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Integrate Social Into Your Marketing
by Nate Elliott, Kim Celestre, and Zachary Reiss-Davis, August 7, 2013
For: Marketing
Social Marketing Is Ubiquitous, But Its Not Pulling Its Weight
Nearly all US marketers say theyll use social media in 2013, spending nearly $5 billion.
But many arent getting much value from their investments. Some have found that their
social eforts are simply a waste of money; others (including Best Buy and Pepsi) have
discovered that their social media obsessions were endangering their businesses.
Social Exceptionalism Is The Problem
Why isnt social working for marketers? Because rather than recognizing that social is just
another marketing channel, many see it as unique. Some marketers keep social
completely separate from the rest of their marketing eforts; others ask social to carry the
weight of an entire marketing program; most use unproven metrics to track performance.
Use the RaDaR Model To Integrate Social Into Your Marketing Plan
Te key to success is fnding ways for social media to support your marketing program
rather than vice versa. Social tactics can support reach and depth and relationship, the
three layers of what Forrester calls the marketing RaDaR; marketers must determine
which part of their RaDaR needs the most help and choose the social tactics to match.
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Nearly every marketer uses social media today, but too few use it well. Most marketers treat social
as something special and unique, leading them either to separate it completely from the rest of their
marketing eforts or to ask social to carry an entire marketing program on its own. But this social
exceptionalism is more likely to yield failure than success. To unlock the value of social marketing, youll
need to efectively integrate social into your established marketing plan and the marketing RaDaR
model holds the key. Tis report of our social marketing playbook lays out Forresters vision for how social
tactics can supply reach and depth and relationships to your marketing plan.
Table Of Contents
Social Is Now Part Of (Almost) Every
Marketing Plan
But Social Isnt Pulling Its Weight
Social Exceptionalism Is The Problem
The Solution: Integrate Social Into Your
Marketing RaDaR
Social Reach Tactics Create Discovery
Social Depth Tactics Facilitate Exploration
Social Relationship Tactics Foster
Use The POST Method To Create Great
Social Marketing Programs
Supplemental Material
Notes & Resources
Forrester used data from the Q4 2012 US
Interactive Marketing Online Survey in writing
this report.
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Integrate Social Into Your Marketing RaDaR
Vision: The Social Marketing Playbook
by Nate Elliott, Kim Celestre, and Zachary Reiss-Davis
with David Truog and Sarah Takvorian
AUGUST 7, 2013
Integrate Social Into Your Marketing RaDaR 2
2013, Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited August 7, 2013
Its been less than ten years since Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook. But today, social networks
as well as blogs, message boards and forums, photo- and video-sharing sites, and other forms of social
media are part of nearly every marketers strategy.
Almost 100% of marketers will use social media in 2013. In our most recent survey, nine out of
10 marketers said they currently use social marketing, and nearly all the rest said they planned to
start using social media in 2013 (see Figure 1). More marketers turn to branded Facebook and
Twitter accounts than to any other social tools but large numbers also create their own blogs
and forums, pay for ad placements on social sites, and sponsor online communities.
Social media investments continue to rise. More than 60% of marketers say they plan to
increase their social budgets this year, many by a signifcant amount (see Figure 2). Most have
hired agencies specifcally to execute social media programs, and nearly two-thirds have full-
time employees dedicated to social media.
Te result? Forrester forecasts that US marketers
alone will spend $4.8 billion on social marketing tactics in 2013, and marketers throughout the
rest of the world will add billions more to that fgure.
Both business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketers are pursuing social
strategies. Fully 100% of the business decision-makers weve surveyed use social media for
work purposes which means that social marketing is no longer the domain of only those
selling digital cameras and deodorant.
In fact, more than one-third of business-to-business
marketers use public social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter to generate leads, and nearly
as many use on-site communities to nurture leads.
Integrate Social Into Your Marketing RaDaR 3
2013, Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited August 7, 2013
Figure 1 Nearly Every Marketer Will Use Social Media In 2013
Source: Forrester Research, Inc. 73881
Of the following social marketing tactics, please indicate which you are
currently using or expect to use in the next 12 months.
Source: Q4 2012 US Interactive Marketing Online Survey
Note: Not all responses are shown.
Base: 71 interactive marketing professionals
(percentages may not total 100 because of rounding)
Sponsored communities 25% 15% 59%
Paid placement in
social media
49% 15% 35%
Google Plus account 54% 20% 27%
Created social media
(e.g., blogs or forums)
76% 13% 11%
LinkedIn account 85% 7% 8%
Twitter account 93% 3%
Facebook page 93% 3%
No plans to use/
dont know
Plan to start using in the
next 12 months
Currently using
Integrate Social Into Your Marketing RaDaR 4
2013, Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited August 7, 2013
Figure 2 Most Marketers Plan To Increase Teir Social Spending
Source: Forrester Research, Inc. 73881
How will your 2013 social marketing budget compare with the 2012 budget?
Will increase slightly
Will stay the same
Will increase signifcantly
Dont know
Will decrease slightly
Source: Q4 2012 US Interactive Marketing Online Survey
Base: 69 interactive marketing professionals
But Social Isnt Pulling Its Weight
Despite marketers excitement about social media, many say the channel simply doesnt ofer enough
return on their investment (see Figure 3). Te sobering reality is that nearly a decade into the
era of social media, more social marketers are failing than succeeding. And, frighteningly, some
companies fail with social media without even realizing it. In fact, many high-profle social success
stories have turned out, on further examination, actually to be failures:
Best Buys famous engagement levels couldnt save its business. Te electronics retailer
encouraged its employees to engage on Twitter and heavily promoted its Twelpforce as a way
for customers to get answers to their tech questions. Troughout 2009 and 2010, executives
basked in praise from the likes of the Harvard Business Review (and yes, from Forrester too).

But though the companys strategy generated lots of engagement, it generated too few sales.
Te result? While its employees were busy helping people on Twitter, the company was losing
billions and stores were closing down. By 2012, Best Buys CEO and CMO found themselves
looking for new jobs.
Pepsis bold move collected lots of votes but not enough sales. In 2010, the No. 2 sof
drink brand cut its Super Bowl ad budget and instead made social media the centerpiece of
its marketing strategy. Te Refresh Project let customers choose which community renewal
programs should receive grant money and generated more than 80 million votes in its frst year.
Integrate Social Into Your Marketing RaDaR 5
2013, Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited August 7, 2013
Te campaign was celebrated as an unqualifed success for social-media-led marketing until
the sales numbers came in. Despite remarkable engagement rates, Pepsi was losing market share.
By the end of 2010, Pepsis sales had fallen behind those of Coca-Colas Diet Coke for the frst
time ever.
And the list goes on. Best Buy and Pepsi may be among the most prominent examples of brands
that bet on social and lost but theyre far from the only ones. For instance, multibillion-dollar
IT services company CA Technologies invests the efort to update its Facebook page several times
per day but has collected just 10,000 fans, few of whom engage with the companys posts.
American Airlines policy of replying to every Twitter comment forced it not only to ofer a polite
thanks to vulgarity-flled insults but also to automatically promote those insults for its other
followers to see.
No matter what category youre in, youve seen competitors waste budget on
failed social strategies; perhaps your company has done it as well.
Figure 3 Marketers Remain Unsure Of Whether Social Media Creates Value
Source: Forrester Research, Inc. 73881
ROI 38%
Measurement 35%
Lack of internal resources
(e.g., employees)
Lack of budget 25%
Integrating this channel
with other channels
Lack of time 23%
Source: Q4 2012 US Interactive Marketing Online Survey
Note: Not all responses are shown.
Base: 69 interactive marketing professionals
What are your top three challenges with social marketing?
Integrate Social Into Your Marketing RaDaR 6
2013, Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited August 7, 2013
Why have so many marketers found social success so hard to come by? Because rather than
regarding social media as just another marketing channel, they act as if social is somehow unique:
Some treat social media as an island. Too many marketers never connect social to the rest of
their marketing programs. For instance, Best Buys customer-care-driven social strategy may
refect the companys 2013 ad campaign but in 2010, most Best Buy promotions were still
focused on price and selection. As Best Buy found, social messages that dont match the rest of
your marketing program are unlikely to contribute much value.
Others ask social to carry the weight of the world. Pepsi was smart to tap into its young
audiences love for social media but no matter how social your audience, no one channel can
shoulder the load of an entire marketing program on its own. Successful marketing always relies
on fnding the right mix of platforms and tactics; when Pepsi slashed the budget it dedicated to
proven channels and put its sole focus on social media, the results were predictably dire.
Most use unproven metrics to track performance. Marketers have mostly moved past tracking
only fans and followers but few have gotten much further. Too many social measurement
strategies revolve around engagement, a recently invented metric thats never been proven as a
proxy for any business objective. Few track the brand impact or conversion rate of social programs.
No wonder just 20% of marketers are confdent in their ability to measure social media.
Social exceptionalism is a path to failure. To make social media work, marketers must stop treating
it as something new and diferent and must look for ways to blend it efectively with TV, search,
email, and other established marketing channels.
The Solution: Integrate Social Into Your Marketing RaDaR
To succeed with social media, marketers must understand how it supports each part of the customer
journey not just ofering engagement but also enabling discovery and supporting exploration and
purchase. In fact, social marketing tools and tactics can ofer value at every stage of the customer life
cycle and can support reach and depth and relationship the three layers of what Forrester calls
the marketing RaDaR (see Figure 4):
Social reach tactics help people discover your brands, products, and promotions. People
cant discover what youre selling if theyre never exposed to it and that requires you to use
tactics that help your messages reach your target audience. Most people say the No. 1 way they
learn about new brands, products, and services is from friends and family and that paid ads
can create discovery as well.
And there are social tactics that can help on those two fronts:
Both word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing and paid social advertising can deliver reach for your
marketing programs.
Integrate Social Into Your Marketing RaDaR 7
2013, Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited August 7, 2013
Social depth tactics help prospects explore and buy your products. Your audience is looking for
depth when they explore your oferings. And the place to which people most commonly turn for
such detailed information is a brands own website. Weaving social tools into your own site
including blogs and communities as well as ratings and reviews can extend the sites value
beyond run-of-the-mill product specifcations by ofering detail about what your brand stands for
and exposing prospects to real customer experiences.
Social relationship tactics build stronger engagement with your best customers. Afer people
buy from a company, there are many ways they stay in touch and they frequently prefer
relationship channels such as email, postal mail, and loyalty programs. But social has a valuable
role to play here, too: In particular, branded profles on public social sites such as Facebook,
LinkedIn, and Twitter can foster stronger relationships with the customers youve already acquired.
Integrate Social Into Your Marketing RaDaR 8
2013, Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited August 7, 2013
Figure 4 Social Tactics Can Support Each Layer Of Te Marketing RaDaR
Source: Forrester Research, Inc. 73881
Social ads
Word of
Mobile app
Non-social channel
Social channel
Te frst step in the customer life cycle is typically to help people discover that you ofer a solution
to one of their problems. When your prospects frst begin this discovery process, they dont actively
seek your brand; they come across it only through sources they already engage with. For example,
80% rely on their friends and family to inform their discovery, and many say paid ads in their
favorite channels perform a similar role.
Tis means that social tools such as word of mouth and
social advertising can help you:
Integrate Social Into Your Marketing RaDaR 9
2013, Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited August 7, 2013
Tap your audiences peers to advocate for you. Many customers already recommend your
solutions to their friends and peers outside the realm of social media. And social word-of-
mouth marketing tactics can increase the number of customers who recommend you and
amplify those recommendations to a much larger audience. For example, restaurant chain
Chilis encouraged self-reported top advocates to post reviews on Yelp and reaped 50,000 new
reviews, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.
And web content management vendor Ektron
successfully asked advocates to create video testimonials broadcasting those fans personal
recommendations to a much larger audience.
Inspire the voices your audience respects to infuence on your behalf. Advocates arent the
only way to create word of mouth; category infuencers also shape the market and perspectives
about your product. Cultivating relationships with them can help you infuence the infuencers
and generate more positive mentions. For example, Microsof identifed its audiences
infuencers and sent them topical content that matched what they were writing about.
In a
similar vein, Jeep invited top online auto infuencers to test drive their cars in Moab, Utah
sparking many to write about their experiences with the cars.
Deliver advertising messages into social channels. Most marketers think that word of mouth
is the only way that social media can help them reach new audiences. But social content can
itself be a medium in which to embed advertising ofering you the guaranteed reach and
precise targeting that WOM cant. For instance, Facebook can ensure that a million women in
Germany hear about your new retirement accounts; LinkedIn can guarantee that 10,000 product
managers see ads for your latest white paper; and Twitter can promote your special-edition
DVD to 100,000 Bollywood afcionados. Brands such as HP, Levis, and Sears already use social
advertising to reach such precise audiences.
When people want to learn about your brand and products, theyre most likely to head to your website.
But they expect more than an online marketing brochure and social tactics can deliver. How? On-
site social tools such as blogs, forums, and reviews provide prospective buyers with current, relevant,
and credible content and conversations to inform their decisions. Weaving in these social features will:
Deliver more-credible detail about your brand and what it stands for. Buyers visit your
website hoping to see what you are really all about. Traditional, nonsocial content can inform
them, but brand-managed social content such as company blog posts shapes perceptions
more deeply about your brand and your ability to deliver. For example, IBMs Big Data Hub
thought-leadership website features a blog alongside other topical content and was named one
of SAPs 2012 top 10 news/blog sites for big data.
Likewise, Philips supports its DirectLife line
of personal health devices and shows its commitment to customers well-being with a blog
featuring tips from personal trainers and advice collected from around the Web.
Integrate Social Into Your Marketing RaDaR 10
2013, Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited August 7, 2013
Expose prospects to customer feedback that accelerates consideration. Half of all online
shoppers prefer to buy products or services from sites that feature customer reviews.
Because ratings and reviews written by real customers help buyers choose the right product
from your lineup and convince them of your oferings quality. For instance, customers of the
UK online retailer Kiddicare have added more than 80,000 product reviews to its site; ofering
feedback from real customers has decreased shopping cart abandonment by 8%.
And by
hosting reviews on your own site, you give yourself an easier way to monitor the feedback and
respond when necessary.
Connect people to others who can answer their questions. Communities and discussion
forums are social platforms that let prospects connect with customers and employees to get
answers to their questions. For instance, the SAP Community Network includes more than 2.5
million members who go to the community to ask questions, share ideas, and connect with
others and as a result, the community draws prospects who wish to tap into this expert
crowd for their opinions.
And Fotomoto, an eCommerce engine for photographers, launched
an online community where people could get answers on how the service works. Te result? A
300% increase in Fotomotos customer base and a fvefold surge in order volume.
When your customers are happy, many of them stay in touch using relationship channels such
as email, postal mail, and loyalty programs and like your branded profles on public social
networks. But remember: Te people who like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter arent
strangers learning about your brand for the frst time, nor are they in-market buyers trying to make
purchase decisions. Teyre your own best existing customers (or would like to be). Treat them as
such by using branded profles on public social networks to:
Keep customers up to date. Te most common reason that people engage with brands on sites
such as Facebook and Twitter is to hear more about what companies have to ofer. In fact, more
than 20% of customers that Forrester surveyed said they engage post-purchase to learn more
about companies latest product oferings.
For instance, Philips Healthcare uses LinkedIn to
let physicians and hospital administrators know about product advancements and to highlight
innovative uses of its technology.
Similarly, fashion retailer H&M promotes new looks and
items to its millions of Facebook fans and Google Plus followers.
Inspire them to get more value from their favorite products. One in fve customers say
they engage afer a purchase to make sure theyre getting as much value as possible from their
purchases. Kraf Foods makes the most of this desire with its Recipes and Tips Facebook page:
It ofers a new recipe every day to fans hungry for more ways to use Kraf products.
And paint
purveyor Benjamin Moore uses branded Pinterest pin boards to inspire customers with trendy
new colors and fun painting projects.
Integrate Social Into Your Marketing RaDaR 11
2013, Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited August 7, 2013
Bring them exclusive content and deals. Discounts remain the top reason that people engage
with brands afer purchase. Dell cracked this code early on and has made millions ofering
discounts on remaindered and refurbished items on Twitter since 2007.
Meanwhile, 12% of
customers say they engage with frms post-purchase to access exclusive content and information
from those companies.
For instance, Paramount Pictures used Twitter to distribute exclusive
previews of its flm Super 8 including inviting followers to exclusive real-world screenings.

Likewise, Sony set up a treasure hunt on its PlayStation YouTube channel that gave fans a chance
to unlock exclusive video game content.
Ofer them a way to express afnity. A full 20% of customers engage afer the point of purchase
simply to express their afnity for the brand or product.
Recognizing this, the Jack Daniels brand
uses Facebook to bring its 4 million fans beautiful photos of whiskey bottles and cocktails and
tens of thousands of those fans regularly like and share the images.
And while most Ferrari fans
are more likely to have bought a branded mouse pad than a Testarossa, the companys Facebook
page gives nearly 12 million such afcionados a chance to express their afnity for the brand.
Every successful social program starts with a plan. Since 2006, weve helped many hundreds of
companies create better social marketing initiatives by using our four-step POST framework:
Study your people and how they use social tools. Start any social marketing plan by studying
the social behaviors of your target audiences. Forresters Social Technographics will tell you
both how social your audience is and the types of social behaviors in which they engage.
Find the right objectives for your business. Next, determine what youre hoping your social
program will achieve. Will you use social marketing to create reach? To provide depth? Or
to build relationships? If you focus each social initiative on a single objective, youll improve
that programs focus and increase its chances of success.
Set a winning strategy for using social media. Tird, youll need to decide on the right
strategy and plan for your social program. Spark your imagination and draw inspiration
from the award-winning strategies of global brands such as Adobe, Cisco, and others weve
recognized in our annual Forrester Groundswell Awards.
Select the best technology for your needs. Finally, choose the vendors and technologies
that can help you succeed. Every type of social marketing tactic whether for reach, depth,
or relationship supports its own vendor ecosystem.
Forresters Wave evaluations
on social relationship platforms and social depth platforms are a great place to start your
selection process.
Integrate Social Into Your Marketing RaDaR 12
2013, Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited August 7, 2013
Forrester felded its Q4 2012US InteractiveMarketingOnline Surveyto 71 US online interactive
marketing professionals; however, only a portion ofsurveyresults are illustrated in this document.
Forrester felded thesurveyduring November and December 2012. Exact sample sizes are provided
in this report on a question-by-question basis. Panels are not guaranteed to be representative of the
population. Unless otherwise noted, statistical data is intended to be used for descriptive and not
inferential purposes.
Source: Q4 2012 US Interactive Marketing Online Survey.
Source: Forrester Research Social Media Forecast, 2013 To 2018 (US).
As a B2B marketer, you need to engage your customers and prospects throughout a complex customer
life cycle, which frequently lasts longer than a B2C life cycle. Social marketing can provide a rich and
interactive way to engage those buyers, but frst, you need to understand how your customers and prospects
use social media for business purposes so you can then determine what social objectives and strategy will
be most efective. See the July 17, 2013, The Social Behaviors Of Your B2B Customers report.
Our data shows that social channels are key to the decision processes of your business-to-business (B2B)
customers and prospects, so to avoid falling behind or missing emerging trends, you should stay on top of
how other B2B marketers do their social marketing. See the May 13, 2013, How B2B Marketers Use Social
Now report.
Yes, we invited Best Buys executive vice president and chief marketing ofcer, Barry Judge, to keynote
Forresters 2009 Consumer Forum. His response when we asked how he measured the value of his
companys social programs? We have millions of Facebook fans! Source: Flickr (http://www.fickr.com/
CMO Barry Judge lef Best Buy in July 2012; seven months later he became CMO of troubled daily deals
site LivingSocial. And while it was a romantic relationship with an employee that ultimately cost CEO Brian
Dunn his job, investors and industry watchers citing the companys poor performance were already
asking for his head. Source: Tricia Duryee, Former Best Buy CMO Barry Judge Joins LivingSocial to Head
Marketing, AllTingsD.com, January 8, 2013 (http://allthingsd.com/20130108/former-best-buy-cmo-
barry-judge-joins-livingsocial-to-head-marketing/) and Eric Savitz, Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn Responds
To Forbes.com Article, Forbes, January 8, 2012 (http://www.forbes.com/sites/ericsavitz/2012/01/08/best-
Despite losing market share during Te Refresh Projects frst twelve months, Pepsi kept the program
running for a second year and still defends the program as successful. Te sales fgures suggest otherwise.
Integrate Social Into Your Marketing RaDaR 13
2013, Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited August 7, 2013
Source: Natalie Zmuda, How Pepsi Blinked, Fell Behind Diet Coke, Ad Age, March 21, 2011 (http://adage.
As we researched this report, CAs 10 most recent Facebook posts combined had generated a grand total of
63 likes and 12 comments. Source: Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/CATechnologies).
When a customer tweeted a strongly worded insult, American Airlines ofcial Twitter account replied,
Tanks for your support! Source: Jim Edwards, Te 10 Worst Social Media Fails Of Te Year So Far,
Business Insider, March, 8, 2013 (http://www.businessinsider.com/worst-social-media-fails-of-the-year-
Source: Q4 2012 US Interactive Marketing Online Survey.
Te explosion of marketing options and marketers drive to foster customer relationships beyond a single
purchase means that you must see marketing as an ongoing story. Rather than fxate on the now-obsolete
funnel, marketers are beginning to embrace a customer life cycle that starts with discovery, continues with
exploration, leads to a purchase, and extends into customers post-purchase engagement with the marketer
and with other customers. Smart marketers recognize that their customers turn to diferent channels
such as reach channels, depth channels, and relationship channels at diferent stages of the life cycle. See
the January 14, 2013, Mix Art And Science For Marketing Success report.
Source: North American Technographics Consumer Deep Dive: Investigating Te Customer Life Cycle
(Discover Phase) Survey, Q3 2012 (US).
Source: North American Technographics Consumer Deep Dive: Investigating Te Customer Life Cycle
(Discover Phase) Survey, Q3 2012 (US).
Chilis partnered with Zuberance for this initiative. Source: Zuberance (http://resources.zuberance.com/cs-
Ektron partnered with Infuitive to build a community for its top advocates and get them to promote Ektron
content. Source: (http://infuitive.com/blog/2013/01/23/infuitive-case-study-ektron/).
Microsof partnered with Onalytica to identify opportunities to infuence/engage infuencers, as Mary
Perisic, senior audience marketing at Microsof, stated in a discussion of the program with Forrester.
Ignite Social Medias founder, Jim Tobin, discussed with Forrester how it worked with Jeep on this initiative
to fnd the Jeep infuencers and advocates and invite them into the program.
SAP recognized the top ten news blog sites that cover the topic of big data. IBMs Smarter Computing Big
Data Blog came in second. Source: Jen Cohen Crompton, Top 10 News/Blog Sites for Big Data, SAP, May
10, 2012 (https://blogs.sap.com/innovation/big-data/top-10-newsblog-sites-for-big-data-05702).
Te Philips DirectLife Coach Blog is updated about twice each week by two dedicated coaches and a
rotating collection of guest coaches. Source: Phillips DirectLife Coach Blog (http://blog.directlife.philips.
Integrate Social Into Your Marketing RaDaR 14
2013, Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited August 7, 2013
Fify percent of US online adults who have used customer ratings/reviews indicated they agree with the
statement, I prefer to buy products/services from websites that allow customers to post ratings/reviews.
Agreement is 4 or 5 on a scale of 1 [strongly disagree] to 5 [strongly agree]. Source: North American
Technographics Retail Online Benchmark Recontact Survey, Q3 2012 (US).
Afer Kiddicare deployed its online community, about 2,700 customers signed up during the frst eight
weeks and were posting questions, reporting problems, and responding to other customers. Source: Get
Satisfaction (https://getsatisfaction.com/corp/download/case-study/gs_casestudy_kiddicare.pdf).
Another beneft to Kiddicares online community? A decrease in online shopping cart abandonment.
Source: Get Satisfaction (https://getsatisfaction.com/corp/customers/).
Te SAP Community had about 2.5 million members already in 2011, including customers, partners,
developers, and SAP employees. Source: SAP Community Network (SCN) Executive Backgrounder, SAP,
February 1, 2011 (http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/index?rid=/library/uuid/e079a049-9719-2e10-f3b1-
Since the launch of Fotomotos online community, the company has achieved 300% growth in its customer
base, a fvefold increase in order volume, and a 30% decrease in weekly support contacts. Source: Get
Satisfaction (https://getsatisfaction.com/corp/download/case-study/gs_casestudy_fotomoto.pdf).
Source: North American Technographics Consumer Deep Dive: Investigating Te Customer Life Cycle
(Engage Phase) Survey, Q2 2012 (US).
One recent update touted how Philips imaging equipment could reduce radiation levels while also
improving image quality. Source: LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/company/2482113/comments?topic=
Apparently, fashionable shades are a great way to make your outft pop. Source: Facebook (https://www.
facebook.com/hm) and Google Plus (https://plus.google.com/+HM/).
Te frst person to deliver a batch of JELL-O chocolate pudding fudge to Nate Elliott at Forresters New York
ofce wins an autographed copy of this report. Source: Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fi
Benjamin Moores ideas for how to use chalkboard paint are especially inspired. Source: Pinterest (http://
When Dell needed to sell an unpredictable stream of returned products, it found that the immediacy of
Twitter could help it get the word out and move inventory quickly. Te computer maker has driven millions
of dollars in US sales since 2007 through its @DellOutlet Twitter account and is now using a similar
strategy to target customers in international markets. See the February 3, 2010, Case Study: Dell Profits By
Integrating Twitter Into Its Business Strategy report.
Source: North American Technographics Consumer Deep Dive: Investigating Te Customer Life Cycle
(Engage Phase) Survey, Q2 2012 (US).
Integrate Social Into Your Marketing RaDaR 15
2013, Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited August 7, 2013
Paramount credits the Twitter sneak preview with $1 million in box ofce sales. Source: Twitter (https://
And unusually, the Playstation YouTube channel actually has some subscribers more than 1.4 million as
we went to press. Source: YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/playstation).
Afnity is valuable for so many reasons. In fact, if you add up peoples afnity-focused behaviors, you
can create what we call a database of afnity: a catalog of peoples tastes and preferences, collected by
observing their social behaviors. Tis pool of afnities is the Holy Grail for powering more-accurate brand
advertising. See the April 15, 2013, How To Exploit The Database Of Affinity report.
As we went to press, 50,000 people had liked a simple photo of the Jack Daniels family of whiskeys and
10,000 more had shared that photo with their friends. (Wed prefer to like a photo of Smooth Ambler
Spirits Old Scout bourbon but wed be hesitant to share.) Source: Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/
A Ferrari? If were being honest, wed be perfectly happy with one of those Jeeps we mentioned in endnote
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For marketers, the question is no longer whether or where to use social media, but how best to use social
media and our latest Social Technographics data holds many of the answers. See the June 27, 2012,
Global Social Media Adoption report.
Outstanding business-to-business (B2B) community and social marketers took a variety of approaches to
community marketing in Forresters 2012 B2B Groundswell Awards, and each of them has demonstrated
strong and measurable business results. See the April 22, 2013, B2B Groundswell Awards For
Communities report.
To select the right tools and technology for their social plans, marketers must classify and choose vendors
based not on the characteristics of their technologies but instead on the distinct business value those
technologies ofer. See the February 25, 2013, The Four Social Marketing Tools You Need report.
Weve already evaluated some of the many vendors that stand ready to help you use social for depth or
relationship strategies. See the April 16, 2013, The Forrester Wave: Social Relationship Platforms, Q2
2013 report and see the July 9, 2013, The Forrester Wave: Social Depth Platforms, Q3 2013 report.
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