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Before begnnng usng anythng on ths ste, we, the authors of ths ste
request that you gve a cear command your hgher sef and ste owner's
hgher sef and your persona medca team (hgher dmensona) verbay or
mentay, to hea your persona manfestaton tempate core, and your
manfestaton tempates and cores of those (of each of the bodes), and to
upgrade them a to be non-annexabe, nonh|ackabe, nonmanpuatabe, and
mmutaby pure, wth the use of mmutaby pure pasma based upgrades.
Exampe of wordng of command, whch you may use: My hgher sef, ths
ste's creator's hgher sef, and my persona medca team, pease n ways
that s compete and permanent, hea my persona manfestaton tempate
core, and my manfestaton tempates of a of my bodes, and upgrade them
a to be non-annexabe, nonmanpuatabe, and mmutaby pure - wth the
use of mmutaby pure pasma based upgrades and methods of heang, n
ways that s compete and permanent. Pease do so now, unt t s compete.
After the command has been gven, stay st and quet, reax, you may ay
down or st, and wat for severa mnutes as the upgrades w be done to you.
Ths makes everythng on ths ste work more ehectvey. Pay attenton to
your ntuton and nner feeng and thnkng process (be an observer to your
own reactons of a knds), proceed wth fearessness and f you so fee, wth
cauton, as the methods on ths ste are not necessary for everyone, and are
more addressed to peope who are awake and aware regardng the
mutdmensona, sprtua nature of exstence, and who are truy benevoent
towards sef and others, n ther ntentons and actons. The contents of ths
ste have an 'advanced' stye wordng, athough smped, wth ehectveness
The nformaton of ths webste orgnates through the author's
superconscous mnd (often referred to as the hgher sef - athough each
beng has more than one hgher sef), from the Eohm (and Eohe), Seraphe
(and Seraphm) orders of guardan anges of space and tme and others, and
of non-guardan anges (who operate from 'future' tme perods as we as our
present, for whom tme and space are experenced as a dynamc ow,
nonneary, fu tme trave s avaabe to them), at dmensons 9-12, wth
'gudances' and embodment of the guardan and ascended masters
coectves who exst outsde of our 15 dmensona space-tme unverse. The
process of recevng ths nformaton s dherent from trance channeng, as t
s done fuy conscousy, and ths s acheved through eectronc data
streamng through organc/natura (non-artca) angec transmsson reays
that use hyperspace, that nteract, through the superconscous mnd of the
recever, wth the conscous thought processes, thus cocreatng a transaton.
|Nonnear tme, nformaton orgnates from present, sght future and more
far future coordnates. Lnear tme s an experenta uson - the change of
past events s an on-gong equaton and process. In dmensons beyond
'norma' human percepton, tme s experenced more and more nonneary,
n hgher dmensons. The ocatons n space and tme, n the present and
future, where the nformaton orgnates from, ncude consteatons such as
Srus B (The Emerad Order, The Sran Counc (ts varous races such as the
bue sknned Azurtes), The Sran-Arcturan Aance), Arcturus (The Arcturan
Guardan Coectve, The Arcturan Assocaton of Panets and others), Lyra
(The Guardan Coectve of Lyra-Aramatena, The Lyran Aance of Panets and
others), Oron (The Oron Star League, The Oron Aance of Panets),
Andromeda (The Guardan Coectve of Mrach-Andromeda, The Aance of
Panets of Mrach-Andromeda) - a these are part of the Guardan Aance|
+note : ths ste s a contnua work n progress wth frequent addtons beng
The nformaton on ths ste s yet to be fuy categorzed.
|The mudras on ths ste (whch open and actvate mmutaby pure pasma
energy that s 48, 60, 90 dmensona and of other eves, from outsde the 15
dmensona tme matrx structures, through the Chrstos seed atom statoned
at the thymus gand area - centra pont of the 12-dmensona and 15-
dmensona, and hgher, manfestaton tempates) become extremey actve
and ehectve by whsperng or the sound tones 'pu' (to actvate energy center
or poston) and 'pa' (to open energy center or poston) towards them (the u
s smar to Engsh 'oo' sound n ths case, and the p s a softer p than
Engsh, but any pronuncaton w do), whch are a unversa sound tone
ehectve for the rapd openng of a energy centers and vortexes that you
may desre to open and actvate. When dong the deep breathng, you may
focus on the heart space, the thymus space, the head space, smutaneousy,
or onto any other energy center you may wsh to actvate. Another mportant
energy center s the nave (behnd t s the sphere of 5th dmenson, part of
the 12 dmensona manfestaton tempate of the body). The mudra where
the teeth are ghty n contact wth one another and the tongue touches the
upper part of the mouth, nsde the teeth, s hghy recommended aso (acts
as a hyperspace merkabc vortex, ke the other mudras, grounds a
actvatons and energes nto the physca body), responds to pu and pa (can
be done as a menta command). Another use of 'pu' and 'pa' s to acheve
certan states of beng that you may wsh to go nto, through the statng of
that ntenton quety or verbay, such as "embodment of the hgher mnd",
"persona de-veng of conscousness", "baance and ntegraton of the tota
sef, usng changes made n nonnear tme and the present moment",
"baance, groundedness", "change of perspectve from the hgher mnd". Wth
any of the hyperspace mudras (makes thngs ehectve, thus, hghy
recommended for a commands), you can add the sent or verba command
"Producton of reevant mmutaby pure monoatomc eements nto the body,
actvaton of the physca DNA and the etherc DNA tempate, wth
frequences of mmutaby pure pasma" - *pu*, *pa* - (hepfu n actvaton of
eterna fe functonng and sef sustenance of the physca body, ts
estabshment. (pure monoatomc eements (for exampe, god, patnum)
from nterna, nonexterna sources (through hyperspace+DNA), assure safe 8
and 12 dmensona (and beyond) actvaton of the physca and etherc body
and the DNA and the fu transformaton of the physca body nto a
dmensonay mobe vesse of true eterna ght and eterna fe, whch
happens graduay, but can be acceerated safey. Externa monoatomc meta
eements are not safe to use reguary, because ow quaty versons' contact
wth ar qucky degrades them and makes them unstabe n terms of DNA
actvaton - the 8, 12 dmensona carrer wave s ost. The consequences of
ow quaty/unnformed manufactured versons of externay ngested
monoatomc eements has been known to be somewhat dangerous, n ong
term use). Those who are not ready for the nformaton on ths ste n some
way or another, are synchronstcay not key to be attracted to t to begn
wth or w phase out of usng or readng ths ste's nformaton). The
hyperspace mudras very greaty assst n the synthess of physca materas
nto the body, on command to your hgher sef/hgher mnd, wth or wthout
pu and pa (the breathng aso actvates the hand postons, f you focus your
attenton onto the postons whe breathng deepy, eyes cosed - we
recommend you don't ook at the hand postons whe usng them, for the
reasons of ncreased prvacy n dmensons and n hyperspace), because they
put the body as much as s possbe, nto hyperspace. "Producton of
dmethytrptamne (DMT) nto the nervous system." - pu pa. "Fu upgrade of
physca and nonphysca DNA strands n terms of ther amounts and
functonng." -pu pa The hgher mnd w aways do thngs safey. Pu and pa
are ehectve gateways for the hgher mnd to use for whatever benevoent
purpose you desre to be fued. The same sound tones work on any mudra,
such as the buddhst mudra of concentraton (very much used n Chan, Zen,
Mahayana, and other forms of Buddhsm and n other sprtua tradtons on
Earth), whch s aso a hyperspace mudra. The same works for any and a
symbos and geometres on ths ste. Physca exercse produces
subharmoncs of hgh frequency energes and actvates the physca DNA wth
them, thus t s recommended to do day physca exercses of varyng eves
of actvty and ntensty, and groundng. Exercses that nvove weght ftng
(whether the body's own weght or not), are extremey powerfu and
ehectve, as a form of physca DNA actvaton and baancng and aso
restructurng to functon more n oneness wth hyperspace, whch s avaabe
n grounded and expanded states ake. Physca musces act as a DNA
actvaton organ, and streamne and baance the actvatons that the Earth
and the Sun gve to the nhabtants. Reguar use of the technques on ths ste
n the ways that fee most natura and easy, assures ehectveness. Therefore
ths ste s usefu for those who are nto breatharansm/pranaransm too
(ways of fe wthout the need for externa forms of nourshment of the
physca body), fastng (dry fastng and water fastng), because t provdes
somethng that can make those processes more conscous - the mudras,
conscousness states, and ther capacty to brng energy and therefore
matter, from hyperspace nto the physca body, for those who are ready
(ntenton, breath, focus commands - verba and nonverba, and thoughts are
extremey powerfu - you can come up wth your own commands to your
hgher mnd). The body can aso produce ts own water suppy and nutrtona
suppy from hyperspace, ether automatcay, or wth these technques, or
both, dependng on the thoughts and w. Be carefu wth ths. Fastng s safe,
your body woud te you when to stop, athough one woud do we do dscern
the source of desre - physca body's ntegence (ceuar coectve) or
emotona baggage. Don't do thngs you don't fee ready, there s no hurry,
athough, be fearess, don't aow other peope to ste your expanson, and
you may refran from takng about your progress to peope who woudn't
beeve what you say, you are your own sef, wth your own free w. Fastng,
exercsng, are for the heang and expanson of the body and for ncreasng
ts abty to ntegrate more conscousness and awareness of a that s, and of
the Sef (we recommend, do not put yoursef n harm's way, f you fee the
body s not yet ready). Those who ngest food, w equay benet from ths
ste (there s nothng nherenty wrong wth eatng n tsef - t can be
profoundy agned to the true sef too). The mudras and ther respectve
states of conscousness, act ke portas between godmnd hyperspace and
'norma' spacetme, that open nto the physca and other bodes, teray. The
possbtes are wthn your hgher mnd/hgher sef. In these medtatons,
aow your focus to go very deep wthn (qute easy wth the mudras+deep
breathng). Intend to merge wth your hgher mnd, because t s a part of
your sef, and usefu to merge wth durng ths tme perod.|
****For emphass****
Chrstos/12d/Avatar/Hgher Sef embodment medtaton:
You may use any of the hyperspace mudras on ths ste, to deepen the
atered states that your hgher sef produces.
1. Form an agreement between your hgher sef and you, to move and
transfer your young sou aspects (a), to ther correspondng nonterrestra
bodes, and ther reecton agreements ("essons") aso, to vacate the
physca body from a but experenced/ancent sou aspects, n ths precse
2. Intend to ncrease hgher sef embodment and observe t beng done, n a
medtatve state. Ths process s done based on what s most approprate, but
you have a choce to go through wth t, as you ARE your hgher sef, and Your
w s respected, and w be recprocated.
(the prmary reasons why ths hadn't been done so yet was because of the
fact that the earnng/reecton agreements of young sou aspects were st
wth the physca body, not that ths s bad, but t woud nterfere wth fu
avatar/12d/chrstos sef embodment).
3. The hgher sef w begn upgrades of the physca body, ncreasng ts DNA
content and many other upgrades, often done nto your 'past', thus changng
some events to a degree, possby repcatng portons of ths medtaton nto
the past n a parta way, pavng way for other potenta changes of past
events of a smar and reated nature.
4. Fow wth ths process, and observe the changes from a gente, unfodng
state of beng.
Ths medtaton s sutabe for anyone whose avatar/12d/Chrstos sef agrees,
for those who wsh to go through wth t.
5. Gve your hgher sef the menta or verba cear command to merge any
and a of your sou extensons who agree wth t, wth your 12-dmensona
and above/hgher sef and wat for ths command to be carred out.
The nature of hyperspace
Hyperspace as a concept of reaty can be easy made cear n the foowng
way: If you vsuaze a seres of rooms separated by was, then hyperspace s
the budng, the was and the space around the budng, and dmensons are
the 'rooms' of that budng, wth each dmenson or room havng certan
geometrc sound and ght characterstcs that determne ts genera aws of
physcs. Note, that ths s ony an anaogy, and not the 'mechancs' of t.
Hyperspace s the aspect of exstence that s free from tme/space
dmensonaty/dherentaton. In actuaty, dmensons don't have absoute
ocaton n reaton to themseves, nstead they exst n the same 'pace',
havng dherent anges of rotaton of partce absoute vector spn (n reaton
to the ange of orentaton at whch other dmensons exst), thus the
nvsbty of manfestatons that take pace n hgher dmensons, s a
perceptua uson (there are eves of awareness where a dmensons,
panes of exstence, and reates, can be perceved at once, as a snge
manfestaton, as a snge 'equaton' - n hyperspace and other expanded
states of awareness). Conscous fe (and aso superconscous - operatona
from godmnd awareness) exsts n the 15 dmensons of 'norma' space and
tme, as we as n hyperspace. Whoever exsts n the dmensons of 'norma'
space/tme, aso n some way or another, smutaneousy exsts n hyperspace
and the formess energy/conscousness 'matrx'- ths s a aw of physcs that
utmatey cannot be broken, because the contnuty and utmate
nterconnecton of a bengs, wth ther hgher eves of dentty s an
absoute, despte of any dsconnecton experenced due to dmensona step-
down (ths means that bengs who have dgressed or faen from the grace of
ther own nnte nature, despte of experencng dsconnecton from
hghermnd aspects of varous knds, are st utmatey one wth the aspects
of ther dentty that are st n the energy/conscousness matrx and other
'hgher' or more expanded eves, and f ready, they can reconnect wth those
eves ether drecty or ndrecty, through contact or through a change of
atttude, change of perspectve, expanson of awareness, f t s the
approprate tme - ths s aso known by some as redempton, amnesty, ect).
Hyperspace s the medum through whch a change utmatey s acheved,
a dmensonazed and transdmensona conscousness s ntrnscay
connected to hyperspace, or the 'space between space/tme'. The
energy/conscousness matrx beyond the 15 dmensona tme/space matrx,
s aso nhabted by uncountabe conscousnesses (mosty wthout poarty).
Hyperspace s that whch exsts at onement wth the tme/space matrx as
we as the energy/conscousness matrx. Bengs who exst n the
energy/conscousness matrx are fundamentay formess and unmted n
ther energy and conscousness, compared to tme/space matrx fe forms,
but are vsbe as geometres/geomances from wthn the rst 15 dmensons,
whch are space/tme experenced at varous 'speeds' and anges. Bengs n
hyperspace can appear n both the forms that dmensonazed bengs are
accustomed to n ther own reates, as we as orbs of varous coor and sze,
as we as other textured patterns of pure conscousness, as we as the
geometrc ookng (more accurate representatons of them) forms, whch are
seemngy paradoxcay, formess, beyond sze and duraton, compared to
fuy dmensonazed matter/energy/conscousness. Imagnaton, both
deberatey as we as spontaneousy, can connect drecty to hyperspace
eves of awareness, f the tmng for ths has been cocreated between the
hgher mnd and the physca/fuy emboded mnd/conscousness. From the
pont of vew of hyperspace, what s caed space and tme (whch are one
thng), tsef has textures, tastes, smes, coors and other sensory
characterstcs that may be 'normay' regarded as propertes of
matter/energy, and those sensory characterstcs are nuenced by and
characterze the nformaton (accuratey) about the state of beng, of the
coectve energy of the conscousnesses/bengs n the dmensons of
space/tme that are perceved, and aso, the sensory textures of the
conscousness and energy of any ndvdua entty, beng, ob|ect, pace,
phenomenon, n any of the 15 dmensons of space/tme. Hyperspace
experences are often dynamc and spontaneous n nature. Ths means that
the ateraton of state that eads to hyperspace awareness mode, can happen
durng fuy wakng conscousness and n fuy physca focus. Ths s
techncay somewhat dherent from experencng veessness of
mutdmensona perceptons nto hgher dmensons of space and tme, but t
s smar (percepton of hgher dmensons ncreases whe n hyperspace
mode, whether n embodment or more out of the body, such as n
hyperspace medtatons). Godmnd hyperspace n s therefore, the 'gue' that
s the connecton between a reams, t s what s nsde rather than on the
outsde/dmensonazed, and t s somewhat dentca to the concept of an
energy/conscousness matrx beyond the 15-dmensona tme/space matrx
that s mentoned n some other pubcatons.
Hyperspace - the 'space' between the dmensons, the medum of
conscousness and energy that spans a of exstence and s the 'common
ground' type medum that s common to a eves of reaty and to a nnte
tmenes/parae reates and a ther subsets - both the dmensona and the
transdmensona reams and every snge subset of those reams, and s
drecty connected to and reated to the nnte one ntegence or godmnd,
of the one nnte creator/beng, that a bengs utmatey are. It s what
bengs and vehces traverse momentary through, to get from one
dmenson or ocaton n space and tme to another. It s n use by a bengs,
because utmatey, everyone has a eve of sef that drecty operates n
godmnd - the hgher mnd/superconscous mnd. Hyperspace has very many
'eves' or 'ayers' of conscousness, and s the pace where absoutey a
deas ever thought of, about anythng and everythng, are 'stored' or exst.
Absoutey everythng manfested anywhere, s rst created n hyperspace or
godmnd rst, even the dstorted or unheaed manfestatons. It s the
medum for a the nnte possbtes that the nnty of the one creator
nnatey s, and s accessbe drecty by those who are ready to do so. The
uses of hyperspace are mted ony by the mtatons that a sef has,
prmary of thought/beef, dstortons, from whch other partcuars of a beng
fundamentay derve.
May the transparent ght of your hgher mnd shne from the eyes of your
sou to a that s. The good coors that best connect to godmnd hyperspace,
ndvduay and n combnaton are roya bue, transparent whte ght, god,
voet, and eectrc bue-whte ght, and other coors. You can aso tune nto t
smpy by focusng on that dea of godmnd hyperspace, n a cam way. There
are very many ways to acheve that state (creatvty, ove, sprtuay
expanded and enghtened states of awareness, some forms and nstances of
prayer, deep medtaton, deep contempaton, n the moment states of beng,
of spontanety, and other states where the sef s aowed to be n a natura,
cam, baanced, ow state). It s known by many names. Extremey arge
scae postve coectve changes as we as changes of onesef (generay
wthout mtaton of spacetme coordnates) can be, wth utmate ehects n
the ong run, commanded to your superconscous mnd, to the eve of
hyperspace where everythng can be changed to be more postve (a beng's
w, free w tsef, s connected to that eve of hyperspace ntrnscay - a
bengs are a utmatey pure unmted awareness, knowngness) . So I do
command: my hgher mnd, now, at the eve of Reaty, hyperspace where
everythng can be changed competey and permanenty, pease awaken as
much of humanty as s postvey possbe, and brng freedom and fu
enghtenment to as many peope as possbe on Earth, who are not yet fuy
free. Ths ca has been heard, actons are beng taken (note that the aw of
free w does appy here). Reader, you are wecome to do the same, the
ntenton and thought of a beng are extremey powerfu, as s deep breathng
wth that ntenton (breathng progressvey expands conscousness and
awareness and energy crcuaton and embodment capacty. Wth wse and
conscous drecton of energy through breathng, many untod and
'mracuous' manfestatons of the sef are possbe.). Beow s very smpe
nformaton and more methods on how to appy the godmnd hyperspace.
There are many ways how to use godmnd hyperspace, for many purposes.
You may come up wth your own methods, f you are ready to do so.
Suggestons before proceedng:
Here are some commands to keep repeatng unt ehect dscerned (I have
done ths to mysef, receved t from my own hgher mnd, they may take
severa mnutes to haf an hour to appy for each command, they w be part
of a book fu of much nformaton from the bengs I assocate wth. The deta
eve s gong to ncrease, athough not rdcuousy):
Soutons for overcomng unwanted presences n hgher dmensons and
ream types (ony suggestons, not mandatory, athough hghy
Use wth your own wordng or wth mne, or as a smpe command - exampe -
"hgher sef, do ths now".
Ask your hgher sef to permanenty teeport a of your bodes from
vunerabe ream constructs and reams nto mmutaby pure, naccessbe by
faen bengs, ream constructs and reams, permanenty. It w be done
momentary, athough t w take about 15 mnutes or more. The key s to
stay out of a vunerabe reams and constructs, aways. Consder the
Dreamtme reams and constructs too (Dreamtme s a mxture or bend type
of astra+menta+near-astra/rea-tme astra wthn the Earth sentence and
n the sentence of your nervous system, somewhat dherent n conguraton
to out of body trave n the astra panes). Command your hgher sef to pace
a of your bodes from oca dreamtme reates to goba superconscous
dreamtme reates connected to Earth sentence, and to keep a of your
bodes out from sma, nonexpansve, non-untng dreamtme reates aways,
permanenty from now on.
Command your hgher sef to convert a of your physca and nonphysca
bodes' vortex structures to permanenty and competey functon based on
the square root of 2 spra geometres and structures, and on mmutaby pure
forms of godmnd hyperspace/tmeess and spaceess/nnte
energy/conscousness unty matrx pasma geometres, excudng a forms of
artca ght/fase ght spras and geometres of a knds permanenty.
Command your/hgher/sef to convert a of your axatona nes' and chakras'
and kathara/tree of ght grd spheres and grd nes and grd noda ponts of
a knds codng of a bodes, coor vaues and geometres and tmene/reaty
porta agnments thereof nto permanent and compete square root of 2
spra based, mmutaby pure hyperspace/energy matrx pasma based coors,
tones, agnments and geometres, neutrazng and permanenty canceng
out a poarc/duastc coors, agnments and tones exstent n ndvdua
reaty. (the speccty and magnanmousness of the commands s fuy
adhered to by the assstants, persona medca team and hgher sef - the
toos have been reganed, and are stored n the one nnte creator - can no
onger be stoen). A bodes have ther own auras and organs of ght, sound
and conscousness, as we as a genera aura, quantum ed. Ths means that
the commands work best f a bodes are ncuded n the speccs of the
commands, smpy by usng 'of a bodes'.
If ths s fet, you can mantan these commands n ehect by usng them more
than once and even reguary n use, unt you fee they work fuy. Ask a of
your bodes and sef aspects to never vst vunerabe ream constructs of any
reamc type, for safety, at east, not n a vunerabe state of any knd. If
requred, you can command your hgher sef to prevent your exstence n
vunerabe/vstabe by faen bengs constructs and reams, aways keepng
a of your bodes despte of state, n the non-vunerabe reams and ream
constructs. Ream constructs are sub-reams wthn ream types, that are
treay oatng n astra, menta space, and have ther own oca eco-system
and reaty structure and aso gravty ed (some of the sub reams are
spherca, others are ke mutdmensona mathematca constructs or mazes
that mosty depend on the dmensona pacement for ther aws of physcs
and geometry), of whch the background s the arger astra or menta pane
that t s created n (ooks ke a background panorama, of a pace n nature or
otherwse). There are many, many dherent astra and menta reams and
subreams n many dmensons/fu frequency bands |ust as there are many
physca ones n the varous mutpe dmensons of space and tme. Every
beng has ther own astra and menta ream constructs, some of whch oat
n the arger astra or menta ream frequency band they have been created
to exst n. Note that astra ream type, |ust ke physca, s aso at east 15-
dmensona, as are a other dmensonazed reamc types such as menta
(ower, mdde and hgher menta), and causa, buddhc, monadc, dvne
panes. You can command your hgher sef to convert a of your reamc
constructs, your reams, nto mmutaby pure reams and ream constructs
(regardess of ream and construct type, even physca reams and constructs
of yours, both coectve and ndvdua ones). Besdes ream types there aso
exst types of reams that are mxtures of each ream type. For exampe -
between physca and astra there exst sem-astra panes that have aws of
physcs that are smar to both physca and astra. There are aso physca-
menta, astra-menta, and many others. New types of reams are beng
created as the heang of the conscousness grds of ths mutverse, unverse,
gaaxy and panet are beng acceerated, due to the re-attanng of the
hghest eve of conscousness based thoughtform toos (neutraty, unty, true
ght, nonartca, nondua ght, sound, coor utzng toos that use the
benets of the keys to a reams - I command respectfuy of free w, my and
your hgher seves to teeport a of your past stoen toos and keys, karma
storng ob|ects, postve karmas that were stoen from you, and beef system
cores that were stoen from you, nto present tme and zero tme, one nnte
creator godmnd hyperspace reams, where you wth your consent can ntend
and command ther use, the toos and keys, that truy beong to you, ncrease
your abty to operate n and outsde the dmensons of tme and space freey
and n ways that your heart so desres).
You can aso command your hgher sef to assgn your chakras 1-7 and or a
chakras to functon permanenty non-poarcay n terms of ther coors.
Beow s a comparson between the poarc and the nonpoarc scae of
dmensons. The poarc tones for chakras 1-7 are not at a bad, athough
they do have duaty n them (between ght and dark). The rst 7 dmensons
at ther basc do functon accordng to those coors very generay speakng,
athough the nonpoarc coors gve the abty to mantan tota groundedness
n unty, whe mantanng baance between
physca/emotona/menta/sprtua focus. There s nothng nherenty wrong
wth the poarc coors, athough vunerabe reams and constructs functon
accordng to those coors and aso accordng to dark/reverse frequences,
whch are steered cear through energetc and physca cearng and ceansng
of the ehectve knd, acheved through reguar sat water drnkng, sat water
baths, me and emon (organc non-GMO) water and nonwater duted |uces
drnkng - a of these as a possbe substtute for food atogether f the body
s ready (and as a transton to foodess wateress way of fe, f ready, vng
on the substances that the hgher energes of unty/neutraty/trnty manfest
nto the physca and other bodes), or as a means to do a ceansng fast for
at east 8 days, whch can be used as a way to transton nto freedom from
outsde forms of sustenance, through beevng, ntendng and or askng your
hgher sef to upgrade your physca and other bodes accordngy, n
nonnear/zero tme, usng the keys to a reams (by now returned to your
hgher sef), and the toos that truy beong to you. You can come up wth
your own specc commands to your own hgher sef.
Downoad Fe
Downoad Fe
Downoad Fe
Downoad Fe
Downoad Fe
Downoad Fe
Downoad Fe
Downoad Fe
Downoad Fe
Downoad Fe
The basc nature of the reatonshp between power, wsdom and ove
A sphere or a crce can represent free w, conscousness, sphere of
nuence, creaton, creatvty. Mutpe spheres together dversfy the
'functon' that conscousness can represent. You may cck the mage on the
eft to see how ths appes to our fundamentay nnte power, nnte
wsdom and nnte ove. Ths s entrey connected wth the ndvdua and
coectve, panetary ascenson processes currenty gong on.
The same basc prncpes that work for ndvdua dmensona ascenson
processes work for the ascenson of panets, of soar systems, of gaaxes and
entre unverses.
A medtatve exercse that s ehectve wth deep breathng
Breathng s an extremey powerfu and wse way to move
conscousness/energy n any way whatsoever that your heart desres. The
medtaton on the eft, wth that mudra, connects the conscous focus nto
what can be caed hyperspace or the godmnd panes of conscousness,
where reaty s seen from the pont of vew of the superconscous aspects of
sef. The mudra becomes ehectve qucky, but extended use wth deep
breathng , eyes cosed, n a quet pace, f possbe, n nature, s
recommended. A menta amrmaton of hgher sef/hgher mnd beng
avaabe n ths state w aso enhance ths state of mmerson nto godmnd
hyperspace. The mantra Ah Ta Ru smpy opens the heart of heart's
hyperspace gateway and further ncreases the mmerson nto the pure
godmnd hyperspace. Further gudance and even technques can be receved
from the hgher sef/superconscous aspect of your sou that way. Lteray
anythng good s possbe n the states that ths brngs forth. You can change
what you want, n Reaty, wth commands to the superconscous mnd. There
are many hyperspace mudras, some wdey used, others yet to be reveaed
upbcky. The mudra used n zed buddhsm and many other forms, s a pure
hyperspace mudra/hand/nger poston, qute ehectve.
Very smpe comparson between the three basc eves of conscousness of
the sef
Geometres of godmnd hyperspace gateways that are reevant to
dmensona ascenson
Usefu n shftng to the tme track that you as your tota beng desre to
experence, the most postve and expansve n terms of conscousness and
awareness and growth.
Sef expanatory mage about one of the many thngs that can be changed f
A geometrc conscousness gateway that drecty conveys unty, whoeness,
snguarty of the sef as creaton, at the deepest eve. Ra n ths context as
pure sound tone smpy means oneness. The ght anguage symbos have
mutpe possbe and actua purposes.
Smpy ookng at ths and other hyperspace gateways can hep to tune the
conscous mnd and body nto the godmnd hyperspace reams, for varous
benevoent purposes.
Baance and Integraton of the Whoe Sef
You may ask your hgher mnd to work on you wth ths and other mages on
ths webste n ways that you as your greater, whoe beng prefer.
The threefod ame of the heart
The bue ame symbozes the nnte wpower, power and w of the one
nnte creator or 'god' that a bengs actuay are. The goden yeow ame
symbozes the nnte nteect and wsdom of our true unmted nnte
beng. The voet-pnk ame represents the sef's nnte and snguar ove of
a that exsts. The whte ght represents the nnte purty of the true sef,
the nnte one creator of a that s.
Another mutpurpose hyperspace gateway
wth ths one, you can connect to the guardan angec bengs that manage
the mutpe versons of the tmenes that exst n the nnte Reaty we exst
n. They can be contacted through the superconscous/hgher mnd/hgher sef
aspect of your sef, for varous changes to be made n any of your tmenes,
and past events that need heang, changes.
One of the varous ght anguages - Lyran
Geometrc vehce of conscousness wth the purpose of shftng to a more
harmonous tmene
A team of ascenson and ovng support, an extenson of the guardan angec
bengs, on Earth, currenty n formaton.
12-dmensona and 15-dmensona core manfestaton tempates of reaty
Energes and conscousness of pure godmnd hyperspace.
9-12 dmensona Arcturan-Sran hybrd guardan angec beng
Lght body s very compex, composed of many organc systems.
A setup of symbos that has mutpe unmentoned beneca and
conscousness expandng characterstcs at once.
A symbo of/from the Oron Star League - a guardan angec, angec
organzaton of Seraphm, Seraphe, Eohm, Eohe and other angec and
archangec orders. Ths symbo has characterstcs of actvaton of pure
sound, pure ght, that connects to pure conscousness, and nduces states of
godmnd awareness (the conscousness of the one nnte creator/the nnte
'mystery' of beng and ove tsef), ths symbo has very many possbe
purposes, t s a unversa symbo both n functon, characterstcs as we as
purey n ts bengness - t eevates the conscousness of the observer or user
of ths symbo, f appropratey used, to the eve of the I AM/bengness eve
of awareness (the essence or 'spark' of godsource conscousness n the heart
of hearts of one's beng). It can be used to connect to godmnd hyperspace,
and can be used to ca forth manfestatons of the heart's desres, and the
carty of truth. (To merge wth the I AM presence conscousness, there are
easer ways than that though - such as repeatng and amrmng - I AM... I AM...
I AM... I AM... I AM..., but t s one of the sde ehects of ths symbo that can be
apped f so desred).
Mau - an ancent Eohm coectve from whch the author of ths page
orgnates as sou (there are very many Eohm and Eohe coectves)
Another dea from hgher mnd - a terrestra human and non-human team on
after-ascenson Earth, to assst and to teach to peope who so desre, how to
ascend nto even hgher dmensons.
An Eohm beng of a more femae frequency pattern, exstng n the 12th
dmenson (qud ght), and other dmensons, and beyond, n support of
Earth's ascenson from dmenson 3.9999 nto 4.25 and beyond, whch s soon
comng. The number 45 s the degrees of ange of rotaton (of partce
spn/wave vector rhythm ange) dherence between dmensons 1-3 and 4-6
as harmonc unversa panes. Note that bengs who don't have totay sod
form, or even no externazed form, are abe to transate ther
energy/conscousness sgnature nto a reatabe shape, f ths s approprate.
Another Eohm beng (the representaton has archetypa and tera
characterstcs, smutaneousy, the ght anguage has mutpe purposes).
'Race' genetcs and orgns, pacement - the consteaton Lyra.
One of the author's most ancent dherentated aspects of sou (of the
Eohm), spannng back to the near-begnnng of externazaton/manfestaton
a that there s and can be. Note, that a bengs have many dherent aspects
and hgher seves, whose age coud bame the emboded mnd, f deepy fet
as true.
The rst beng who was ever created/dversed from the one nnte creator.
Ikamuketaku Seta.
archetypa ght/sound/energy/conscousness codng of the rst ream ever
The most ancent aspect of the beng known as Ra. The cosest desgnaton
woud be Seraphm or Serafa.
Another ancent Eohm beng
A 12 dmensona beng (n terms of the physca body) from Zeta Retcu,
Oron consteaton. Guardan of manfestatona harmony n varous space
and tme coordnates, and operatona through godmnd hyperspace. Note
aso that the depctons can be used to ater and expand the state of
awareness of those who ook at the pctures. There s more than one way to
do ths. One woud be mmerson nto the mage by ookng at t and
breathng t n, teray, nto the pnea gand area, and varanty wth open
and cosed eyes, usng the drawng as a gateway for your conscousness to
trave through. On the 'other sde' s the beng's hgher mnd, ready to receve
your awareness.
The beng 'Metatron'/Seshaka Mahsat/Seshaka Mahsakar (Lyran sou
name), hs energy sgnature expressed as a face
More hyperspace geometres/gateways of conscousness and energy
Another hyperspace/postve tmene porta and gateway of
conscousness/energy/matter nto hyperspace drecty
Those gateways are capabe of teeportng conscousness, energy, matter
(whch are reay the same thng), n tota, from one ocaton n space and
tme to another, from one dmenson , hpyerspace ayer to another, by ther
very nature (they aso assst n fu pnea gand and other gand, chakra
actvatons as they match the basc structure of a organc conscousness
Those devces exst n Earth's 'terrtory', n unspeced ocatons.
A hyperspace type of merkaba/gateway that s capabe of dmensonazed
and nondmensonazed (free of the 15-dmensona tme/space structures)
trave across dherent coordnates not ony of tme and space but of tmenes
and parae reates aso. Ths geometry aso functons as a ready to use
gateway for conscous percepton of any ocatton n Reaty. It uses the
Chrstos seed atom of the sef (n the body, t s at the thymus gand) and
other structures wthn exstence, as a gateway drecty to any ream of
A mutpurpose hyperspace gateway (connects to specc reams of godmnd
hyperspace/energy/conscousness matrx that are home to frequences of
pure conscousness that dea drecty wth the very nature of the constructon
of creaton n ts nnte forms and varatons. Ths knd of a gateway opens
and actvates nto the ower abdomen and chest regon durng breathng.
How to become one wth the hgher sef
Chrstos/12d/Avatar/Hgher Sef embodment (the pcture s dynamcay
reevant to ths medtaton):
You may use any of the hyperspace mudras on ths ste, to deepen the
atered states that your hgher sef produces.
1. Form an agreement between your hgher sef and you, to move and
transfer your young sou aspects (a), to ther correspondng nonterrestra
bodes, and ther reecton agreements ("essons") aso, to vacate the
physca body from a but experenced/ancent sou aspects, n ths precse
2. Intend to ncrease hgher sef embodment and observe t beng done, n a
medtatve state. Ths process s done based on what s most approprate, but
you have a choce to go through wth t, as you ARE your hgher sef, and Your
w s respected, and w be recprocated.
(the prmary reasons why ths hadn't been done so yet was because of the
fact that the earnng/reecton agreements of young sou aspects were st
wth the physca body, not that ths s bad, but t woud nterfere wth fu
avatar/12d/chrstos sef embodment).
3. The hgher sef w begn upgrades of the physca body, ncreasng ts DNA
content and many other upgrades, often done nto your 'past', thus changng
some events to a degree, possby repcatng portons of ths medtaton nto
the past n a parta way, pavng way for other potenta changes of past
events of a smar and reated nature.
4. Fow wth ths process, and observe the changes from a gente, unfodng
state of beng.
Ths medtaton s sutabe for anyone whose avatar/12d/Chrstos sef agrees.
Part II
1. Gve command to your hgher sef to mpose upon your personaty matrx,
your sou matrx, your oversou matrx - the 12-dmensona avatar dvne
personaty and tempate nfused wth mmutaby pure pasma, permanenty
and competey, at the eve of tempate and at a the other eves of sef.
2. Observe changes and accustom to them.
Part III
1. Make an agreement/command/amrmaton to your hgher sef to
permanenty transfer a of the karma and negatve attachments of the young
sou aspects/aspects not part of the Avatar, Rsh, Ascended Master eves
ntegraton, nto ther respectve bodes.
2 . Observe the process from the energy and conscousness of your hgher
Deep hyperspace mmerson
1. Pace your rght hand over your eft hand, both pams drected towards
your face.
2. Connect your eft mdde nger and eft thumb at the tps, wth the nas n
contact and the three ngers of the rght hand surrounded by the thumb and
mdde nger of the eft hand, besdes the ndex nger of the rght hand,
whch stays on ts own.
3. Connect the tp of the rght thumb wth the tp of the rght mdde nger,
agan the nas and the tps of the nger n contact.
4. Connect the two ndex ngers.
When sttng cross egged on the ground, n nature, or ndoors on the oor or
on a char 'nromay', or yng down on the ground or any other surface, put
the hands n the mudra/hand and nger poston down to root chakra eve or
ower. Begn breathng rhythmcay and camy through the nose, wth the
tongue touchng the roof of the mouth, focusng on the whoe body, and on
the ngers. After havng breathed that way for a mnute or so, begn focusng
on a vortex of pure energy beng generated by the nads (t s arght f ths s
not drecty fet, the energy keeps beng generated through that vortex as
ong as the hands and ngers are n that poston). Breathe from the mudra
vortex nto your root chakra and deepy focus nto ts center, and exhang the
energy from the vortex nto t. At ths pont you may keep chargng the root
chakra for as ong as fees good, or to move onto the sacra chakra at the
ower abdomen, chargng t aso. Charge the rst 7 chakras that way focus
nto each of ther centers, ether stayng at each of them for severa mnutes,
or cyccng through them severa tmes n a row, wth one n and out breath
through each chakra. Mantan the feeng of the physca body tsef qute
attentvey. When the rst 7 chakras have been sumcenty charged, as may
be fet, then focus agan on the mudra vortex, whch by now may be
producng a deep and cear space, wth quates of szeessness and a
bengness of tmeessness. Ths space s concndng wth your absoute core
heart space, accessbe both at the heart chakra and the thymus gand area
sghty above t, expand your awareness to both the mudra and the chest
smutaneousy. Breathe n ths space, usng the vortex at the hands as a
gateway of pure energy and pure conscousness, whe mantanng the
feeng of the physca body, go as deep nto the space generated by the
mudra as you can, and expand from that space nto a of your body and aura
smutaneousy. Keep crcuatng awareness and breath n ths space that way,
expore t freey, and t becomes deeper and deeper. Mantan ths 'step' as
ong as fees good to do. You may at ths pont, end ths medtaton graduay,
focusng fuy on the physca body feeng wth eyes open, and wrte down
your expreence for yoursef. You can contnue medtatng at ths pont and
take your awareness to the rght sde of your aura, magne ookng there wth
your hyperspace verson of yoursef. Step n your magnaton nto that space
and take your awareness above your head, there s a godmnd hyperspace
crysta doube-pyramd (ooks ke a rectanguar rhombus shape wth 45
degree anges from the sde), made of a gowng bue-svery-whte
transparent matera. Go nsde t and resde n t for as ong as fees good.
You may magne detaed conversatons wth/as your hgher mnd (your
hgher mnd w prefer you to perceve your hgher mnd as an aspect of your
ndvduaty). You may receve new, reated medtatons from your hgher
mnd that way, or ways to contnue from ths medtaton onward. Requestng
ths nonverbay woud make ths more key. You may connect to the
hyperspace godmnd crysta at any tme n varous ways, such as usng the
mudra or magnng t and gong nsde t. Once you have stopped the
medtaton, breathe yoursef back nto your physca body feeng and you
may wrte down your experence for yoursef.
Ths medtaton w open and actvate the hyperspace chakras, whch s one
way of sayng that the chakras w open nto aspects of exstence that are
outsde of space and tme.
Chargng/Rechargng, Groundng and Hgh Frequency DNA Actvaton
Pace your eft pam onto your soar pexus and your rght pam onto the back
of your head where the sku meets the neck. Focus nto the body's
sensatons and feeng, oat nsde your body's conscousness,
Wth hands n ths poston, breathe very deep breaths through the nose
(keep the tongue touchng the top part of the mouth, near the teeth and the
teeth n reaxed contact wth one another for as ong as fees good (t may
fee good for many mnutes, perhaps to an hour), and then swtch hands,
breathe deepy the same waym for as ong as fees good. Whe t s not
essenta to do a thrd round of ths breathng, ths woud be done wth the
hands ke they were paced n the rst part. Dong severa rounds (each tme
swtchng the hands) s good aso, athough beware of dscomfort due to
oversaturaton of ths energy, and stop when the feeng s that t s not
needed to contnue breathng ths way.
Ths knd of breathng opens and actvates an nnty sgn shaped hyperspace
porta wth the center at the heart chakra area n the center of the chest,
saturates the physca body wth energes from hyperspace (hgher than 15
dmensona, wth each breath, the energy unocked s hgher and hgher
frequency). Dong ths baances the chakras and merkaba ed spn rates,
spn drectons (the tp down spns countercockwse and the tp up spns
cockwse, faster than tp down). It w deepen connecton to nnerspace,
hyperspace, whe retanng physca body focus, and t w mrpove ntutve
drect cognton/thoughts-feengs transference from sou, hgher sef. The
abty to see ntutve vsons may ncrease.
A way to ncrease your frequency competey
1. Stand n a wde space, n-doors or out-doors, woud be good f t s a
secuded natura pace.2. Rase your arms and hands to the sde, to horzonta
poston, straght, wth pams drected towards the ground, ngers straght,
sghty apart.3. Whe hodng ths poston, begn spnnng your body n a
cockwse drecton n the same pace, wthout changng ocaton, at a
medum speed, and durng spnnng, breathe 24 tmes deepy through the
nose. 4. After you have done 24 breaths, come to a compete stand-st, and
pace your hands, arms across your chest and take 3 very sow deep
breaths.5. Rase your hands and arms agan to horzonta poston, ths tme,
drect your pams towards the sky. Start spnnng, ths tme, n a counter-
cockwse drecton, and breathe 24 deep breaths through the nose, agan.6.
After the 24 breaths, come to a compete hat and repeat step number 4. You
have unocked 24-48-dmensona energy (pure, tmeess, spaceess). The
amount of breaths determnes the frequency of energy that unocks.The next
tme you do ths, ncrease the amount of breaths to 36, the next tme after
that, 48, then 64 (you can do ths many tmes n a row, ncreasng the
amount of breaths). A good hgh number to use s 128 breaths, athough t
may be a bt chaengng to the shouders. Increase the amount of breaths per
spnnng, equay for both the cockwse and countercockwse parts, and
make sure you do both spns. Ths exercse actvates, expands, baances your
aura, and ncreases the frequency of a of your aura ayers and a of the
bodes that do the exercse n the hgher dmensons aso. The physca body's
motons tend to be done by the astra and etherc body aso. Ths exercse w
make your presence undetectabe to ower frequency stuatons n ths and
other dmensons.Use ths at east twce a day to ncrease your physca
body's frequency f you wsh, t s wse to keep the number of breaths above
A kundan (fe force) actvaton sequence, usng 5D Earth's core and 8D
Earth's core
Ths medtaton s most ehectve f t exceeds 45 mnutes, up to 3 hours.
Dong deep medtaton for 2-3 hours every day s recommended, as t
transforms the entre body's functonng nto greater and greater hgher mnd
1. Whe hodng the hands at the heght of the nave or soar pexus area,
pace your eft hand's thumb onto the ne where the ngers of your rght
hand expand out from, as seen on the pcture, n contact.
2. Connect the tps of your thumbs together so that the nas and the skn are
3. Cench the ngers of your rght hand around your eft thumb whe hodng
the thumbs n contact as seen n step two. Hod the other ngers of the eft
hand n contact ghty wth the outer surface of the rght hand. Hod ths hand
poston at the heght of the soar pexus or nave, or anywhere beow the
heart (the ngers of the rght hand shoud be n as compete contact as
possbe around the eft thumb). You may fuy unock ths mudra wth the
audbe or naudbe sound tone 'pu' whe drectng focus onto the mudra.
Breathe deepy n the foowng way (concentrate on your heart chakra, root
chakra, thrd eye chakra, and the centra vertca current):, mantan contact
between your tongue's tp and the upper part of the mouth at a tmes,
breathe through the nose ony; startng wth the rst breath, make every odd
number breath (1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and so on) wth tensed/contracted musces
at the area used for the stoppng of urnaton (those musces can be referred
to as kundan musces due to ther ehects at unockng kundan nto the
root chakra of the physca body), and make the other breaths, 2, 4, 6, and so
forth, wthout the contracton/tenson at that area. Contnue to breathe
camy/deepy that way for as ong as you fee ke you can, whe mantanng
focus on the heart and thrd eye chakras. Focus on energy arrvng through
your centra vertca current from the core of 5th dmenson Earth (eft thumb,
whch s cenched n ths poston, s where the axatona ne for the 5th
dmenson frequency band runs through, whereas the mudra/hand poston s
a way for the energy to be accumuated nto the physca body drecty, by
formng a hyperspace vortex between many dmensons at once, due to the
crossng of severa axatona/vertca nes of the physca body, speccay
used at the ngers and hands).
4. Mantan the breathng exacty as speced wth breaths 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and
so forth, wth the tenson at the musces speced (the same acton as done
to stop urne ow). Whe dong so, pace your hands onto your chest as
shown n step four, thumbs not needed to be n contact, however they can
be. Ths tme hod you rght hand over your eft hand as they are genty on
the chest, no pressure s to be generated onto the chest and ts nerves.
Contnue to breathe the same way, see the generay bue-whte-god-pnk-
voet energy as aready crcuatng between 5D Earth (bue ght wave band,
sem-etherc/sem-physca matter pane) core and your physca, nonphysca
bodes durng breathng that way. The precson of the vsauzaton s not very
5. Do steps 1-4 competey wth mrrored hand postons, cenchng the rght
thumb wth the eft ngers, and havng the eft hand over the rght hand on
the chest n step four. Breathe aso as was speced above, wth the varyng
tenson n the musces speced (those that are desgned to stop urne ow,
however they work to actvate kundan nto the physca body). The rght
thumb s where the axatona ne for the 8th dmenson (goden ght wave
band, etherc matter pane) runs through. In step ve, see the energy as
comng from the core of 8th dmenson Earth.
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