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DSNG vans (Digital Satelite News gathering vehicles)

DSNG represents a whole new way of flexible

news gathering. Go on air in 1-2minutes, connect your
EN-camera and you are ready to go. Great work space
for laptop editing and easy to tape feeds compact
DSNG solution.
Vehicles are designed and build rack ready for
equipment installation, complete with air conditioning
and all services along with independent power
distribution. Superior quality materials, including solid
hardwoods, durable laminate, wall carpets and
hardwearing floor covering are used to ensure the best
possible interior. Externally vehicles can be painted
according to specification. All documentation,
information, manuals and trainings are standard our
feature. Warranty and after sales support included.
Standartd DSNG equipment specification:
SUV Toyota Land Cruiser* or Van MB Sprinter*
Includes minimum 2 or up to 6 working places
(depends of van type)
Air conditioning, additional heating and floor
heating (depends on the region climate
Easily accessible rack space
Transportation boxes, bays etc.
Turning operator seats, wire management
Power generator Panda, UPS.
1-6 HD Cameras* with lenses and tripods
Monitor wall*
Production switcher*
Spectrum analyzer*
Wave monitors*
Fully redundant setup*
Audio mixing console*
Audio monitoring*
Active speakers*
Peak programme meter*
Wired and wireless microphones*
Redundant uplink System Vislink or Swe-dish made by Rocwell Collins
Ericsson encoders and decoders
Video converters
*customer choice
Standard Coach building Specification
1.0 Mid Area of vehicle (Operator Area)
1.1 Three 19 rack bays across width of vehicle with full width desk across bays.
- 21U rack space in each rack above desk.
- 7U rack space in each rack below desk.
-Two 19" rack bays with 6U rack space each between wheel housings.
-Two 19" rack bays with 3U rack space each above main rack.
- Equipment shelves above wheel housings (optional).
Actual amount of rackspace depends on vehicle type, size and clients demands. Shown is a Sprinter
racklayout with long wheelbase, high roof height.
1.0 Mid Area of vehicle (Operator Area)
1.2 Thermo isolation of walls, roof and floor.
Roof reinforcement (if required).
1.3 Walls and ceiling will be covered with carpet (with antistatic and fire-resistant properties).
- Rear area covering embossed aluminium sheet.
1.4 Floor covering anti-slip PVC coating (with antistatic properties). With floor heating elements
under covering.
Carpet used for wall lining.
#Photo 3
PVC coating used for floor covering.
#Photo 4
Embossed aluminium sheet used for rear area covering.
#Photo 5
1.0 Mid Area of vehicle (Operator Area)
1.4 Two operators chairs with transport ties.
- Operator chairs on wheels.
1.5 AC & DC lighting and control switches.
- 12V lights in rear area
- 12V lights in Operators area
- 12V dimming spots in Operators area
1.6 Two dual AC utility sockets to suit country of operation.
- One dual socket in operators area
- One dual socket in rear area
1.0 Mid Area of vehicle (Operator Area)
1.7 Platform with storage place for tripods (optional, available only with vehicles with GVW at least
5000 kg ).
1.8 Double seat with storage place (optional)
-Additional console-desk (optional)
-Additional rack above the console-desk (optional)
#Photos 6,7
2.0 Rear Area of Vehicle
2.1 Line rear area in lightweight, embossed aluminium decor sheet.
- Walls lined with embossed aluminium decor sheets.
2.2 Cable tray through rear doors.
- Cut out in vehicle door for cable entry with cover.
2.3 Cable hook for cable access hole.
- A cable hook to strap the cables entering the vehicle, reducing cable stress.
#Photo 8
On the right hand side is the power box.
Fisher Panda generator on the left side(or) the middle.
Shelf stretched across the vehicle for cable reels etc.
Cable entry cut-out on the right hand side of the rear door.
Above the cut-out is the cable loop to manage cables entering the vehicle.
Below the cut-out is the cable hook to fasten cables entering the vehicle.
2.0 Rear Area of Vehicle
2.4 Ventilation system.
- One powerful radial fan on the top of main racks extracting hot air from racks.
- Two stainless steel air outlets with back draft shutters in each side of the vehicle for air
2.5 Dual AC utility sockets to suit country of operation.
- One dual AC socket for general-purpose use.
2.6 Provide mounting for mains and A/V termination panels.
- Rack for power supply box with panels for AC inlets.
- Patch panel for A/V termination panel.
2.7 Fit full width mid level shelf for cables, etc.
-Shelf across rear area for storage of cable drums etc.
See #Photo 4
3.0 External works on Vehicle.
3.1 Supply manual jacks (x4) below vehicle floor.
- Heavy-duty manual jacks that are operated by a crank handle (or heavy-duty electrical jacks
with or without auto-levelling function).
Manual or electrical heavy-duty jacks mounted under the
vehicle. Operated by a crank handle (manual), or with remote
panel (electrical)
#Photo 9
3.0 External works on Vehicle.
3.2 External rigging lights to right side and rear of vehicle.
- One lamp on right side of the vehicle on swivel base.
- One lamp at the rear of the vehicle on swivel base.
3.3 Fit stowage micro-switches to jacks.
- Vehicle immobility switches to prevent that the vehicle can be driven with the jacks folded
3.4 Prepare roof for mounting antenna system and cable entry box.
- Prepare mounting for DA 150 system antenna rails
- Mount water sealed cable entry box.
3.5 Mount a 3.7m awning on door side of the vehicle.
- Manually (or with motor kit) extractable awning, 3.7m, colour white, fabric colour blue waves.
Mount a 1.4m awning on rear of the vehicle.
- Manually (or with motor kit) extractable awning, 1.4m, colour white, fabric colour blue waves.
Manually extractable 3.7 m awning providing shelter and
shade for the DSNG team.
#Photo 10
3.6 Mount railing on both side of vehicle roof, inc telescopic ladder.
- Rails to lean the ladder against for roof access.
4.0 Miscellaneous
4.1 Dash board Stowage alarm panel for status of jacks.
- Small panel usually placed in the ashtray position.
4.2 Dry powder fire extinguishers, first aid kit.
5.0 Power Distribution
5.1 5000 VA On-line UPS for Broadcasting equipment.
AC system includes voltage and current meters plus external/generator changeover switch
with single input RCCB, 10 off MCBs and RCBO for external output.
- Complete AC system built in a power module box, fitted in rear areas sub frame.
- Slot in type and easy to fit and change module.
- DC system would provide LED indication of presence and distribution via individual fuses for
up to 3 outlets and an overall switch.
6.0 Rack Power
6.1 9 output Shuko mains distribution units in each rack bay.
7.0 Power Input
7.1 Three-phase 230V mains input panel in rear of truck with 16A(32A) input, 16A auxiliary output
(on request). - Mains live indicator.
- Remotely controlled and monitored from operators area near desk.
8.0 Heating
8.1 Autonomic diesel heater with installation Webasto or similar.
-Pre-heats operators area and equipment while driving.
Autonomic electric engine heater (Defa) (optional).
-Allows engine start at extremely winter conditions.
Autonomic diesel heater with installation ( type Hydronic Webasto) with engine heating
-Allows engine start at extremely winter conditions.
Additional electrical heating.
-One 750-1500W heater.
Floor heating (operators area).
Autonomic diesel heater Webasto
#Photo 11
Standard Coach building Options
1.0.1 Mid Area of Vehicle (Operator Area)
1.0.2 Swivel under-carriage can be mounted on to driver and passenger seat with a flap table in front
of one seat. The cabin back wall will then be removed.
Swivel under-carriage mounted on both driver and
passenger seat.
Note that double passenger seat cannot be mounted on a
swivel under-carriage.
Cabin back wall has been removed.
#Photo 12
1.0.3 Small stationary or foldable table behind the driver seat.
- To be used as e.g laptop edit table when the driver seat is turned around.
3.0.1 External works on Vehicle.
3.0.2 Supply manual or electrical powered jacks (x4) below vehicle floor.
- Heavy-duty manual or electrical powered heavy-duty electrical jacks with or without auto-
levelling function
3.0.3 Mount RF-antennas on the vehicle roof with cabling to the racks.
- Various types of communication antennas mounted in the front of the pod.
4.0.1 Miscellaneous
Roof mounted 10950 Btu (3.95 KW) air conditioner unit with built-in heater.
- Integrated into the antenna pod
Roof mounted 13500 Btu (3.15 KW) air conditioner unit with built-in heater.
4.0.3 Rear axle reinforcement.
- Air suspension for rear axle with automatic pressure control, set of 2.
8.1 Power Generator
- Fischer Panda 8.000 NE PVMV-N, 8,1 kVA, 3000rpm or 1500rpm generator with water-
cooled Kubota engine.
-Includes VCS system, 4DS capsule, remote control panel, electrical generator looms, fuel
pump, fine fuel filter, roof (or under floor) mounted radiator cooling system complete with
cowling and expansion tank and full instruction manual.
8.2 Install generator in rear area and connect it to main fuel supply.
- Fisher panda or similar generator.
- Cooling radiator mounted on vehicle roof (or under floor).
- Fuel connection to vehicle tank.
8.3 Install generator radiator on roof (or under floor) and run cooling fluid tubes.
- Generator radiator mounted on the vehicle roof (or under floor).
- Tubes for cooling fluid from generator to the radiator.
Generator radiator mounted at the
rear of the vehicle. Antenna sub-
frame and 2 AC units on the vehicle
The one of the AC units is
completely hidden inside the antenna
8.4 Additional 12-volt generator battery included.
9.0 Battery Charger
9.1 25A 12V battery charger.
- Charging both generator and car battery.
Miscellaneous Photos
#Photo 15
External rigging light.
#Photo 16
Sub-frame mounted at the rear of the vehicle.
The power-box and break out patch are mounted into
this sub-frame.
All walls in the rear of the vehicle are lined with
aluminium decor sheet.
#Photo 17
Racks seen from the rear.
The rack doors are fastened with quick release lever
latches. All walls in the rear of the vehicle are lined with
aluminium decor sheet.
#Photo 18
Out-let and control panel for the AC unit that is mounted
inside the pod.
Vehicle layout