e li+rar4 to pro8ide and fa5ilitate a55ess to 8ario0s
t4pes of ele5troni5 reso0r5es. >*e 0se of li+rar4 we+site to pro8ide general information and 5onta5t information
on t*e li+rar4 was e?plored onl4 +4 8er4 few a5ademi5 li+rar4 we+site. Jowe8er t*is st0d4 also re8ealed t*at
Nigerian a5ademi5 li+raries do not 0se t*eir we+site as a platform to pro8ide t*eir patrons wit* online ser8i5es%
w*ile 8er4 few li+raries 0se t*eir we+site to en5o0rage intera5ti8ities and 5olla+oration +etween t*e li+rar4 staff
and t*eir patrons. It is t*erefore% pertinent t*at man4 Nigerian a5ademi5 li+raries redesign t*eir we+sites to ma:e
it more f0n5tional% intera5ti8e and effe5ti8e +4
a. 7sing t*e li+rar4 we+site to point t*eir patrons to ele5troni5 reso0r5es and pro8ide online ser8i5es t*at
will ena+le t*eir patrons 0se t*e li+rar4 remotel4
+. 7sing t*e li+rar4 we+site to pro8ide Information a+o0t t*e a5ti8ities and 5onta5t information of t*e
li+rar4 s*o0ld +e pro8ided in t*e li+rar4 we+site to ena+le
5. In5orporate and 0se we+ 2.& ser8i5es in li+rar4 and information ser8i5e deli8er4.
Information and Knowledge Management www.iiste.org
ISSN 2224-5758 (Paper) ISSN 2224-8!" (#nline)
$ol.4% No.7% 2&'4

6l0mmer 6.1 (2&&7). 1 3iterat0re re8iew of a5ademi5 li+rar4 we+ page st0dies. /o0rnal of Ce+ 3i+rarians*ip
'('). 45-!A
6ao " (2&&&). 15ademi5 3i+rar4 Jome Page< 3in: 3o5ation and 2ata+ase Pro8ision. >*e /o0rnal of 15ademi5
3i+rarians*ip $ol. 2!(A). Page ''-'5. Betrie8ed on &AF'&F2&'A from
;onnell% B.S. (2&&8)% KS0r8e4 of we+ de8elopers in a5ademi5 li+rariesL% >*e /o0rnal of 15ademi5 3i+rarians*ip%
$ol. A4% pp. '2'-.
;rowle4 J. ,% 3effel B.% Bamire) 2% Jart I./% and 1rmstrong S.> (2&&2)% K7ser Per5eptions of t*e 3i+rar4Ds
Ce+ Pages< 1 @o50s ,ro0p St0d4 at >e?as 1PM 7ni8ersit4%L Journal of Academic Librarianship 28 (/0l4
2&&2)< 2&5Q'&.
@re4% >. (2&'&)% K>*e f0t0re of li+raries< +eginning t*e great transformationL% a8aila+le at<
,+a-e (.S. (2&&7). Pro8ision of #nline Information Ser8i5es in Nigerian 15ademi5
3i+raries. Nigerian Libraries: /o0rnal of Nigerian 3i+rar4 1sso5iation. $ol. 4&.'-'4
,+a-e (.S (2&''). 2igital Preser8ation Strategies< 1 ;ase St0d4 of Nigerian National Information ;entres.
International Federation of Library Association and Institutions (IFLA) Journal $ol.A7(A). 2'8-227.18aila+le
from *ttp<FFwww.ifla.orgFenFnewsFo0t-now-o5to+er-2&''-iss0e-of-ifla--o0rnal. 155essed on A'F'&F2&''
,rimes 2. /. and 6oening ;. J. (2&&'). KCorries wit* t*e Ce+< 1 3oo: at St0dent 7se of Ce+ Beso0r5es%L
College !esearch Libraries !2 (/an.)< ''Q2A.
Jarpel-60r:e P. (2&&5). 3i+rar4 *omepage design at medi0m-si)ed 0ni8ersities< 1 5omparison to 5ommer5ial
*omepages 8ia Nielsen and >a*ir. #;3; S4stems P Ser8i5es $ol. 2' No. A.
/ase: ;. (2&&4). Jow to 2esign 3i+rar4 Ce+ Sites to Ma?imi)e 7sa+ilit4. Betrie8ed on A&F&F2&'A from
/oo S.% 3in S.% 30 K.(2&''). 1 7sa+ilit4 (8al0ation Model for 15ademi5 3i+rar4 Ce+sites< (ffi5ien54%
(ffe5ti8eness and 3earn a+ilit4. /o0rnal of 3i+rar4 and Information St0dies <2 Betrie8ed on 22F&8F2&'A from
3a0ra 6. ;o*en and /0lie M. Still (')% K1 ;omparison of Besear5* 7ni8ersit4 and >wo-4ear ;ollege 3i+rar4
Ce+ Sites< ;ontent% @0n5tionalit4% and @orm%L College !esearch Libraries !&
3i0% S. (2&&8). (ngaging 0sers< t*e f0t0re of a5ademi5 li+rar4 we+ sites. College
and research libraries !(')< !-27.
Mad*0s0d*an M. and Naga+*0s*a+am $. (2&'2). Ce+-+ased li+rar4 ser8i5es in
0ni8ersit4 li+raries in India< an anal4sis of li+rariansD perspe5ti8e. (le5troni5 3i+rar4% $ol. A& No 5% pp. 5!-588.
M5,illis 3. and >oms ,.(. (2&&'). 7sa+ilit4 of t*e 15ademi5 3i+rar4 Ce+site< Impli5ation for 2esign. ;ollege
P Besear5* 3i+raries.
Nielsen% /. and >a*ir% M. (2&&2)% Jomepage 7sa+ilit4< 5& Ce+sites 2e5onstr05ted% New Biders P0+lis*ing%
Indianapolis% IN.
Sreed*ar ,.% ;*ari 1.1.% Bamana $.$.$ (2&'&). (8al0ating H0alitati8e Meas0res for (ffe5ti8e Ce+site 2esign.
International /o0rnal on ;omp0ter S5ien5e and (ngineering $ol 2. No.&'S.
H0ta+% S. and Ma*mood% J. (2&&). K3i+rar4 we+ sites in Pa:istan< an anal4sis of 5ontentL% Program< (le5troni5
3i+rar4 and Information S4stems% $ol. 4A% pp. 4A&-445.
Crig*t 1.; (2&&4). >*e 15ademi5 3i+rar4 as a ,atewa4 to t*e Internet< 1n 1nal4sis of t*e (?tent and Nat0re of
Sear5* (ngine. ;ollege Besear5* 3i+rar4 $ol. !5(4).

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