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Avian Infuenza
Science, Policy and Politics
Edited by Ian Scoones
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Pb 24.95 20.00 9781849710961
320 pages April 2010
Over the past decade, substantial resources have been spent
on tackling avian infuenza and building a global capacity for a
pandemic response. The catastrophic costs of the 1918 infuenza
pandemic are well documented, and the swine fu pandemic
of 2009-10 has raised the alarm yet again. Across the world,
surveillance systems have been upgraded, stockpiles of antiviral
drugs and infuenza vaccines have been created, veterinary and
public health systems have been improved and poultry production
and marketing has been dramatically restructured. What are the
lessons from this experience? And what does this suggest for the
This book explores how virus genetics, ecology and epidemiology
intersect with economic, political and policy processes in a variety
of places - from Bangkok to Washington, to Jakarta, Cairo, Rome
and London. It focuses on the interaction of the international
and national responses - and in particular the experiences of
Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. It asks how efective
is the disease surveillance and response system - can it respond
to a new pandemic threat? The comparative analysis reveals the
challenges and limitations of a technocratic, centralised response,
and the need to take seriously local contexts. Drawing from these
experiences, the book concludes with a discussion of future
prospects and challenges, examining in particular what a One
World, One Health approach - where approaches to animal, human
and ecosystem health are integrated - would look like in practice.
Ian Scoones is a Professorial Fellow at the Institute of Development
Studies and co-director of the STEPS Centre. He has worked extensively
on livestock and veterinary institutional and policy issues, particularly
in Africa.
About the authors
Chapter 1: The International Response to Avian Infuenza:
Science, Policy and Politics
Ian Scoones
Chapter 2: Unpacking the International Response to
Avian Infuenza: Actors, Networks and Narratives
Ian Scoones, Paul Forster
Chapter 3: Cambodias Patient Zero: Global and National
Responses to Highly Pathogenic Avian Infuenza
Sophal Ear
Chapter 4: Power, Politics, and Accountability: Vietnams
Response to Avian Infuenza
Tuong Vu
Chapter 5: On a Wing and a Prayer: Avian Infuenza in
Paul Forster
Chapter 6: Avian Infuenza Control in Thailand: Balancing
the Interests of Diferent Poultry Producers
Rachel Safman
Chapter 7: Towards a One World, One Health Approach
Ian Scoones
Preparing for pandemics is a major challenge for our
global public health security. Based on a detailed
examination of the experience of the international avian
infuenza response, this book provides important new
directions and options for the way forward. It should be
read by all those across the world who are concerned with
public health and its underpinning policies.
David L. Heymann, Head, Global Health Security, Chatham
House, London, formerly Assistant Director General, World Health
Organization, Geneva
This provocative and stimulating book gives an overview
and innovative analysis of a disease of global and local
importance. [The book] will be of immediate interest for
policymakers, scientists and students of emerging diseases.
Katherine Homewood, Professor of Anthropology, University
College London.
Thoroughly researched and engagingly written, this
book is an important contribution to our collective
understanding about livestock disease emergencies.
Anni McLeod, Senior Ofcer (Livestock Policy), UN Food and
Agriculture Organization, Rome
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Avian Infuenza (Pb)

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Environment, Social
Melissa Leach, Ian Scoones
and Andy Stirling
Pb 19.99 16.00
9781849710930 224 pages April 2010
This book lays out a new pathways approach
to address sustainability challenges in todays
dynamic world. Through an appreciation of
dynamics, complexity, uncertainty, difering
narratives and the values-based aims of
sustainability, the pathways approach allows
us to see how some approaches are dominant,
even though they do not produce the desired
results, and how to create successful alternative
pathways of responding to the challenges
we face. Part of the Pathways to Sustainability
Science, Governance
and Social Justice
Edited by Sarah Dry and
Melissa Leach
Pb 22.95 18.00
9781849711029 272 pages
June 2010
This book explores how epidemics shape and are
shaped by changing social, political, ecological
and technological processes at both local and
global levels and, crucially, shows how the
construction and implementation of responses
might become more efective, sustainable and
socially just. It ofers a unique approach focusing
on how diferent scientists, policy-makers and
publics construct narratives about epidemics
and become involved in their governance; how
globalised narratives interact with local and
national settings; and who gains or loses, with
a wide range of cases. Part of the Pathways to
Sustainability Series.
The Health
Practitioners Guide
to Climate Change
Diagnosis and Cure
Jenny Grifths, Mala Rao,
Fiona Adshead and Allison
Thorpe with Foreword by Dr.
R.K. Pachauri
Pb 18.99 15.00 9781844077298 256 pages
September 2009
The health of the planet and the health of people
are inseparable. This guide makes this vital
Dr Vandana Shiva
There are enormous health benefts from
tackling climate change. This is the frst book
to set out what health practitioners can do to
prevent the worst impacts of climate change, to
make health services sustainable, and to design
healthy, sustainable communities.
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