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G-oixl N^uu
SaULam ing Asmanipun Keristus:
We have begun a Bible Study group
in one of the nearby villages af
ter receiving permission from the
village officials and police in
that area.
Teaching Christian songs
Teaching the way of Salvation
to those who never had the op
portunity to hear about Christ.
January, 1973
Bibles are being used that are
printed in the Javanese langu
age.....and the life of Christ
is being presented by way of
Sights 'n Sounds
Family of horses, (momma, pappa, baby) pulling a
rice paddies,....Bob driving barefooted......thousands of pretty
yellow butterflies......Lots and lots of rain......Season of the
Durian fruit (the kind that has such a terrible odor)....
Importing rice.
How about a Javanese language lesson/okay?
tjabe.....means - green (hot)pepper;
" 1jape.....means - tired;
tjoba,....means tried.
Now, to make a sentence from these words, we guesss you would say,
'Have you tjoba a tjape tjabe lately?'
Bob, Diane Sigafoose 8f Girls
Z1819 ill 'U1IJD3
I -ON l!UiJ9d
a IV d
39VlS0d STI
6jo jyoJd-uON
LU xoa
jC3j:AXtf)0i.r -g'/t
atieuraaT,..:^,^ qojt/ega-g
uoxq.09jjoo ssejppv
il8L9 Ml 'U1UB0
JS A)|snpues 'N 02
jailjeJd X >8
AaviBUOBs DNiaavMaoa
Oovd Neurj
Christian Greetings:
We wish to share with you the joy
which we have had the last few
weeks. Twenty seven souls have
been added to Christ's Church
during this time. We have already
told you about our work in a vil
lage near Salatiga, On February 11,
sixteen persons from this village
were baptized into Jesus Christ,
We have been teaching these people
for four months. All people of this
village are registered Moslem and they have never before had the op
portunity to hear about our Lord Jesus Christ. We are so thrilled for
the Lord to have used us to show these people the way of salvation.
The Lord of the Harvest has brought in the harvest, but there is still
many, many more to be won to Christ,
March/April 1973
. o'
It is so wonderful to see how these people progress as they come to
know the Lord, having the Holy Spirit added to their lives. One man,
who is a leader in that village,
^ baptized into Christ along
with his family. His name is
Martono, who with his wife, two
of his children, his mother, his
sister and husband, were baptized
that same day, Martono is now
trying to win his older brother
to the Lord, V/hen an entire
family comes to know Christ at
the same time, the atmosphere is
much better for them all!
These fine Christians are now on fire for our Lord Jesus Christ!
I have shared with them the importance of telling others about Jesus
and they are already making other new contacts. Because of these
recent developments, we are giving serious consideration of starting
a new work in another village about l-J- miles from there.
Another thrill was when Laurie, our youngest daughter, accepted
Christ and was baptized for the remission of her sins. We praise
the Lord for answered prayer, and that He has let us share in the
reaping of the harvest of lost souls.
We wish to thank you all for your continuing prayers and financial
support of our "Good News" Christian Mission.
Serving Him in Indonesia,
Bob and Diane Sigafoose and girls
(Please share with us John if:35)
^1819 Hi 'UIIJD3
t ON Jiujja.d
(II Vd
39ViSOd sn
6jo iHOJd-uON
uoT:q.09JJO0 ssajppv
1819 III 'ujilBO
JS AMsnpuBS N 02
jBiflBJd -p Aou -sjy\| >3 iyn
et'Oo^' 'pai 'uo>dai9x ^
yC8^Aixo=H -a-r. TWWjO
Indoitedla -V- --
June, 1973
Christian Greetings:
With Bob and Diane currently very busy, we as forwarding agents,
are taking this opportunity to issue a newsletter from here in the
United States. We invite you to read on
We had the pleasure of visiting just about all of the Sigafoose'
supporting congregations within driving distance, showing slides
and reporting on the work being accomplished in Indonesia. We have
really enjoyed meeting and visiting with each of you fine Christians,
not just through written correspondence. Again we thank you on be
half of Bob and Diane, for your support and hospitality of our visit.
We met Lew Cass at the airport in Chicago on Saturday, May I9 and
the pleasure of his visit with us in our Catlin, Illinois home as
well as the Danville area that weekend. We had visited the Cass
family while in Salatiga, Indonesia late last summer and really
enjoyed talking with Lew again. They are beginning a year-long
furlough and upon returning to Indonesia in 197if, Bob and family
will return home for a year. With Lew being on the mission field
for some 13 years, the Sigafoose and Ritchie families will miss
them as they labor in the Salatiga area this next year. We all need
to be in prayer for Bob and Ron (and families) as they both are in
in their first term of field service with much yet needing to be done
About the time you are reading this, Diane. Jill-be^ having surgery at
the Baptist hospital in Kediri, several hours east of Salatiga. This
could turn into major surgery so please be in prayer for her.
Bob and Diane continue to be thrilled with the new congregation at
the village in the mountains above Salatiga. Lei, the young man who
works with Bob as a translator and interpreter, has helped a great
deal in this new work, the same as Willie who served the same capa-
city for Lew Cass. These two men are very valuable since the two
missionary families which we now have in central Java are not many
among a Moslem population of thousands, each of which has never
heard of Jesus Christ. We pray for your continuing support.
When Lew left Salatiga, Bob bought his Volkswagen bus and being
several years newer, is in considerably better condition. A few
days after Lew departed, when Bob and family were driving late
at night coming back from Kediri, they ran into a large pile of
gravel which had been dumped in the roadway. Not lighted with
flares of any kind, the resulting accident bruised them all but
not too seriously. We hope to have word of improvement shortly.
_Please remember-to-pray for the Sigafoose-family during this next
year as they labor for our Lord Jesus Christ. Especially remember
Diane in her hour of need. Why not take a few minutes to write
a letter which they so much enjoy? They really like hearing from
all of you, especially on what is new in your area. We are listing
their [field address below for that 150 airgram you can buy at the
Post C^fice. Imagine the warmth of a letter from home!
If anyone not receiving our monthly finance report desires a copy,
please drop us a line at Box 569* Catlin, IL 61817
Roy and Pat Prather, Forwarding Agents for:
Robert D. Sigafoose
DJL Kartini 1
I Salatiga, Java, Indonesia^
Z1819 "III '"!UOD
[ ON tiujjo.d
a j vd
39ViSOd S'n
'BJQ ilpJd-uoN
QI unf
6V09t 'p^l
LLl xoa
^L8L9 III 'uiUeo
T Aou '6-VU '8
OoDd Newj
i& liuLon&ila
wr. -^, -'^
-rj J r >r^Tr-r-^:;7^-^.'!.-,.
* ' -
Dear Friends in Christ,
The village of Pendingan-
July, 1973
Where we hold services each Lord*s Day
Children come each Sunday evening
to sing and hear Bible stories
Typical scene in this village-
Houses made of woven bamboo
The mosque nearby, where followers
of the Moslem faith may worship
House of Pak Hardjo and his wife,
two of the first to be baptized
from this village
r ; r^.-i^, ^-J., ?- WC
r" "V ,, -,
.* -
^ ,- 4>
V/oman with "bamboo pipe for
carrying water
Getting water from the
community well
Sights *N Sounds
So much rain still Flooding house Leaky roof Containers
all over the floors, tables, beds, catching the leaks Frogs just
love living in our house as part of the Sigafoose family!
^1819 III 'uiliOD
L ON jiiujaj
(I I V d
39TiSOd s n
'6jo ijpjd-uoN
In Christ,
Bob, Diane
8f girls
6t09i? 'PUI 'uo^nime^
LU xoa
iCajAtTO^^H *a*/'
i^uau^j^Lla^i uouee&sH
uopc^oejjoo ssejppv
il8l9 III 'U!l80
jSMieJd T -sjyy >s jn
rfliaM 7wx;^.
6*0011 Neurj
tfr liuioiiedia
September, 1973
Dear Friends in Christ:
We have spent so much time traveling back and forth to
Kediri, in east Java, visiting doctors, etc., since the
first of the year. All this in preparation to Diane*s
surgery in June and recuperation since.
We thought perhaps you might like to see a little of the
hospital itself. It is a complex of several buildings and
therefore spread over a wide area. Coconut trees were at
one time quite plentiful, but falling coconuts became a
problem to both patients and employees as the trees matured.
As a result, many have been cut down.
The main building contains a clinic for out-patients, a
laboratory and a nurse*s training center on the top floor
the main building
ward building
one of the doctors
We do wish to thank each of you for your prayers in Diane's
behalf. Her surgery went well and she is doing fine now,
resuming full and normal duties.
In our next newsletter, we hope to have pictures gf Sumagawe,
one of the other villages in which we are now teaching.
In Christ,
Bob, Diane and girls
Z1919 III 'uilJOD
I ON JiLuja.d
(I 3 V d
39VlSOd 's n
6jo tilojj-uoN
6t09t' 'PXII
LLi xog
uoTq.09JJO0 sseappv
il.819 Ml '!lBO
J9i{)eJd X Aoy sjn >8'm
G'oodl Neui'.d
itt liulon4la
*/... /.
October/November, 1973 Dear Friends in Christ,
Several of you expressed a desire for more written descriptions of our
work. Of course, this would preclude using photographs effectively where
possible. However, we feel as if we must share with you some photographs
taken recently in Sumagawe, the second village which has opened up to us.
We are meeting each Lord*s Day for services as well as Wednesday evening
for Bible Study. What a blessing you would enjoy if you were among us!
These photos show the first baptisms of
this village and consisted of nine pre
cious souls added to Christ's Body.
We searched out a location with suff
icient water for baptizing, finally
finding an adequate river/stream. The
problem was in reaching such a remote
place for baptizing. Walking was dif
ficult and hazardous because of so
many rocks and having to wade water.
Later, five more accepted His Calling
and were baptized. These new brothers
and sisters in Christ are between the
"^^ages of seventeen and twenty-two. Our
/ prayer is to be able teachers, train-
C ing them to efficiently teach others.
Therefore, with the help of several fellows and a couple of trips up the
mountain path, we placed large and small rocks in the river. This then,
became a 'Stepping stone path for the Lord', traveled by all.
Changing clothes created problems, though not insurmountable. Improvising,
our 'dressing rooms' consisted of a huge rock behind which the fellows
changed and for others we drove bamboo poles into the ground, stringing
ropes for privacy sheets. All in all, the setting for these baptisms al
lows us a much closer walk with Christ, knowing His presence is near.
We are in the process of opening up a new work in the village of Pring-
apus. Please pray for us and the Roi^^^Biichej i y as we labor together
for the caus^ of ~ChrisY." The" fields are still 'white unto harvest'!
Around our home
Debbie struggling, struggling with school, but the 'friends' she acquir
ed recently doesn't seem to take much of a struggle to study Laurie
diving into her-school work in a hurry and getting it done, right or-
wrong, it IS getting done...enjoying baby-sitting the Ritchey's eleven
month old baby boy Diane busy, correspondence, teaching a little
at the University here, teaching school at home, working on "women' work"
material for translation, packing a little now and then, working on pro
grams for speaking at home.... Bob teaching in villages evenings,
teaching a class at home on Saturday, visitation, working on sermons,
currently working on material for a seminar in Sumagawe the first of
November, 'mechanic-ing' the car to keep it in running condition, also
the iron, the refrigerator, the water system, the 'office'
Sights 'n Sounds
Dirt piled high on railroad track (didn't stay around to see what happen
ed)...,. pink buffalo (?sun burned?).. ..Indonesian cats have
stub tails, or short crooked tails black oxen (unusual sight for
us, as they are usually white) lots of rain in the dry season
Z1819 III 'UIUD3
L ON tiuua.d
a 3 vd
39ViSOd sn
6jo Jijoj^-uon
Pi''! 9 I AOS
6r09t *pui 'uo:^diiia:H
LLl xog
jC8XA-[T:f)01.r 'g*!'
Bob, Diane and girls
uopqoejjoo sseuppy
1819 III 'ui|iBO
jeii^BJd T sj{fi 19
AUV18U03S DNiaUVU80d
noirri,^ wn^rnoiQ
Dear Friends in Christ:
1^13 jqi4
December - January
Count-down time is upon us as we find ourselves running around in the traditional
circles of never ending tasks, getting ready for our return home. Our correspond
ence has suffered somewhat and we ask that you bear with us in our preparation.
The mountain of work yet to be done will preclude our communication as often as
before, however, we will do the best of our ability, ^
Our work in the villages is moving very rapidly and Ron Ritohey is now assuming^
more responsibility, thereby enabling us to spend more'time "in necessary pre-
departure as we prepare to return to the States. In November, Ron and Bob held
a Seminar in Sumagawe with attendance averaging 45 per session during the four
day period, several villages represented. Some walked hours to the meetings.
Emphasis was on teaching and personal evangelism. We are npw wnrkT_r^ i n thrp^p, A
_Y^lla.^es t the third one of which is now meeting on Sunday mornings. Several from
this village of Patemon have accepted the Lord, been baptized and are now meet
ing together for the Lord's Supper, Praise the Lord from Whom all blessings flow.
From all reports of the current fuel shortage, we don't know if we'll be able to
find transportation home or not, ' Looks as if we are going to have to buy our
tickets as soon as possible, to insure us seats on the plane. If any of you wish
to contribute to our travel fund, we would be very appreciative!
Mt. Merapi, the volcano near us has "burped" a couple of times, but not anything
severe. Though we are in no danger, the volcano can be seen from our area and is
very interesting to watch in a behavioral study. However, our weather has been
fairly hot and humid for awhile,
Diane was recently asked to chaperone some of the students from the university.
We thought you might enjoy several current pictures....
This was taken about 12 midnight-
All were so tiredBut they didn't
give up. There was a singing party
after this photo!
m \
The girls and their school work seemed to be moving so slowly, so Mom and Dad
finally had to use a few disciplinary measures. Things have smoothed out quite
nicely at present. The rainey season brought in the usual little creatures and
our house at night time finds Debbie and Laurie comforting one another, sleeping
together after locking all doors and windows in their room, trying to keep those
four-legged animals from entering. The rats,.mice and shrews run a good contest
seeing which can keep the girls yelling the mb'st"! -
This photo was taken at the University
during 'Speak English Week*. The girls
have been blessed with fellowship from
these students.
We ask your prayers during this time of
preparation for returning to the States.
Serving Christ in Indonesia,
Z1819 III 'U!|i03
I ON ijUiJOd
(II Yd
39VISOd S'n
6jo HiOJd-uoN
\ Bob, Diane and girls
6t09V 'P^I 'uo:^dine}{
LLl xog
jCeuAiTooi: 'SIT
uoTqoaaJOO ssajppv
fl8L9 Mi 'UjilBO
J8i|)ejd T SJW "8
AMvi3ao3S )NiaavMaod
-uoirvi,^ wftWIO