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Issues to be addressed in the board meeting

The school has been in a very rough condition and thus has been deteriorating continuously.
The main issues which should addressed in the meeting are:
A three-month-old grade appeal that includes a student complaint stating that a
faculty member had made unwanted sexual advances and threatened to lower her
grades if she did not comply with the demands. The student reported the incident to
the dean of student affairs, who told her to ""just say no."" The student did so and
earned an ""F"" in the course. No action has been taken on the grade appeal or the
student complaint.
A letter written by the vice president of academic affairs that lists sanctions for
faculty and students who criticize the institution or staff in the student newspaper,
classrooms, and electronic forums such as blogs and Face book.
A report on the number of admission exceptions submitted by the admissions office
last semester in which the director of admissions waived entry requirements. More
than 90% of all students who are accepted to the institution fall in the exceptions
A letter from the federal government citing the institution for noncompliance on
financial aid reporting because the reports are routinely late.
The implications of the late and incorrect reporting regarding the financial aid have to be
considered in the last level of priority as the main issues are about the sexual abuse which has
been faced by the students from the side of the teachers and no action has been taken against
the teacher.
The implication of this issue could be legal and the school could be shut down for this reason.
The board agrees to take severe action against the teacher against which the complaint has
been made.
The other issues like the admission of the students who do not fulfill the exception criterias
and are entered giving a waiver in the criteria is not at all acceptable. The board committee
should be formed to look into detail for this matter. The issue would be resolved as soon as
The authorities have to be very strict regarding the rules and laws which would be amended
and followed in the school from now on. The mandate regarding the abuse done by the
teachers to the students would be taken seriously and the legal consequences also would be
very stringent.
Legal Implications and Financial implications
The practices which are followed in the school till now would not be acceptable and the
school as well as the trust would face legal implications from the various NGOs for
performing such acts.
The teachers who are found guilty of such acts would be terminated immediately and would
be penalized later. The laws have been made very strict regarding the crime against the
The financial implication of any of the issue addressed above would be that the financial aid
which is being provided till now would be removed immediately from the institution which
would be very harmful as half of the expenses take place from the aid which is being

Need for improved guidelines
New guidelines have to be formulated regarding all the issues listed above as the old rules
and regulations have been totally ineffective and the new guidelines and rules and procedures
would be very strict as compared to the previous ones.
The legal proceedings and the termination from the job would be the foremost punishment for
any kind of fraud or any abuse done to anyone of any type. Zero tolerance policy would be
established for the misshappenings that are happening in the school.