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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Division of Rizal
District of Pililla



Every year in the month of July, The National Nutrition Council (NNC) leads the
nationwide launching of nutrition month. This years theme is Kalamidad Paghandaan: Gutom at
Malnutrisyon Agapan. The theme aims to underscore the necessity of hunger and malnutrition
prevention among Filipinos to minimize the impact of calamities and diseases.

The objectives of this years celebration are as follows: a.) promote interventions to
address nutritional needs in emergencies and disasters including preparedness, response and
recovery b.) mobilize responders particularly the local nutrition in emergancies response from
national to barangay levels and c.) increase awareness among families and individuals on coping
resiliency strategies to prevent malnutrition and worsening of nutritional status in times of
emergencies and diseases.
In support of this developmental endeavor of the nutrition community to be
spearheaded by National Nutrition Council (NNC). The Department of Education (DepEd) enjoins all
schools to participate in this celebration by undertaking meaningful activities that will highlight the
importance of good health and disaster preparedness.


Niogan Elementary conducted different activities celebration of 2014 Nutrition Month
Celebration with the theme Kalamidad Paghandaan: Gutom at Malnutrisyon Agapan in the
whole month of July. In support to DepEd Memorandum No. 73, s 2014 dated June 26, 2014. All
activities were lead by their School Head and School Nutrition Coordinator and participated by
teachers, pupils and parents.

Among the activities undertaken were as follows:

On July 1, 2014 after flag ceremony, Niogan Elementary School Teachers and pupils held a
parade in the community for the celebration of 2014 nutrition month. Every grade and section made
their own placards with the theme Kalamidad Paghandaan: Gutom at Malnutrisyon Agapan. This
was done to increase awareness of the community on hunger issues and malnutrition and promote
the importance of good health and disaster preparedness.
2. Vegetable gardening

3. Identifying the nutritional Status of School Children

4. Poster and Slogan Making Contest
On July 4, the selected Grades III to VI pupils participated in the poster and slogan making
contest. The committee explained to them the theme and criteria for judging.

5. Jingle Making Contest
On July 10, all levels in the primary and intermediate participated in the jingle Making Contest.
Each group showed their talents and their best performance for the said event.

6. Cooking Contest
It was july 24, when interested Grade IV to VI pupils joined the cooking contest which was one
of the highlight of the nutrition month celebration. Main dish was vegetable. It was observed that
pupil participants enjoyed the activity and were able to cook malunggay omelet,pinakbet, buttered
vegetables, ginisang gulay , chopsuey, lumpiang gulay with good taste.

7. Essay Writing Contest
Selected pupils for the intermediate level participated in the Essay Writing Contest held on
July 10 at the E-classroom. Pupil participants had tried to show how great they are in the said

8. Nutri Quiz
On July 18, the selected Grades IV to VI pupils participated in the Nutri Quiz. Each pupil showed
their best for the competition.

9. Search for Batang Malusog, Batang Matalino
On July 24, the contest for the Search for Batang Malusog, Batang Matalino was done.
Participants to this contest were the healthy and intelligent pupils in kindergarten to Grade III. This
was done to initiate to the pupils that eating a healthy and balanced diet will improve their abilities
and learning skills.
The participants were awarded on their performance on stage, talents nd intelligence. The said
activity was really a success with the support and cooperation of the pupils, teachers and parents.

10. Delivering Heath and Nutrition Messages
In this activity, Grades I to VI teachers delivered health and nutrition messages after ceremony.
They were assigned to talk about different topics which were all about nutrition in order to let the
pupils become aware on the importance of good nutrition and disaster preparedness.
This was also done during their classes wherein teachers tried to integrate the
importance of health and nutrition in their subject matter.

11. Deworming
On July 30, the Division officer conducted deworming at Niogan Elementary School . The pupils
who have permisission permit from their parents were dewormed.

12. Discussion of the 2014 Nutrition Month Theme to the parents during the Gen. PTA Meeting
During the General PTA Meeting, School Nutrition Coordinator was given a chance to
disseminate to the parents the importance of eating vegetables and disaster preparedness.

13. Supplementary Feeding
In the 2
week of June, teacher- adviser from kindergarten to Grade VI identify the nutritional
status of their pupils by getting their height and weight.
It was found out that there were 45 severely wasted pupils. Their parents were called for a
meeting by the school head and school nutrition coordinator to orient them on the feeding program.
On July 11, feeding program was started. Assigned parents did their task. Severely wasted pupils
were served lunch and sometimes nutritious snacks.

14. Monthly Convocation
It was July 31, 2014 when monthly convocation was done at Niogan Elementary School. Pupils in
different grade levels showed off what they have learned during the nutrition month celebration. Some
of them presented a jingle, a dance number, an acrostic, a role play, a poem and a song wherein parents
were present to witness the performance of their children. Winners in different contest were also
recognized during the program.

Pupils of Niogan Elem. School together with the principal and their teachers during the Parade as Kick
Off Activity for the 2014 Nutrition Month Celebration.


Selected Grades III to VI in the Poster and Slogan Making Contest . Pupil participants do their best on
their output