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Date 8/12/14


Yesterday's Prophecies - Today's Headlines

Yazidis Trapped on Mountaintop by ISIS Rescued by Kurdish Troops,
But That's Just Half the Battle

Iraq crisis: 'It is death valley. Up to 70 per cent of them are dead'
ISIS was too brutal for Osama bin Laden, letter reveals
Islamic State beheads, crucifies in push for Syria's east
Political crisis roils Baghdad as Maliki refuses to cede power
Haider al Abadi named to replace Maliki as troops take to Baghdad's
Obama affirms support for Haider al-Abadi as Iraq's next prime
'JV' terrorists? Obama under fire for having 'underestimated' militant
threat in Iraq, Syria
Islamic State Funds Caliphate With Mosul Dam as Terror Spreads
Islamic militants crush tribal uprising in Syria
Proposed UN resolution would punish militant group now controlling a
swath of Syria and Iraq
EU ambassadors to meet Tuesday on Iraq crisis
Islamic State jihad suicide bombing teacher accidentally blows up his
own class
Suspected American militant who pledged allegiance to ISIS held
without bail after being arrested at JFK
U.S. sending weapons directly to Kurdish forces, officials say
Iraq War Soldier 10 Years Later: What Was It All For?
IS Actively Joining Gaza Terror War on Israel
IDF successfully tests system designed to detect terror tunnels
Hamas said to have executed dozens of tunnel diggers
Israel, Hamas reportedly close to cease-fire deal
Sisi, King of Saudi Arabia meet to discuss Gaza crisis, threat posed by
Islamic extremists
Gaza ceasefire talks: Easing of blockade, but no demilitarization
Lapid: Gaza aid should be tied to restored PA rule
Lieberman: Hamas can't come out of conflict feeling like terrorism pays
Hamas official: Erdogan victory is win for Palestinians, setback for
Israel, US
Turkish activists say new flotilla to challenge Israeli blockade of Gaza
'IDF does not know of any infiltration tunnels crossing from Lebanon
into Israel'
Iranian General Says Hezbollah Ready to Open Second Front Against
Iran bans permanent contraception to boost population growth
Amnesty indicts US military for death of Afghans
Pakistan Coup Concerns Mount as Sharif Protests Planned
Russian Intervention in Ukraine Is Likely, NATO Says
U.S. to monitor South China Sea for de-escalation after China rebuff
32 Arrested in Rioting as FBI Takes Over Investigation of St. Louis
Police Killing
Protest over black Missouri teenager's shooting by police turns to
looting, vandalism
After riots, hundreds in Missouri town protest black teen's death
Protesters meet with police in riot gear; more demonstrations Tuesday
Trayvon Martin family attorney to represent slain Missouri teen
AZ Sheriff: My Officers Have Arrested People Deported '12, 15 Times'
Department of Education: Unaccompanied Illegal Immigrant Minors
'Entitled to' Public Education
Spy satellites fighting crime from space
5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Raoul Island, New Zealand
5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Rabaul, Papua New Guinea
Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft
Zhupanovsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 12,000ft
Mt Etna in Italy erupts to 10,000ft
Bertha's Remnants Bring Tornadoes, Flooding to Europe, UK
Lightning strikes in Northern California spark 34 new wildfires
Florida hit by largest ride tide bloom in nearly a decade - thousands of
fish killed
Nigeria's Lagos now has 10 Ebola cases: health minister
Ebola: WHO says vaccine could be ready 2015 - Europe gets ready
for Ebola spread
Universities adjust plans in face of Ebola crisis
Robin Williams: Depression and addiction claim another beloved victim
Same-Sex Marriage Ban Survives Challenge in Tennessee
Indiana asks court to overturn gay marriage ruling
Christian-Owned Bridal Shop Under Fire for Declining to Schedule
Lesbian Gown Fitting
Navy removes Bibles from guest rooms

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Hamas official: This is second and final cease-fire
with Israel
ISIS brutally subdues rebellion in Syria, beheading
and crucifying tribesmen who resisted their rule
Snubbing Obama, Russia And China Sign Historic
Deal To Bypass The U.S. Dollar
Nearing Midnight - Hollywood's New Trend:
Gratuitous Nudity and Profanity
The enduring comfort of prophecy
Daily Jot: Good News: Your witness in West Africa
Daily Devotion: Death Is Not The End!
Featured Article: "The Future of America, Israel & the
Middle East in the Light of Scripture."

Hamas official: This is second and final cease-fire with
Israel - http://www.jpost.com/Operation-Protective-Edge/Hamas-official-This-is-

A senior Hamas official said on Tuesday that his group was locked in "difficult" talks
in Egyptian-mediated efforts in Cairo to forge a lasting cease-fire in Gaza with Israel.

"We are facing difficult negotiations. The first truce passed without notable
achievements. This is the second and final cease-fire," Palestinian news agency
Ma'an quoted Mousa Abu Marzouk as saying in light of the three-day halt in fighting
that started Sunday.

Last week, Hamas refused to extend a first 72-hour halt in fighting with Israel unless
their demands, particularly the opening of border crossings with Gaza and the
construction of a seaport, were met.

A Palestinian official with knowledge of the cease-fire talks in Cairo told Reuters on
Tuesday that another day was needed in the indirect talks before it would be evident
whether a truce between Israel and Hamas could be achievable.

"So far we can't say a breakthrough has been achieved ... Twenty-four hours and
we shall see whether we have an agreement," said the official speaking on condition
of anonymity.

According to an Israel Radio report, Israeli officials predicted Tuesday that another
72 hours were be needed to cement a long-term cease-fire deal with Hamas, in
addition to the three-day truce that went into effect on Sunday.

The radio station reported that the delegation was expected to agree to ease some
restrictions in Gaza, including extending fishing rights, increasing the number of
materials that enter Gaza, along with Israel allowing funds to enter the Strip to be
used to pay the salaries of Hamas officials.

The Israeli delegation reiterated that it was not going to give any concessions
regarding Hamas's demands to open a seaport and airport in Gaza.

However, a report by the BBC quoted an official in Cairo as saying that the
Palestinian delegation had waived, for now, an Israeli proposal to allow a seaport in
Gaza pending the demilitarization of the Strip and the disarming of Hamas.

Hamas has shown no inclination to disarm in talks thus far.

An Israeli official told Israel Radio that there had been no progress in the talks so
far, as the gaps between the sides remained too vast.

Meanwhile, a member of the Palestinian delegation to Cairo said on Tuesday that
the negotiating team now in the midst of cease-fire talks, was not prepared to waive
any of its demands which have been presented during the first round of the
Egyptian-mediated talks.

However, the source told the al-Quds newspaper, that members of the delegation,
including representatives from Hamas and the Islamic Jihad were willing to accept a
gradual opening of the seaport and airport in the enclave.

That issue has proved to be the main stumbling blocks during talks, according to the

The delegation held a meeting Monday that lasted more than 10 hours, as the
Egyptian mediators tried to bridge the gaps between the the Israelis and the

ISIS brutally subdues rebellion in Syria, beheading and
crucifying tribesmen who resisted their rule -

Islamic militants have crushed a tribal uprising against their rule in eastern Syria
after three days of clashes in a string of villages near the border with Iraq,
beheading and crucifying opponents along the way, activists said Monday.

The fighters from the Al-Qaeda breakaway Islamic State group control huge swaths
of territory in eastern and northern Syria and are fighting rival rebels, Kurdish militias
and the Syrian army for more territory.

Meanwhile, at least 10 people including four children and two women were killed
Monday when Syrian forces dropped explosives-filled barrels from a helicopter over
the Bab Nayrab district of Aleppo in northern Syria, activists said. Many others were
buried under the rubble of buildings, they said.

The Syrian army regularly dropped the so-called barrel bombs over populated areas
in rebel-held territory. Aleppo, once Syria's commercial capital, has seen heavy
fighting since rebels seized part of the city in 2012.

The civil war in Syria, now in its fourth year, has continued to bleed while attention
has shifted to conflicts in Gaza and Iraq. The Islamic State group - also known as
Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) - which consists mainly of foreign fighters,
has taken over much of northern and eastern Syria as well as western and northern

The group has declared a self-styled caliphate in territory it controls along the Iraqi-
Syrian border, imposing a harsh interpretation of Islamic law.

The armed revolt by the Shueitat tribe in the eastern province of Deir el-Zour was
the first sign of local resistance by tribesmen to the Islamic State group since its
fighters swept into the province.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and Turkey-based activist
Thaer al-Deiri said Monday that Islamic State group fighters regained control of
three villages from the Shueitat tribe after being expelled earlier this month.

Two men in the region were convicted of "dealing with apostates" and crucified by
the militants, Reuters reported.

The Observatory said Islamic State fighters beheaded two tribesmen after they fled
to the nearby village of Shaafa. It had no immediate word on other casualties in the

Clashes over the past two weeks left more than a dozen people dead and both

The clashes in eastern Syria came as Islamic State fighters tightened their siege of
a major military air base in the town of Tabqa in the northern province of Raqqa. The
air base is the last army position in the Raqqa province that is an Islamic State

The Observatory's chief Rami Abdurrahman said the group was bombarding the
base with artillery and appears to be preparing to storm it.

Last week, Islamic State fighters seized the nearby Brigade 93 base after days of
heavy fighting. Late last month they captured another base in which they took
dozens of prisoners, some of whom were later beheaded and their bodies paraded
in one of Raqqa's main squares.

Syria's conflict began in March 2011 as a popular uprising against President Bashar
Assad's rule, but turned into an insurgency after government forces violently cracked
down on demonstrators. It has since deteriorated into a civil war with sectarian
overtones. Over 170,000 people have been killed in Syria in over three years of
fighting, activists say.

Snubbing Obama, Russia And China Sign Historic Deal To
Bypass The U.S. Dollar - http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/blog/?p=24161

A Failed Russia 'Reset' Continues To Haunt Obama

"The sanctions we put in place against Russia are working as intended" - Barack
Obama, August 6, 2014

In the summer of 2009, two dozen statesmen from Central and Eastern Europe
issued a joint appeal for President Barack Obama not to forget the lessons of recent
history. The White House had just rolled out its "reset" in relations with Russia as a
centerpiece of Obama's foreign policy. Flash-forward to 2014, and that reset, that
"daring gamble" has proved to be yet another in a series of colossal failures of the
Obama foreign policy. And now, it gets worse. Much worse.

Russia held it's annual economic summit in St. Petersburg a week ago, and a
number of insanely-interesting things have come out of that meeting. Not the least of
which is the joint cooperation pact that Russia signed with China to step away from
the U.S. dollar and promote their own currencies between themselves. Ouchies, Mr.
Obama, guess those sanctions you put on Russia is really crippling them, huh?

"These actions, taken in the context of many other actions around the world
including Saudi Arabia's frustration with U.S. foreign policy toward Iran, and China's
voracious appetite for gold, these actions are meaningful steps away from the
dollar," Jim Rickards, portfolio manager at West Shore Group and partner at
Tangent Capital Partners, told CNBC via email.

Meanwhile, VTB, Russia's second biggest bank, has signed a deal with Bank of
China that includes an agreement to pay each other in domestic currencies. Added
to this, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev spoke on Russian TV over the
weekend saying sanctions imposed on the country by the EU and U.S. would make
Russia use the ruble for trade and would eventually turn it from a "convertible into a
reserve currency."
With the two developing nations trading outside of the U.S. dollar, many questions
are being raised about what this would do for the greenback and for the U.S. The
dollar's status as the global reserve currency has allowed the U.S. to borrow large
sums of money, effectively living beyond its means, because there is always a
demand for its currency.

China has become the largest holder of U.S. debt. Its authorities hold around $3.8
trillion of reserves, the majority of which is denominated in U.S. dollars. However,
they have expressed a desire to diversify away from the greenback, and have
already pared back their U.S. Treasury holdings.




"Awesome - Great Work - Congratulations!" - D. Korner

"I found it really moving" - D. Bower

"The scene inside the church was awesome. I need to go home and lay on my
face. Great work man!"- R. Miller

"Awesome video! I watched it last night with my family, and we loved it, and
plan to share the word about it" - C. Young

"My wife and I watched the video and it is outstanding. Biblically solid...... we
especially like the clear bible referencing and quoting. The video is a moving
tapestry tightly weaved with spectacular photography, bible references, and
the signs of the times put together like a jigsaw puzzle. The gospel is
presented clearly with tender love. We pray that this DVD gets distributed far
and wide. I hope youth ministers have the courage to show this DVD rather
than the garbage materials of the emergent church movement." - John
Wicklund Board President for Olive Tree Ministries

"I received The End of Times DVD today. It is Superb! For those that don't
know much, or anything about Bible Prophecy, this DVD should really open
their eyes, a great teaching tool. For those that have grown cold or indifferent
in the Lord, this should awaken them." T. Nelson

"The DVD provides an effective mix of biblical teaching and history,
interspersed with the happenings in Israel today. Particularly effective is the
emotional ending showing the return of Jewish people worldwide back to
Israel and traveling with a sense of destiny. Many commentators have said
Israel is God's hour hand, Jerusalem is the minute hand, and the Temple
Mount is the second hand on God's timepiece. The video is a great
introduction and myth-buster for those who do not know of the importance of
Israel in God's eyes or who believe Israel has as much significance in today's
world as Madagascar or the Canary Islands." - John Wicklund, Chairman Olive
Tree Ministries Board of Directors

Got the DVD today and just finished watching it...outstanding!!! Loved it!!! - G.
Madison - Oklahoma

I watched "Israel God's Timepiece" last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I
have loved Israel ever since I read the book "Exodus", when I was in the Army
in 1958. I do everything I can to support Israel and get people involved in what
they are going through, and more than that, to pray for Peace in Jerusalem,
according to Psalm 122. Your DVD was a fitting tribute to this wonderful,
spectacular country and God's very own "baby". Thanks for taking the time to
put it together. Very well done. - J. Masters - Mississippi

It is really a professional production and I see why it is so well received. In
fact we felt it is actually the best film we have seen on end time events. - Bill &
Brenda Hicks

At first I thought it was going to be another routine message but as it
progressed it became more and more impressive. It was a great message.
Congratulations on a very well presented and produced DVD. - R. Webb -

Another effective witness from Randy and Prophecy Update. The "There will
be Tribulation" video describes the purpose and the sequence of events
during the final seven years prior to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. The
linkage to many Old Testament prophecies clearly show the importance of the
nation of Israel to this seven-year period. The pictures in the video document
a world already full of tribulation- how terrible will be those seven years. Great
teaching tool for small groups and youth ministers to present the gospel
message through the topic of
bible prophecy. - John Wicklund Chair- Olive Tree Ministries Board of

"Moving and Inspirational" - D. Koerner, Bakersfield, CA

"Your Presentation will literally scare the h-ll out some people. There is
enough scripture and warnings of what is coming to cause, anyone, who has
put off accepting the Lord's salvation through Jesus to repent now!" - Don
Mills - Director of Programming - CSN Radio - Twin Falls, ID

Brother Randy, to say it was a great movie documentary is an understatement.
Thank you for doing the Lord's work. This movie gave me the chills. - Terrance
Alan - Kaukauna, WI

Thanks so much for the DVD There will be Tribulation...I watched it the other
day, finally. It is well done and really holds your attention. In fact, it's
unrelenting...which of course is what it needs to be. - Rich and JoAnne -
Temecula, CA




Nearing Midnight: Hollywood's New Trend: Gratuitous
Nudity and Profanity - Todd Strandberg - http://www.raptureready.com/rap16.html

As end-time signs go, immorality is one the best tools for measuring prophetic
progression. For decades, the moral standards of our nation have been locked in a
relentless decline. We've had some brief periods where reform would cause a
rebound, but the improvement would eventually fade and the downward trend would

The temperance movement of the early 20th century created a 20-year decline in
the consumption of alcohol. Once prohibition was ruled to be a failure, the
consumption of booze rose for the next 60 years. It was only interrupted briefly by
the financial crisis of 2008.

There are some sins, that have had explosive growth from the day they gained a
foothold in our nation. The sin of corporate and state backed gambling started when
Nevada legalized it in 1931, giving Las Vegas and Reno a monopoly in casino
gambling. Today, casinos are all over the country. I was shocked when Terry and I
drove across Oklahoma, and we passed at least eight Indian casinos.

Another area seeing rapid moral decline is television. When broadcast networks first
set-up standards for decadence they were followed as closely as the programming
scripts. Back in the 1950s moral sensitivity made it taboo to show anything that
could be seen as crude in nature. Today, almost anything goes. TV ethics are
draining away like the sands of an hour glass.

One recent low in morality caught my attention because it shows how lackadaisical
we've become about decency. The programming for several new shows contain
gratuitous scenes of nudity. The key word to focus on is gratuitous-it has no good
reason for being there. The nudity is purely added as a titillation factor. They don't
actually show full-frontal nudity in these basic cable shows. The people are in the
buff, with the naughty parts blurred out or blocked from view by selective editing.

One of these shows is called Nude Dating. It is much like any other reality dating
show, except the contestants show up in their birthday suits. It amazes me that
producers can find people who agree to take part in what is a thinly veiled soft-porn

There is at least five other programs that also feature gratuitous nudity. These
shows include:

Naked and Afraid - Unclothed castaways strolling around on an island.
Buying Naked - Nude couples making real estate transactions.
Naked Vegas (Skin Wars) - Nude body painting.
Born in the Wild - Nude pregnant women giving birth in the woods.
Sex Box - Nude couples in soundproof boxes talking with therapists.

The show about couples buying a home in the nude should be an insult to even the
most avid advocate of pornography. They might as well have naked welding or nude
alligator wrestling. Hollywood is not only demonstrating its moral deficiency, but also
their bankruptcy of creativity.

According to The Wrap, a news site that covers the entertainment industry, cable
programming executives are "being flooded with pitches for naked dating shows."
One producer said that he has already seen a dozen naked dating pitches come
across his desk this year. The ratings weren't all that great for Naked Dating. It only
had 826,000 viewers. By comparison, most of the network's original series averaged
at least a million viewers.

I also noticed that profanity was been presented in a gratuitous manner. Bleeped
cursing in TV ads dates back to a 2010 Super Bowl Bud Light ad that featured office
workers cursing to raise money for a swear jar. Even though the commercial used a
ploy that came right out of the gutter, it was praised for its cleverness and even won
an Emmy.

A few days ago, I encountered a commercial for Trivigo, a travel cost comparison
website. It had the pitchman for the site spewing out curse words (again bleeped)
out of frustration for not being able to remember how to promote the product. I've
never heard of the company before, but I do know that I would never use the
services of a firm that would so callously pollute the public airways.

The problem with living in the days of Noah, we don't know how much more wicked
Man can get before the Rapture takes place. When we reach the point where
programmers don't even bother to disguise their evil intent, we know the end must
be near.

"But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For
as in the days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in
marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and knew not until the flood came,
and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be" (Matthew

The enduring comfort of prophecy - http://the-end-

God said in Genesis 3:15, "I will put enmity between you and the woman, and
between your offspring and her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall
bruise his heel."

Adam in Genesis 3:20, "...named his wife Eve, because she would become the
mother of all the living. (NIV)

Jesus tells us things in advance for many reasons. (to foretell). One reason is so
that we may be on guard, be warned. (Matthew 24:25). Another is to show His
holiness at judgment. (Ezekiel 2:5).

Prophetic declarations of future events also serve to comfort. Adam seemed to be
comforted by God's promise of a future redeemer. Perhaps Adam wondered as they
faced God, if He would smite them on the spot. Instead, Adam clung to the
knowledge that there would be offspring. Adam was so trusting in God's word that
Adam named his wife Eve, "because she would be the mother of all the living".
Bearing a son was still in the future, (Genesis 4:1), so Adam took comfort in God's
forthtelling, clung to His word, and took action because of it it.

We don't have new prophecies today that forthtell new information because the
canon is closed, but we still are built up when a person reiterates them, and
preaches truth, called prophesying. This includes referring to prophecies, as well as
the bible's poetry,truths, doctrines, and history.

On the other hand, the one who prophesies speaks to people for their upbuilding
and encouragement and consolation. (1 Corinthians 14:3). In this case prophesying
means forthtelling.

God told the first prophecy in the bible, in Genesis 3:15. Adam re-iterated that
prophesy in Genesis 3:20. But who was the bible's first human prophet? Enoch.

Enoch was the 7th person born from Adam.

Genealogy from Adam, Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch,
Methuselah, Lamech, Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth. (1 Chronicles 1:1-4)

Enoch lived prior to the Flood. At the Institute for Creation Research, Dr. John
Morris writes,

One of the favorite characters in the Old Testament is Methuselah, who lived 969
years (Genesis 5:27), longer than anyone else recorded. His father was Enoch, of
whom it is said he "walked with God" (5:24) but who was taken to heaven without
dying at 365 years. Methuselah's son Lamech died a few years before the Flood at
777 years (5:31) after bearing Noah.

When Methuselah was born, his godly father must have prophetically known of
coming things for his son's name means "when he dies, judgment," and interestingly
enough, Methuselah died in the same year God judged the sinful world with the
great Flood of Noah's day.

God took Enoch alive in a snatching away that is a typology of the rapture. Enoch
was taken in Genesis 5:24. (Hebrews 11:5)

Genesis 5 records a genealogy. The repetitive language forms a pattern ... until you
get to Enoch

Genesis 5:5, "Thus all the days that Adam lived were 930 years, and he died."
Genesis 5:8, "Thus all the days of Seth were 912 years, and he died."
Genesis 5:11, "Thus all the days of Enosh were 905 years, and he died."
Genesis 5:14, "Thus all the days of Kenan were 910 years, and he died."
Genesis 5:17, "Thus all the days of Mahalalel were 895 years, and he died."
Genesis 5:20, "Thus all the days of Jared were 962 years, and he died."
Genesis 5:23, "Thus all the days of Enoch were 365 years."
Genesis 5:24, "Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him."

Who didn't die?

"By faith Enoch was taken up so that he should not see death, and he was not
found, because God had taken him. Now before he was taken he was commended
as having pleased God." (Hebrews 11:5)

Before Enoch was taken up, Enoch prophesied. His prophecy is recorded in Jude.

"It was also about these that Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied, saying,
"Behold, the Lord comes with ten thousands of his holy ones, to execute judgment
on all and to convict all the ungodly of all their deeds of ungodliness that they have
committed in such an ungodly way, and of all the harsh things that ungodly sinners
have spoken against him." (Jude 1:14-15)

This is an extremely precious prophecy. It is an heirloom seed. Why? the Flood.


Noah was six hundred years old when the floodwaters came on the earth. And Noah
and his sons and his wife and his sons' wives entered the ark to escape the waters
of the flood. (Genesis 7:6-7)

Enoch's prophecy was given before the Flood. Everyone on earth died. After the
Flood, only 8 people knew the prophecy. For Jude to record it, it means the
prophecy was carried through the Flood in the heart and mind of Noah and his

What comfort it must have been for Noah to have heard Enoch prophesy before the
Flood that the Lord will return with ten thousand of His holy ones to execute
judgment. What torture it must have been for righteous Noah, (Genesis 6:9), one of
the three declared most righteous men on earth, (Ezekiel 14:14) to live among such
evil. Enoch's prophecy was a light and a pure hope amid the darkest days on earth!

When the waters receded and the family emerged onto a new earth, one where
continents were split and only mud existed, Noah knew the prophecy. He told the
prophecy. It was told and retold, until it became ingrained in the tradition of the
Jews. Jude knew it, and the Holy Spirit inspired Jude to mention it. Though Enoch's
prophecy is not recorded by Enoch in the bible, it is recorded by Jude.

In these dark days, prophecy performs the same function. The Lord WILL RETURN
to execute judgment and vindicate His holy name! While we do not take delight in
the death of the ungodly, we do delight in knowing Jesus will rectify all wrongs,
judge the wicked, and institute peace on earth. This is ultimate comfort. The ark
carried 8 precious souls. It carried every kind of animal. And it carried with it the
knowledge of the One True God, and His promises to all generations: holiness in the

Daily Jot: Good News: Your witness in West Africa - Bill Wilson -

The Daily Jot thanks readers for their prayers and gifts in response to our August 4
bulletin asking for assistance in preventing Ebola at our rural churches in Ghana,
West Africa's bush country. The threat remains and the nation is still on alert, but
Christians in predominantly Islamic areas are now equipped with both sanitization
supplies and direct education on how to prevent Ebola. Because of your generosity--
your prayer and action (and those who are praying and those who are acting), we
are able to conduct prevention measures rather than reaction to crisis. Lives of
those who the large churches refuse to touch are protected from unnecessary risk.
And we are able to provide strong witness to Muslims.

Pastor William Agbeti, with whom I have worked in ministry to the less fortunate in
Ghana since 1992, writes: "We had a highly successful program yesterday
(Sunday), distributing complete sets of water filtration systems to ten poor families in
the village of Busuafise, benefiting some 80 individuals. Besides, we educated the
village folks on how to use the systems and how to regularly wash their
hands. Pastor David Ablorh of the village church also received a set of the system
with his entirely family. He will be sending us a letter of acknowledgment. The water
filtration system serves a dual purpose - to filter unclean water, making it possible
for human consumption and washing of hands."

"For the records, the village folks confessed that the exercise was the first of its kind
in the life of the entire village, and wondered why the Government of Ghana has not
been able to reach them with such help. By now, the news has spread far and wide;
giving glory to God. We will carry out a follow-up exercise for some 10 more families
from the outskirts of the village, next Sunday. Also, I will be going to a Muslim-
dominated slum in Accra to distribute 10 more systems to deprived families, bringing
the total to 30 families or households." This type of outreach is made possible by the
tenacity of Pastor Agbeti (whose name means Tree of Life) and the commitment of
Daily Jot readers and our small Living Spring Church.

I say this because we have been working some 22 years in Ghana. The process has
been slow. For example, it took us three years to save up enough money to buy a
used pick up truck for William to utilize for ministry work. We have had little or no
support from the very wealthy mega churches in Ghana. This is a labor of love
toward those who are often shown no love. These days, they are also having to
contend with a hostile Islamic threat similar to that in Nigeria and most everywhere
there are large concentrations of Muslims. I am reminded of the words of Christ in
Matthew 25:40, "Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the
least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Thank you, and may the Lord
bless and keep you as through this small ministry that you support in prayer and
action, great is His hand!

Daily Devotion: Death Is Not the End! - Greg Laurie - www.harvest.org

Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though
he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do
you believe this?"
-John 11:25-26

Jesus was saying to His grieving friend, "Martha, listen to Me. Death is not the end!
You're acting as though it is over with. It is not over with." And at this point, I think
He was speaking of something greater and more profound than the resurrection of
Lazarus, which He would accomplish within that very hour. After all, raising Lazarus
from the dead - exciting and joyful as that may have been-was only a temporary
proposition. Lazarus would just have to die again in a few years.

I think the bigger message was this: "Death is not the end. This is temporary. One
day I will get rid of death altogether, and whoever believes in Me will live forever."

Jesus wept at the death of His friend and at the sorrow of Lazarus's two grieving
sisters. But the death of His friend also brought Him anger.

John 11:33 tells us, "Therefore, when Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who
came with her weeping, He groaned in the spirit and was troubled."

The Greek word used for troubled here could be translated "angry." Why was Jesus
angry? Was He angry with Mary and Martha for not believing? I don't think so. I think
Jesus was angry at death itself because this was never God's plan. God's plan was
to have us live forever. God's plan was that these bodies would never age or wear
out or experience sickness or limitations.

So He was angry over that, and He wept. But these weren't tears of frustration. God
is never frustrated. Jesus was angry and then did something about it that had been
planned from eternity past. He gave up His life on a Roman cross, dying for the sins
of the world, and then He rose again from the dead. The Bible says He has become
the "firstfruits" of those who sleep, which means that He went before us.

And because He went before us into death and came out victorious on the other
side, those of us who now live and will face death someday can be confident and


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"The Future of America, Israel & the Middle East in the
Light of Scripture." - Joel C. Rosenberg -

It was an honor to be invited to speak at the 2014 Family Leadership Summit here in
Ames, Iowa, and to spend personal time with many of the speakers and grassroots
leaders who attended.

Most of the speakers were Governors, Senators, Congressman and potential
presidential contenders. The covered a range of economic, social and foreign policy
issues. I was specifically invited to speak about "The Future of America, Israel & the
Middle East In Light of the Scriptures."

The following are the notes I used for my address. I hope you find them helpful.
Please feel free to pass them on to others, including leaders and future leaders.
Note that this is not a verbatim transcript. But please feel free to watch or listen to
my remarks, which were based on these notes.


Good morning. It is an honor to be back in Iowa, and to address The Family
Leadership Summit. Thanks to Bob Vander Plaats and his team for inviting me back,
especially at a time of great crisis for our country, and for Israel and our allies in the
Middle East, who are facing a jihadist rampage.

When I was here for the first Summit in 2012, I made two simple points.

I'd like to recap them here because I think they remain relevant for where we are as
a nation two years later. And then I'd like to add a third point for this year.

1.America is not simply in decline. We are on the road to collapse, on the road to
2.We must all ask ourselves a critically important question: "Is America at a Jonah
moment, or a Nahum moment?"
3.What happens if - on top of all our nation's challenges and sins - America
abandons or turns against Israel?

I'm so grateful that Bob and his team are doing all they can to call Iowans and all
Americans to pray and fast and seek the Lord for a Third Great Awakening. We
need this more than ever.

Let me now share a bit more on each point.

1. America is not simply in decline. We are heading for collapse, for implosion.

There are many reasons for this, including a massive and crushing national debt
with no end in sight, the implosion of families through divorce and out-of-wedlock-
birth and the assault on traditional marriage, violent crime, drug use, pornography
and so forth. I wrote about this in more detail in my 2012 non-fiction book, Implosion:
Can America Recover From Its Economic & Spiritual Challenges In Time?, so I
won't take the time today to go through each of these issues in detail.

But I do want to discuss one threat above all: America faces the implosion because
we face divine judgment for murdering so many unborn children.

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Auschwitz, the Nazi death camp in
Poland. As I stood in an actual gas chamber that was used to systematically murder
so many Jews, political prisoners and others, it was a horrifying experience. I'm
Gentile on my mother's side, and Jewish on my father's side, and standing there
thinking about how the Nazis created these murder factories to kill six million Jews
was one of the most painful experiences of my life.

But as I stood in that gas chamber, I could not help but think of how my own country,
America - a country I love so dearly - has created murder factories to kill millions of
people, as well. I was born in 1967. In my lifetime - since 1973 - the American
people have legally murdered more than 55 million babies. If this is not stopped
soon, we will reach 60 million. Think about that. If we really get to the point that our
nation has systematically murdered 60 million human beings, we will have murdered
10 times more people than the Nazis killed of the Jews.

Now we know how God judged Germany and the Nazi regime through a crushing
defeat in World War II, and we believe that the Nazis deserved such judgment. What
do we think is going to happen if continue to murder millions of children? We are
going to face the judgment of God. It is extraordinary that it hasn't happened

There is hope, but we are running out of time. We could repent as a nation. We
could turn from our wicked ways, plead with God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ
to forgive our sins, and plead with Him to heal our land.

The Bible says, "If My people who are called by My name humble themselves and
pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from
heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land." (2 Chronicles 7:14)

This was specifically a promise given to the nation of Israel in the Old Testament.
But it is a principle we can apply today. We could plead with God for forgiveness,
and He could grant it. He could give us a sweeping series of revivals that could
culminate in a Third Great Awakening, with hundreds of millions of Americans -
beginning with the Church - repenting of our sins, turning to Christ, praying, fasting,
reading God's Word and seeking to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.

This is possible. There is hope. But again, we are running out of time.

But let's be clear: Without a revival, we are on the road to implosion. Indeed, the
threat of implosion is far beyond what the next President can solve alone - we
desperately need a Third Great Awakening.

2. We must all ask ourselves a critically important question: "Is America at a
Jonah moment, or a Nahum moment?"

In the Old Testament book of Jonah, the Hebrew prophet was sent by the Lord to
the wicked city of Nineveh - the capital of the Assyrian empire - in order to preach a
message of imminent judgment. Let's not focus for the moment on the fact that
Jonah didn't want to obey the Lord and preach this messsage, and thus fled on a
ship headed in the other direction.

For now, let's focus on the fact that when Jonah finally did obey the Lord and did
start preaching in Ninevah, he didn't call the people to repentance. Rather, Jonah
declared, "Forty days and Ninevah will be overthrown." (Jonah 3:4) However, even
though Jonah never called the people to plead to the One True God of Israel to have
mercy on their souls and on their city, even though Jonah never called on the people
to beg for forgiveness and turn away from their wickedness, that is, in fact, exactly
what the Ninevites did.

The text says: "Then the people of Ninevah believed in God; and they called a fast
and put on sackcloth from the greatest to the least of them. When the word reached
the king of Ninevah, he arose from his throne, laid aside his robe from him, covered
himself with sackcloth, and sat on the ashes. He issued a proclamation and it said,
'In Ninevah by the decree of the king and his nobles: Do not let man, beast, herd, or
flock taste a thing. Do not let them eat or drink water. But both man and beast must
be covered with sackcloth; and let men call on God earnestly that each may turn
from his wicked way and from the violence which is in his hands. Who knows, God
may turn and relent and withdraw His burning anger so that we shall not perish?'"
(Jonah 3:5-9)

Sure enough, the Lord heard the earnest prayers of the people - and their king - as
they repented, and He relented. "When God saw their deeds, that they turned from
their wicked way, then God relented concerning the calamity which He had declared
He would bring upon them. And He did not do it." The promised judgment did not
come. The people and their city were spared from God's wrath. What an
extraordinary moment. The pagan people heard the word of the Lord and it burned
in their hearts. They believed God's word, pleaded for mercy, and the Lord gave
them mercy, even though He had never indicated that He would do so.

But this was not the only time the word of the Lord came to the people of Ninevah.

Many years later, the next generation of Ninevites had abandoned the Lord and
fallen back into tremendous evil, violence, bloodshed, lies, sorcery and other
wickedness. In the Old Testament book of Nahum, we read that the Lord again
spoke to the people of Ninevah, this time through a different Hebrew prophet, this
one named Nahum. Yet this time the people of Ninevah did not repent. They did not
listen to God's word. They did not plead for mercy. They did not turn from their
wicked ways and start praying, fasting and begging God for mercy. And thus, mercy
did not come. Instead, the judgment of God came upon the people, and in 612 B.C.
the city of Ninevah was utterly destroyed.

Today we as Americans must confront this question: Is America in a "Jonah"
moment, or a "Nahum" moment? That is, will we hear the word of the Lord that we
have strayed far from the teachings of the Bible and allowed our land to become
polluted with abortions and pornography and violence and wickedness of all kinds?
Will we admit how far we are from God's plan and purpose for our lives? Will we
confess that our hearts are far from Jesus Christ and plead with the Lord for His
mercy and grace and forgiveness? Will we fast and pray and earnestly seek God's
face, and implore Christ to give us a Third Great Awakening? Or will we ignore the
word of the Lord and continue in our sins and watch our nation continue to decline,
or even implode?

Twice in American history we have seen sweeping spiritual revivals known as the
Great Awakening and the Second Great Awakening, respectively. Millions of
Americans repented of their sins during those seasons, became devout followers of
Jesus Christ, began to read the Bible voraciously and to obey the word of the Lord.
Nowhere in Scripture, however, has America been promised a spiritual revival in the
21st century, much less one that would be so sweeping, so game-changing that it
would qualify as a Third Great Awakening. But who knows? Perhaps the Lord will
show us tremendous mercy and forgiveness if we all humble ourselves and pray,
and seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways? However, if we don't repent and
turn back to the Lord Jesus Christ, we may very well consign ourselves to suffer the
fate of the Ninevites during the time of Nahum.

3. What happens if - on top of all our nation's challenges and sins - America
abandons or turns against Israel?

The fate of America, Israel and the Middle East are inextricably linked for three

Consider three passages of Scripture:

Genesis 12:3 - In Genesis 12, the Lord God chooses Abram, calls him out of Ur of
the Chaldees (located in modern-day Iraq, 220 miles southeast of Baghdad) to go to
"a land that I will show you," which turns out to be the land later called Israel. The
Lord promises to bless Abram, and through him bless "all the families of the earth."
Specifically in 12:3, the Lord says, "I will bless those who bless you, and the one
who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed."
As one reads through the rest of the book of Genesis, it becomes clear that this
promise from God is passed down from Abram (who is later named Abraham) to
Isaac to Jacob (later named Israel) and then to Jacob's descendants, Israel and the
Jewish people. Thus, the Lord is making clear that those who bless Israel and the
Jewish people He will bless, and those who curse them He will curse. If America
turns against or abandons Israel and the Jews after being their closest friend and
ally for so many decades, God warns He will bring judgment upon us.

Joel 3:1-2 - In the first chapter of the book written by the Hebrew prophet Joel, the
Lord warns the Israelites and "all inhabitants of the land" that they need to "wake up"
from their physical and spiritual drunkenness, stupor and wandering from the Lord.
In the second chapter, the Lord also calls the people to pray and fast and humbly
seek God's forgiveness and favor because "the Day of the Lord is coming." In the
third chapter, the Lord says that before the "Day of the Lord" (the tribulation and the
Second Coming), the Lord will "restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem." In the
context of other prophecies in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and other Hebrew prophets,
we know this means Israel will be miraculously reborn as a nation, the Jews will
return to the land of Israel and Judah and to Jerusalem after centuries of exile, and
that the Lord will use the Jewish people to rebuild the ancient ruins of their ancient
homeland and build a nation of prosperity and security.

Consider the specific passage of chapter 3, verses one and two: "For behold, in
those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I
will gather all the nations and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat. Then I
will enter into judgment with them there on behalf of My people and My inheritance,
Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations; and they have divided up My

The Lord specifically warns that "all the nations" who "have divided up My land" will
be judged by the God of Israel.

Tragically, the United States is leading the league in trying to divide the land of

This process was formalized under President George W. Bush who officially called
for the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state, which would divide the land of
Israel. "I was the first American President to call for a Palestinian state, and building
support for the two-state solution has been one of the highest priorities of my
Presidency," said President Bush.

President Obama and his administration have continued the Bush policy and
pushed hard for Israeli leaders to divide the land. "It is not fair that a Palestinian
child cannot grow up in a state of their own," President Obama told hundreds of
Israeli students in a speech in Jerusalem. "Palestinians have a right to be free
people in their own land."

Creating a sovereign Palestinian state may sound like wisdom to many. But in the
Bible, God specifically says He will judge every nation that divides up the land of
Israel. Thus, speaking the truth in love, we must not encourage world leaders to take
actions that will lead to the judgment of their nations. Rather, we must advise them
not to go down that road.

No president or prime minister has the right to divide the land of Israel in defiance of
God's Word.

That said, the Bible also repeatedly tells Israel to love and bless and treat well those
who live in their country. This is repeated over and over again in the Old Testament
and the New. Just because the Bible does not allow the creation of another
sovereign state in the land of Israel doesn't mean Palestinians should be mistreated,
or endangered, or oppressed in any way, shape or form. To the contrary, God loves
the Palestinians. We must love the Palestinians. Israelis must love the Palestinians.
Thus, Palestinians living in the West Bank should absolutely have the opportunity
and freedom to run their own day-to-day affairs, their economy, education,
infrastructure, transportation, health care, communications, police and courts, and
so forth.

Psalm 122:6-9 - This passage reads, "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: 'May they
prosper who love you. May peace be within your walls, and prosperity within your
palaces.' For the sake of my brothers and my friends, I will now say, 'May peace be
within you.' For the sake of the house of the Lord our God, I will seek your good."

Clearly, people all over the world, including in America, need to:

* pray for peace in Jerusalem, Israel and the broader Middle East
*pray for Jews and Arabs in the epicenter
*love Jews and Arabs in the epicenter
*seek the good of Jews and Arabs in the epicenter

The Lord promises to bless and "prosper" those who do.


If a nation follows these principles - if they love and bless Israel and the Jewish
people, and do not divide the land of Israel, and love and pray for Jews and Arabs in
Jerusalem and seek their good - then God will love and bless and show mercy to
such a nation.

But if a nation violates these principles - especially chronically and consistently -
then there will be a day of reckoning.

The question is: What do we want, a blessing or a curse, mercy or judgment?

Overall, most Americans are very supportive of Israel and find many ways to love
and bless her, as well as the Arabs and others in Israel and the Middle East. This is

But there are a growing number of voices who say it is time to:

* cut off military aid to Israel
*boycott Israel
*divest from Israel
*sanction Israel
*and/or turn against Israel once and for all

Some do so because of anti-Semitism, others out of a belief in isolationism, and
others because of ignorance.

Given the high stakes, one of the things we need to do is teach people about God's
love and plan and purpose for Israel and the Jewish people, and why this matters to
America. We need to help more people - including our leaders and future leaders -
understand why America's fate is inextricably linked with how we treat Israel and the
Jewish people, as well as her neighbors.

I would encourage you to study Genesis 12 through 17, in particular, on your own
more carefully.

You will seen how the Lord unfolds the Abrahamic Covenant, piece by piece, step
by step, including the fact that this is an "everlasting covenant" (Genesis 17:7) and
thus cannot be broken or abrogated, and that the Lord has given the land of Israel
as an "everlasting possession" (Genesis 17:8).

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