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Cost Effective and Customer Oriented

Development Tools Solutions Provider
The Company
Founded in 1986.
Over 25 Technical employees in Mumbai.
R&D and HeadQuarters in Mumbai
All India network of distribution channels..
Trained Technical support all over India.
Fields of Operation
Development Tools
support for the development engineer in
embedded applications.
In-circuit Emulators, Compilers,
evaluation boards.
Logic Analyzers
Pattern Generators.
The Employee Structure
Design - 30%
Production - 15%
Service - 10%
Sales - 30%
Administration - 15%
Important Milestones
1986: founded as embedded consulting company
for microprocessor applications.
1987: first development solution for 8085/Z80.
1988: CHOICE-16: first in-circuit emulator for
Intel 8088, 8086 and 68000.
1989: first 8 channel Logic Analyzer @ 25Mhz.
1990: 32/48 Channel Logic Analyzers.
1991: introduced IB8 - modular universal emulator.
1995: Integrated Logic Analyzer with emulator.
Important Milestones
1997: High Level Language support
1998:WinIce Win95 upgradefor emulators.
2000: Parallel Port support for WinIce.
2001: First PC based Pattern Generator.
2002: PGLA 16 chanel Analyzer/ Generator.
2003: LG480 48 Channel Pattern & Logic
Market Position
Largest supplier of in-circuit emulators in India.
Largest supplier of Logic Analyzers in India.
Only universal emulator offering variety of 8 bit
emulation support.
More than 4000 emulation systems sold.
More than 500 Logic Analyzers sold.
Only manufacturer to integrate Logic Analyzer,
Pattern Generator in a single instrument for FPGA
& CPLD design support.
Our strategy is to provide customer oriented
development tools that are cost effective solutions.
We are the design engineers preferred solutions
employing a highly skilled & educated engineers
who comprise over 60% of our workforce.
leveraging our network of engineers and agents to
be close to the customer & understand their needs.
engaging in close cooperation with research
institutions, universities & engineering colleges.
Strategy -
The Value For the Customer
Todays design engineer needs to reduce
development time, improve quality of product,
reduce production costs.
Due to our customer orientation, we develop and
market our products to ensure that we provide
the design engineer with tools that can reduce
development time, improve quality of product
and reduce production costs.
In addition, we provide them with the world class
technical support during the development cycle.
Support Strategy
a complete solution for the developers
environment -- one supplier - one source.
integration of tools like Editors, Compilers, RTOS,
Emulator , Logic Analyzer, Pattern Generator into
single proven working place.
total expertise on Embedded/FPGA designs.
training and consulting from chip selection to tool
Key-Features of
ADMs emulators
Dedicated base unit for
one architecture.
Small investment for
additional derivative.
Support, due to cheap
emulation probe.
Powerful: high end C
Key-Features of
Universal base unit for
Logic Analyzer &
Pattern Generator.
Low investment for
CPU specific Disa Pod.
Powerful tool for Test
& debug of complex
embedded & FPGA
based design.
Strategy - Future
Continuing our customer orientation:
where we go tomorrow depends on where
the developing engineer is going.
Developenew products to meet customers
latest technical needs.
Provide customers with the world class
technical support during the development